Hard Lessons Pt. 02

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A quick disclaimer: All the characters in this story are over 18 years. I would also like to point out that this story is a work of fiction and not to take it too seriously. There are themes of light femdom, discipline and humiliation in a college setting. It is advisable to read part 1 first.


Billy shifted uncomfortably in his chair. In front of him Amanda stretched her arms up into the air and twisted side to side making a very exaggerated yawn as she did so. She pushed her chest forward accentuating the size of her breasts.

“That was such a boring class, wasn’t it Billy. I could hardly stay awake at all.” she said sleepily. “You wouldn’t mind copying your notes so I can have a second copy would you.” She grinned at him.

Billy grimaced, it was bad enough that she clearly didn’t pay attention in the class but now she wanted him to work harder to help her get a good grade. Still he knew he would do it since he was desperate for relief.

“Eh, sure Amanda I will try to get them done for tonight. I was wondering if you had some time after class would you like to get lunch together maybe?” he looked away as he asked her too nervous to make eye contact.

“Aww, thanks but me and my girlfriends are going to be eating together so maybe another time.”

She walked over to him and whispered in his ear. “But I know whats really on your mind so don’t worry. Me or one of my friends will make sure you get a long nice cum in sex-ed this week”. Her voice sultry and sexy while she reached down and brushed her fingers over his crotch.

“See you around” She chirped her voice becoming high pitched and cheerful suddenly. As she walked away Billy couldn’t help but stare at her ass. Ever since they started sex-ed the girls had started wearing sexier an sexier clothes and now every girl was wearing a miniskirt, white cotton socks up to her knees, and a tight fitting shirt which exposed the outline of their breasts noticeably. Indeed the school seemed to encourage girls to wear less and less giving them the option of purchasing a more revealing uniform at a cheaper price. In another context one would almost think the girls outfits to be sexist having them prance around in a skimpy uniforms for the enjoyment of the boys but at Edgewoods there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that the girls held the power. And enjoyment was hardly the word for the discomfort that Billy was feeling as he struggled to take his eyes off Amanda’s ass.


Billy was the first to arrive for sex-ed class. He was 10 mins early and watched as the other students arrived and waited for Mrs Taylor. By the time she arrived though he was starting to get a bad feeling about today’s class. All of the girls had these really big grins on their faces and they kept whispering and giggling.

“Everyone inside now, we had a lot to get through today” Mrs Taylor announced.

The classroom was already set up and the boys sat down in the chairs waiting. If they wanted to cum at all they had to behave and so like every week they sat there while the girls eagerly grabbed the blindfolds and ropes from the cupboard. This was the way it had been every week since the first class they had to sit there and let themselves get tied up if they wanted a release.

“Now boys first I would like you take all your clothes off before you let the girls tie you up. Yes I can see some of you have shocked faces but we have already seen the best of you anyway.”

At this the girls burst into giggles as the boys görükle escort started to blush. They all knew that the girls had seen their penises already but that was when they had been blindfolded. This was almost worse as they had to look at the girls as they took off their clothes.

Billy felt his cheeks go red as he dutifully removed his clothes leaving his cock cage as the only thing covering him. He tried not to look at any of the girls as he did so and instead managed stare at his own feet.

“Yes take off everything now boys even your socks and underwear. I think we can safely say we don’t have any big secrets anymore. When you are ready girls please get the boys tied up and some extra tight knots would be nice for today’s session please.”

Billy sat on one of the chairs and before he realised a girl came up behind him and blindfolded him before she set to work on securing him to the chair as if he was about to be blown off by a tornado. He also felt his cock cage being removed by one of the girls and he sighed in relief as his penis sprang to attention almost instantly.

“Now as we discussed beforehand girls, today you will get to actually ride the boys. That means that you will be getting pleasure from them too, which is as it should be anyway. I see you are in groups of 3 so if one of you in each group is brave enough you should get on top of your boys knees and make sure his penis is hard. “

There was some murmuring through the class as girls either fought about who would get to ride the boy first or else they all were too shy to get on their boy themselves. Many of the girls had come on a great deal in confidence and Mrs Taylor had made sure that in the sessions all of the girls had already tried giving the boys a handjob. There were however still some who were mostly content to watch the other more adventurous girls take the lead, which was necessary anyway due the gender imbalance in the class.

Billy could sensed that there was a silent fight taking place right beside him over who would get to ride him. After a what felt like no time at all he started to feel soft nylon legs slide over his knees as one of the girls got on top of him. His penis quivered in the air just in front of what he knew was a real girl ready to enter him. It was all he could do to remain quiet.

“I would suggest a little foreplay first girls just to make sure that your boy is ready. I sent you some notes which I assume you read before class.”

Billy thought he heard a few giggles from beside him but the girl in front of him went directly for his nipples and started to kiss them. The moment he felt her hair against his chest and her lips on his nipple Billy let out a load involuntary moan much to his embarrassment.

Mrs Taylor walked up behind Billy and said loudly “Now this is what I like to see, if you are dedicated girls and look over the material it can become much easier to find what really turns a guy on. This girl seems to have gotten a little lucky to have found Billy’s turn-ons so quickly but if you all persevere then I have faith that everyone of you will be able will be able to work the same magic.”

Billy was just trying to focus as he was starting to feel overwhelmed by all the sensations he was experiencing , the perfume of the girl seemed to be a very strong strawberry smell which filled his nostrils, she had long hair which was draped across his chest and her lips moved from nipple to nipple sucking and kissing him as he tried to suppress his moaning. It also did not help that now he knew that he was the görükle escort bayan centre of attention of a whole class of girls which just made his cock stand up all the straighter. He also was starting to wonder who was about to take his virginity in just a few moments. Overall he wasn’t too obsessed with who it was (especially in his current state)but he hoped that at least it might be a nice girl who he knew, ideally Amanda since he had started to develop a crush on her.

Mrs Taylor looked around the class and she could see that all of the girls had succeeded in making their boys moan or start breathing heavily.

“Good work girls, now its time for the really good part.”


Billy felt a girls skirt slowly rub along his shaft as the girl moved on top of him. He felt his world start to slow down as she pulled her panties off and dropped them onto his balls. And he was so tense that the moment she lowered herself onto his penis it was like time had stopped. The warmness and wetness of her vagina was the first Billy had ever experienced and he couldn’t help but let out a moan as the sensation hit him. As she started to move up and down on his cock he struggled in an attempt to thrust into her but he was bound so tight he could not move at all. He strained against his bonds but they wouldn’t move at all and so all he could do was sit and whimper as he got closer and closer to the edge.

In truth Billy’s reaction was probably more due to his desperate and denied state than great skill on the part of the girl although she certainly didn’t lack any enthusiasm. She was bouncing up and down on his cock now as hard as she could and her tits were pressing against her too tight shirt and rubbing up and down Billy’s chest.

Mrs Taylor walked over to watch Billy with interest. She thought this was a great example of the wisdom of the approach at Edgewoods. Under the guidance of the school authorities the girls would become women with no inhibitions whatsoever when it came to sex, able to live life to the full without any feelings of stigma at all. This was the type of education every girl should have so they could learn not to hold back and explore every pleasure that this world had to offer and this girl in particular was certainly not holding back.

It was just when Billy was about to cum the girl did something that Mrs Taylor did not expect. She planted a big wet French kiss on Billy as he started to cum. The girl impressively managed to keep her bouncing momentum while kissing Billy and she even appeared to be having her own orgasm at the same time. Billy’s toes stretched out and his eyes went wide even under his blindfold as he was assaulted by the feeling of an orgasm and the girls tongue half-way down his throat at the same time.

Some of the other girls had gathered round to watch the display while some others had tried to copy a little bit of what they saw and apply it to their own boys. But just in case anyone hadn’t noticed Mrs Taylor was quick to call attention to it.

“Now that is exactly what I like to see. I have to say that was an excellent example for everyone to follow. I also think that its pretty clear that one of our girls has gone soft for Billy here.” There were a few awww’s from around the room but Mrs Taylor continued. “I think we should ask Billy if he wants to have his key gifted.”

They had learned about this in sex-ed already. A boy had to give permission for his key to be “gifted” to a girl. It meant that he bursa escort could have more regular orgasms if the girl was willing but it also gave her the power to deny him if he didn’t behave. The boys had been instructed to only let this happen with his girlfriend or someone he trusted a lot.

As Billy sat there still recovering from undoubtedly his most intense orgasm ever he tried to focus on this important question. He definitely wanted more of this but he still had no idea who he had just lost his virginity to and if he didn’t say yes he might never know

“What is it going to be Billy? Its rude to keep a girl waiting on you answer” Mrs Taylor prompted him.

“Eh, I don’t-” Billy began.

“Its ok Billy just say yes” He heard Amanda’s voice whisper in his ear and his heart leapt.

“Yes of course” He blurted out.

There were some cheers and whistles from the room full of girls and a few hushed giggles which gave Billy a tingle up his spine and suddenly he started to feel very apprehensive about what he had done.

“Well isn’t that a nice note to end on. Girls if you could all finish up and we should be able to let the boys have their eyes back when your ready.” Mrs Taylor almost sang.

And then Billy felt some hands on his head and the blindfold being removed only to see that Amanda was part of his group and had been close enough to whisper in his ear. But still sitting on top of him staring at him with a devilish grin on her face was Victoria.


“And you can make sure to come over tomorrow early and start by making me breakfast. I actually think we should celebrate since tomorrow is Saturday beginning of the weekend and all. We could have a morning party at my place and everyone is invited. Billy doesn’t mind serving us I’m sure.”

Victoria was loving this. She was wearing Billy’s key around her neck on a chain where it was visible and everyone could see it. All her friends(including Amanda) were gathered around and giggling with her. Billy was standing beside her with Victoria’s arm around his waist and he was staring at the ground and feeling more embarrassed than ever.

“Now Victoria I hope I can count on you to be responsible with the privilege Billy is giving you. This cock is being released into your custody and you have to keep it safe. That means making sure it is kept clean and disease free. Making sure it doesn’t get damaged in any way so you and your friends will have to be gentle too.” Mrs Taylor admonished.

“Yes miss I promise to take good care of him.” Victoria replied.

“And Billy I hope you wont embarrass Victoria either. You made a commitment to her when you gave her your key and I hope you intend to honour that.” Mrs Taylor continued.

“Yes miss- yes, of course miss” Billy stuttered looking very frightened at what was happening.

“Come on Billy I have lots of stuff planed already.” And with that Victoria dragged Billy away with a group of her girlfriends following.

Mrs Taylor watched them go and shook her head in worry. Billy seemed like the sensitive type that needed to be eased in slowly to this and Victoria looked like she wanted to go full steam ahead. She was probably the most enthusiastic of all the girls so Mrs Taylor couldn’t help but be a little worried, but then again she genuinely seemed quite keen on Billy so he probably wouldn’t come to much harm. Maybe she was actually feeling a bit jealous thinking of her college days and that first rush that came when everything was so new.

As Mrs Taylor turned to go herself she resolved to try and recapture some of that youthful energy she saw in her students. Her Husband could do with a being whipped in to shape too and as she headed home she thought to herself about how much she really loved her job.

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