Head in the Shed


Several years ago we moved out to the “country” away from the bustle of suburbia. Well we’re not really rural either but we are in an area with minimum lot of 2 acres. One of the big benefits of not having neighbors stacked up on either side is that I can do my nude sunbathing on the back deck. It does make it a little dicey in the winter as the “tree cover” is a lot sparse. But heh, don’t look if you don’t want to see a naked man sunning on his own porch…

Well anyway, one day after living there a couple months I was sunning on a particularly gorgeous day without a cloud in the sky. My wife had gone into town and would be gone for most of the afternoon. I mostly work from home and try to spend my middays sunning on the deck whenever the weather cooperates. When I flip over from sunning my front to my back I usually work in a few yoga moves just to keep stretched out and try to keep some semblance of flexibility. I had just finished my minute or two of yoga and got situated facedown when my neighbor, Jordan, called over to me. If he were out by the fence just a couple minutes earlier he would have seen me leaning my ass towards his yard as that is the direction into the sun. He certainly would have gotten an eye full with my ass kicked up in the air and balls just swaying through the moves. I tend to hold updog for awhile to keep the backs of the legs limber. Since my back was facing him he would’ve gotten another good look at my wares when I got up, first kneeling, then standing with my back to him and my dick and balls swinging freely. I faced his yard, gathered my shorts, tugged them on and headed off the 150 foot walk to meet him at the fence. Like I said earlier, it’s nice not having your next door neighbor within spitting distance of your own house.

I don’t know if he had seen me out sunning before or not but he did not seem startled when I got up off the deck nude and had to put on my shorts before walking over. After some “how’ve you been” small talk he finally got to his concern. It seems there are a couple of dead trees on the back of my property that he is concerned could fall over onto his fence and into his yard. He has a right to be concerned as these are huge dead pines that probably top 50 feet. Not only would they destroy his fence if they fell, they could also fall on some of his out buildings. Even though these buildings were more like rotting down lean-to’s I promised him I’d get my landscape contact to get them down in the next week or two. He said that was fine and engaged in a little more small talk before and I was itching to get back sunning on the deck.

As I was about wrapping up the conversation and had already taken a couple steps back toward my house he interrupted to ask permission to ask me a question. He kind of got real serious and quiet and softly said he couldn’t help but notice that I shaved “below the belt”. I chuckled a little and told him it was no big deal to ask and informed him that I get waxed regularly. He looked at me quizzically and repeated, “waxed?” I explained to him what a brazillian waxing was and how it is done. I went in to much more detail than I needed to but enjoyed him being somewhat uncomfortable with the entire topic. He then asked me if it was really that much different than shaving, which he had tried once and hated it. I stepped up close to the low fence and pulled the front of my shorts down and said, “see for yourself”. Since I had just gotten waxed two days before my skin was incredibly smooth. I pulled my shorts down far enough for my cock to pop out a bit instead of just showing my nonexistent pubes. I showed him how waxing didn’t leave the bumping and roughness that shaving does.

He just stood there with his mouth slightly open staring at my barren flesh of and around my cock and balls. I took another step closer, making him a little more uncomfortable and said, “feel how smooth it is” and rubbed my fingers across the area above my dick. He looked up at me like he misunderstood what I had said Antep Bayan Escort and was looking for clarification. I again told him the only way to get a sense of the difference in shaving and waxing was to feel how soft it was. With that he reluctantly reached out and rubbed the back of his hand across my absent pubes. He looked up at me as if to confirm what I told him was true. I said he should use his fingertips to really get the feel for the softness. He then ran his fingers back and forth and couple of times as if he were discovering a sensation that had never been experienced before. As he pulled his hand back he “accidentally” brushed the back of his hand across my dick. I pulled up my shorts and suggested we go into his shed so he can get a better look since I noticed that his wife’s car was in the driveway.

He looked up again, transfixed on my hairless cock and balls, and shook his head yes. He opened the short gate and I followed him the short 20 or so feet to his shed. He opened the door and I went in first and stopped only a couple feet in as my eyes adjusted to the lack of light. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the sound of the dead bolt locking guaranteeing our privacy. He clicked on a light switch just inside the door and a couple large fluorescent lights came to life over what looked like a work bench. The shed was cluttered with apparent junk on the left side and quite neat on the right side where we were. He walked over to a makeshift workbench and switched on a couple more lights that were incredibly bright compared to the overhead shoplights.

While Jordan fiddled with something by the wall, I walked over to the workbench and slowly and completely stepped out of my shorts. I was completely bare except for my flip flops I slipped on before heading over to the fence earlier. He walked over next to me turned on yet another light with a flexible neck. He positioned the light to shine directly on my slowly growing dick. I rubbed my hand across the absent pubes again and asked if he could see the difference in the way waxing looks compared to shaving. He got closer and ran his hand back and forth across my barren man mound while constantly brushing up against my cock, much to my visible appreciation. I invited him to explore the entire area to feel for himself how smooth I was. I lifted up my cock and let him run his hand on the underside and pointed out how completely hairless waxing was able to accomplish. I then encouraged him to feel the smoothness of my balls and he eagerly complied.

He must have gotten a lot more comfortable with the entire situation as he begun feeling and fondling me with both hands. I was almost completely hard by this time and let out a number of soft moans that seemed to fuel his eagerness. He moved his right hand to my cock and began to softly stroke me. I again moaned, louder and just let me head fall back in bliss. After he had been stroking my cock to complete hardness I told him it wasn’t fair that I didn’t have something to do with my hands. He quickly took the hint and pulled his shirt over his head, unbuttoned his pants and swiftly pulled his pants and underwear straight to the ground. As he stood up his cock stood at attention as well. I was quite impressed with his erection as he absentmindedly stroked it a couple of times before returning to mine.

I roughly grabbed his cock and played with it in my right hand while rubbing his balls with my left. His cock was both a little longer and thicker than mine but the head was enormous. It looked like a helmet that had an elongated back which seemed to run down a third of his cock. It didn’t actually but it did look impressive. As I am discovering the intricacies of his magnificent cut cock he is stroking me with abandon. He had reached onto the bench to retrieve some sort of tube that he poured into his hand and rubbed around my cock. I was in heaven feeling him stroking me underhand then overhand then back to underhand. I was moaning like a bitch in heat all the while playing with his cock and exploring every centimeter of that glorious cock crown.

We went on for several minutes with him continuously changing his strokes and adding more lube when I could feel the swelling start in my balls. I concentrated even more on the thickness of his cock and the feel of the ridges and veins that were fully engorged. I was mesmerized by the details of his cock and “his enormous helmet of a cock head. He offered me the lube to use on him and I declined. I didn’t know what he was using and didn’t want it to interfere with my surprise.

As I began moaning faster and louder, his strokes got quicker and he concentrated on the underside of my own head. I told him several times I was about to cum and started spewing my load all over his hand and forearm. Shot after shot jumped out of my cock sending ropes all the way to the crook of his elbow. My knees started shaking and then my whole body followed. He pushed me a bit backward so my ass was resting on the workbench hoping to keep my from falling completely. I had forgotten all about his cock as I grabbed the workbench with both hands to keep myself up…

“Holy Shit”, I said over and over as I tried to keep my balance and regain my composure, “that was incredible”. “I’m usually good for one rope and then dribble but it felt like I had 6-7 big shots of cum shoot out”, I continued.

He just smiled at me at continued to fondle my balls as my cock quickly deflated. His gentle squeezing of balls reminded me of something unfinished I needed to attend to. With that I began stroking his cock again and focused on his full thick shaft. It didn’t take him long to get back completely rigid accompanied by his own light moanings. As his groans got louder he closed his eyes and tilted his head back completely enjoying anothers hand around his thick cock.

I could tell he was getting closer and whispered to him to let me know when he thinks he’s about to cum. I barely got the words out of my mouth when he replied, “any second now”. With that warning I knelt down on the hard cold concrete floor to get eye level with that massive crown. I flicked out my tongue teasingly licking the copious amounts of pre-cum that was dripping from his slit. His only response was, “oh my god, don’t stop”. With that encouragement I gave him the surprise that had kept me from accepting that offer of lube for his cock. I very deliberately and slowly leaned in to wrap my lips around his glorious cock head. Wow, the sensations were off the charts. He didn’t jerk away as I feared he would, instead he started to slowly rock his cock head over and back across my lips.

That was all the encouragement I needed to know he wasn’t going to wig out on me with what was coming next. I held his hips still for a moment and leaned completely in on his cock getting the whole thing down my throat. I stayed for just a moment with his pubes tickling my nose and then slowly withdrew his entire length.

“Oh my god, my god, please don’t stop that feels so good”, was all he could say before he wrapped both of his hands around the back of my bald head and started slowly fucking my mouth. I was in heaven and he was about to enter a paradise he’d never knew existed. I might not be the best cocksucker around but have been told I give “awesome head for a straight guy”. I guess that’s a compliment of some sort or another.

I grabbed both of his bubbled butt cheeks to encourage his thrusting and also I just wanted to play with his ass. He has the kind of ass that if it were completely shaved you could easily mistake it for the ass of a gifted woman. I’ve always been an ass man, it’s what made me crazy for my wife when we started dating 30+ years ago. I love dat ass and his was just perfect. Firm round globes that had some give to them when squeezed or kneaded. I imagined pouring some warm almond oil over them and massaging them until my fingers wouldn’t work anymore.

Enveloping his ass with my hands also gave me access to caressing his tight back hole “accidentally”, hoping he would be okay with my anal intrusion. He either was so caught up in fucking my face with his cock that it didn’t register what I was doing or he was starting to get off on my exploration of his anus. I think it was the latter as his thrusting increased in tempo and force. He was practically slam my face into his pubes with each thrust of his hips and pulling of my head. All I had to do was keep up my breathing so his cock wouldn’t suffocate me with it spending so much time in my throat.

I was truly in bliss sucking his cock and letting him face fuck me. I was at least aware enough, though, to remember my anal exploration. As he was pounding my face I had succeeded in working my right middle finger into his man hole up to my first knuckle. I could tell he was within a second or two of coming and rammed my index finger in as far as it would go. He moaned so loud I thought he was screaming at me. All he could mutter is, “fuck, fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t stop”. And I didn’t intend to.

Instantly after my middle finger bottomed out in his ass I could feel his balls pull up hard toward his abdomen and could feel his prostate start to spasm. It seemed like hid orgasm was happening in slow motion as I could almost feel the first spurt squeezing through his prostate, up his urethra and into the base of his cock. My lips could feel his shaft expanding in girth like it was breaking out if it’s own skin. I could feel his cum reaching that glorious crown of a cock head and shoot like a canon into the back of my throat. I truly love the feeling of power I get when I know I can control and cause an orgasm as intense as this was for him. And through all of this the only thing able to squeak past his lips was, “Holy Shit, Holy Shit, (something unintelligible), Holy Shit, Holy Shit”. Over and over again.

After the first rocket of cum hit the back of my throat I did my best to just keep swallowing between breaths, which wasn’t easy. He continued to pump vigorously into my mouth with even more force the next couple of spasms. After the fourth or fifth stream hit the back of my throat he just buried his cock as deep as he could and held it there as he continued to come. He must have erupted at least another six or seven times just letting his convulsing cock empty all it’s contents straight into my gullet. In order not to pass out I had to pull on his clenched ass cheeks to get his cock out of my throat to breath. It worked until my finger slid out of his ass and he reflexively jammed right back down my throat for the last dribblings of cum to seep from his crown.

When I knew he was completely finished and I needed air, I slowly slid his cock out of my throat but not completely out of my mouth. I sucked and tongued his cock head just long enough to elicit the last remnants of cum from his cock before the sensation of my sucking was too much for his post orgasmic cock.

All the time that he was cumming, which seemed like 10 minutes, he just continued to mumble and mutter unintelligible sounds. But know I could clearly hear what he was saying.

“Mother Fuck, that was absolutely incredible, Holy Fuck that was good. Mother of god you really know how to give great head. I wish my wife were half that good. Hell, I wish she’d learn to swallow like that”. He continued on like this singing my oral praises for several minutes as I slowly and gingerly got up off the cold, hard ground.

The post orgasmic conversation was not near as awkward as it could have been. He profusely thanked me and encouraged me to come over to his shed any time. He said there were enough projects on his honey-do list that spending more time in the shed would not be suspicious. And I gladly accepted his invitation then and continue to visit on occasion even now.

He hasn’t yet progressed in sucking my cock completely but has learned to love the taste of my pre-cum and even my come, if some gets on his hands. I have no doubt that one day he will get over that seemingly taboo act, and many more if I have my way.

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