Heather Ch. 11


Heather 11 – Joan continues her jiggling

All during the football practice I’d been re-living last night – the pleasure that Joan had given me, and her habit of “jiggling” all her men as a matter of course. What would happen when we got back? What would she say – or do? And had she spoken to my mother at all?

After the practice Brian and I had called in the chippie for lunch, then looked around the shops most of the afternoon. I’d talked to Brian a bit about last night, but not in too much detail. Just to confirm that “jiggling” as she called it was a regular occurrence. And it was – it seemed like she did him every night before he went to sleep. I couldn’t think of my mother doing that to me, but he seemed to think it was fine, and I fancied Joan so much I couldn’t wait to get back for more.

This time she was wearing a thick white cardigan, with a knitted cable pattern. It looked altogether chunkier and my first thoughts were disappointment, as he breasts were more hidden beneath the thick wool. But she was also wearing a knitted skirt, in a plain brown wool, which showed off her hips and clung to her body attractively.

After tea, we’d watched the TV for a while, then about 8.30 Joan had sent Brian off to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Joan spoke as soon as we were alone.

“Well I hope you are ready for some more jiggling tonight, pet. I’ve been looking forward to it so much because your dicky was just so nice and hard last time, and you were so appreciative! I did have a quick word with your mum on the phone too, so I dare say she’ll start looking after you properly too. She said she’d wait till after tonight, and then invite Brian back to your house so she’d have the two of you to jiggle. That’ll be nice for you, won’t it?”

“Err… well I guess so,” I replied, trying to think of how I’d be, and feeling very strange indeed.

“Well for tonight I’ve got the two of you to jiggle now, so I’m going to be busy – then Don later when he comes in. What a lucky lady I am with three cocks to pump dry!” Joan smiled across at me, pulling her cardigan down and wiggling in her chair.

I just didn’t know what to say, but then Brian shouted from down the corridor: “Bathroom’s empty!”

“Off you go then.” said Joan, standing up, “and I’ll go and start on Brian. You can use the same bath water, as he shouldn’t have dirtied it too much”

I left for the bathroom, with feelings of amazement and longing twinged with apprehension. Joan followed and went into Brian’s room as I shut the bathroom door. I quickly stripped off and stepped into the frothy water, which looked perfectly clean despite Brian’s earlier bath. I guess the shower after football practice meant we were pretty clean anyway. I washed myself, soaping and rinsing all over, then got out to dry using the nice fluffy towel Joan had left for me.

Soon I was naked in the spare room bed, lying on my back under the covers. This time I’d left the side light on as I was determined to see everything so that I could re-live it again over the next few days in the privacy of my own bed – maybe with one of Heather’s cardies for company.

It Gaziantep Yabancı Escort seemed quite a long time before Joan came in, but when she did it was all worth waiting for. Her cardigan was now completely unbuttoned, and hung loosely outside her naked breasts, which quivered gently as she walked in. Below her waist there was no sign of her skirt, just tight white cotton panties that clung from her waist to her hips, revealing all the curves of her body. She shut the door firmly behind her.

My jaw must have sagged as I took in the sight.

“Well no need to look like that, ” she said, “after all you have seen me before!”

And she made a face pretending to be hurt, pulling her cardigan together over her breasts and doing up the central button to hide herself. She knelt down beside the bed, then calmly pulled back the bed covers, exposing my firm erection.

“That’s more like it!” she smiled. “A nice firm hard-on – that’s what I like to see! It took quite a bit to get Brian going tonight as he was a bit of a softy, but you’re good and hard already, aren’t you?”

And she ran her finger gently down the length of my shaft. The excitement was so exquisite I shut my eyes and gasped in pleasure.

“Ready for your jiggling?” she asked, smiling and looking straight into my eyes. “You must say please if you want me to!”

“Oh, yes please!” I answered. God how could I say anything else as she knelt beside me, her cardigan straining with its one button to keep her breasts from my view.

“Well as you asked so nicely, and are so hard already, I’ll give you a special treat.” And she pulled her shoulders back, pushing her breasts forward. The button strained even more as I stared at the chunky wool and the gorgeous swellings beneath.

She spoke quietly: “You can stroke my boobs gently now if you like! I’ll just unbutton my cardy for you – there, how’s that?”

And as she undid then pulled open her cardigan, her rounded naked breasts rose and fell gently before me as she breathed. Again I was amazed to see the huge size of her nipples and the darkness of the teats as she showed off for me.

“Come on, let’s have your right hand!” and she pulled it to her left breast. I touched again the beautiful softness of her full breast, which felt so soft and warm and intimate, the nipple so arousing for me – and I hoped for her too.

“Do you like that, pet? Do you think my bosom is attractive then? I get worried that it’s smaller that some ladies – like Heather. She’s got big boobs, hasn’t she pet?”

I was already in heaven, and barely able to speak let alone think. I managed a brief “Oh God, you look wonderful – your breasts are just fabulous.”

“Come on then, Mister Jiggler,” she encouraged, grasping my cock firmly in her right hand, “Let’s be seeing your cream spurting out of your dicky, and quickly!”

And her practised hand began to pump up and down my shaft. Her left hand stroked my fingers over her breast, and she smiled straight at me.

“I don’t think you’ll be long, will you?” she whispered, as her pumping action continued.

Suddenly she stopped, clearly thinking of something.

“As you’re such a good boy, I think you ought to meet another part of me… a very special part. I think I’d like you to meet my quim. Do you know where it is, pet?”

I knew alright, but just couldn’t believe what she was saying.

“Here, let me show you.” she whispered, and she stopped her tossing to stand up in front of me, then calmly peeled down her panties, revealing the dark trimmed curly hair between her legs.

She slipped her hand down over her belly, lowering it over the hair, then slipped her middle two fingers between her legs.

“Here it is, pet, just look!” she whispered, parting her hair to reveal the pink folds between her legs.

She knelt down beside the bed again, and took my right hand in her left, separating out just my second finger.

“This is the one I want,” she smiled. “Now you can finger me a little while I just finsh jiggling you off.”

And she took my finger, pressing it between her legs, into the moistness of her folds, and then pushed it right up inside her.

“There” she smiled softly, “That’s my quim, and I want you to gently wriggle your finger inside me while I jiggle you. That sounds nice, doesn’t it? – wriggling and jiggling at the same time!”

I did as I was told, feeling the warmth and wetness of her vagina as it engulfed my second finger, and my other fingers explored her damp folds. That left my thumb free to feel forward to her clitty, which I rubbed gently.

She gasped when I first touched against her clitty, then smiled at me and clasped both her hands behind her head, showing off her breasts even more.

“Oh, you are good at this, pet,” she murmured, “I think Heather’s taught you very well. Maybe I’ll not finish jiggling you off just yet. You carry on doing what you’re doing.”

Then she moaned a little, as her hips began to squirm over my fingers.

“Come and suck my nipple, please,” she urged, leaning forwards so her breasts were closer to me. I leaned up and then she pulled my head toward her breast, giving me no option but to suck the hard nipple. It was just amazing – so hard to my tongue against the smooth softness of her breast. Her breathing was now becoming harder too.

“God, Andrew,” she whispered, “you are getting me going now – what a good boy you are!”

I was now really excited, with my one hand exploring between her legs, my lips sucking her left breast and my left hand stroking her right one, with the wool of her cardigan rubbing against my face and hand as I excited her more. She was still not touching me at all, when she suddenly pulled back, and stood up.

“It’s no good,” she said, “I’m going to have to ride you my boy – so just lie back on the bed for me.”

I lay back as she asked, then watched amazed as she got up on the bed, and, kneeling beside me, she eased her right leg right over me so that she straddled my hips. Then she calmly reached down between her legs to grab my cock and held it upwards as she guided it inside her warm slippy body.

“Ooooh!” she sighed, as she lowered her hips towards mine, forcing my cock further up her vagina. “That feels gorgeous! We must whisper now so Brian doesn’t hear us!”

She kept her hand between her legs, fingering herself, but my eyes were now filled by her breasts, which wobbled and bounced in front of me.

“Just suck them and stroke them pet,” she panted, “while I give you a special jiggling with my quim.”

Her words were now coming in bursts as her breathing became more intense, so I just got on with my task – which was heaven. I felt my cock being pumped up and down by her slippy vagina as she rode me, and with two hands I explored her breasts and teased her nipples before reaching up to suck at the hard teat while her soft cardigan brushed against my face.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, “You do know how to pleasure a girl, don’t you? Well I can’t take much more of this without cumming, so you hold firm for me!”

And her hips started to move faster as she rode up and down my cock, her juices making squishy noises every time she pushed down on me. Her breathing was now coming in short pants as her orgasm neared.

“Oh yes,” she whispered, “so near, so near, so aaaahhhhhh, now, now, now”

And with each “now” she pressed down harder against me, forcing my cock right up inside her wet cunt.

We must have gone on like this for only a few moments but it felt like ages, and I was so aroused to have her cumming on top of me that I was nearly ready to cum too.

Slowly she came down from her orgasm, and smiled down at me: “Oh what a good boy you are – and you’ve not cum yet, have you?”

“No,” I panted, “but I’m not far off!”

“Well let me just take you all the way then!” she smiled, and gripped her vagina tightly round my cock, before starting to ride me again.

“Come on Andrew, let your spunk go, there’s a good boy! Come and squirt inside me!”

Whether it was her talking, or the amazing feelings, or just the sight of her as her breasts wobbled in front of me, I don’t know – but together the impact was explosive.

With a cry of pleasure I felt my orgasm start as my cum shot up deep inside her. I was sure that Brian could hear, but was past caring now, as I could feel my cum spurting deep inside Joan’s cunt. Was I really fucking his mother, while he was in bed in the next room?

She was smiling down at me as I came, then after a while she slowed down her writhing movements, and came back down to earth.

“God that was good!” she said, smiling at me: “I hope I didn’t make to much noise. If Brian says anything, let’s just tell him it was you making the noises while I jiggled you. You mustn’t let him know you came inside me, otherwise he’ll be wanting too as well and that would never do!”

She eased her body up so that my now drooping cock slipped out easily, then she moved to the side of the bed, grabbing a tissue to hold between her legs.

“I’ll just go for a quick bath now, before Don comes home – I’m sure he’ll want to have me too, so I’d best get nice and clean again. Now you be a good boy and go to sleep. I’ll not let your mum know she’s got such an expert for a son. Not until she’s tried jiggling you a bit, anyway!”

And with a twinkle in her eye she was gone, leaving me to lie quietly while my mind raced over the last minutes of pure pleasure.

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