Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 03


Passion In James County IV: Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter 3

On Friday evening, Heidi busily prepared for her second date with Milt Bingham. Their first date was a disaster, but she hoped tonight would be better. She and Milt were both lonely and they both needed someone. She hoped her relationship with Milt might develop, and might lead to her being sexually satisfied for the first time in ages. She had been alone far too long.

While she prepared for her date with Milt, Heidi couldn’t keep herself from thinking about Tim Jackman, although she didn’t understand why he was so much in her thoughts.

“Tim was such a wonderful lover,” she mused as she worked on the meal she was preparing. “I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t broken off with him. Is it possible we could have had a future?”

Milt Bingham was pacing in his small apartment, holding a drink in his hand, taking frequent gulps from it. Actually, it was the third drink he had fixed himself since he got home from school. He was trying to calm his nerves so this evening wouldn’t turn out as disastrously as his last date with Heidi had.

Milt, a bachelor, was quite shy. He had dated very little over the years and wasn’t very sexually experienced. His sexual failure with Heidi had preyed on his mind ever since the night it happened and he was determined not to let it happen again. She was gorgeous, the prettiest woman he’d ever dated. He never dreamed he’d get to go out with someone as pretty as she was. He had failed once, he didn’t want it to happen again.

“I have to keep control of myself tonight,” he told himself. He finished his drink and looked at the clock. He still had an hour before he had to be at Heidi’s house. He fixed himself another drink.

Heidi checked the food which was cooking on, and in, her stove; then she wiped her hands and headed for her bedroom. It was time to get ready. “What should I wear?” she thought. She had a considerable wardrobe and reviewed the possibilities in her mind. “I think I’ll go casual,” she decided finally. A loose blue plaid shirt with a ruffled collar and loose jeans would be good, she concluded. Having made her clothing decision, she took off her clothes and got in the shower.

“Tim and I used to take showers together,” she thought as the hot spray pelted down on her. “God, was that ever wonderful!” Memories of their shared experience in the shower filled her mind and warmed her body.


Exhilarated by the love-making Ankara travesti she and Tim had just shared, she stretched luxuriously. She was very aware of the fact that he was watching her avidly as she did. She felt his hand slide over her body and the now-familiar reaction of her body to his tender caresses.

She laid her hand on his. “Before we do anything else, I need a shower,” she said. She climbed out of bed. “Want to take a bath with me, Tim?”

Tim grinned. “OK!” he said and jumped to his feet.

When they were in the shower, Tim grabbed a washcloth and soap. He soon had her body covered with foamy lather and filled with intense heat.

“Tim! My God! I don’t believe this! You’re turning me on again!” she gasped. She felt her body begin to quiver as he “washed” her vagina thoroughly. Her legs were rubbery. “Oh God!” She clutched him for support. “I’ve never been washed…Ohhhhh!!!!…like, like…Ahhhhhhh!!!…like this.”

Tim smiled at her. “Here…” he said and handed her the sudsy washcloth. “You can wash me now.”

Quaking with desire, she took the cloth and reached for the soap. It squirted out of Tim’s hand, falling to the floor of the shower. She turned to pick it up and was taken completely by surprise by what he did next. The minute she bent over, he grabbed her hips and shoved his cock into her.

“Tim!!” she exclaimed, thrilled by his unexpected action. Super sensations flooded her as his penis plunged deep into her.

“Want me to stop?” he asked.

“Don’t…don’t…Oh God!!!…don’t you…Ahhh!!!…don’t you dare!” she replied. She’d never dreamed it was possible to make love in the shower and that it would feel so good! She clutched the faucets and began to rock back against him, thrill after thrill racing through her.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Tim moaned. His thighs slapping against hers, “My God, Heidi!! You’re incredible!!!”

Tim continued to lunge into her and she felt her orgasm approaching. Her insides were knotting and she knew release would come soon.

“Ohhhh!!!!! Heidi!!! Heidi!!! Aggggghhhhhh!!!!!” Tim cried, “I’m comingggggggg!!!!!”

When his torrid fluids blasted into her she lost control. “Yessssss!!!!! Yesssss!!!” she cried, her hips jolting, “I’m cominnnnggg, tooo!!! Yesssssssss!!!!! Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” Her insides felt as if they were in a blender.


Heidi hugged herself and shuddered. “God!” she thought. Her body was filled with heat. “I’ve got to stop thinking Konya travesti about things like that. That time is over. I need to start living in the present. Living in the past won’t solve the problems of the present.”

She pushed her memories of Tim to the back of her mind, finished her shower, dried off, dressed, and went back downstairs to finish preparing for Milt’s arrival. She got out a bottle of wine, opened it, and set it aside to breathe. The doorbell rang.

She headed for the door. “Well…” she thought, “…here we go. I hope tonight turns out better than our last date did.” The memories of Tim had stoked the fires of need in her, so now, more than ever, she wanted the evening to be satisfying.

When she greeted Milt at the door, she smelled alcohol on his breath when he bent to kiss her on the cheek. She wasn’t encouraged because she knew what effect alcohol had on people’s ability to function sexually. He followed her to her dining room, and they sat down to eat.

She was very aware of the fact that Milt drank four glasses of wine during dinner. “He’s half-drunk,” she thought despairingly. “Damn! That’s not a good sign.”

After they finished their meal, they went into the living room and sat down on the sofa. Milt slid over, put his arms around Heidi, and they kissed.

They continued to neck for a time and Heidi was pleasantly surprised to find that things were going quite well. Milt was gentle, if a bit clumsy, and she was getting turned on. Finally, she leaned back and looked at the red-faced man. “Let’s go to my bedroom,” she said softly.

“Yesssss!!!” Milt replied, “Oh, yessss!”

When they were in her bedroom, Heidi and Milt removed their clothes and got into bed. She felt Milt move against her, then he cupped one of her breasts in his hand and tingling warmth began to spread. “Tonight!” she thought while excitement began to flood through her, “Tonight it’s finally going to happen! Tonight I’ll be satisfied!” He caressed her breast, her nipples stiffened and passion began to smolder in her compact, lovely body. She’d needed this for so long, nothing could have kept his touch from exciting her. When she felt his swelling penis pressing against her leg she knew he was turned on, too!

Milt’s hand slid across her belly, then he cupped her vagina. She gasped when his finger began to probe her wet opening. Her body bucked upward. “Yesss! Oh, Yesss, Milt!!” she murmured. Her hips began to undulate in counterpoint to İzmir travesti the thrusts of his finger. “That’s good!! Oh!!! Oh…Milt!!!! That’s it!!!! Oh…God!!!!!”

Milt rolled on top of her, between her legs and his hand fumbled between them, seeking his cock. Once he had it in his hand, he placed the tip at Heidi’s vagina, then he drove into her.

The intrusion of Milt’s hard, hot, flesh sent thrills rippling through Heidi. Her passion continued to grow and she felt her middle tightening, the signal of approaching orgasm. “Yesssss!!!” she groaned. While he continued to plunge into her, the protestations of joy she uttered grew more impassioned. “Take…meee!!!! Oh, Milt!!! Take…meeeee!!!”

“Unnnnnhhhhh!!!! Unnnhhhh!!!” Milt grunted as his thrusts became more and more urgent.

Stunned, Heidi realized what was about to happen. “Noooooo!!!!! Please!!! Milt!!! Nooo!!!!!” she cried. He was going to come, but she wasn’t ready yet! If he’d just keep going a few more seconds, she’d be there. Then his hot sperm was jetting into her. Milt’s movements stopped and, almost immediately, she felt his penis begin to soften. She couldn’t stand it! She needed more! Just a little more! She pulled at him, beseeching him, “Please, Milt, don’t leave me like this! Please!!!” she moaned.

But her protests were in vain. She felt his limp penis slide from her still-craving opening then he rolled to the bed next to her. She continued to plead, ashamed to hear herself, but unable to stop. “Please, Milt, don’t leave me like this!” she implored him. “Please! Don’t leave me hanging again!”

“Heidi, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” Milt said, his voice soft and tremulous. “I…you…you’re so exciting and…”

“Please!!” Heidi groaned. She was desperate. She needed to come!

“Heidi, I…I don’t know what to say…” Milt replied. Ashamed, he got out of the bed. “If…if we wait a while, maybe we could try again and…”

Heidi’s body shook with unasated need. She hadn’t had an orgasm with a man in so long! For the second time, he’d aroused her only to leave her hanging. She couldn’t keep the anger she felt in check any longer. “Milt, I think it would be best if you left,” she said.

“Heidi, I…” Milt protested.

“Please, Milt, I…I want to be alone,” she said.

“All right,” Milt said. He began to put on his clothes, glancing at Heidi as he did. She lay on the bed, curled up, the covers pulled over her. Once he had his clothes on, he sat down on the bed. “Heidi,” he said. He laid his hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away from him. “I’m sure…I’m sure if we tried again…” he began.

“Milt, please leave,” she said.

Dispirited, the man stood up, looked at her one more time, then he walked out of the room.

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