Her Ass is Used by Friends Ch. 02

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I tied the white lace blindfold securely around my girlfriend Ashley’s gleaming eyes. Damn did my sweet 32-year-old girlfriend look hot! She was dressed in a sexy pleated mini skirt, semi-transparent white blouse, stockings and high heels, a basic highly stylized slutty schoolgirl outfit. Ashley had again agreed to one of my typically crazy wild dares!

In a slightly mysterious voice I whispered in her ear if she was ready to entertain our guests. A nervous giggle escaped her sexy lips as she nodded meekly that she was ready. For added effect, I then pulled her hands together in front of her body and slipped on a pair of handcuffs onto her lovely wrists. My sexy girlfriend was now ready for her punishment.

Slowly I walked Ashley out of our bedroom and down the hall to our living room. Being that she was blindfolded, Ashley stumbled a bit as I guided her to the center of the room. There was a hushed silence in the room as three of my handpicked friends gazed lustfully at the sexy young babe that was at my side. Holy fuck, we were going to have some fun!

In a firmly wicked voice, I gave our seated guests a quick briefing about how Ashley had performed very poorly in her classes recently and thus had agreed to do some extra credit activities. There was a murmur of approval in the room as Ashley bit her lip with a bit of apprehension. I then informed everyone that I picked a rather immodest and humiliating theme for Ashley’s “Show & Tell” this evening involving her sexy butt cheeks and her tight little asshole! With that sexually explicit comment to start things off I gave my sexy girlfriend a sharp slap on her firm little ass. My fucking hot assed girl!

Ashley’s lips emitted a small whimper of protest knowing full well that she had already fully agreed to my dare that her butt hole was to be publicly violated in front of our special guests. But since she was blindfolded, Ashley had no idea who was in the audience since I had kept these details a secret. These unknown details would only add to Ashley’s exhilarating sexual rush as it played directly into some of her secret fantasies. I instinctively knew how to push all of her deviously sensual buttons.

I could feel Ashley’s heart pounding as I firmly guided her to a chair that was in the middle of the room. Without hesitation, I instructed my hot girlfriend to bend her sexy torso over the plush cushions so that we could have a nice view of her lovely butt. Resting her forearms that were still handcuffed together on the furthest armrest, Ashley bent her sexy body over almost horizontal causing her pleated mini skirt to partially expose her thin white cotton panties. Holy fuck did she look sexy in that rather revealing position!

I grabbed my girlfriend’s long black hair as I whispered a few wickedly sexy comments into her ear. Things were going perfectly. It was now time to start a somewhat humiliating “Tell” portion of Ashley’s assignment before the start of her erotic “Show.”

With a rather big grin on my face I squared up my shoulders and with a rather firm and authoritarian voice started my interrogation.

“So Ashley, I am going to ask you a series of very sexually explicit questions that will require absolute truthful answers from you. Since I know all your kinky secrets already, you will not be successful with any deceitful answers, but rather this will only prolong your possible humiliation in front of our audience. I must warn you that if you lie or are deceitful in any way, then be prepared to be punished with a very public spanking or other violation upon your little white ass. Now do you fully understand these rules?”

Ashley’s face blushed as she mumbled a quiet, “yes.”

“Speak louder Ashley so everyone in our class can hear you!”


“Ok Ashley, that’s better. Now on to my first question. Last week I invited Sam and Eric over to our house. We all played a little game in the hallway where you were tied up and blindfolded. What part of your body did we play with that night?”

“Oh God… please let’s start with something else!”

That was not the answer that I wanted to hear, as it avoided the question entirely. I jerked Ashley’s mini skirt up so that her panties were now fully exposed to our group. I then gave Ashley a big smack on her panty-clad buttocks.

“Ashley, please answer my question! Otherwise I will pull those panties off your little white ass and görükle escort give you another slap!”

“Ah… ah… the guys played around… with my butt.”

I gave Ashley another sharp smack on her sexy rear end.

“Ashley, I want exact answers. Where did Sam and Eric place their fingers? If you don’t answer in exact detail then those panties will be coming off!!!”

“Ah… I mean… around my butt, they place their fingers by my asshole.”

I knew that I needed to up the ante to get more truthful and explicit answers out of my little schoolgirl slut. Ashley squealed as I grabbed the elastic edge of her panties and ripped them off her little butt. Holy fuck did she have a sexy tight ass!! Now with her cute sexy butt fully exposed to our audience, I would have much more leverage on her.

“Ashley, you have now lost your panties and your butt is now fully naked and exposed to our audience. They now have a direct view of your butt crack and can even see your asshole and pussy. If you don’t answer truthfully, in explicit detail, then I will direct a member of our audience to insert a finger into your cute little asshole as punishment. So Ashley, for the last and final time, please tell us exactly what Sam and Eric did!!!”

“Oh God, oh fuck… Sam… Sam and Eric put their fingers into my butt hole… I mean they took turns lubing my asshole up and then wiggling their fingers up my anus. I was blindfolded and could not see them, but I could feel their fingers as they slipped inside my asshole. So yes, they had some fun playing with my butt area and squirting lube and stuff in my ass. That’s all. We all were just having a little kinky fun with my rear entrance… you know… It was just a playful dare that I agree to that involved using my butt hole last week.”

“Fuck Ashley, good job! See how easy it is to tell the truth. I am sure that our audience already realizes that your anal area gets a lot of attention. I mean everyone here is looking lustfully at your tight little asshole right now.”

Upon hearing my words, Ashley’s asshole clenched tight in nervous thoughts on who might be in the audience looking directly at her anus. Fuck this was fun!

“So Ashley, we have just witnessed your little asshole clinch shut… probably it is a little nervous at being possibly exposed to people who you might not know… since I alone picked the audience for tonight’s attendance. Nevertheless, it is unfair of you to restrict their view up your anal canal… at least they should have the privilege of a little peek into your tight hole. So therefore I will demand that you relax your butt hole a bit or otherwise I will probably need to squirt some lube into your tight ass to help encourage you to relax it a bit. Can you relax your asshole by yourself or do you need my help?”

“Oh God… I normally am more relaxed… but… but… it’s weird not knowing who is looking at me… you know… “

“Ashley, I can understand, but these people are spending their precious time as a favor to me, so therefore, I think it is only good manners to not hide anything from them… but to be open and honest. You have such a cute asshole… besides you do like things being inserted into your anus… “

The rim of Ashley’s asshole gave a little spasm from my very suggestive words. Fuck, I could sense a great performance building up within Ashley’s sexual soul.

Ashley spoke a little meekly. “Maybe a little lotion… you know… just a little in my ass… “

I dribbled white pearls of lotion on Ashley’s upturned butt cheeks. I purposely missed her asshole with the milky substance… making more of a splatter effect of white looking cum on her firm butt cheeks. This would provide the audience with a visually erotic sight of my sexy girlfriend in a very suggestive cum splattered pose. Fucking awesome!!

“Sorry Ashley, I seemed to have missed your little asshole… kind of splattered the white lotion all over your butt. Looks like a half dozen guys have spilled their seed all over your ass… damn what a mess! I am going to try again but this time I will play it safe and just insert the nozzle into your asshole so that it all goes in the right place.”

Ashley flinched a bit, knowing that once things started being inserted into her butt hole… that things normally would spin out of control. Ashley fully knew that once her asshole was well-lubed that görükle escort bayan it probably would be impossible for her to resist the temptation of letting everyone experiment with putting things between her butt cheeks. The wicked thought drove her wild every time!

“Ok Ashley… hold tight… the lotion may be a little cold as I squirt some of it into your asshole.”

I placed the nozzle against her tightly clenched anus. Wow, she did have a tight little anal opening, but not normally this tight! I kind of had to wiggle the tip of the nozzle into her anus. Ashley groaned with horny desire as the nozzle tried to invade her anal ring. I gave the bottle a hard squeeze. Ashley grunted as she felt the cool lotion trying to force its way into her rectum, but most of it splattered out around the rim of her asshole. Fuck, my girlfriend’s butt hole was being difficult!

I gave Ashley’s naked butt a big slap. Ashley groaned in muffled delight with the renewed attack directed to her rear end. I applied another sharp slap on her cum-looking splattered butt. Ashley’s asshole quivered seductively. My hot girlfriend was starting to open up her sexy back door to the world.

I motioned for the three audience members to gather around Ashley’s naked little butt.

“Ashley, I think the time has come that I get some much needed help from our guests. They have been very patient so far in waiting for the SHOW part of your class assignment, but they can’t wait forever.”

A sexy moan escaped from Ashley’s lips. I could sense her apprehension was starting to quick slip away, as the erotic vortex of having her body being used always fired up some of Ashley’s most secret erotic fantasies. Ashley’s sexy asshole was now wishing to dance and play with strangers. Holy Fuck, my sexy anal goddess was blooming before everyone’s delighted eyes!

I had taken a bit of a chance with my selection of audience members. Tonight’s audience consisted of Ashley’s former Spanish language professor Raul and his lovely wife Rita. The other member of our group was my former soccer coach named Bruce. Everyone stayed silent as not to give away their identities to my now sexually smoking hot girlfriend. Slowly they started removing every piece of Ashley’s clothes except her blindfold and handcuffs. It did not take long for Ashley to be striped naked and languishing in the caresses of the multiple sets of hands that were now exploring her beautifully sexy body.

It wasn’t long before we all pop out of our clothes and started yearning to implant our seed into one Ashley’s tight holes. It was then that I took off Ashley’s handcuffs and gently guided my still blindfolded girlfriend over to our rather large living room couch. My wicked plan was to have a different cock in each of Ashley’s three holes at the same time, with Raul’s wife Rita licking Ashley’s sensitive clit and outer pussy lips. A wink and a nod was all that was needed for everyone to take their stations in preparation to launch Ashley into sexual nirvana.

Raul had a rather huge cock, which was truly destined for Ashley’s pussy. Raul scooted under Ashley’s naked torso so that his wife Rita could help position her husband’s cock to the delicious opening of my girlfriend’s pussy. This positioning would also allow Rita to simultaneously lick both Ashley’s clit and her husband’s shaft as he rammed into my girlfriend. Bruce’s slim cock would be perfect for Ashley’s asshole, so he would straddle Ashley’s upturned ass. I took my position by my girlfriend’s succulent lips. The scene was now perfectly set.

Slowly all three of us guys started to playfully tease each of Ashley’s lovely openings. Sticking three cocks into my lovely gal would take a little patience, as her body would need a little time to adjust to this amazingly erotic development.

I stoked Ashley’s hair as she wrapped her lips around my cock. Even though Ashley was unable to view the scene, she could easily tell that three cocks were attempting to push into her delicious body. Ashley was also receiving an amazing clit licking from Rita.

Slowly, gently, Ashley’s sex hungry body started accepting the mind-blowing intrusion of three cocks simultaneously. Fuck it was awesome! There was a gentle, slow pace of cocks sliding in and out of Ashley’s sexy holes… a murmur of passionate moaning had settled onto our group.

The scene was erotically perfect. bursa escort Ashley was moaning in delirium, as the sensation of being filled with three cocks was over-powering. I felt we had now reached a most wonderful plateau of blissful sexual passion and union. It was now about time to remove Ashley’s blindfold so she could soak in the scene and maybe be a bit shocked on the identities of the people fucking her.

Pulling my hard cock from her mouth, I gently tugged at her knotted up blindfold. A few seconds later it slipped off her head and gave her a full glimpse of this sexually ravenous scene.

There was a momentary shock of disbelief as she caught sight of the two men whose cocks were implanted into her well-lubed pussy and asshole. Professor Raul and my soccer coach Bruce!!!! She had gotten along well enough with both of these guys when she was in college. But never in a million years would she ever dream that they would someday be fucking her tight holes – much less doing it at the same time!!!

Ashley looked at me with sex-crazed eyes at my amazing wicked deed. I knew that this was a home run in our sexual adventures list. It was at that moment that Ashley realized that a woman, Rita had been doing the expert cunninglis job on her throbbing clit. Fucking wonderful.

Rita finally rolled our of her tightly wedged position as her husband’s cock continue the enjoyment of fucking my girlfriend’s tight 32-year-old pussy. Rita had a beautifully slim body with apple sized tits and silky long legs. I motion Rita over and gently suggested that she might enjoy straddling her pussy over my girlfriend’s mouth.

Rita positioned her pussy over Ashley’s magical tongue and lips. That seemed to send both women floating into sexual nirvana. It was also my first up-close view of Rita’s sexy butt. Holy fuck!!! Rita was sporting a super cute little asshole framed between some golden butt cheeks. Ashley saw the lust in my eyes as she observed my hard cock reacting wildly with desire. Rita’s sexy little anus was just inches away from my very fired-up cock.

In a moment of pure glory my girlfriend grabbed my cock in her petite hands and carefully guided it between Rita’s firm butt cheeks. Holy fuck… would Rita actually allow her back door to be invaded?

With a bit of a startled jolt, Rita glanced over her shoulder to view the object that had bumped against her sexy anus. Seeing the hand of my girlfriend gently guiding the head of my hard cock around the rim of her asshole was just so fucking hot! Rita’s asshole spasmed involuntarily at the wickedness of it all. While Ashley kept up the sucking and tonguing of Rita’s clit and pussy, a naughty switch seemed to flip within Rita’s brain as she gently pushed back against the pressure of my hard cock that was trying to exploit her delightful anal opening.

My heart was pounding in wild fury as I watch my hard cock slowly push past Rita’s anal ring. Holy fuck this was hot. Even hotter was the look in Ashley’s eyes as she watched with shell-shocked lust the anal deflowering of a rather tight female asshole.

I knew that Ashley loved having her ass played with, but this was something wonderfully new. The whole sexual effect was intensively heighten by the simple fact that Ashley was also at the receiving end of two cocks that were filling her fired up pussy and asshole. The effect was explosive!

By now I was slipping wonderfully in and out of Rita’s supremely tight anal canal. It fucking felt so good. I could feel the cum in my balls ready to explode. Just the sight of my cock sinking deep inside Rita’s butt was earth-shattering erotic. Holy FUCK!!!

Then I heard both Raul and Bruce firing off their spunky loads into my sexy girlfriend’s tight holes. Holy fuck that was too much! The first shock of a massive orgasm rocked my body as I barely pulled out in time, thus spilling wet sticky cum all around Rita’s puckered anus and dripping down onto the cheeks of Ashley’s face. Wow!!

Ashley was rolling in sexual delirium having just felt two cocks exploding inside her and then watching my hot cum spurting all over Rita’s sexy anus. It was too much to hold back as Ashley’s orgasmic dam burst for the final time. Wave upon wave of massive orgasmic energy spiraled out of control in my well-fucked girlfriend’s body. Fuck it was a beautiful sight watching my lovely girlfriend hit her sexual peak!

Hot damn, my sexy schoolgirl slut had just milked loads of sticky cream by using her violated holes while giving my cock an opportunity to fuck Rita’s tight asshole to kingdom cum. Now that is finding the real nirvana in life!

Author’s Note: What should happen during Ashley’s next dare?

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