Her Box Ch. 02


At this point, I knew Peter’s balls must be quite heavy from many days of not ejaculating. I have been able to enjoy all of the anal sex I want, as regularly as I like and Peter has had no power to resist me, exactly as I had planned.

I walk over to Peter, tied as always and put the box on his penis in order to make him hard. I am already fantasizing about his hard cock, swollen with passion, pushing into my tight little anus. I pull Peter to his knees, adjusting the slack on the rope tying his hands to facilitate this.

I face him and put my hands on the floor. He can see my pussy and I slide my ass onto his penis and we begin to fuck. I immediately get into it and enjoy the feeling of his penis filling me up and sliding in and out. Peter looks upset and I smile at him.

“What’s wrong, Peter?” I say with a feigned concern.

“I can’t feel it and I am so horny for your pussy.”

I smile. “What would you like to do then?”

“I know I won’t even be able to feel it. But please, at least let me lick your pussy.”

I know my plan has worked. I slowly get myself up and turn around so my ass and genitals are at his head height. “Okay, Peter. If you lick my ass first, I’ll let you lick my pussy. Don’t worry, it is quite clean. You must really get in there a bit and make me want to come before I’ll let you taste my pussy.”

“Thank you so much Chelsea.”

I enjoy his admiration and he begins. Peter starts tonguing my anus and sucking on it. He makes love to it like is french-kissing me, gently touching his lips to my anus and I feel a lovely sensation. I feel my clit swell a little as he kisses my anus. He breathes in deeply, enjoying my scent, and my pussy starts to get really wet.

He speeds up his tonguing and my pussy starts dripping. I want him to taste my juices so I permit him to switch orifices. “Okay Peter, you may suck the juices out of my pussy.” I bend forward more so he can reach my slit and he sticks his nose against my anus as he puts his tongue into my now open cunt. He laps at the heavy juices I’m generating and swallows them eagerly. I gasp in pleasure and I enjoy his enthusiasm. “Make full strokes with your tongue now, my clit to my anus.”

Peter can’t even respond, his face is so deep in my genitals. He graces my clit with his tongue and licks through my parted lips all the way to my anus. “Oh, perfect Peter, you’re doing wonderfully.” He rubs his nose against my anus while he licks my pussy.

My pussy is starting to shake with Gaziantep Escort Numaraları pleasure and I can’t hold back much longer. I begin to climax and Peter sticks his tongue as deep as he can into my vagina. I feel my folds contract on his tongue as I come. I move forward and he whimpers wishing he could have more.

Peter notices his erection subsiding – he has finished while not fucking. My plan to make him give up on fucking has basically worked. “Peter, do you know what day this was?” I see some hope in his eyes.

“Have we just had sex 17 times. Will you release me? Please!”

“Oh Peter, are you that eager? Didn’t you enjoy the experience we just had?”

“I did, of course, it was oddly satisfying but I haven’t been able to orgasm this whole time. I mean, I get some weird satisfaction, but this is no way for me to live.”

“Okay Peter beg me…”

“Please Chelsea, I really really want to orgasm, please release me, please.”

“Okay, Peter, I’m going to offer you a deal. Either I will let you orgasm and then you will never be able to have sex with me again, or we can continue as we have been.” My wicked little plan is pleasing me. How sadistic I feel as I offer him this choice.

“Even if I can’t have sex with you any more, I have to be able to orgasm. Please, release me.”

“Okay then, if that is your choice. We are just going to do one thing first. And you better play into it or I might change my mind.” I start fondling Peter’s little flaccid penis and can tell he enjoys it. I know he never liked me actually and the thought of finally fucking him is now so satisfying.

“Peter, I’m going to let you down and then you are going to lie down on the bed on your stomach.” I can tell he is nervous, making me all the more excited. I let him down and he does as he was told. I go over to my dresser and grab my strap-on and put it on.

“Peter, I’m going to fuck you now with my strap-on, and you are really going to enjoy this, probably far more than I will.”

Peter turned his head and started at me in a cross between desire and confusion. I move towards Peter and spit on the strap-on and rub it around. I push the tip against his anus and he lets out a gasp of tender pleasure. He is silent.

“Get ready.” I slowly and gently push the tip into his very tight hole and he squirms a little, writhing in delight. I grab ahold of him and start rocking slowly. His hole begins stretching and pulling me in. I sense his pleasure.

“You see, Peter, I quite enjoy anal sex myself. But sometimes others don’t understand why and don’t give me what I want. So here I am, giving you precisely what you now want. All I had to do was train you a little to prefer this sort of stimulation to the sort you were more accustomed to. For that, our little box helped out quite a bit.”

I suspect Peter began to realize what had been done to him.

“Let me tell you a little story. It is the first time I was fucked this way. I had never been penetrated before and I was at a party. It was an all girls party. A tall, athletic blond girl named Kristine had organized the party, and we had settled on playing truth or dare. As the game so often does, it went in the direction of sex.

“One of the girls was asked if she’d every fucked anyone before, another was asked if she’d ever let a guy lick her asshole, yet another was asked if she’d ever had anal sex. I was getting very wet thinking of all of this – as you know, my pussy tends to get quite wet when I am aroused. I was wearing tight panties and thin shorts over those panties and as I got wetter, I noticed that my wetness was showing through and there was a large wet spot all over my shorts.”

I can tell Peter’s hole has sufficiently expanded so I begin to fuck him harder.

“At this point, Kristine looked at me and started laughing, bringing attention to my horniness in front of all of the other girls. I became shy and tried to cover myself but I didn’t have anything to do so with. Kristine asked me if the talk of anal sex was arousing me and I conceded that it was. As it was her turn, she dared me to let her fuck me with a strap-on.

“You couldn’t imagine how surprised I was at this time. I’d done things, but I’d never been penetrated in either hole with anything phallic. I turned red and didn’t say much. Kristine took my silence for consent. Two of the other girls playfully grabbed hold of me and put my butt up into the air. They pulled down first my shorts and then commented on how the wetness had soaked all the way through my panties and my shorts, giggling as they did.

“Kristine returned with her strap-on attached and began to touch it to my anus. Nowhere near as gently as I inserted into you, she began to push into me and I cried out in surprise and pain and a little bit of pleasure. The other girls all laughed as Kristine sped up and fucked me really hard from behind and my pussy started to drip. She didn’t really like the idea that I was getting so much pleasure – they sort of all thought anal sex wasn’t fun, but even as she became more forceful, I found myself getting consistent pleasure.

“Someone touched my cunt which was open and slippery with wetness, just to test it since it was dripping so much and they couldn’t believe it. This gentle stroke sent me over the edge and I came vigorously as Kristine maintained pounding me. All of the girls were shocked, but I was too thoroughly pleased to feel embarrassed. After that night, none of the girls would talk to me again, and I was left bereft of anyone to fuck my hungry ass.”

By this point, I noticed Peter couldn’t conceal his eagerness any longer.

“Please fuck me, I can feel pleasure this way. I almost feel like I might be able to have an orgasm.”

“You will be able to have an orgasm, Peter.” I turn him sideways a little and make slow deep strokes. He begins playing with his flaccid member, the way I stroke my clit while he fucked my ass. I smile at him. “I bet this feels quite good, Peter.”

He nods, slightly ashamed. I pick up the pace as he continues to fondle his genitals. His balls flop around as I fuck him harder. “Tell me how much you appreciate this. How much you like me fucking you.”

“I really appreciate you fucking me. Thank you so much Chelsea, it feels so good.”

“You don’t even really mind this whole ordeal I bet, this probably feels so good, you forgive me for ever using the box on you.”

“Thank you Chelsea, I appreciate it all. Please make me orgasm.”

“I grab ahold of his penis and rub the underside of the head as I keep fucking. I make short, quick thrusts into him and rub the head of the penis firmly.

On the deepest part of a quick thrust, Peter’s penis started dribbling out all of the cum that had been stored up now for so many days and he orgasmed so hard that he seemed to almost black out.

“Oh, thank you so much, it feels so good,” he almost cries uncontrollably.

I gently pull out, and grab the box. “Okay, Peter, I have made you orgasm, thereby holding up my side of the deal. As we said, we will never have sex again. Please get your clothes on and leave.” And then I smashed the box. Peter looked at me in disbelief.

“But you said – “

“I said I would let you orgasm and we would never have sex again. Now you know how to orgasm. You will never be hard again, but you know how you can have sex. Go ahead and leave. I am done having sex with you” I laugh wickedly.

Peter looks down at his penis and feels sorry for himself about his now permanent condition. His penis is still dripping a few droplets of cum.

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