Her wishes, His Command.


All of a sudden, she was alone. The plug was removed from her ass, the cock from her pussy and the cock from her mouth. She was pushed over onto her side on the bed and not touched. She had no idea where any of the men where or what would happen next. She could hear movement and things being taken from the bed side table. She didn’t dare move, she hadn’t been told she could. She curled up with her knees at her chest and quietly awaited what would come.

M watched the emotions displayed across her face and her body language. She was ok. Scared maybe, and a little unsure, but she wasn’t really on edge. Good. That meant his ideas and plans were right on the money.

As she laid there wondering what was next, M came to the bed and sat next to her. He told her to get back on all fours and present her ass and pussy. She immediately did as instructed, shaking with anticipation. One by one, their guests made hard and fast use of her pussy, pounding it until it was so swollen, it became difficult for their cocks to get past the lips without lubrication. This went on for almost an hour, no breaks, save 2 of the guest pulling out and cumming on her exposed ass. M never touched her through this scene, just sat in the chair and watched them take turns punishing that tight little pussy, reminding her what a slut she was for wanting this type of abuse. He knew she was cumming, the immense wet spot on the bed showed how hot these random fuckings were making her. However, this was mundane. M knew he had to step things up.

After the last guy came on her ass, M instructed her to get off the bed and stand next to it. With his help, she was able to get into the position he desired her to be in. She stood about 2 feet away from the edge of the bed. M sat on the edge of the bed and guided her mouth to his waiting cock. She knew who this cock belonged to and swallowed it down with fever. M instructed one of the guys to slowly insert the anal beads into her waiting asshole. These beads were not graduated in size, they were all about an inch in diameter and there were 5 on the string, with a Sex hikayeleri pull ring at the end. She was again instructed not to allow them to come out unless they were pulled out. While she greedily sucked M’s cock, with anal beads securely in her ass, the guys began taking turns with her pussy again, alternately fucking her until she felt like she would choke she was so full. As she began to orgasm, the guy fucking her at the time pulled the ring and released one bead. This threw her over the edge and she soaked the floor at her feet. M had never felt her suck his cock with this much enthusiasm before, and believe me, she was an amazing giver of oral. The other guys in turn pulled one bead out each as they felt her start to orgasm. With two beads remaining, M gave up his position at her mouth to the next willing cock and stood behind her. The beads hanging on by a thread were hot, but he wanted to be inside her with all 5 beads inserted, so he replaced the 3 free beads and began to slowly slide in and out of her hot pussy. When he could feel the orgasm building in her, he thrust harder and faster, his balls slapping her clit with every thrust. Just as she was cumming, he grabbed the ring and pulled the entire string of beads out at one time. She screamed around the cock in her mouth, almost pulling the man off the bed as she thrust her hips back to meet all of M’s hard cock. M grabbed her hair and pulled her head off the cock that was in her mouth and rode her pussy, with her head pulled back as far as it would go for a few more thrust before he came, almost painfully, inside her pussy.

M instructed her to sit on the edge of the bed. He squatted in front of her and put her face in both his hands. All of a sudden, he slapped her cheek pretty sharply. He could see her face instantly turn red and her shock register. “You loved every minute of that pounding didn’t you?” She shook her head yes. “You are such a bad little slut. So dirty. You love things shoved in your ass don’t you? You love that 3 complete strangers are using your holes like a fuck toy don’t you? I think Sikiş hikayeleri you need to be punished.” He commanded that she stand. He had her bend over the bed again with her ass exposed. He soundly smacked her bottom 4 times in succession very quickly. Her ass immediately turned red. But that wasn’t enough. She had barely moved. He picked up his belt and folded it in half. “Don’t you dare make a sound. If you do, the swats will get harder and go longer.” And he drew his arm back and swatted direct across both cheeks, immediately leaving a welt. She jerked, but didn’t make a sound. “Good slut. Taking the punishment you know you deserve. I told you we would beat you” and he handed the belt to the next man. They took turns swatting her bottom until it was almost purple. When her knees buckled, M was ready. He had already lubed his cock in preparation for this moment. He stood behind her, grabbed her hips and without warning, went straight for her little asshole. He didn’t wait. He didn’t allow time for her to accommodate him, he was balls deep almost the instant he gained access. Tears streamed down her face as she fought not to scream. M switched his grip from her hips to her throat, two handed and pulled back to ensure his cock was as deep inside her little asshole as possible. Seeing an opening, one of the other men sat on the edge of the bed, ready for his cock to be deep throated again. M applied pressure until her knees buckled again, then released her throat to the cock in front of her. She wasn’t air tight, as her pussy was being spared at the moment, but she almost couldn’t breathe. Her senses were over loaded and she choked on the cock in front of her. This seemed to spur M and the other man on, as they both began to fuck her even harder and deeper. The point came where the other man’s cock was so far down her throat, she spit up bile. He didn’t care, he slammed her head up and down on his cock and used the bile as more lubricant for throat fucking her. She had never had anyone force her onto their cock like that and she found that the more she did it, the wetter her Erotik hikaye pussy got. M eventually pulled her off the cock in front of her and stood her up, cock still shoved far up her ass, and turned around so that he could lie on his back. She immediately knew what he wanted, reverse cowgirl while he was in her ass, with her leaning back onto his chest. She knew if she positioned herself this way, someone would fill her pussy as well. All 3 cocks belonging to strangers fucked her pussy relentlessly while M kept himself up her ass. They started alternating squatting above her face and forcing their cocks into her mouth as well so she was well and truly air tight, filled to the brim with cock. As the last man came in her mouth, and her pussy was free of cock, M stood up and pushed her down to the floor and choked her willing throat while pounding his seed into her raw little ass. As she came, she blacked out.

When she came to, she was lying on the bed, covered gracefully with a sheet. The blindfold was still in place, and she could hear the other men cleaning themselves up. She laid very still, wondering if they were finished using her or if they were just taking a break. So she waited, like the good little slut that she was. One by one, she heard them open and close the door to the room, and assumed they were leaving discretely. M had said he was in control until their guests left, but she didn’t want to move enough to even remove the blindfold, so she quietly laid there, enjoying the darkness. She could hear M still moving around and water running. He came and sat with her on the bed and told her to lie on her back. Slowly, he removed the blindfold. She was still in tears and he knew it was time for him to take care of her. As she lay there, he carefully cleaned her up, leaving a warm wet cloth between her legs to help the throbbing he knew she had to be experiencing. “Did you get what you wanted babe?”, he asked her. All she could do was softly smile and nod her head yes. She turned on her side and curled up with a deep sigh. He climbed into bed and snuggled around her curved back, knowing she needed this small comfort. As he was drifting off to sleep with a smile on his face, she softly whispered, “When can we do this again?”……never once did she consider saying, Franklin.

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