High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 22

Big Tits

Wednesday, the middle of the week and best known as Hump Day but it didn’t seem like it today since I had taken Monday off. I had slipped out of bed early and quietly went about my morning routine letting Kay sleep in. Before I left I wrote her a note explaining that I still had some catching up to do on paperwork since I wasn’t in the office on Monday and was planning on working late.

The parking lot was nearly devoid of cars as I pulled into my space outside the office an hour earlier than usual. I sat down at my desk and as I waited for my computer to start up I remembered Francine’s promise to wear something very sexy to work today. I knew from our conversation the day before she was planning to have some fun before her husband returned from his fishing trip and fully expected she would arrive looking more like a seductress than one of the office staff.

My inbox contained fourteen emails nine of which I deleted without even reading completely. The other five I left to reply to later. I walked to the lunch room and got a cup of coffee from the vending machine and started back to my cubicle. Just as I approached the opening to the lobby Francine came around the corner.

Surprisingly she was wearing a pair of dark brown slacks and a mid-length trench coat. Her hair was pulled back and clipped behind her head. Her eyes looked rather puffy and her nose appeared to be a sore shade of pink.

“Fran are you okay?” I questioned.

She answered with a heavy nasal tone. “I think I’m coming down with something my nose is all stuffy and my head is pounding.”

“I’m so sorry to hear that.” I replied then added. “You should be home in bed not here.”

She tried to smile but her condition just wouldn’t let that happen. “I hardly slept last night but I have so much work to try and get done I figured I could suffer here as well as at home.”

I wanted to tell her to go home and not spread her bug through the office but instead offered. “Well don’t suffer too long. Everyone will understand if you go home early.”

“I’m sorry Allen I was looking forward to today so much.” She answered basically telling me that her little seduction wasn’t going to happen tonight.

I kind of grinned and consoled her. “There’ll be other fishing trips.”

“I hope so.” She half-heartedly answered before side stepping me and heading off to her desk.

Returning to my desk I thought about the note I’d left Kay earlier. While I did have a lot of work to get caught up on I also fully expected to spend most of the evening with Francine pouncing up and down on my hard cock which obviously wasn’t in the cards.

I dug into the stack of work on my desk an before I realized it was nearly noon. Francine stopped by to let me know that she was fading fast and that she had made a call to her doctor and that she was going home after the appointment.

“Get some rest and hopefully you’ll feel better in the morning.” I suggested.

She sniffled once or twice. “If my head doesn’t explode before then.”

After lunch I made the rounds of to the cubicles of my salesman who were in the office instead of where they should be out pounding the streets. Everyone made some lame ass excuse for not being out there doing their jobs.

As the staff began to bug out just before five I knew my evening had all the ear marks of being a boring night at home alone which wouldn’t be all that bad had I not started the day with expectations of something slightly more exciting.

My drive home takes me right past the tavern where twenty four hours earlier I stopped to find a strange man to serve as Kay’s sex toy. A smile came to my face as I recalled that stunning brunette that seemed so interested in me and I wondered if she was as much a regular as she had lead me to believe.

“I’ll just have one or two drinks.” I said out loud as I pulled into a space across the street.

Happy Hour was barely underway so I didn’t have any problem finding an open bar stool near where I’d sat the night before.

Cute little Mindy was bounding from one end of the bar to the other taking care of drink orders for the first wave of happy hour customers her short little cheerleader style skirt barely hiding a very cute little ass and a tight Nike tee shirt doing even less to hide her pert braless tits.

“You back again?” She asked clearly remembering me from the night before.

I grinned wondering if she thought I was looking for the same guy. “I like this place and you are just so cute I had to come back.”

She smiled and cocked her hips a time or two. “What’ll ya have?”

“How about a JD and water.” I replied placing a twenty on the bar between us.

“Coming up.” Mindy answered as she spun on her sneakers and headed to her mixing station.

While I waited for my drink I scanned the faces in the place trying to spot that sultry brunette from last night.

Mindy returned placing my cocktail on a napkin in front of me. “Ya know you made quite an impression with Ginger last night. She was all over Gaziantep Olgun Escort me with questions about you.”

“I did?” I questioned her.

Her wide smile confirmed she had more to offer. “She told me she couldn’t remember the last time a guy bought her a drink and didn’t try to pick her up.”

“Does she come in often?” I asked hoping that since Mindy knew her name she could tell me more about Ginger.

“She’s a regular. Usually comes in about six or six thirty depending on when she gets out of court.” Mindy offered.

“Court?” I replied.

“Yep she’s a lawyer.” Mindy explained.

I picked up my drink and took a healthy swig as Mindy grabbed the twenty and headed toward the register.

When she returned I asked. “So what kind of questions did Ginger ask you about me?”

She smiled. “That’s girl stuff, but I can tell you she’ll be very happy to see you here tonight.”

Mindy went bounding off to serve up drinks as I sipped my Jack and water slowly knowing I could be there for some time waiting to see if the sultry Ginger showed up tonight.

By the time I finished my second the place was pretty much mobbed. After all it was Wednesday and just about every single guy was out looking for some fun on hump night.

This place is a first class meat market I thought scanning the dozens of twenty something ladies each wearing their own version of buy my drinks and maybe I’ll fuck you tonight outfits. I hadn’t seen so many tight asses and braless tits in years and thoroughly enjoyed watching the antics of the singles as they went about trying to get some action.

Mindy stopped by and leaned across the bar. “Are we having fun yet?” She asked understanding that I just didn’t fit well into the crowd.

I held up my nearly empty glass and answered. “Getting there let me have another.”

“Okie Dokie.” She replied snatching my glass from my hand.

I had pretty much given up trying to search through the sea of faces looking for the stunning Ginger’s since I’d only watched her for such a short time the night before.

I glanced at my watch as Mindy returned with round three. It was six forty five.

“Hang in there she must have had a late trial or something.” Mindy encouraged.

As I sipped my third Jack and water I wondered why Mindy was so interested in keeping me here until Ginger arrived.

“I bet you’re the only gentleman in this place who would give up his seat if a lady asked.” A vaguely familiar voice whispered in my ear.

I turned toward the voice and was greeted with a brilliant flashing smile and just about the sexiest green eyes I’d ever looked into.

Ginger looked incredible her shoulder length brunette hair perfectly framing stunning facial features. Only the slightest of eye makeup accented her sparkling emerald green eyes and a hint of pink lip gloss shimmered in the dim light of the bar room.

“It would be my pleasure.” I replied turning more toward her and slipping off the stool.

She sat down as I moved more behind than beside her then spun the stool around so she could look at me as she answered. “Thank you so much.”

Her long sexy red nails slid up and unbuttoned her tailored suit coat. It opened revealing a pure white silk blouse which did little to hide the black lace bra beneath.

Ginger has a petite frame not skinny but certainly not robust. Her slim waist accentuates slightly larger hips and I was certain her legs would be long and lean with that sexy separation all the way up to her loins.

“Can I buy you a drink?” I asked.

Ginger smiled and of course answered. “That would be wonderful.”

As she crossed her legs I glanced down. My somewhat disappointed expression must have shown because Ginger almost apologized. “If I’d have known I would have worn a skirt today.” She was wearing a pair of black slacks that matched her suit coat perfectly.

I smiled and offered. “I love the shoes.” Which were stylish with a very pointy toe.

Ginger smiled and replied. “I love a man who notices the details.”

“I’m Allen.” I said extending my hand.

“My pleasure Allen I’m Ginger.” She answered slipping her soft hand into mine.

Mindy arrived with a huge grin on her face. “Hi Mom.” She announced explaining why she was so interested in keeping me there.

Ginger smiled at her. “Can I get a Manhattan?”

“For sure.” Mindy replied glancing at my glass to see if I needed a refill.

As she moved away I leaned closer to her mother’s ear. “You must have started a family when you were sixteen or seventeen.”

Ginger turned her head allowing me to savor the fragrance of her hair. “I was twenty four when Mindy was born had to take a year off law school because of her.” She offered.

“I’ll bet she was worth every day of it.” I replied.

“Absolutely Mindy’s a great kid.”

I took a sip of my drink. “You’re an attorney?” I asked.

She grinned acknowledging my silly question. “I am but please don’t hold it against me.” She answered as she slipped her hand into her purse and produced a business card.

I looked at the card which read. “Ginger L Ashcroft Esq. Cavanaugh & Ashcroft PC.”

I held it up between two fingers. “Senior Partner?” I asked wondering if she was the Ashcroft part of the PC.

“Daddy was I’m managing partner.” Ginger explained.

Not wanting to get too deep into her work but still interested I asked. “What kind of law?”

“Mostly corporate but I do some pro bono criminal work for the public defender’s office which is what held me up tonight.” She explained.

Mindy returned with her mother’s cocktail. “Just the way you like em.” She announced.

Her daughter went bounding off again as Ginger held up a tooth pick that was speared through three rich red cherries. “Like I said she’s a great kid.”

She held the toothpick between two sexy red tipped fingers and started to lift the glass to her lips just as the klutz behind her bumped into her back causing the full glass to splash onto her hand.

I reached across the bar and grabbed a napkin off the pile and tried to wipe her hand dry.

“This place is such a circus.” Ginger remarked.

“It does get packed.” I replied moving a little closer to her.

Ginger took a sip of her cocktail then placed the glass on her napkin. “So what do you do?”

“I’m regional sales manager for a local women’s sportswear company.” I answered.

She grinned “I buy most of my sportswear at Victoria’s Secret.”

“Oh really what kind of sports are you into?” I asked.

Her grin turned to a broad smile as she leaned toward me. “Intimate.”

“My favorite.” I replied.

She moved her hand to mine dragging her long red nails over the back of my hand.

Noticing the huge rock on her finger I asked. “Is there a Mr. Ashcroft?”

“Not anymore.” Ginger answered as she pressed the tip of one sexy nail into the top of my middle finger.

“How about you?” She questioned.

“The divorce was final six months ago.” I admitted.

Her fingernail slowly tapped at my hand moving from one finger to the others.

Ginger’s nails have to be at least an inch in length and it was becoming very clear that she used them to their full advantage.

“You have very talented fingers.” I complimented her.

She lifted her glass to her lips and finished her drink in one healthy gulp than turned even more toward me her sexy shoe sliding along my thigh. Her hand lifted up and with one sexy finger she motioned from me to lean closer to her.

As I leaned in she moved her lips close to my ear and whispered. “Allen let’s stop beating around the bush. How about we go to my place and fuck.”

I was somewhat taken back by her statement but her sultry demeanor and every action she’d used since sitting down all pointed to the fact that she is a cougar on the prowl.

“I think that’s a great idea.” I answered.

As she slipped off the bar stool a sexy grin on her lips she said. “I’ll show you how talented my fingers are.” Her hand moved to my chest and clawed at the fabric of my dress shirt beneath my suit coat.

I captured her hand as it approached my belt then ran interference as we battled our way through the four deep crowd surrounding the bar.

We finally made it to the door and stepped outside into the crisp night air. Ginger pulled my hand turning me to face her. “I’m so fucking horny.” She announced sliding her free hand over my crotch.

I slid one hand behind her waist and pulled her tight against me. “We’ll have to take care of that.”

“I’m counting on it.” Ginger quickly replied.

“I’m parked over there.” I remarked pointing across the street.

“My cars in the next block.” She answered. “Can you give me a ride?”

“Sure thing.” I answered as we walked across the street.

I opened the door for her and waited for her to settle into the passenger seat than almost ran around the back of my sedan as the excitement began to build in my mind.

“There’s my little puddle jumper.” Ginger said as she pointed to a bright red BMW Z4 parked a couple spaces from the corner.

As she opened the door she looked toward me with a huge smile on her lips. “Try to keep up okay?”

“Give it my best shot.” I replied.

In a minute Ginger was zooming off ahead of me breaking several traffic laws as we sped along the street. Had it not been for a red light I would have lost sight of her Beamer.

Once on the freeway her little red sports car started weaving in and out of traffic and it was all I could do to keep up. I laughed thinking she’s either a race driver wanna be or just very fucking horny as she had stated earlier.

Fortunately she signaled her moves far in advance so I was able to follow her onto the exit ramp and caught up at the stop sign at the end.

She turned into a swank development filled with homes that appeared to be in the half million range then steered her BMW into the circular driveway of a huge home. I followed stopping behind her as she pulled into one bay of a three car garage.

As I got out of my sedan I realized that I had stumbled onto one very wealthy woman. Inside the garage was a black Escalade and in the third bay a bright yellow 55 T-Bird.

Ginger slipped out of her race car as I admired the classic Ford. “Sweet car!” I exclaimed.

“That old thing was my dear departed husband’s favorite toy.” She remarked.

“Is it original?” I asked.

“I guess so he paid a ton of cash for it.” Ginger answered.

“Ford only made about three hundred of these in this yellow color.” I explained studying the T-bird closely.

Ginger placed her closed fist against her hip and with a wide brilliant smile asked. “Perhaps you’d like to drive that instead of me?”

I toyed with her a little. “You don’t see classic body lines like this very often.”

She realized I was teasing her. “Or like this.” She replied her other fist coming to rest on the opposite hip.

I walked over to her and grasped both hands. “These body lines are a lot more exciting.”

“Let’s just see how excited I can get you?” Ginger quipped as she led the way into her home.

She tossed her purse and keys on the kitchen counter then continued toward the family room beyond.

I caught up to her and placed both hands on her waist turning her to face me.

Her green eyes sparkled in the dimly lit room as her fingers slipped under my suit coat and slid if off my shoulders. She tossed the jacket over the back of a chair then skillfully undid my neck tie.

Grabbing the ends she led me from the family room to a wide curving staircase.

“Follow me.” Ginger whispered.

She began walking up the stairs very slowly. I waited until she was a few steps ahead the began up behind her. As Ginger climbed the steps her hands moved to her suit coat and slipped it off her shoulders. She drug it beside her for a step or two then dropped it

I was thoroughly enjoying the view as she walked up her hips moving seductively from side to side with each step.

As she reached the top landing and began slowly moving toward a closed door I noticed the waist band of her slacks loosen. My gaze was fixed on the sensual ass that moved so very seductively as she approached the door.

Her hand reached out and turned the knob then pushed it open. I followed her to the doorway then stopped to watch her move.

Ginger walked half way across the room toward a huge bed then stopped. She hadn’t said a word or even looked back over her shoulder. I watched intently as she kicked off her shoes then very slowly slid her slacks down her legs.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed as her creamy white ass was exposed. It was framed with a black lace garter with thin straps that ran down to hold her silk stockings in place an awesome sight that brought my cock to life.

She finally looked over her shoulder and smiled at me knowing her lingerie pleased me.

I held my ground leaning against the door jamb as Ginger stepped out of her slacks and slipped her shoes back on. Her ass move incredibly as she approached the bed. Just before she reached it her silk blouse slipped off her shoulders and fluttered to the floor behind.

The thin straps of her bra accentuated the milky white color of her flesh her dark brunette hair hiding what I knew was a very sexy neck.

“You are too fucking sexy.” I commented.

She didn’t reply but slowly moved her hands behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. The straps slid off her shoulders and dangled down her arms as she cupped her breasts in the lacy fabric.

The bra slipped off and fell to the floor completing the trail of clothes she’d started on the stairs.

“Fucking awesome!” I exclaimed carefully studying her ass and sexy legs.

She slowly turned to face me a broad smile on her lips and her hands covering her tits.

The tiny patch of black lace that covered her loins the sexy black lace garter and its thin stocking straps along with the black silk stockings was a sight I won’t soon forget.

Her hands dropped away exposing petite tits and dark erect nipples.

“Perfect!” I complimented her as my eyes roamed up and down her sultry form.

Ginger finally spoke. “Are you gonna just stand there all night?”

I smiled and began walking toward her tearing my clothes off as fast as I could. My neck tie and shirt went flying and I nearly stumbled as I slid my pants down my legs.

She giggled as my anxious strip added to the pile of fabric across the room.

I came to a stop at arm’s reach from her my rock hard cock bulging the front of my briefs.

Ginger reached out and placed her fingernails against my chest then slowly dragged them down teasing my flesh as they dropped.

“You gonna give me a good fucking?” She seductively asked.

“Absolutely.” I instantly replied as I reached out and ran one hand through her sexy locks lightly caressed one petite tit with the other.

I moved closer and kissed her softly on the lips waiting for her to increase the passion of our first kiss.

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