Higher Learning


Annie Velez strolled past the nondescript club for the third time in the last half hour. It had taken all of her courage for the nineteen-year-old college student to even come this far. According to the information she had been able to get in the chat rooms online, Scarlett’s Rose was probably the best Lesbian Club in the entire city, especially on a Saturday night. Not that she would have anything to be able to make a comparison against, since she hadn’t been in anything like it in her life.

The dark-haired girl had never so much as even kissed another girl, at least not a real kiss, but she had known she was attracted to her own sex since high school days. Too many times she had caught herself checking out the other girls in the showers or locker rooms, or thinking about some of them in the same way that her friends usually talked about guys.

Anne wasn’t a virgin, having lost her virginity in high school. She even had a college boyfriend now. They got along well enough, both socially and sexually. She gave him blowjobs which, while were not high on her list of favorite things, did make him happy. Occasionally, she would let him fuck her as well.

Still, as she got older, she found her thoughts turning to girls more and more. She’d recently logged onto a chat room discussing bisexuality and lesbianism using one of the school library’s computers and learned about Scarlett’s. Thus was born the idea of stopping by there and seeing what it was like.

There were, of course, groups on campus where you could go to discuss lesbianism. In fact, one of the student groups even held a monthly mixer for girls to get together. But as the daughter of a rather conservative father, Annie couldn’t ever see herself attending anything on campus least someone see her and word getting back to her family. There were just too many students who had also attended the same high school. Scarlett’s had the advantage of being all the way downtown, where few of her friends ever went. Also, her theory was that if, God forbid, she ran into someone she actually knew there, they’d be as embarrassed as she was.

“Come on, Annie,” she told herself as she passed the club a fourth time. “It’s not like they’re going to be holding orgies on the dance floor. Besides you’re in college now, isn’t that supposed to be about taking risks and learning new things?”

Taking a deep breath, she made a hard right turn as she passed the door and walked in. Anna quickly reached the door where she showed her sister’s borrowed identification card that attested to the fact that she was two years older than she actually was and was waved inside by a tall brunette who gave her a warm smile as she did. As she passed through the vestibule, the brown-eyed girl found herself asking the question, how do you know they don’t have orgies on the dance floor?

To her relief, she quickly discovered that nothing of the sort was going on. Scarlett’s looked just like it had been described to her, an upscale bar much like the ones she and her friends sometimes crashed on weekends. The only real difference seemed to be that the clientele were all women.

Women, who she became aware of as she headed for the bar, were checking her out. Annie had always been a little self conscious about her looks, even though anyone who knew her said she was being silly. At a hundred and thirty eight pounds, the five foot eight always described herself as being a little chubby but that was hardly the opinion of any of the guys who tried to date her. If she could read the minds of the women around her, those that took the time to look at her would have pretty much the same opinion. The blue dress she was wearing was both short enough to show off her long legs as well as snug enough to leave little of what it did cover to the imagination.

At the bar, she again showed her ID and ordered a beer. The bartender, a woman of course, barely glanced at it before placing a cold bottle and glass in front of her. Annie held out a bill to pay for the drink but the blonde waved it off.

“First one’s on the house, sugar,” the woman who Annie guessed was in her late forties smiled. “and I doubt a cute thing like you will have to buy any of her own after that.”

Annie thanked her with a smile, then after pouring most of the beer into her glass, turned to look out across the club. She was sure that the bartender had been looking down her blouse. A 34B, she sometimes thought herself too small in that area as well, but again, none of the boys seemed to complain.

Taking in the crowd around her, Annie saw women of all sizes and shapes. Every color of the rainbow was represented, a fact that seemed to compliment the multi-colored flag that hung on one wall. She herself was the daughter of a Spanish father and French mother, although physically she took more after her paternal side. There seemed to be a large cross section of ages as well.

There also didn’t seemed to be any activity going on that she wouldn’t have seen in a regular bar. Couples were xnxx dancing, sitting at tables drinking and talking, a few were taking a somewhat more personal interest in each other, but no more than any male-female couple might have. There was even a small grouping of people on the sidelines who seemed to be just drinking their beers and checking out the action on the dance floor.

“Buy you a drink?” a woman Annie hadn’t even noticed take the empty stool next to her asked.

Annie was about to politely decline by saying she already had one but as she lifted the bottle to refill her glass, she discovered that she had already drained it. The thirtyish woman didn’t wait for Annie to say no, signaling the bartender with her hand to give both her and the girl another one and put it on her tab.

The bartender, whose nametag Annie now noticed read Connie, put a new bottle and a fresh glass in front of her. On her face was a “see I told you” look.

“My name is Camille,” she said as she refilled her own drink as well.

“I’m Annie.”

“Pretty name for a very pretty girl,” Camille said as she took a sip of her beer.

“Thank you,” Annie replied, copying the older woman’s action and taking a drink. If nothing else, it gave her time to think what to say.

“So what brings you here tonight?” the auburn haired woman asked.

“Oh I just heard about this place and thought I’d check it out?” Annie said, figuring that was a safe enough answer.

Aside from being about ten years older than her, Annie took note that Camille was about two inches shorter as well. She was a petite woman with a slim build and small breasts. Her complexion had a dark Mediterranean look, the result she would learn later of a mixed Spanish/Italian heritage. The older woman also had, Annie decided the most beautiful dark eyes she had ever seen. She was wearing a medium cut red dress that was only slightly longer than Annie’s.

“I try to come here whenever I’m in town,” Camille said. “It’s a great place to unwind and meet interesting people.”

Of course by people, Camille meant women, but Annie figured that out quick enough.

“Are you a student?” Camille asked.

“Why do you ask that?” Annie asked in turn.

“When you ordered your drink, you automatically showed your ID,” Camille explained. “That usually indicates a student, or at least someone who just got over being one.”

“Oh, well I’m in my senior year over at State,” Annie said with conviction.

“Okay,” Camille replied in a tone that said both that she didn’t believe her, nor did she care.

Annie wasn’t sure what to ask in turn so she just concentrated on finishing her drink.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Camille asked.

“No, not right now,” Annie replied, trying to make it sound like this wasn’t her first time doing something like this.

“Boyfriend?” Camille continued.

“Err … yes,” the younger girl answered, figuring that the closer she stayed to the truth the easier it would be to remember later.

“Some girls need a cock now and then, I guess,” Camille said as if she was just making an observation. “I’ve never seen the need for one, or at least for what they come attached to.”

Annie was still trying to figure out what that meant when Camille changed the subject yet again.

“Would you like to dance?” she asked, placing her hand over the one Annie had left resting on the edge of the bar.

Annie paused for a moment as she felt the soft touch of the older woman’s hand as she gently stroked her fingers across the hand beneath her. That simple touch was one of the most erotic things that the college student had ever felt.

“Sure, why not,” she finally said, thinking that this was what she had come here for after all.

“Wonderful,” Camille beamed as she closed her hand around Annie’s and led her out to the center of the dance floor.


“You are really a great dancer,” Annie said as they stepped off the dance floor.

“You are too,” Camille replied as, still holding the younger woman’s hand, she led her back to the bar.

Annie had danced with other girls countless times, at parties, weddings and numerous other social functions. Still, this time had been different. Camille radiated both sexuality and power as she moved, taking total control of her partner.

Several times in the course of the three songs they had danced to, Camille’s hands had found themselves in places where Annie would’ve slapped a man for touching. Instead, the college student found the taboo touch electrifying. Caught up in the moment, she brushed her own hand against the older woman’s breast, feeling the stiffness of her nipple through her dress. An action that sent an even greater spark between her legs.

“Would you like another drink?” the auburn haired woman asked.

“Sure,” Annie replied, disregarding the fact that two was usually her limit. She knew that beyond that she had a tendency to get silly.

Connie appeared a moment brazzers later, placing their drinks on the bar and exchanging a few quick words with Camille. The look on the bartender’s face as she turned from the older woman and smiled at Annie made the college student wonder what the blonde knew that she didn’t.

“Probably everything,” she answered herself as she picked up her glass and took a long drink.

“Are you having fun?” Camille asked.

“Yes, I am,” Annie answered.

“So did you just come here tonight to dance, or are you looking for something more?” Camille went on, pausing to taste some of her own beer.

“I don’t understand,” Annie said.

“You said that you didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment,” she explained. “I was wondering if you were looking for someone new.”

“Oh, well I guess I’m not actually looking …” Annie started to answer.

“… but you always have your eyes open.” Camille finished for her.

“Something like that, I guess,” Annie said, taking refuge in her drink for the moment.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Camille replied, finishing off her own drink. “A lot of women come here for different reasons. Some just to dance and socialize, others looking for Ms. Right, and some are just looking for someone to go home with for the night.”

“Are you looking for someone to go home with?” Annie asked, surprised at her own boldness in actually asking that.

“Well, I wouldn’t discount the possibility,” she laughed. “Why, are you offering?”

“No, I mean I …” the brunette stammered.

“Relax, Honey,” Camille grinned, “I was only pulling your chain”

Annie let out a soft sigh of relief.

“Look, let’s be honest here,” Camille said, “I think if the truth be told, I’m willing to bet that this is the first time you’ve ever been in a place like this. In fact, I’d be willing to go even further and say not only have you never had a girlfriend before, but also that you’ve never even had any kind of intimacy with another woman at all. Am I wrong?”

Annie’s silence told Camille that she was right on the mark.

“Oh I’m sure you have some curiosity about other women,” the older woman continued, “and you might even have a fantasy or two. Enough to give you the nerve to come here and maybe explore those feelings a little. Have I missed anything?”

Annie wasn’t sure what to say. Camille had read her like an open book. Her face practically turned red with embarrassment.

“I’m really not a senior,” she admitted, “I just started at State.”

“And you thought I’d be more impressed if I thought you were older?” Camille said.


“Well, now that we’ve set the record straight, no pun intended,” Camille laughed, “Do you think that I would’ve acted any differently toward you if you’d been honest in the first place?”

“I’m not sure,” Annie said.

“Well I’ll let you in on a little secret,” Camille grinned. “There are women who get off on newbies, just like there are men who consider virgins something special. Me, I normally don’t hang around newbies. The things I’m into are a little intense for most of them, and I don’t particularly like the idea of being someone’s gay experience.”

“I’m sorry,” Annie said.

The older woman ignored the apology and just went on speaking.

“But like they say, there’s an exception to every rule,” she said, her grin growing even wider. “I had you pegged as a newbie the minute I saw you. Still, there was something that I liked, otherwise I never would’ve come over and introduced myself.”

A smile now filled Annie’s face as well.

“So now isn’t it better to just be honest,” Camille finished.

“Yes, I guess it is,” the younger girl admitted.

“Now, there’s one more thing that I should tell you,” Camille said, “seeing that we’re now being totally honest. If you were to put a label on me, and I should say that I hate labels but sometimes they save a lot of time, the category that I would fall into would be called dominant. Do you have any idea what that means?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Well, among other things, it means that I like being in control and I usually take what I want,” Camille said as she moved even closer to Annie.

Even though the older woman was actually smaller than her, Annie felt herself totally intimidated by her nearness. Part of her wanted to run and get out of the bar, admitting that it might’ve been a mistake coming here in the first place. Yet another part, the one that seemed to be in control at the moment, found the situation both exciting and compelling.

“And right now,” the auburn haired woman said as she moved her face to within inches of Annie’s, “what I want is you.”

The lips that pressed against Annie’s were soft, yet firm at the same time. Their wetness carried the taste of the cherry flavored lipstick Camille wore and when the taller girl felt a slight pressure against her mouth, she opened it and pressed out with her own tongue to meet it.

She sikiş izle felt light-headed, in a way she hadn’t felt since the first time she had kissed a boy for real back in junior high. That comparison quickly faded, however, because there was nothing innocent about this kiss. The press of Camille’s body against her own was totally sexual, her hands again reaching for intimate spots, and this time they remained there until the kiss was done.

“If you want to come home with me,” Camille said as their lips parted, “you’re going to have to be willing to totally surrender yourself. To obey my every command. If you can handle that, then I promise you an experience unlike anything you’ve ever had before. If not, well, we’ll just say we had a nice chat and you can see if you can find someone a little safer to explore your fantasies with.”

The smart move, Annie’s inner voice told her, was to say thanks but no thanks. To take things slow and explore her sexual fantasies a little at a time. After all she had just come here to see what it was like, and after all, she’d had twice her normal limit of drinks and couldn’t trust her judgment. Yes, no was the right answer to give.

“Yes, I want to go home with you,” Annie said, startling herself, but evidently not Camille with her answer.

“There’s a black mustang convertible in the left side of the parking lot out in back,” Camille said, exhibiting no surprise that the younger woman had said yes, “I have to take care of a few things before I leave, I want you to go out to it and wait for me.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Annie said, thinking that was the proper response.


When Camille had told Annie to wait for her by the car, she thought the older woman would be five, or ten minutes at the most. Thirty-five minutes later, the young brunette was still standing there in the cold. The temperature was just low enough to be uncomfortable and having dressed with style more in mind than comfort, the teenager wasn’t really prepared for it.

Several times she wondered if she should go back into the bar and see what was keeping Camille, and just as many times she wondered if maybe it was all some sort of joke to see just how long she would wait. Yet, even as she tried to keep warm, the idea of disobeying her instructions or just leaving never occurred to her.

A fact, upon later reflection, she found strange because she never really thought of herself as the kind of person to take orders. Somehow, Camille had been able to look inside of her and see a part of her personality that she herself didn’t seem to know existed.

Various women passed her on their way in and out of the club. A few actually pointed in her direction and made comments to each other. And still, Annie remained.

Finally, forty minutes after she had been told to wait by the car, Camille emerged from the club. She was talking with another woman about her age and stopped just out of earshot to finish her conversation. Annie watched as the two of them kissed good-bye, and only then did the older woman come up to her.

“I’m glad to see that you’re still here,” she said as she walked up to the cold girl. “I’m impressed.”

Those simple words made the discomfort of the last three quarters of an hour seem almost worthwhile to Annie.

“I bet you think I kept you waiting out here in the cold so long just to see if you would actually pay attention when I told you to do something,” Camille said, ” and that would be partially true. But there was a more important reason that I did it, at least to me. By my count, you had at least four beers inside, not counting any liquid courage you might have used to get up the nerve to come here in the first place. That alone is enough for me to question your judgment in saying that you knew what you were getting into. So I figured a little time out here would give you a chance to burn some of that out of your system and think about if this was still really something that you wanted to do. There are at least a dozen desirable women in the bar right now who would walk naked out here if I told them I wanted to take them home, so I don’t need to take advantage of a drunk newbie with runaway hormones.”

That made sense, Annie thought, no longer feeling pretty stupid for having stood out here for so long.

“So I’m going to ask you one more time, do you still want to come home with me?” Camille asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Annie said, “I want to go home with you and serve you in any way that I can.”

Camille smiled, pleased with her answer.

“Are you wearing panties?” she asked.

“Yes, Ma’am, I am,” Annie answered, thinking it an unusual question.

“Take them off and hand them to me,” Camille said.

Thinking this was another test, Annie didn’t hesitate as she pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties, slipping them off and handing them to Camille. That there were still a few people in the parking lot that could see what she was doing didn’t stop her at all.

Camille took the panties and lifted them to her face, taking a moment to smell them. Then she dropped them on the ground and told Annie to lift her dress again. This time as she did so, a few of the women close enough to see stopped to watch.

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