His Older, Sensual Muse


She went to the site, because a friend/lover, Jeffrey, who knows her well, recommended the visit. Stories were the first attraction. Some were very good, others not. But combining the right mood, with a well written narrative often resulted in genuine excitement.

In the past, Carolyn had written some very well received sensual tales on a now MIA website so there was an appreciation for this type of literature. And there was also an acknowledgment of how much fun exchanges with respectful, playful readers could be.

This new venue, highlighted by the forums, had a much more, real time, interactive feel. It was there members could respond and react to the postings of others. Carol was very pleasantly surprised by how clever some of the threads were, and how sexy and funny some of the comments were.

Perhaps owing in part to a rather provocative screen-name the initial response to her entry was rather strong. Private messages came at a steady pace. They ranged from offers of warm greetings and cute “Hellos.” to unsubtle, much less appealing intros. Setting a standard for those that got a reply was pretty easy.

Well behaved men over 40 whose “Hellos” had a certain appeal got an answer in kind. Others got nothing. When asked by Jeff why she completely dismissed guys in their thirties the answer was, “They just seemed too young.”

“So you’re not even following up at all?”


“You could be sued for practicing age discrimination.”

” Not likely, that’s a perk of anonymity, besides, what could a man find exciting in a woman who’s 10 or 15 years older?”

“In your case, plenty! You are sensual, in shape and easily look 10 years younger than you are. It’s silly not to pick someone who seems to have good bona fides, and engage in some exchanges with him. I bet that when you explain your age difference he’ll only become a lot more Gaziantep Elden Ödeme Alan Escort interested. Try it.”

“Well you were right about the site…so we’ll see.”

In the meantime, perhaps to help make his point, Jeffrey posted a really hot profile picture of Carol, accentuating her long, toned legs mounted on 4 inch heels. Understandably, message traffic spiked dramatically.

She went through each and every one, clinging to her initial over 40 y/o criteria, until receiving an especially engaging note from a male in his mid-thirties. Carolyn, took a deep breath and replied. A short time later came a response. The fellow was obviously well-spoken, and showed both a sense of humor and humility.

Included also was a link to one of his posted stories. Carolyn, expecting very little, began skimming at first. But as the scenario developed she found herself aroused by the piece. It was an eloquently written, highly charged narrative that managed to paint very hot sex without using some of the less desirable descriptors for male and female body parts. The writer obviously respected and appreciated women.

Time to let this guy know she was 52 years old. So, after heaping praise on his story, Carol broke the bad news. The reaction was exactly as Jeff predicted. “Robert” passed along another literary offering. It was even better than the first. Two lovers, apart for a long time, starving for one another, secretly meeting, and lustily satisfying their pent up needs.

Carolyn quickly replied. “Your words painted such a vivid picture, I felt like I was in the room, watching this beautifully erotic scene unfold.” By delivering that message, Carol pretty much knew the exchanges were likely to get more more personal. She was ready.

As expected, over time, the conversations took on an increasingly more sexual tilt. But it was made much more comfortable because erotic sharing was virtually always exchanged based on the characters in Bob’s stories. His intimate questions and her stunningly candid answers were delivered via the third person.

Besides, given the context, it almost appeared as if Robert was simply doing some research for his next posting, while enjoying input from this lady he seemed to find attractive. Even further, Carol was genuinely increasingly enjoying providing the carnal insight.

So when the author asked Carolyn, given her experiences, how she might have ramped up the reader’s passion and heightened even further the pleasure of his female lead, she was more than happy describing an improved scenario.

The lover’s meeting could be in an office, bar, or conference setting. When the couple returns to his/her room Carol recommended, even if it was their first time, slowing the pace down. A woman loves long, deep kisses delivered by a skilled kisser. He’d take more time undressing her, stopping upon reaching her thong and bra. She would then tantalizingly begin stripping him to his boxers.

They’d passionately embrace, with each trying mightily to maneuver his now rigid penis against her swollen clitoris. Impatiently, she’d take him in her hand, and move his tip to her most sensitive spot. They would reach a state of mutual lust that was almost beyond edging. Carolyn felt that this extremely hot form of foreplay was an area in Robert’s narratives that had been overlooked, and in return he’d admitted as much.

Further examples of Carol and Robert’s collaboration could be found in them asking and answering each other’s increasingly explicit questions.

Him to her, “Am I overly focused on describing, in such detail, the initial penetration of our damsel?”

Her to him, “Absolutely not. It’s incredibly powerful and exciting.”

Him to her, “Have I given too much space to the guy’s interest in receiving frenum attention, and the resulting pre-cum?”

Her to him, “Nope. It’s when an experienced lady knows her lover is virtually out of control and therefore most vulnerable.”

Him to her, “Have a feeling I’ve come up short characterizing both the act of a woman getting oral and the level of satisfaction she reaches from a truly talented tongue.”

Her to him, “Yes, for sure.”

Him to her, “Would you be willing to give me intimate specifics?”

Carolyn felt her excitement rise and face flush deep red. Pausing she said, “Yes.”, and shared, in arousing erotic detail her thoughts.

Within a few days Robert sent Carol his latest posting. By the time she’d read it, there had already been thousands of views. She opened the link, relishing every beautifully crafted, steamy line. Robert had included every one of Carolyn’s explicit sexual suggestions. It was as if she’d written part of the piece herself. He’d even included, although it was something Carol never mentioned, a 17 year age differential between the female character and her younger, eager lover.

Carolyn found her arousal growing with each passing paragraph. Almost self-consciously, she slipped her fingers between her legs. Finding her panties damp, she pushed them aside. Her highly skilled technique quickly turned any previous uneasiness into raw longing. Feeling a powerful orgasm building, she continued, planning to release precisely when Rob’s lady began to cum.

Robert’s female lead, legs spread widely, taking pleasure in the lustful benefit of her lover’s remarkably skilled oral, began an orgasm that seemed to have no end. Carolyn put her head back, totally consumed by the intensity building, until she did not want to hold back anymore. Heart pounding, she moaned from the full force of her own exceptionally long climax. Now exhausted, Carol closed her eyes and thought nap would follow. Just then her computer beeped, alerting her to a new private message.

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