Hollene – A Day at the Beach


Holly planned on spending the day with Maria, but life got in the way and Maria had to take care of a ton of paperwork at city hall after Holly’s last sex adventure. Holly didn’t mind going herself but after her last visit there, the mayor of Titania issued a restraining order preventing Holly from visiting there again.

Feeling her body needing some additional relief, Holly decided to go for a short hunt at the beach. What better place to scout for potential sex partners than the beach? And no beach was more suitable than Titania’s Magma Beach. The strip of fine white sand on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.

Holly’s walk to the beach was not a long one. The red-head didn’t bother much with setting up for the beach, putting on a two-piece swimsuit that struggled to contain Baby, and a shirt that struggled to contain her breasts and she was good to go.

Holly couldn’t help but feel bad for Maria, the weather was just perfect, sunny, but not scorching hot. She set herself up by picking up a vacant beach-chair and picking a spot where the tide won’t get her, just under an umbrella that provided a bit of shade.

Like a predator, set up in the perfect ambush, Holly felt it was time to start looking for prey. She started with her most fine-tuned technique, looking for large breasted women. It might sound simplistic, but there Holly had an art to it. She could tell if a girl was faking size, through padding or a push-up top piece, or if the girl was using a minimizer to make herself look small. It was a precise science that Holly was employing.

Scouring the beach for an initial scan, Holly spotted around twenty large-breasted girls that could be potential candidates. But she was just getting started, looking more closely, Holly disqualified half of them for cheating and making themselves look bigger. Now, she felt confident enough that each of the remaining ten girls could work for her, but she didn’t want something that will “work,” she wanted a girl that could offer her a bit of relief. Of the ten girls, only three had breasts bigger than an H cup and looked promising.

Holly started considering their features to nail down the one when she noticed something strange. One of the girls was different, not because of her blonde hair or her baby blue eyes, but because her enormous, exposed nipples were dripping something white. Focusing on the girls, Holly realized she was actually naked, and moreover, her belly looked into late pregnancy. Holly needed a moment to process what she was seeing and realize the girl was pregnant and what was coming out of her nipples was milk.

Holly decided it was better to take that girl off her list. Her body was a sex machine, but Holly wasn’t a home-wrecker. This woman was probably going to be a mother and make someone a father and she wasn’t the girl that will break this kind of relationship even if her balls were super full with cum.

As Holly was debating what to do with the girl she noticed the girl was doing something strange. In the middle of the beach, she spread her legs and paused. It struck Holly as strange that no one on the beach seemed to care that a naked, pregnant woman who was about to pee in the middle of it all. And sure enough, a massive, pearly-white stream came out from between her legs and pooled on the sand below her. Holly almost screamed as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place inside her head. The blonde wasn’t peeing, she was letting out cum, Holly was shocked to realize the girl wasn’t even pregnant, but filled with cum.

Her mind raced, there’s probably another hyper on the beach. Maybe it’s Chelsea and they could repeat their adventures in the park. Holly decided to make a move, she got up from her chair and walked over to the blonde, who was still draining herself.

“Hello, nice to meet you,” Holly greeted when she was close enough.

The girl ignored her, pouring more viscous cum out of her pussy.

“Hi, over here, nice to meet you.” Holly tried again, not used to people ignoring her.

The blonde kept at it, still not paying any attention to Holly.

“Who filled you with all that cum?” Holly decided to be blunt.

It seemed the word cum got to the lady. She lifted her head and looked into Holly’s green eyes, “You can see me?”

“Obviously,” Holly answered in a cynical voice, “who did this to you?”

“OMG, you can see me,” the blonde seemed so concerned with the fact she was seen that she forgot her manners altogether.

“Of course I can see you, I’m not blind…” Holly was getting a little annoyed.

“Are you magical?”

“Ahh,” Holly lingered on the answer, “Nope, but Baby here has a few magic tricks…” she tapped her foot-long cock.

“Is everything okay, Angie?” came a voice from behind Holly. She turned to find another naked lady that sported a cock as big as Baby was. This girl was also blonde, but her breasts were smaller than the other girl.

“Nicky, you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you,” the lactating girl turned to her big-dicked associate, “This girl, she can see us…”

“No way, how?”

“Excuse me,” Holly raised Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort her voice, not used to such a strange behavior, “I’m Holly, who, the fuck, are you?”

“Oh, sorry,” said the lactating blond, “my name is Angie, and my big dicked lover here is Nicky.”

“Nice to meet you two,” Holly smiled and seemed to calm down, “Now, Angie, who filled you with cum?”

“I did,” Nicky stepped forward.

“I’ll be honest, girls,” Holly decided it was best to explain her intentions before moving on with the two, “I’m looking for sex, and I want to use Angie a little, if that is acceptable with you, Nicky.”

“Ohh, ahmm,” Nicky started to stutter at the question.

“It’s okay, you can say no, you don’t have to agree…” Holly tried to ease the pressure.

“It’s not that, Holly,” Angie butted in, “I think you should come meet our group before we start talking about us fucking…”

“Oh, you’re a group,” Holly felt baby tingle with the thought of group sex, “Okay, sure, lead the way…”

Angie and Nicky walked side by side with Holly along the beach. People seemed to ignore the fact Holly was walking beside two naked bombshells.

“How is it that people don’t care about you being naked?” Holly wondered as the walked to a more secluded part of the beach.

“It’s the magic,” Angie answered, “people can’t see us…”

“I don’t know if I believe in magic,” Holly said, “but how come I could see you?”

“We have no idea,” said Nicky, “but I’m sure Alene will know.”

“Who’s Alene?” Holly wondered as they kept walking, reaching a part of the beach that seemed empty aside from one group of girls.

The group consisted of 4 girls, but it was clear who the leader of the group was. She was far from Holly’s taste, a skinny, black-haired girl that hardly had anything feminine about her. She was surrounded by three girls that totally fit Holly’s taste, but for some reason, the black-haired girl was definitely the leader of the group.

Noticing Angie and Nicky from afar, the girls welcomed them with smiling faces. As they came closer, their curiosity for Holly was evident.

“Hi Nicky,” Said a slim, black-haired girl, “who’s that with you?”

“Holly, meet the girls.” Nicky introduced them one by one, “this is Nadia,” she pointed to the black-haired girl that just talked.

“Nice to meet you, Holly,” Nadia smiled back.

“Those two are Sabrina and Jen,” Angie pointed to the other two girls who greeted Holly with smiles.

Lastly, Holly’s eyes met the unintroduced girl’s eyes. “Hi, I’m Alene, welcome…” she seemed polite.

“Holly, nice to meet you.”

Alene turned her eyes to Angie and Nicky, “I’m sorry for seeming impolite, but why did you bring her to us?”

“She can see my breasts and milk…” Angie whispered.

“And my cock…” Nicky added.

“You wondered too far, girls…” Alene explained, “that’s why she saw you. It’s also because Holly here is a force to be reckoned with…”

“What do you mean?” Nadia wondered.

“I’m not quite sure what it is exactly, but Holly is some kind of powerhouse.” Alene remained quiet for a moment before going on, “well, no point in hiding from you…”

With those words, the magic faded away and Holly realized how unique the girls around her were. Sabrina had breasts the size of giant bean bags, Jen had a huge cock, and Nadia’s breasts were the epiphany of perfection.

But none of the girls were close to Alene. Her breasts were as big as Nadia’s, but that wasn’t her distinctive feature. Alene set on a pair of gigantic, car-sized balls coupled with a massive cock that slithered out along the sand and into the ocean.

“Nice asset, Alene,” Holly complimented, “but I’ve been bigger…”

“I knew you were something special,” Alene said, “want to undress and show us what you have hidden? The girls can help you if you need help stirring a storm…”

“No need,” Holly said, quickly removing her shirt and exposing her huge breasts. Most of the time, Holly’s breasts caught all the attention on the beach, but with Alene and her girls, it felt like the most mundane occurrence. Next, she moved on to the bottom piece of her bikini. The piece of cloth was doing a poor job dealing with Baby, who started growing bigger and bigger. It already reached the sand and started thickening and adding more and more weight.

“I think you just passed Jen here,” Alene giggled as Baby started to make its way to the water and Holly’s sack touched the sand, forcing her to spread her legs a little, “which means you still have a little more to go before you reach my size.”

Holly didn’t seem bothered by what Alene said, instead she focused on her growth. Her sack was growing by the second and she knew that in a few minutes Baby would lift her off the ground. In preparation, Holly shifted herself around and made sure she was positioned properly to let Baby do his thing.

While Holly was focused on her body, she didn’t notice Ange and Sabrina. The two, huge titted girls snuck up on Holly’s sides and went in for a double hug. Their breasts were huge, bigger than Holly’s, Holly’s top was enveloped by tender boob flesh. They felt amazing and Holly moaned with glee, but the outcome wasn’t what they expected. Baby realized what was waiting for him and started growing, fast. Holly was lifted off the ground instantly by her growing appendage, forcing the girls to relent their embrace and take a step back.

“Nice work, Holly,” Alene complimented, “that was a nice growth spurt.”

Holly giggled, “All thanks to your girls, Alene, but I have more in me…”

“Do you need help coaxing more out?” Alene wondered.

“I can manage myself, Alene, thank you,” Holly said and tapped her inflating sack that now doubled as a chair for its owner, “but fucking someone would really help move things along…”

“Do you want to use one of my girls?” Alene offered. The five girls went quiet hearing Alene. They didn’t seem bothered by the idea of dealing with Holly, quite the opposite, they actually seemed interested in the offer.

“Thank you, Alene, but I wouldn’t, they’re your girls, they belong to you…”

“I see no reason not to share with you, Holly,” Alene said and pointed towards Baby, “You are as big as I am now, and there’s something special about you… I see no reason we shouldn’t share.”

“Thank you, Alene, but I don’t want to get your girls pregnant…” Holly smiled back at the black-haired futa.

“If pregnancy is holding you back you shouldn’t worry about it,” Nadia said, “Alene’s keeping us infertile with magic.”

“You can fill us all you want and it won’t catch…” Nicky added.

Holly felt overjoyed hearing Alene’s girls weren’t at risk of getting pregnant. Holly usually didn’t care about getting girls she fucked pregnant, but Alene’s girls seemed like they belonged to her and Holly knew you don’t reach into a stranger’s fridge and take their beer without permission.

“Are you okay with it, Alene?” Holly felt it was the right thing to ask.

“Yeah, sure, which girl do you want?” Alene offered once again.

“I want to try her out…” Jen volunteered.

“Jen, please let our guest choose,” Alene stopped her, “Please tell us which girl you want, Holly.”

“If it’s okay with you, I want to try Sabrina, her breasts seem like a treat.”

“Sure thing!” Sabrina jumped with joy, as if she won a competition between the girls. Jen sighed in disappointment, “Bummer…”

“You can take my pussy, Jen,” Holly offered a consolation prize, “you look big enough to mount me now, while I’m still small.” Jen’s face beamed with a smile, as if Holly’s offer made her day.

Sabrina started walking over to Baby’s tip. The bulbous head rested a yard into the ocean, floating on the gentle waves. “You sure you can handle Baby?” Holly shouted.

“I’ve taken Alene when she was bigger than you,” Sabrina said as she started walking into the water, “just let me know if I’m too much for you, Holly. And with those cocky words, Sabrina grabbed Holly’s tip with both hands. Any ordinary girl would have panicked holding the hefty girl-meat, but Sabrina was used to bigger sizes. Moreover, because the two were in the ocean, Sabrina didn’t have to worry about lubrication, not that she ever needed lubrication thanks to Alene.

Holly savored the sight before her, Sabrina’s gigantic breasts floated on the water, each as big as a beanbag chair. The black-haired girl positioned herself before Baby and bent over, exposing her swollen pink flower. To Holly’s delight, the second she felt Baby pressing against the burning hot slit it gaped open and took her in. Most girls Holly knew showed some sign of discomfort when first taking Baby, even at smaller sizes, but this girl was taking Baby as if it was no thicker than a finger. Sabrina’s tunnel felt moist and inviting as she started moving back towards Holly.

“Jen, I think you better join the party before she gets too big,” Alene offered, “I’ll take Angie and Nicky, sounds only fair to me.”

The girls nodded and went to work. Angie walked into the water and took Alene’s giant cock with the same ease Sabrina was showing. Nicky clambered onto Alene’s balls with a little help and started fucking her. Nicky’s cock was much smaller and slid in perfectly.

“Help me up,” Jen called for Holly’s attention. Her balls were now as tall as Jen, and with no grip, she needed a hand. Holly helped Jen up and the futa straddled her balls sack and got comfortable. “You’re really full aren’t you?” Jen asked.

“You girls are a big part of that…” Holly admitted.

“I got a feeling you and Alene are going to put on quite a show…” Jen said as she reached down and located Holly’s pussy, pushing herself inside. Jen savored the feeling Holly’s slit was giving her, the hyper futa felt like she was sucking Jen in, not wanting her to see the light of day ever again.

“You all seem nice and happy up there…” came Nadia’s voice, “but you forgot about little old me…”

“Nadia,” Alene said between gasps of pleasure as Angie and Nicky started working on her, “I’m so sorry, I promise when we get home I’ll spend as much time with you as you want…”

“I want a month!” Nadia demanded. Holly was unsure if the two were joking around or if they were serious.

“Okay, Nadia, fair enough,” Alene agreed.

“And no monkey business, Alene,” Nadia closed the terms of their deal, “you don’t stop pumping until I reach Bristol.”

“Okay,” Alene said in a low voice, sounding defeated.

“Done,” Nadia sealed the deal,” enjoy yourselves, girls, I’ll just watch.”

Holly looked over at Alene. Angie was speared on her cock and it poked clearly out of her belly. At the tip, Angie’s belly seemed to balloon out, holding a couple of gallons of Alene’s emissions. On Sabrina’s end, the sight was almost identical. Both girls couldn’t take the whole of the cock assigned to them but both Sabrina and Angie were taking about half.

“You feel amazing,” Jen gasped as her body tensed up, “here I go!” she called, telling Holly she was having an orgasm. It’s been ages since Holly felt someone cum in her pussy, she missed the sensation of a thick cock stretching her wide before unloading a healthy load of white goo inside.

“Ahhh!” came a moan from where Alene was, Nicky was also doing her own thing, already pumping inside Alene and filling her flat stomach. Alene didn’t seem to mind, her eyes locked on the spot of milk Angie’s breasts formed in the ocean. Just then, Holly felt it. Starting at her clit, Jen’s cock inflated slightly, moving a load of cum up her shaft and into Holly’s womb. Holly moaned as her inner temple was flooded, it felt amazing as Jen’s cock pumped even more. Holly was washed away by the sensation and Baby decided it was time to make a move on Sabrina. Jen hugged Holly from behind, grabbing her massive rack for balance. The sack below them was shaking wildly and became unstable as Holly’s own orgasm started.

Unlike Jen, who was pumping over and over, pushing more and more cum into Holly. Holly was going through a dual orgasm. Jen’s fucking awoke her female orgasm while baby decided it was time to unload. Her body was preparing for a killing blow.

With the fringes of her consciousness still hanging on, Holly noticed Alene was pumping Angie full of cum, the girl’s belly inflated and was as big as Holly’s balls already, still, Alene was going strong.

It was too much for Holly to hold, Baby took over and did its thing. With one, unbelievably strong contraction, Baby delivered its balls’ content into Sabrina. The whole thing lasted no more than 20 seconds and Sabrina became as big as Angie if not bigger.

Holly didn’t like it when Baby did this to girls, it felt great and all, but she always thought it ended too soon. Here she was again, a full girl over her tip. Jen was still pumping cum into her, but she was close to wrapping up. On the other side, Alene finished with Angie and Nicky was through with her womb for now. To her joyful amazement, Holly managed to keep up with her rather nicely, filling Sabrina as much as she filled Angie.

“Think you can go bigger, Holly?” Alene wondered as the girls came to their senses.

Holly didn’t say a word. She simply winked at Alene as Sabrina started moaning with pleasure. To the girls’ amazement, Holly started growing again, Baby thickened and reached deeper into Sabrina’s stuffed womb. Alene watched with gleeful eyes as her own cock followed and went deep into Angie’s body.

Jen and Nicky noticed the change and decided to keep filling their respective sex partners while the opportunity presented itself. Both knew that once their partner’s sack will be big enough they’ll be pushed out of heaven.

Sabrina and Angie moaned in tendon, though they fucked different girls, both had cock so big it was hard telling them apart. While both girls enjoyed the soft waves that caressed their bodies, they were as big as cars already and both realized they were about to get much bigger.

Holly and Alene looked at each other with awe. It wasn’t that being this big shocked them, both were more than three times their current size in the past, but they never imagined another person but themselves was capable of doing it. But, lo and behold, Holly and Alene were both in the game, roaring as bliss filled their minds once again and inflated Sabrina and Angie to the size of super-trucks, stuffed full of cum.

Behind the two futanari, Nicky and Jen felt the hot air on their glistening cocks. Both Alene and Holly grew so big that their flowers were inaccessible to any cock shorter than 5 feet long.

Alene came down to see Holly, pulling herself together for round 3 with Sabrina. She wasn’t scared for Sabrina’s wellbeing, she just wanted to see what Holly was capable of.

“Wait, Holly,” Alene called out loud, hoping her voice would reach the red-haired futa.

The world Holly lived in consisted of her, Baby, and a womb filled with her cum. Her mind was set on draining any drop baby had to offer into the womb offered to her, the only thing stopping her was Baby’s inability to pump even more cum for the time being. Even with Baby’s temporary limitations, Holly steel felt hundreds of gallons of her baby butter flowing into the pussy and womb that struggled to contain her. She was about 6 tight feet inside Sabrina when Holly felt something strange.

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