Hostile Takeover of Family Owned Insurance Company


I have been a member of the state regulation board overseeing insurance companies for five years. The Fred Loya Insurance is family owned with hundreds of customer complaints. I invited Dee to the meeting, she suspected the meeting was a complete waste of two hours. Dee is 31 never married, she is 5′ 6″ with a small trim figure. When I finally adjourned the gathering she fled for the door checking her watch, dismayed to see it was past nine already. She had scarcely made it to the door when I called her back. ” Dee wait.” She sighed stopping and waiting till everyone had left. I move slightly past her and shut the door, leaning across her to do so. ” Dee, it has come to my attention that your family is in financial trouble.” She chewed her lip nervously as I move across the room, removing my jacket. This is the first time she has met me. I made her exceptionally nervous. ” Yes, Mr. Malone,” I cut her off. ” Dee, when you come into this building I expect you to leave your personal life at the door, is that understood?” My hard green eyes seemed to pierce through her and she swallowed, averting my eyes. ” Yes sir.” She mumbled. There is a long silence. ” Dee, is it?” She looked up and slowly nodded. She looked up slowly, confused, and her eyes widened as I begin unfastening my slacks. ” The way I see it Dee, you have two choices. You can walk out that door, and I don’t expect to see you tomorrow, or you can stay…and show me just how much you want to work with me.” She gasped backing against the door. Mr. Malone, or John, as she is beginning to think of me,as I pull off my belt and laid it neatly across my desk. ” It’s your choice.” I said. ” The door isn’t locked.” She immediately turned and groped for the door handle, but my voice stopped her cold. ” I urge you to think of your family before you do anything hasty.”

Her blood ran cold. ” Please,” She whispered. ” Don’t do this.” I came up behind her and ran my hands down her back, squeezing her ass through her skirt. ” I’m not forcing you into anything Dee, it’s your choice. You are a beautiful woman, did you know that?” Feeling trapped she turns toward me to plead with me and I crushed my mouth against hers, forcing my tongue into her mouth as my hands came up to grope her breasts through her blouse. She struggles and I immediately release her. ” I see I’m wasting my time, leave.” I said. She feels tears gather in her eyes. ” Please, Mr. Malone…” She pleaded weakly but I turn and start toward my desk. ” Good night Ms. Loya.” I replied. Closing her eyes she steeled herself up and her voice cracked as she spoke. ” Wait…” I turn toward her. ” I want to work for you.” She whispered. I smiled. ” Ah, a smart woman then. I was beginning to wonder. Kindly remove your blouse Ms. Loya.” Burning with humiliation she unbuttoned the little pearl buttons that held her blouse together and let it fall away from her body. Underneath she wore a black lacy bra and my breath quickened when I saw it. My eyes traveled over her small firm breasts, down her flat stomach to her slip hips and down the length of her shapely legs. I motioned her closer and she stepped over, her stomach coiling into a hard knot. I sat on the edge of my desk and pulled her closer by the hips, then trailed my hands up the back of her skirt, squeezing the bare backs of her thighs as she is wearing a garter and thigh hose instead of panty-hose. I continue on to her panty-clad ass and squeezed lightly, rubbing her firm globes. She held deathly still as I buried my face in her chest and nuzzled her breasts. Then Sex hikayeleri I ran my hands up her back and unhooked her bra, using my teeth to tug it from her body.

Her breasts sprang free and I nuzzled my face again against her nipples and then took one in my mouth, squeezing and groping with my hands. She feels a wave of nausea overtake her and struggled for breath. I stood and move around her. ” Bend over and grab the desk.” I directed. Feeling hot and embarrassed she did as I asked and her cheeks colored as I lifted her skirt neatly up over her ass. I tugged her black lace panties down and she stepped out of them one foot at a time. Knowing her firm, white ass and pussy are exposed to me flushed bright red. I reached over and tugged her hair loose and it fell across her back. I snapped my belt loudly and she jumped. I used my knee to part her legs slightly and pressed the bulge of my erection against her ass. She hears my tortured breathing and wished I would just get it over with. She now wore shameless tears on her cheeks. ” You really are beautiful.” He whispered. ” I want my cock in your pussy.” She hears my zipper go down but dares not move. I begin rubbing my engorged cock against her ass, oozing wetness from its tip. Sliding my swollen cock to her pussy as I traced it along her slit and moaned. As my cock touched her clit she jumped and I smacked her on the ass again. I continue to rub my cock along her slit. I then crawled under her on the desk so my cock is pressed against her chin. It is very large, about eight and a half inches long and thick like a club. ” Suck me.” I urged. Taking in a shaky breath she parted her lips and took my cock in her mouth, sucking half-heartedly. I groaned and reached down, holding her head still and begin to fuck her mouth. She hoped desperately that I would cum this way that would be the end of it. After ten minutes of fucking her face I gasped, holding deadly still and carefully pulled out of her, staving off my orgasm.

I move back around behind her and slide two fingers into her cunt, now wet from being long exposed to the chilled office air. She gritted her teeth as my fingers sank into her and resisted the wave of pleasure that rolled over her. She smelled my male musk, ” No!” She hissed, grabbing my wrist trying to pull my fingers out of her pussy. I easily pushed her hands away. I aimed my cock at her pussy and sank it slowly into her cunt. My big cock had difficulty penetrating her, she is very tight so it took several attempts. She held deathly still, feeling every inch of my cock pushing into her tight pussy. Ohh! It’s so thick…so hot…so…so good! She thought as her hot wet pussy is stretched open in a few thrusts and my hard cock lodged itself inside her. I feel her muscles tighten around my shaft as I buried it fully with a final thrust. It had been so long since she had been fucked and it feels both wonderful and terrible. She wanted no part of this but her body ached for it, cried out for it, against her will. She is nervous & tense. ” Dee, just relax and take it easy!” I told her. ” Hmphh… hmphh… hmphh…” I grunted rhythmically as I start fucking her. My thrusts are slow, measured, deep and hard. ” Anhh… anhh… anhh…” Dee moaned in response, her eyes are tightly closed. ” Look at me!” I commanded, stopping in mid thrust. Dee obeyed, opening her eyes and gazing into lust inflamed eyes. I grasped her small waist while she clasped her legs around my hips as I start thrusting again, hard and deep, pulling out almost fully and Sikiş hikayeleri then plunging my cock back in up to the hilt.

” Anhh… anhh… anhh…ANHHH… AAAANHHHHH!” as she orgasms in a few hard thrusts. Her pussy, clitoris and breasts are so sensitive & tender that a little stimulation is enough to send her over the edge. ” Enough, John! I can’t take it any more!” She told me, trying to push me back. Dee cried out in shock and fear as she felt my cock still buried in her pussy. She struggled with new fury, but her left arm is crushed between the desk and her body and her right is easily pushed back by my shoulder. She grunted and cried out again as my cock entered her and thrust up high into her belly. She tried to scream but my mouth mashed down on hers, locking tightly as my tongue slithered inside her mouth
like a mad snake. My hips slamming against her thighs, ramming her left leg back against the desk again and again.
My cock drove up high inside her. It is long and very thick. Dee is gasping and her eyes filled with tears from the pain as the fat cock stabbed into her repeatedly. My hand gripped her thigh again, shoving it back and holding it
against the desk as I thrust more smoothly. Her mind is in a state of shock that she could be assaulted here inside my office and nobody was there to help. She can’t see anything beyond my massive body. Her body is shielded from sight under me. I clutched her soft buttocks and my fingers dug into the warm flesh, clawing hard at them. She whimpered helplessly, then grunted and moaned in despair as she feels me force a finger up into her asshole.
Her crotch and thighs aching as I continue ramming my lower body into her. I kept firm control of her head,
holding tightly to her curly black hair, even when she held her face still and submitted to my oral rape
I continued to tug and twist her hair.

I pull my mouth from hers at last, growling loud enough for her to hear, ” Dirty spanish whore,” I leered. ” Like it, baby?” I stuck my tongue out and licked a long trail up the side of her face, then licked her forehead and along the
underside of her jaw. I let go of her hair at last and she groaned in relief, but my hand slipped up between our bodies and clutched her right tit. I continued to thrust up into her, she had stopped trying to fight and is just waiting for me to finish, her mind and body both numbed by my sudden brutal assault. I continued to ram my cock into her for thirty minutes before I groaned and halted with my cock buried inside her. She imagined the sticky wads of
cum spurting into her and cringed inwardly. She is relieved that I had cum, that the attack was done. I seemed in no hurry. I continued to lick and kiss her face, my hand groping, squeezing her breasts, fondling her nipples, pinching and pulling at them so they hardened. She feels my cock softening as I eased myself off her, but I made no effort to open the door and leave the office, instead I gave her another awful leering smile. I pull her up off the desk and push down on her shoulders, forcing her down onto her knees on the floor of the office. She is facing my flaccid cock as I gripped her hair again and rubbed my cum stained cock across her face. ” Suck it hard again, Dee, and I’ll fuck you again,” I said. Her heart sank and she groaned in misery. I jerked sharply on her hair and pushed my soft cock against her lips. She had no choice but to open her mouth and take the thing inside. She sucked on it as she drew it in, her tongue rubbing carefully Erotik hikaye along the underside of the head.

I continue to grip her hair, now with both hands as I sighed in pleasure. Her mind is completely numb, almost detached from her body as she sucked on my growing erection. Soon she is bobbing her lips back and forth on the
hardened cock as I slowly humped my hips in and out, fucking her face. Her hands dropped limp at her sides and she simply knelt there as though anaesthetized while I pumped my thick cock into her mouth. I pull hard on her hair, forcing the dazed girl to her feet again, turning her around and jamming her face first into the desk. She feels me
jerk her upward and feels my hands on her butt. My finger pushed into her anus again, and pumped slowly, then withdrew. A moment later she feels my cock pushing against her little round hole. She thought little about it, being too numb by then. My cock eased up into her asshole with slow jabs. It forced her anus wide and the pain is sharp, but did not last long as I drove my cock all the way up into her. She feels my balls pressing against her buttocks as I gnawed on the side of her throat and ground my hips into her. My cock moved around inside her ass as I brought
my hands around her and cupped both breasts, squeezing them hard. I slowly begin to thrust my cock, using short
strokes at first. My right hand slides down her bare belly and in between her thighs, rubbing at her slit, my finger searching for her clit. I rubbed her hard button as I did a slow motion grind into her anus, my cock thrusting slowly, now moving from side to side. She didn’t move, she hardly had the strength or awareness to stand up. Her face is still pressed into the desk as my heavy framed body moved against her.

In her dulled state it was some time before she became aware, in a vague sort of way, that her body was feeling
pleasure. She took little interest in it, though acknowledging the pleasurable feelings. Her breasts were hardened, flaring with heat as my fingers moved around them, her clit is sizzling with lust as my fingers continue to rub, stroke and squeeze the little bud. The pleasure grew, eating away at her detachment, slowly drawing her back into herself, to the awareness of the raw sensuality gripping her pussy, to the sensations of steaming heat streaming through her, rippling up and down her nervous system. Her eyes blinked in wonder and dazed consternation. She feels her body flying higher and higher, her belly heaving and churning, a massive vortex of blistering sexual heat tearing through her. ” No,” she whimpered. Then her head jerked back as a sudden spasm of lust burned down her spine. She gasped for breath, the wind all but knocked out of her. Her forehead fell against the desk, then her head jerked back again, even further, her back arching as muscle spasms wracked her body and her mind reeled under frantic sensations of blaring ecstatic release. She came with a furious crescendo of shrieking sexual eruptions, her body jerking and shuddering as though undergoing a violent seizure. Somewhere in the midst of it she feels a flood of liquid heat blasting up into her asshole.

She couldn’t think straight, could hardly think at all, knew nothing but glorious pleasure that ripped the air from her lungs and the thoughts from her mind, leaving a quivering frame of flesh behind. And then she is sinking down, down, to the floor, turning, her back against the desk, her legs spread as she slides to one side to be propped against the desk, staring dull eyed at the floor. I left quickly, but she remained there, sitting on the floor, staring, her eyes starting to flutter as her chest heaved. She drew in air and groaned weakly.

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