Hot Bodies


Somehow, you slipped and fell in the canned goods aisle. While others just gawked, I helped you to your feet. “Oh, dear!” I asked. “Are you all right?”

“I – I think so,” you stammered. Damn! Your beautiful face was clammy, flushed…and you had dirt smudges on the seat of your hot-pants. Brushing across your buns, I was keenly aware of the lovely curve and fullness! I swallowed hard. Too many idiots were leering, especially some jerk-off guys. You know the kind. Swollen brains in their drawers, knuckles dragging on the ground. Couldn’t spell KAT if you spotted them a “K” and an “A”.

“Come with me, honey,” I soothed. “Let’s get some air. Fuck the shopping for now!”

You were weaving a bit walking to your car. Some of the flush was gone, but I think you were hurting a lot more than you let on.

I helped you in the passenger side and climbed behind the wheel. There was a wide, erotic swath of sweat in your cleavage and I mentally drooled! God, I thought. Would I EVER love to suck and lick you dry!

“Fuck, I’m SO-O-O-O embarrassed!” you moaned. I put my arm around you, pulled you close; patted your bare thigh. “Honey,” I said. “It’s no big deal! Don’t worry about it. So you fell on your ass.” My eyes washed over some lovely round ass-cheeks. “It looks like you have ample padding to survive many more!”

You really laughed at this, bent forward and rubbed your abundant ass globes. “That’s for sure,” you exclaimed. “Perhaps a bit TOO much!”

“To me,” I drooled, “Your cute little buns look just perfect!” Your face lit up in a cunt-melting smile. God, you were superbly sexy! Your tube-top was jutting out from rigid, pointy nipples that made my mind have mental cums.

“Tell you what, Darling,” I said finally. “Let’s find a quiet lounge and have a stiff drink.”

“I’d really like that,” you said, eyes pleading and soft. “You’re being very kind to me.”

“Aahhhh. You needed a Ms Galahad to take care of you!” I simply COULD NOT keep my eyes off your enormous tits. Now you really laughed, and I felt so cozy (steamy!) being close to you.

Inside the plush club, it was cool, the lighting romantic and subdued…ideal for snuggling and becoming VERY familiar. We hid ourselves at a corner table and ordered wine. All the clamminess was gone now, but the sweat-stain kept my eyes glued to your magnificent tits. Inside, I was churning! I wanted to suck those nipples now!

Your eyes moved to my chest and roved at will for several seconds, not even trying to hide your stare. It was apparent that my 38d’s thrilled you very much. I pulled my elbows back, and stretched so you could get a better view of my ripe, fleshy globes.

Like you, I wore no bra (or panties). My pointy tips were also lush and erect. I thought about that lewd blouse in my drawer back home: cut out nipple openings. Once, on a dare, I wore it to the store. In spite of salivating mouths, I almost got arrested!

Your hand closed over mine on the table. “I really can’t thank you enough for helping me,” you said softly. “For awhile, I felt pretty rocky.”

“You don’t need to thank me, sweetheart,” I said sincerely. “I’m just so glad I met you…under ANY circumstance!” You pulled the tube-top out and blew down on your nipples. “God, I’m a sweaty mess!” Indeed you are, I thought! But “mess” was not the word I had in mind!

“Honey, sex izle let me drive you home, ok? You still look a bit wobbly.” I lied.

“A wonderful idea!” you exclaimed. “I should learn to put up a better front!”

“Ummmmm,” I murmured. “Sweetheart, there’s not a DAMN thing wrong with your front!” You almost fell off the bench, laughing…and I was so pleased!

We sipped the last of our wine and walked back to the car.

As I drove, I could not resist rubbing your thigh from time to time. You never flinched. In fact, your fingers soothed over mine. Your touch was far more than electric! A certain magnetism erupted and my hands were dying to squeeze the majestic swell of your tits. I hoped I would get that opportunity before the afternoon ended.

You probably guessed that my pussy was profusely oozing from all these erotic touchings. You smiled; mischievous eyes flashing rampant when I stroked, caressed your pliant thighs a bit longer each time….

Your apartment was lavish, well cared for. Glamorous paintings on the walls, expensive vases, real china in the hutch…and a long, mahogany coffee table that gleamed like a brilliant sun.

You bent over slightly, cheeks protruding nicely from your hot-pants. “Is there any more dirt?” you asked. I bent over and breathed very close to your ear and said, “Just a tiny spot along the crack.” Without asking, I ran my fingers slowly along the ass-seam with a bit more pressure than necessary. “Ooooooo!” you giggled. “You’ve found one of my hottest “erroneous” zones!” God, with that tingly play-on-words I was in tears!

You spread your legs a little wider. “Did you get it all?” you questioned. “Hmm! Perhaps maybe I DID miss a tiny spot.” You smiled again and put your head on my shoulder. There was a distinct, delicious odor of sweat that made my pussy twitter with massive oozings.

You turned and faced me, clutched my cheeks with both hands, then moved down and rubbed my ass-slit. “Why should you have all the fun?” you said daintily. “Your ass looks just as appetizing as mine…and feels delectable in my hands!”

Now my legs almost buckled! I pulled you very close and let my pussy grind against you…a sensuous dry-fuck that we both loved.

“You feel so fluffy and full, baby.” Your voice was low, sexy, guttural…similar to Patricia Neal in heat. Our titties crushed against each other, ample tips swelling succulent, full.

I almost stammered when I said, “You might want to come out of that sweaty top now, baby. A bad cold in the nipples is a real bitch!” A few more grinds and then you said, “Why don’t you take if off for me?” Now that I was finally in Heaven, there was nowhere else left to go. You squeezed my hand, led me to the bottom-floor bedroom. Along the left wall, there was a ceiling-to-floor mirror. There were very young nude girls painted in each corner. The rest of the glass was massive!

“They’re my sweet young models,” you told me.

“How old are they?” I asked.

“Late ‘teens. They’re very uninhibited. In fact, I gave them their first pussy shave!”

I wasn’t oozing anymore. I was gushing! In spite of the fact that the figures were only about 12” tall on the glass, it was quite evident they were luscious!

“I’ve always loved to paint,” you continued. “I majored in Applied sikiş izle Art in college. Never graduated though. I just wanted to try my luck at free-lancing for awhile.”

“If all your models,” I began, “are that beautiful, you will NEVER have any difficulty selling your work!”

Your lips brushed lightly over my neck. “You are so very sweet, darling,” you cooed. “I’m so glad it was you who helped me!” “Baby,” I said. “With your splendid body, NO one is happier than myself that I was there for you. You are exquisitely gorgeous!”

Having said that, I moved the tube up over your head and let my eyes feast on your resplendent tits. Pleasure and passion! I bent and swirled your pointy nipple, circling with my tongue, twirling the whole juicy volume in my mouth.

“My God, baby!” you breathed. “Your mouth will make me cum quarts!”

“Splendid!” I said. “I’ve wanted to suck and lick you since we were in the grocery store. I wish my mouth was mammoth, like some gigantic cavern! I’d swallow your tits for hours without breathing!”

You slid off my top and squeezed my 38d’s. “I don’t want to be horny and naked solo. And I DEFINITELY want to stab and plunder your fragrant pussy with my tongue!”

Yes, Virginia! Indeed there is a Santa Claus!

Suddenly, your sweet lips were raping my tits again; slashing, slicing, nipple and mass consumed by a famished mouth! You gobbled me like a starving waif! “Oh, darling, YESSS!” I screamed. “Suck my nipples! Lick my tits! Eat my white-hot cunt!”

My legs were trembling, forcing erotic goose bumps to rise like infuriated volcanoes! I was almost crazy with lewd desire and need!

Hurriedly, with expert fingers, my cut-offs tumbled to the floor in milli-seconds. The naked image in the mirror was our own porn movie! Your tongue leapt quickly into my flowing pussy. Your sniffs, laps, teases were driving me insane! “Sweet, baby!” I screamed loudly. “Lick me quick and vigorous, darling…suck my cum-drenched pussy! Eat my screaming cunt! Your tongue is a splendid cock!”

You pushed me hard to the bed. There was a ceiling mirror that I hadn’t seen, no doubt because my eyes had been riveted on your pussy. Now I saw my tits bouncing, gyrating with every plunging fuck of the tongue. You put my legs around your neck and sucked my drenched pussy like a woman possessed; upper thighs locked your face against the gushing channel!

“I want to gobble your pussy too, my darling!” I moaned. “My mouth is so hungry for you! Let me gulp every ounce of your cum!”

There, close to me! That streaming, pink-red creamy trench I wanted to swallow whole! I lapped, licked, sucked, flicked, chug-a-lugged all the viscous juice with my light-speed tongue! I’d never been so fucking hot before! I INHALED your sweaty pussy, tasting the salty musk blending with your cum! Someday soon, I wanted to lick and lap your “morning” cunt!

Both our clits were similar in length, about 1” long. I sucked it like a swollen, throbbing cock. Perhaps, I mused, if I sucked long enough, it would grow into an 8” dancing dick! Ummmm! That fantasy made me suck your “cock” SO much faster!

While my whole face buried in your pussy, you reached beside the bed and removed an ice-cube from a bucket, then rubbed it along my puffy pussy lips. Surely I was not really living türk porno this, my mind screamed silently. My scalding pussy melted the ice in only one eye-blink. Magnificent, exquisite contrast! From furnace-hot mouth to frozen water was almost more than I could bear. But…you had more erotic games to play! Suddenly, I felt my pussy being coated with frothy whipped cream. On top of that, you poured on warm choc syrup. I had no clue how these tasty treats appeared, but I was far beyond caring! Maybe you knew we’d meet today and prepared in advance. Did I really give a fuck? Your fingers swirled the mix all over my belly, pussy, ass, thighs…coating every inch of luscious tits! You smeared the mix all over my calves and toes. Then licked it all away.

Your face was covered with chocolate cum and frothy whipped cream frosting. Your tongue plunged deep, along with a finger covered with chocolate, into my tight asshole. No one knew more about erotica than you, sweet darling! I was so dizzy from this intense fuck my eyes could not focus!

I saw that your clit had grown about 2” from my sucking. Wow! Perhaps it was not just fantasy after all! Your “little dick” was flaming deep-red by now…your cunt had tiny rivulets of cum dripping to my mouth. Your pee hole was on fire, and I sucked it like cotton candy. Your ass heaved up, then crashed down to my tongue. Aha! I thought. Your sweet little pee hole is one more ultra-sensitive “erroneous” zone! I loved this! Living new spontaneous arousings, giving your complete and utter self for the ultimate joy of sexual sucking pleasure. Experimenting, trolling with wicked, naughty licks and grins – anything and everything to please and satisfy. Scant few men understood that those wet cunts they wanted to fuck and taste could be far more tasty with loving, sensitive foreplay.

My mind meandered through these thoughts as you were saying, “…Your pussy is a sexual deity, Darling! Your cum-slick cove my “all-day lollipop!”

I never knew I could fall in love so quickly.

You put me on my knees and tongue-fucked my ass again, reaming me out with your mouth-spear deep inside the wrinkled walls.

“Next time, baby…and there WILL BE a next time…I’ll invite my bi male friend to join us. We’ll give him a voyeur’s dream come true! Every man alive loves to watch two women eating pussy. And I want to watch you suck his cock and balls…feel gallons of his cum shoot deep in- side your asshole.” My brain did cartwheels from the thought! Without a follow-up licking, the thick, juicy nectar would drain from my cunt for days!

The volume of my lusty cum was too much to hold any longer. My legs tightened around your face and tons of cream squirted way-y-y-y inside your mouth! Small dribbles trickled from the corners of your lips and you bent your face to me. I licked the pungent cream away and kissed you long and deep. Our tongues frolicked, played, twined like horny snakes fucking in the sand! My pussy juice still leaked and you lapped me heartily once again.

Our hot, delirious fucking had been urgent, so intense…as if our cunts had been crushed against a burning log. We cuddled in each other’s arms, hugging so close that onion skin paper could not fit between.

“You really mean it, darling?” I asked lightly.

“Mean what, baby?”

“Your bi friend will fuck me, drown my asshole with his cum?”

“Of course, sweet baby! And then you’ll put your luscious pussy on my mouth and let it drip.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I’ll have a coronary!”

Then you held me very close and kissed my lips and cheek….

© January, 2001 Dot Turner

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