Hot Japanese Summer

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It was another sweltering July day in the western Japan. Temperatures during summer here can climb upwards of 35 degrees, and with the intense humidity it can feel like well over 40. I had hoped that, upon leaving my one-room apartment, it would start to rain and cool down the city. But, there was no relief in sight… or so I thought.

I was waiting at the train platform, sweating through my new pale pink blouse. I could feel the material starting to wrinkle and crease under my black blazer and I started to curse my company for requiring women to wear pantyhose with skirts. Right now, my entire body was covered in a fine sheen of sweat as I waited for the train that would take me to my workplace. I fanned myself with a flier I had been given earlier and mentally started to review my tasks for the day. I smiled to myself when I realized which student would be in one of my lessons today.

I’m an English teacher at a school in a small city in Western Japan. It’s a good transition job; being only 24 years old and a new university graduate, I hadn’t been quite ready to leap into the corporate world back home in Canada. The job’s pretty good; basically, I am paid well to talk with people and occasionally explain some grammar. Sure, there are the boring, lifeless students who make me want to pierce my own eyeballs with a whiteboard marker, but then there are other students who more than make up for the bad ones. Students like Tomohiro.

When I first met Tomohiro, I literally felt the wind knocked out of me. Prior to that moment, I thought that was only an expression, but believe me it’s not. I had never really considered that many of the guys I had met here in Japan. Basically, the pretty-boy look just didn’t do it for me. I prefer men who look, well, like men. But Tomo was different from the average. With short, spiky black hair, deep brown eyes, full lips just begging to be nibbled and a tight, fit body from hours of baseball practice, he was instantly my favorite student. True to the Japanese stereotype, the 23 year old wasn’t overly tall. In fact, we were the same height but that didn’t bother me. He was far too gorgeous to care about height and it goes without saying that whenever he was in my class I got a little distracted. Since Tomo had lived in Australia for over a year, he had a pretty good grasp of English and even peppered his speech with slang words that never failed to surprise me. I did abuse my power a little; whenever there was an uneven number of students in the class he would, more often than not, be my partner. After a few lessons, I started to think that the attraction was not only from my side. Tomo seemed to take any excuse to touch me or to casually lift up his t-shirt to scratch his tight stomach.

As my mind drifted with thoughts of the flirting to be had during today’s lessons, the train pulled up at the platform. I let out a curse under my breath when I saw that the car was nearly full. A bunch of people got off the train, but just as many got back on and I soon found myself packed into the train with all of the other commuters in their business attire. Packed in between the 2 rows of seats, I was unable to move. I grabbed the plastic ring suspended from the ceiling to steady myself, turned up the music on my mp3 player and let my mind wander back to Tomo. I could feel my nipples starting to harden, due to a combination of my thoughts and the air conditioning in the train. The stiff peaks poked up through my silk bra and light cotton blouse. I was thankful that my blazer hid them from the eyes of the middle aged man seated in front of me.

The train pulled into the next station and everyone shifted around inside the train. I moved with them, unable to hold my ground and soon found myself standing next to a new set of seats. I looked down at the two seats: by the window, a typical business man reading a comic book; Bostancı escort bayan but when I glanced at the man in the aisle seat I sent a silent prayer of thanks. It was Tomo! He had his eyes closed and was also listening to an mp3 player. I assumed he was coming back from a class at university, since he had a backpack with him. I gave him a quick once over, taking in his outfit: orange & blue sneakers, jeans, orange t-shirt (with the obligatory misspelled English slogan) and black-rimmed glasses. I quickly smoothed down my skirt and blouse, ran a hand through my hair and then tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hey, Tomo! How are you?”

He glanced up at me and flashed a brilliant smile when he saw my face.

“Fine, thank you. How are you?”

“Ah, I’m too hot!” I said, and then blushed when I realized just how true that statement was. My nipples had only gotten harder since I realized Tomo was right here and now I could feel a little moisture between my legs. He looked up at me and… was I imagining it, or did I see a glint of arousal in his eyes?

“Hai, atsui desu ne? It’s good that the trains are air-conditioned. You look very nice today, Sara-sensei.” Tomo’s eyes quickly ran over my body and I felt a shiver run up my spine. His eyes took in my appearance: black heels, slim legs clad in pantyhose, knee-length fitted black skirt, black blazer, pink blouse, shoulder length light brown hair. After the once-over, Tomo smiled at me again and I felt my thong getting wetter.

We chatted about mundane things and during our conversation I wracked my brain, trying to come up with a way to make the first move. I could casually put a hand on his shoulder for balance, and then slide my hand down…down…

“…right, Sara-sensei? Sara-sensei?” I realized that I had stopped listening to him and apologized for my rudeness.

“Sorry, Tomo. I’m a little distracted. It’s, uhh, it’s just too hot today!” I stammered out, blushing again.

“Really?” he asked. “Maybe it’s not just the weather…”

And with those words and another killer smile, Tomo casually moved his hand to my knee. Since I was standing and he was sitting, his hand was at the perfect height. He started to rub and caress my leg through my pantyhose, gently gliding over my knee and slightly further up on my thigh. As he looked into my eyes, his hand disappeared under my skirt. I gave a quick glance around: the men on either side of me were engrossed in newspapers and the man sitting next to Tomo had fallen asleep. I bit my lip and nodded slightly at Tomo.

He rested his elbow on the seat rest and I spread my legs just slightly further apart. His fingers stroked my inner thighs, coming so close to my pussy before sliding back, teasing me. My panties were now soaked, my wetness seeping onto my pantyhose, and my nipples ached to be sucked and bitten. Finally, Tomo moved up just a fraction of an inch and his fingers pressed against my pussy. His eyes met mine as his fingers made contact; he smiled lazily as I gasped. He continued to stroke my slit, pressing against my clit and rubbing it. I closed my eyes and gripped the seat tightly for support. I managed to spread my legs just a little more without disturbing the men next to me.

Tomo’s fingers massaged and rubbed my clit in little circles, then occasionally slipped down further, rubbing over my whole cunt and up over my ass. My hips started to rock, trying to keep his fingers on my clit. He pressed harder and I ground my cunt onto his hand. He flicked my clit, once, hard, and then went back to rubbing it in circles. I had been turned on even before seeing Tomo on the train, so it didn’t take long for me to get close to cumming. I moaned softly and the man next to me glanced over. Luckily, he couldn’t see much; Tomo’s hand was well hidden from view. I kept pressing my pussy against Escort Bostancı Tomo’s fingers and soon was on the brink of an orgasm. I brought my hand to my mouth and pretended to cough; really I was biting my index finger to stifle my cries as I came onto Tomo’s fingers. My juices soaked through my silk thong and through my pantyhose onto his fingers. I opened my eyes again and saw him slide his hand back down my leg. Legs shaking, I moved my thighs back together and watched as Tomo sucked his fingers into his mouth, smiling as he tasted my cum. Just then, the train began to pull into the next station. I grabbed Tomo’s hand, still damp from my pussy, and pulled him off the train with me.

“But Sara-sensei, this is the wrong stop!” Tomo said as I led him down the stairs and towards the women’s bathroom.

“I don’t care,” I said as we finally reached my destination. Unbelievably, it was empty. I pulled him into the nearest stall, locked the door and pressed myself against him. Immediately, his hands were all over me s our lips met. I finally got to suck and nibble on his luscious full lips. After a deep kiss, I gently grabbed his bottom lip between my teeth and pulled. He moaned, grabbed my ass and pulled me hard against his cock. Our tongues played passionately as I ran my hands down his back, to his ass, then back up again. My fingers intertwined into his hair as we kissed long and hard.

“Oh, my god. I’ve been dreaming of that since we met,” I gasped as we finally broke apart. Tomo looked at me, eyes filled with lust. He quickly unbuttoned my blazer and then started working on my blouse. In a matter of moments it was gone too, discarded with my blazer on the floor. I quickly reached over and pulled his t-shirt off over his head, taking the opportunity to run my hands over his sculpted chest. I ran my fingertips over his nipples, teasingly. He moaned and pulled me tight against him, reaching behind me to unzip my skirt. It puddled on the floor and I stepped out of it as I he started to roll my pantyhose down over my hips. I kicked off my shoes and soon I was clad only in my pink bra and thong.

“Well, now you’re wearing entirely too many clothes, Tomo,” I whispered as I reached for his belt. I undid it, then unzipped his fly and pulled his jeans down. He was wearing black boxer briefs and I could see the outline of his cock through them. I couldn’t keep from cupping his hard on with one hand as I helped him get his jeans and shoes fully off. At this point, I was kneeling on the floor, inches from his hard cock. He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair as I looked up at him. I slowly, slowly, pulled his briefs down and after a few seconds his cock sprang out. I licked my lips. His cock was of an average length, about 6 inches, but it was thick. I knew I wanted that in my pussy and felt my juices start to drip again. I slowly ran my tongue over the purple head of his beautiful, thick cock. I licked all over the head, tasting and savoring him. I caressed his balls with one hand as my tongue slid down to the base of his hard on and then back up again, sucking the head into my hot, wet mouth. I toyed with his heavy balls as I slurped his cock down further into my mouth. I was able to take the whole length fairly easily and he groaned as he felt my lips around the base of his cock. His hands in my hair, he pulled my head up and down on his hard, thick cock. My pussy was dripping and so I reached down with my free hand to rub my clit.

Suddenly, Tomo pulled my mouth off his cock. I looked up at him as I kept stroking his cock with one hand. He pulled me up to my feet and kissed my neck. Pressing his hard cock against my pussy, he whispered:

“I want to fuck you, Sara. Will you let me fuck your pussy?”

“Ohh fuck yes. Fuck me, Tomo!” Upon hearing that, Tomo’s hand s quickly pulled off my bra and threw it across Bostancı Rus Escort the room. He slipped my thong down over my hips and I kicked them away. His fingers were immediately inside my cunt. He spread my pussy lips and slid 2 fingers up inside me. I moaned and started to pinch my nipples. He continued kissing my neck and ears as he finger-fucked me.

“Ooooh yes. Oh, fuck, Tomo that feels so good. Mmmmm baby, fuck me please!” I cried out as he thrust 3 fingers inside me. Tomo quickly obliged, pushing me against the wall of the toilet stall and lifting me up off the ground. His cock slipped between my pussy lips and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I let out a loud moan as his thick hard cock sank into my cunt. He started fucking me with long, slow strokes, driving me wild. Every time he shoved his whole cock into me, my clit ground against him, making me moan. I dug my fingers into the flesh of his back, whimpering and groaning as we fucked.

“Oh yes, oh yes, mmmmmm yes Tomo! Oh don’t stop, please don’t stop…I’m gonna cum, baby!” My moans were drowned out by his grunts and cries as his thick cock fucked my tight cunt. I reached down and rubbed my clit furiously as he pounded into me.

“Oohhh!! YES!! I’m cumming!!” I cried out as my orgasm ripped through me. Seconds after I started cumming, Tomo yelled out in Japanese and I felt his hot cum splashing into my pussy. My cunt contracted around his cock, draining him of his cum, as my orgasm continued. My body shook and I grabbed tightly onto Tomo as I rode it out. He leaned heavily against me, pressing me against the wall as we shook with orgasm.

After a few minutes, we started to breathe normally again. I slid my legs off from Tomo’s waist and stood on the floor; but I continued to lean against him. I could feel the mixture of our cum dripping out of my pussy as we kissed deeply and passionately again.

“Wow.” I looked into Tomo’s eyes and saw in them the same amazement I felt. “That was unbelievable, Tomo.”

“Yeah,” he said, running his strong hands all over my body. “But there’s one more thing I need to do, Sara-sensei.”

“Uh, Tomo, you don’t need to keep calling me ‘sensei’,” I laughed. He motioned for me to sit on the toilet seat and I did so. Kneeling before me, Tomo spread my legs and licked his full lips.

“Sara, your pussy is so beautiful…” he whispered just before he leant in, licking my cunt from top to bottom in one go. His tongue snaked out and flicked my clit, then went to work cleaning my pussy. He dipped his tongue deep into my cunt and scooped out our cum mixture. He then moved away from my pussy and moved up to my mouth. We kissed deeply, and I could taste my cum and his together on his tongue. Tomo slid his tongue back down my body and kept eating my pussy, sucking on my clit hard and fast. I could feel another orgasm starting to build and my hands grasped his hair, pulling him closer to my cunt.

“Oh my god, yeah… you eat pussy so good, Tomo! Oh, fuck…don’t stop. Mmmmm…” I moaned and writhed on the toilet seat as Tomo furiously ate my pussy. A few moments later my cunt started contracting as he sucked my clit and my thighs pressed tightly against his head as my body was wracked with another orgasm. I cried out and ground my cunt against his face before finally falling back, limp and exhausted.

After my heart slowed down a little, I opened my eyes again to see Tomo keeling next to me. He kissed me again, gently, and helped me to my feet. We dressed each other in silence, stopping to put a kiss here, a touch there. When we were both back to normal, more or less, we snuck out of the bathroom and got back on a train. I had no idea how much time had passed and so I checked my cell phone as I sat next to Tomo on the train.

“Oops, looks like I’m gonna be a little late today. But it was worth it,” I giggled. Tomo kissed my neck, just below my ear and pulled me close against him.

When the train reached our station, Tomo and I shared a quick kiss and I ran off to work, where I could count down the minutes until Tomo’s lesson. I desperately hoped that all of the other students would call in sick…

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