Hotel Room Fun


My annual treat for my partner’s birthday was to take a long weekend break in the country.

This year was no exception and I had made all the arrangements personally.

A medium suite in a plush hotel looking out over the valley and on up into the upper mountains.

I had my local speciality food store make up a hamper and that was for a picnic on the Saturday afternoon.

The scene was set, the food, the wine and all we had to do was, just do it.

We flew off from our local airport and picked up the hire car at the distant end. A brand new, well almost, convertible with luxury seats and all the stereo equipment you could handle.

Driving along Jean and I were laughing and joking making small talk and really looking forward to the annual event.

Reception was staffed by two youngsters no more than 20, a man and a woman.

“Hi and welcome to The Captains Lodge we hope you enjoy your stay with us, say do you have a booking?” the young woman asked.

“We do indeed,” and I handed her the printout of the online booking receipt.

“Thank you so much …..” she tapped at the keyboard “I think that you may have a problem”

“You think … we … have a problem,” I rapped.

“Sorry but the suite on the sheet has already been taken,” she said.

“That’s right …. By us,” I snapped.

“I’ll get the duty manager,” she responded.

A good 30 minutes later and we have a double booked room all because their systems have doubled booked it.

“Did we book it first?” I asked.

“No the Roberts booked it first, but they’re not here yet,” the duty manager responded.

“Ok then, were here so lets do it,” I snapped back.

They argued amongst themselves for some time and then said,

“There are two separate bedrooms with two separate bathrooms but one central drawing sitting room. How would it be if you shared the central facility with the Roberts, but at least then you would both get the situation sorted out and I will look to getting you all say, free food over the weekend for our mistake?”

“Jeez,” I muttered “We need to see what they say I suppose,” I went on.

“Please go through to the lounge sir and have coffee, while we wait for them,” he said.

Almost exactly an hour and a half since stepping through the door and the Roberts arrived at Reception.

I could see the duty manager explaining the situation and pointing in our general direction.

“Mr Roberts, I’m Pete Edwards” I said thrusting out my hand towards him, “They couldn’t organise a ……… well you know the scene.”

“Hi, too damn right Pete,” he responded.

“Have they filled you in on their plan?” I asked.

“Yeh, I will have to confirm whether we will or wont with the management ….,” he said pointing over to a stunning, long black haired girl, coming through the main doors.

“OK, we’ll wait over in the lounge for you, maybe you want to join us for some coffee after you have the plan confirmed,” I said.

“Ok will do, and by the way its Jim and Amanda,” he said.

“Pete and Jean,” I responded.

I strolled back over to Jean and poured another coffee as we eyed them up and down.

“They look a great couple to me,” said Jean.

“Yeh pretty cool to me too,” I said, as Jean kicked me on the ankle and laughed.

They both strolled over to us and sat down on a deep couch opposite us, we had two separate leather armchairs.

“I guess if you’re OK with this we could all get a better deal out of it than we could otherwise have had,” he said.

“We think it could be a whole different ballgame, different to our usual anyhow,” said Jean.

“Different to your usual?” queried Amanda.

“Oh I didn’t mean we do this all the time, different to our once a year adventure,” said Jean laughing.

Jean went on to explain about her birthday and our trip away and how we usually did this as a treat.

Amanda was obviously taken by this and insisted we all do it, if just for the adventure of it.

Anything Amanda wanted would be OK with me, she was absolutely stunning and got me hot and horny just looking at her.

We all agreed and said to the duty manager we would do it, but, we wanted food and drinks for free for all the hassle.

Reluctantly, mainly to keep us quiet in the reception area, he agreed and the porters started off to the lift with our baggage, we all followed behind.

Amanda just oozed sex, she smelled gorgeous and looked even better and I did my very best to press against her in the lift.

The porter pushed his way into the room and dragged the trolley with the bags on in after him.

Standing waiting for his tip Jim peeled a note off his bill fold, giving it to him, and the porter left the room.

Not sure what to do the 2 girls made their way into the rooms on the right of the huge open lounge and we followed on behind.

“Wow, Gaziantep Anal Escort we’ll have this one,” said Jean.

“Yeh sure,” said Amanda.

Amanda and Jim made their way out across the lounge and on to the other sides bedroom. Jean and I followed them. If we thought our room was huge then their room dwarfed ours by miles.

“Maybe I was a tad hasty,” laughed Jean as she realised her haste had cost us the best room.

Amanda brushed past me as she made her way through a large oak doorway to another marbled bathroom. Cheekily she slipped off her top and started to swish the water into the bath.

“I’m gonna take a bath I think,” she said, just turning enough to give me a nice view of her hard tits, poking round the corner of her arms.

“Ok” said Jean as she tugged at my sleeve.

“Yeh, Yeh, ok,” I said as I took one last look at those tits and nipples pushing through the front of her soft bra.

Getting back into our room Jean flopped onto the bed, remover her top and pushed her tits together.

“Nearly as big as hers?” she said quizzically.

“Mmm nearly but they are enough for me,” I responded.

I leant forward to suck her nipples through her bra and as I did she took a full handful of my stiffening cock in her right hand and yanked furiously at it. I slipped off my shirt and tie and dropped my pants to the floor. Jean dropped back onto the bed, arching her back she slid off her thong and pulled up her skirt above her hips.

I dropped onto the bed, grabbed her hips, lifting them up and as I did she leant forward springing my hard cock out of my boxers and in seconds I was balls deep inside her.

I thrust in and out of her wet juicy pussy, sending all the full 8″ of my hard cock into her.

As I was pumping hard at Jeans pussy I glanced to my left to see Amanda tiptoeing into our bathroom. She had the smallest of thongs on and a push up, push in, push out bra on that made her tits look like mountains straining to get out of a sack.

She stood by the doorway rubbing wildly, but silently, at her pussy and tweaking her tits with her other hand through her bra.

The front of her pink thong was almost totally transparent with her wetness as she obviously finished herself off.

I continued my pumping at Jeans pussy and finally Jean exploded in a scream and groan of delight. Amanda quickly left the room and by the time Jean opened her eyed to look up at me she had missed her silent viewer.

I hadn’t come but boy was I near and I thought I would save what I had for more fun later.

I slid down the bed and lapped at Jeans hot, red and very wet pussy.

“Wow that was really good,” she said.

“Yeh, your not kidding it was,” I said, knowing who had been watching.

I pulled her up off the bed and she lowered her skirt and I picked up my pants and T shirt and we went into the lounge area.

“Lets see what their doing,” I said and pointed towards the other bedroom.

“Pete …. We cant go into someone else’s rooms..” Jean said in a hushed voice.

We tip toed into their bedroom and there was nothing to see, noises coming from the bathroom suggested something else though.

There before us was Amanda bent forward over the bathroom sink with Jim taking her from behind. He was giving it everything he had, perspiration was running down her back and her hard tits were swaying under her body.

She glanced behind her and saw us both standing open mouthed at what we witnessed.

Jean started to tug at my sleeve to get us to go, but I held her arm and put my finger to her lips to stop her saying anything.

She stood in front of me as we watched Amanda being fucked rigid before our eyes.

Amanda kept glancing behind her and smiling, Jim thought it was at him, but we both knew otherwise. Jim kept up a steady rhythm as he pierced her with his cock and Amanda pushed back onto every thrust.

Jean was already rubbing her nipples as she watched the pair deep into each other. I put one hand round her and lifted up her skirt to reveal her wet pussy. Amanda caught sight of it and in seconds she had come. Jean squealed as she too came and Jim’s head spun round to catch me with my fingers deep inside Jeans pussy.

Jim pumped at Amanda’s pussy even harder and as he came he pulled out and sprayed creamy cum all over her back. The stark contrast between the tanned back and the white cum made it seem all the sexier.

Jean bent over and begged me to do her as Amanda had been done.

I gently lined my cock up with her pussy and pushed half of it into the wet slippery hole, she moaned as it went in and I slammed it in and out a few times before picking up a rhythm.

Amanda and Jim turned towards us as we fucked as hard as it was possible to fuck.

Amanda rubbed at her clit like a demon possessed and Jim eased his hand up and down the shaft of his still semi hard cock.

Jean exploded as she came and squirted all over the floor, Amanda watching from the bathroom door, came almost instantly with her.

Jean slumped over the bed and almost immediately Amanda came over and started to rub Jeans tits. They both rolled further up the bed and started to play with each others bodies.

Amanda forced her leg in between Jeans thighs and started to use her thigh on Jeans pussy. The delightful sound on Jeans pussy squishing and dribbling over Amanda’s thigh made my wilting cock spring into action again. It was having the same effect on Jims cock, but what happened next did surprise me. Jim came up alongside me and rubbed his monster cock down the side of my thigh as he gently took hold of my throbbing cock.

This was something I had never experienced before, but hell, it felt real good and soon he was tugging at my cock with all his might.

His left hand kept touching his own cock and then disappearing round my ass as he stroked it and fingered my ass crack.

This was something I had never done before and although I felt a kind of unease I also felt as randy as hell and my cock loved every minute of it.

The two girls were about to boil over again as they kissed and fondled each other, Amanda still taking the lead and making sure Jeans clit was never far from some part of her body.

Jean came and sprayed Amanda with liquid as she did, Amanda followed straight away and they both rolled onto their backs showing us their hot, red, sticky and throbbing pussy’s.

Jim stepped up the pace on my cock and I started to pump out a stream of creamy come all over his hand. He slowed the stroke right down, just easing my foreskin back over my ring as I dribbled out the last few drops. Without thinking I took hold of his cock and worked him for what only seemed like seconds before he shot a thin spray of cum all over the two girls and the bed.

“Hey how did you know I love cum for dinner,” said Amanda laughing.

“That was just about the sexiest thing I have ever done,” said Jim.

“Right on, I loved every second of that,” said Jean.

“I’m speechless and limp,” I said laughing and falling onto the bed with the girls.

We all lay on the bed our arms round each other in total silence, I fell asleep in seconds, satisfied and happy.

The room was semi lit from the light coming from the lounge area, I looked at my watch and it showed 7.15pm. Where had the time gone?

I rolled easily onto my back and could see shadowy movements through the doorway to the lounge.

“Oh yes … Oh yes … more,” was what I heard.

I got up and moved over to the doorway peeping round the corner.

Jean was bent forward with her hands on the arms of an armchair. Amanda was sprawled in the chair with her legs wide apart, rubbing her clit with one hand and pulling Jeans lips to her own with the other.

Jim had his whole cock length up Jeans pussy, pushing it in and out in a steady rhythm.

Jean backed onto it as he slid it in and eased away as he pulled it out. They were going at it for all they were worth and Amanda’s fingers were a blur on her clit.

I walked sure and steady towards them, kneeling by the side of the chair and taking Amanda’s hand away from her clit and putting it on my cock as my fingers started on her clit.

I rubbed on her super wet clit as Jim pounded Jeans pussy. I watched his super stiff cock, with blue veins standing out hard on the shaft, slipping in and out of Jeans tight little pussy.

My cock was already rising and Amanda’s hand worked on it making it nice and hard.

Jim suddenly groaned as he got to the last few strokes and Jean squealed as she always did and squirted out as she came. Jim pulled out and shot a dribble of cum onto Jeans back.

They both dropped down to the floor with exhaustion. I quickly saw my opportunity and flipped Amanda onto her stomach in the chair and moved behind her, pushing my cock into her greedy hole. It devoured my cock in one gulp and it slid in right to the very top and I fucked her just as hard as it was possible. She loved it, she simply loved it and twisted her ass and pussy in all directions to get the best feel out of it all. She rode it until she couldn’t help herself and her pussy gripped my cock so hard as she came I thought it would break off. Her pussy spasmed for what seemed like ages as I too unloaded my cum up her hole.

I leant into her side and kissed her lips and tits as she gasped for air.

This was the best without any doubt at all, no other birthday weekend had been this good.

We ordered food from room service and when it arrived Amanda put on her robe and ushered the staff into the lounge getting them to leave the trolley and let us help ourselves.

Jim kept his fingers on Jeans clit and was fascinated by the fact that every time she came she squirted. He kept her primed and ready to go and she was now squeezing his cock every opportunity she got.

We ate the food and it was back to feeling and fucking every chance we got.

At about 3 in the morning I went off into our bedroom and fell asleep in a second. I was worn out shattered by the days happenings and ready for sleep.

I awoke at about ten the next morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. Amanda and Jim lay on the bed and Jean was asleep in the armchair in the bedroom.

Amanda was superb, her body was sleek and slim, her skin was taught and tanned and her tits had no sign of sags or blemishes.

Jim looked as though he had a morning hard on and I reckon his cock was a good 9″ when fully hard.

I went to the bathroom and to my surprise Amanda followed right in behind me, as I stood at the toilet to pee. She put her hand round my cock and aimed the stream at the pan until I had finished. She yanked on my cock to keep it hard and then pulled me across to the bath, where she put one foot on the edge of the bath and pulled my now stiff cock into her shiny and wet pussy and we fucked as hard as we could stood like that.

Before I could come she dropped to her knees and took the end of my cock in her mouth and sucked hard on it. She slid her wet lips up and down the shaft and licked my ring and teased it as she licked and sucked and lapped at my cock, I could feel I could last no longer and I told her I was coming. She opened her mouth wide and waited for my load to rush down her throat, she gulped it all down without hesitation. She then sucked every last creamy down out of me, in fact I wondered whether there was any left in my balls after she had finished.

She begged me to lick and suck her clit and pussy, well … , how could anyone refuse such a request as that.

She came and groaned and twisted with sheer delight as her pussy muscles twitched and grabbed at my tongue.

This went on all morning and we broke into our previously prepared hamper to stave off the pangs of hunger.

My cock had grown hard again and Jim came over and asked whether he could service me over the next hour or so.

I said it wasn’t something I was used to but it sure felt good the first time and in this situation I would try almost anything.

He rubbed my cock back and forth as well as rubbing his own cock from time to time. He stood astride me facing me and lowered his cock until it touched mine and furiously rubbed our two cocks together. This felt really good and in no time I was close to coming. He slowed down and then sucked me for a while and rubbed his own cock.

His cock was great but didn’t seem to be as hard as I got, but what he lacked in hardness he gained in length. I stroked his cock whenever it came within arms reach and he obviously loved it. He turned me over on the bed and began to finger and lick my ass hole. He was very keen to try to get his fingers in there and tried first one then two fingers into me.

It felt good, I had never tried it before but I was as horny as hell doing this. We ended up in face to face 69 and I did the same to him although I hadn’t quite got the hang of it.

He knelt up and then greasing his fingers he tried three fingers inside me and although it hurt at first it felt even better. In a subtly move he went down the bed, turned and with a quick lift of his cock withdrew his three fingers and inserted his cock into my ass.

I knew I had it in me but it felt absolutely great and I told him to give me more.

This he did without a second request.

Before long I had a good 6″ of hard cock in me and he pushed it in and out and in a gasp and a grunt he shot a load of creamy cum up my ass.

He kept his cock in me until it wilted enough to slip out onto the sheets.

“Please please do me,” he begged.

He got into doggy position and gripped the bed head ready for me to enter him. I knelt behind him and pushed my hot cock into his brown hole with just the tip in him.

“Give me the lot …now,” he commanded, I obeyed him and slid the rest of my length up him until I was pounding his ass for all I was worth.

I too shot my load up him and sank onto the sheets pulling my now limp cock out of him.

Amanda and Jean were using their rabbit vibrators on each other, not really noticing what we were up to.

Soon it was late afternoon and we all gathered in the lounge to have a chat about our events over the past day and a half.

We all agreed that this was the best birthday party Jean could ever have had.

Jean agreed too, her only stipulation was that we could do it again next year.

Jim stood up and said “Well if Pete and I could arrange this surprise for you then I’m sure we could do the same next year or maybe before if you liked it so much!”

Jean and Amanda looked up at both of us with shock and surprise.

“Jim and I are old college pals, good weekend though, what do you say ladies?” I laughed and turned to call the porter to take out the bags.

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