Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 99


Jessica called down to room service for breakfast, and by the time it arrived everyone was up and around. They ate and had coffee, which helped Jessica’s hangover tremendously. The other girls were all in extremely high spirits, chattering, giggling, and telling stories. Eventually they started discussing what to do that day, and after a minute Marie piped up enthusiastically: “Let’s go shopping!”

This idea was met with general approval and Jessica texted Rocky to arrange transportation. “Oooh,” said Erica, “there’s one store I absolutely have to take you to. You would love it.”

They all showered and dressed. Erica borrowed jeans and a T-shirt from Marie; even dressed down like this, she looked impeccably glamorous. When the limo arrived Rocky rolled down the tinted window and tipped her hat to them. “Ladies.”

They all piled in to the back, Jessica and Jane on one side, Erica and Marie on the other. Jessica absent-mindedly fondled Jane as she looked out the window, taking in the sights, loving that she could see out but no one could see in. She slipped a hand down Jane’s panties and Jane moaned, leaning back in her seat. Erica followed suit, squeezing Marie’s breasts with one hand while sliding the other up her skirt to caress her exquisitely soft thighs.

The store Erica had in mind turned out to be an upscale boutique aimed at lesbians, packed with sex toys, lingerie, bondage gear, and anything else one’s heart might desire. They spent a happy hour there and emerged with three big bags full of goodies. Jessica bought herself a new strap-on that was unlike any she’d seen before. Its surface was soft and lifelike — better than lifelike, it was a pleasure just to touch it. It also vibrated subtly, stimulating both the clit of the wearer and the pussy on the receiving end. Jessica could hardly Sincan Escort wait to try it out.

She also bought a pearl-handled whip and, for Jane and Marie, dog collars with diamond studs. For Erica, she bought a lovely pair of gold-plated nipple clamps — a tip for superior service, she said. Jane and Marie had picked out a bunch of lingerie and other treats; Jessica hadn’t even noticed some of what went into the bags, but she knew she’d find out eventually.

At this point Erica excused herself; she had to get home and change, as she had an appointment with one of her best clients later that afternoon. Before she left to find a taxi, though, she pulled Jessica aside for a moment.

“You have dinner plans for tonight?” Jessica shook her head. “Do you like sushi?”

“Love it,” answered Jessica.

“I know some people who run a service that will bring sushi to your room. The food is great, but the presentation is, well, amazing.” Erica’s eyes glittered mischievously. “Shall I call them for you?”

“Absolutely,” said Jessica. Then there were kisses all around and Erica was on her way.

Jessica, Jane, and Marie spent the rest of the afternoon going from shop to shop, indulging their every whim. It was Christmas season in New York City, and festive extravagance was the order of the day. At one particularly memorable stop Jessica bought them all fur coats. She had forgotten how much she loved fur, how sexy she found it. And these were antique coats, so the animals who supplied them had been dead a long time; even Marie, an animal lover of the highest order, raised no objection. And she looked absolutely fabulous in her coat; it was like she’d been born to wear fur.

On the way home, Jessica was tempted to bust out the new strap-on and break it in right there in the back Escort Ankara of the limo. But before she knew it they were pulling up in front of the hotel. Impulsively she asked Rocky to come up and join them for dinner.

“Well, ma’am,” answered Rocky, “I don’t exactly have a good way to park this here machine. I appreciate the invite though. Next time.”

In the lobby one of the hotel’s assistant managers flagged them down. “Ms. Braden?”


“As you requested, we admitted the food service crew to your room. I trust you will find everything in order.”

“Thank you,” said Jessica. She hesitated a moment; was she supposed to tip the guy for this? He was management, so she didn’t think so, and if he was it all disappointed, he was professional enough to conceal it.

When they got upstairs it was perfectly quiet in the suite, and for a second Jessica wondered if the sushi had gone to the wrong room. But then they turned a corner and saw that a large table had been set up in the living room. On this table were two naked Japanese girls laying perfectly still, their bodies covered with an assortment of sashimi and rolls. Both of them were wearing black masks with eyeholes. Jessica, Marie, and Jane shared a look; this was certainly something new.

One of the girls spoke up. “Hello, my name is May,” she said. “And this is June. We will be your sushi platters tonight. You will find soy sauce and wasabi on the table to my left, and the big bottle there is full of hot sake. If you want a beer or some other cold beverage, you will find your suite’s refrigerator fully stocked. Bon appetit.”

After stashing their packages and cleaning up, Jessica, Jane, and Marie pulled up chairs and sat down to their meal. The scene was so artfully arranged, two beautiful bodies decorated with Eryaman Escort Bayan equally beautiful food, that it seemed a shame to disturb it. But Jessica was starving, so after taking a picture she scooped up a piece of unagi.

The three of them worked their way slowly through the food, drinking plenty of sake, often standing to walk around the table and get a different angle on the scene. Afterward, Jessica would say it was possibly the best meal she’d ever had; it was certainly one of the most memorable.

After a while Jessica stopped picking up the sushi with her hands, and started leaning down to eat it off the two girls’ bodies. There were no objections, so Marie and Jane followed suit, and after a few minutes of this Jessica couldn’t resist taking a little taste of May’s nipple. Still nothing was said, so they began to take more liberties, sucking a breast here, kissing a neck or thigh there, even nuzzling into the girls’ sweet-smelling black pubic hair. Eventually the food was all gone, but the meal was not over.

Jessica sat back and watched as Jane moved her chair to right in front of May, and Marie placed hers in front of June. With the food gone the girls could move, and so now their legs were spread, revealing two pairs of glistening pink pussy lips. Jessica fixed herself a martini and sat down to watch Jane and Marie service the two Japanese girls, who whimpered and moaned softly as they squirmed and writhed on the table.

Jessica had just finished her drink and May and June had come with high-pitched squeals when there was a knock at the door. This turned out to be the manager of May and June’s company, come to collect them. She was accompanied by two men who packed up the table and equipment as May and June dressed. Then the four of them quickly cleaned the kitchen as the manager chatted with Jessica and settled the bill.

When they had gone Jessica made herself another drink and thought about what to do next. The night was young and she was just getting warmed up. Her mind turned to the new strap-on; it needed breaking in.

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