How a Wife Keeps Her Husband Happy

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I married my husband when I was 32 years old and he was 35. I had taken female hormones for ten years and my tiny penis and ball sack had shrunk away to almost nothing. An MRI revealed my testicles has completely dissolved leaving me without any source of natural testosterone. Estrogen supplements were essential to my well-being.

I wore female outer clothing and beautiful nylon and lace lingerie everyday since I was 21 years old. I never engaged in or tried to engage in sexual intercourse with a biological female. I really enjoyed being a full time girl who did not have a vagina.

I had been very lucky to find a biological male who wanted me as his wife. We lived together for two years and then had a traditional church wedding that fulfilled all of my dreams of being a bride.

I had been very open with my husband about not wanting to engage in anal intercourse. I told him I would never hesitate to enjoy oral intercourse with him any time he wanted me to. I kept my promise and over the years I willingly swallowed every drop of his ejaculate. My husband found me to be a real turn on and as a result of this his orgasms were very intense. His 8 inch erect cock would squirt large streams of semen in four or five contractions always filling my mouth with warm, sticky liquid. I loved swirling it around in my mouth before swallowing his load. I would then lick and suck on his penis to ensure I had every last drop.

My husband never tried to force me into anal sex and for the first 20 years we were married our sex life was very pleasing for us both. My orgasms would cause my nipples to lactate into my bra and occasionally I would discharge warm, sticky liquid into my panties. My internal muscle contractions were very intense when I was copulated with my husband and I would lose my breath at times when we made love as I orgasmed.

We lived has a husband and wife couple very happily for many years. We had a strong circle of friends of which I was the only girl who was not a biological female. All of the girlfriends in our circle knew of my situation and several of them were always eager to ask me questions about my husband’s and my sex life. I would delight in letting them in on as many details as they wanted to know. In turn they helped me develop my feminine side to a point it was impossible to tell by looking or talking to me I was missing a vagina between my legs.

My husband and I were approaching our 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted to get him something special as a gift. I always felt that I may have been leaving him wanting when it came to sexual intercourse as he did not insert his erect cock into my anus and of course, there were no wet, soft, vaginal lips for him to copulate with since I had none. He said he did not mind, but I sensed he would enjoy his erect penis being engulfed in a female vagina. We were after all, married and living the life of a heterosexual couple.

A couple of years earlier, one of our couple friend’s husband had passed away. She remained in our circle of friends and I knew she was very sexually active before she became a widow. I also knew she was fascinated with my husband and my sex life as she was always asking me questions and following my tips on oral sex.

I came up with an idea that I first talked to my husband about for his approval. For our 20th wedding anniversary I asked him if he would enjoy have full blown sexual intercourse with our widowed, biological female friend. I would want to be in the room with them when they were having sex and I would want to be the one who first orally brought him to a full, hard erection. I had a special request that I wanted to be the one who would gently insert his 8 inch long erection into the waiting vagina of our friend. My husband at first held back, but I could tell he was excited by my request.

“Who’s going to ask our friend Mary if she wants to do this?” He asked.

“I’ll take care of that.” I said.

The next day I called Mary and asked her to come to the house for lunch. My husband was at work when Mary arrived. I made a nice lunch salad for both of us and I had on one of my most feminine long sleeve sun dresses. I added a medium weight petticoat underneath just to give my skirt more flair.

“How have you been coping since your husband passed away?” I asked in a nurturing way.

“I won’t lie. It’s been a rough adjustment. I didn’t realize how many things we shared until he was not there to share them with me.” Mary replied.

“Do you miss cuddling with him in bed at night?” I asked.

“I do. More than I thought I would. I’ve tried one of those body length pillows, but it’s just not the same. I’m a little embarrassed to say, but you and I have always been open with each other. I miss the feeling of a male erect penis between my legs sliding in and out of my vagina.” Mary said coyly.

“Have you used a dildo as a substitute?”

“Yes, I have tried several kinds, but nothing is close to that feeling gaziantep escort a rock hard cock gives me. I’m through the change so I don’t have to worry about becoming pregnant, and I thought at my age my desire for sex would have begun to fade, but it seems it’s stronger than ever.” Said Mary.

This sounded like a perfect opening for me and I took it.

“What if I could help you have the feeling you want again and at the same time you would be giving my husband and me a special gift we wanted for each other?” I asked slyly.

“What did you have in mind? Do you think I would like it?” Mary asked.

“I’m not sure, but based on the fact we have known each other for over 15 years and we have shared some rather intimate sex stories, I think you may be interested in our idea. It’s totally safe and would give you the opportunity to experience something new, but at the same time enjoy something you are currently yearning for.” I was more confident in my speech and it was noticeable.

“What is it?” Mary asked.

“Well…For our 20th wedding anniversary I want to give my husband something he has not had in a very long time.” I hesitated.

“Really?, I always thought you two were very happy sexually. I mean, I know you are not a biological female, but your husband is always bragging what a great oral sex partner you are.” Said Mary.

“Oh, we’re totally in love and more than sexually satisfied. He’s told me I am way more feminine and sexy than any biological woman he ever fucked before we met.”

“Then what new thing are you asking me?”

“I would like my husband for our anniversary to be able to insert his erect penis into a real female vagina. And we wanted to know if you would consent to being that vagina and having full blown sexual intercourse with him. I want him to enjoy the feeling of a warm, wet pussy again.” I said.

Mary paused for a moment as she stared straight into my eyes.

“Oh Wow! I had no idea you were going to ask me that. I’m very flattered. I’ve always had a crush on your husband and wondered what it would feel like to have him fuck me. What are you going to do while we do this?” She asked.

“Well that’s where we want to go a little further. I want to be in the bedroom with both of you and I want to be the one who guides my husband’s erect cock into your vagina. He’s 8 inches fully erect just so you know.”

“I’d like that!” Mary said quickly.

“Really?” I answered happily and a bit surprised.

“Yeah. You only live once and I’ve never pushed my sexual boundaries, but with my two friends who I have known for such a long time, this sounds like a lot of sexy fun!”

“Great! I’m glad you feel this way. I think it will be a fun new experience for all of us.”

I continued; “Our anniversary is next Tuesday and we would like to have you meet us here around 7pm. Does that work for you?”

“I’ll make it work.” She replied.

“I think you are really going to enjoy yourself.” I said.

“What about you my dear? I mean I know you still have your penis. Are you going to have an erection by watching us?” Mary asked.

“No…I’ve had surgery that makes it physically impossible for me to have any kind of erection. Plus, I’ve taken estrogen for over 25 years and that has dissolved my testicles and shrunk my penis to the point it has no physical shaft. It does not protrude out of my body. Chemically I am 100% female and have been for many years. Have you ever had a sexual experience with another female?” I asked.

Mary looked at the floor and then shyly said; “In college I tried it once. We went pretty far enjoying each other for over an hour. I especially enjoyed it when we rubbed our vaginal lips together. The warm, wet feeling really got me going. Having sex with another female has always been a comfortable fantasy of mine.”

“Then maybe something you might like will happen. Sexually, I’m 100% girl. We’ll let our natural instincts take over and what happens,… happens.” I said in a sexy way.

“I’m getting excited.” Said Mary. “My panties are damp between my legs.”

“You see…this is going to be a pleasurable experience we will all remember for a very long time.” I assured her.

“What should I wear?” She asked.

“This is the first time my husband and I have ever invited another person into our bed. I wear only vintage lingerie, loaded with nylon and lace and in very feminine colors. I wear thigh high nylon stockings every day with a satin and lace garter belt. You may have noticed I only wear dresses or skirts and blouses. The only pants I have worn in the last 35 years are ‘panties’ and they are always full cut with lots of lace.” I was very descriptive hoping Mary would catch on and she did not disappoint.

“I have just the outfit.” She said “I have never worn it to have sex, but in this situation it will be perfect.”

“Outstanding! We’ll expect you here at the konya escort house at seven.” I said in a joyous voice.

“I’m really looking forward to it!” Said Mary as she got up from the table. She leaned in and kissed me on the cheek as she left and our three-way date was set.

Tuesday could not have gotten there faster for my husband and me. We both were very excited about what we were going to experience. Around 4pm my husband and I took a shower together and I was careful not to get him too excited so he would ejaculate. We were saving that for later. He helped me shave the tiny bit of body hair I had left when we showered. I was totally smooth and soft to the touch when we exited the shower.

As 7pm arrived our doorbell rang and Mary was right on time. My husband was casually dressed in a shirt and pants and I had a flared dress on complete with a full petticoat and beautiful lingerie underneath.

“Come in Mary!” My husband exclaimed. “We are thrilled you are here to help us celebrate.”

“I’m thrilled you have asked me. I’ve been thinking of nothing else these past five days.” Said Mary in an excited voice. She was wearing a very feminine dress with a slight flare to it that showed she too was wearing a petticoat. Her petticoat was a light pink to compliment her red dress.

“Let me pour us something to drink.” Said my husband, and he mixed us cocktails that he knew were each of our favorites.

As we finished our drinks and small talk, Mary said; “How would you like me to start?”

My husband looked to me and said it was up to me to direct the evening. I responded by asking Mary to make herself comfortable in the bedroom and we would join her in a few minutes.

“I’d be happy to.” She said. “Don’t keep me waiting too long” She followed with a sly smile.

With Mary away in the bedroom my husband and I stood up and engaged in a deeply passionate tongue kiss that lasted more than a minute. I felt his penis getting hard through his pants.

“Happy anniversary my love.” I said breathlessly. “You’ve made me the happiest woman ever to be your wife.”

“I’m so in love with you baby and ever more excited at what we are sharing together tonight. I’m lucky to have you as my wife.” He replied.

I took him by the hand and led him into our bedroom. Mary was on her back on the bed and she had removed her dress and petticoat to reveal and light pink and white satin and lace corset with four long garters leading down to white lace top stockings. She was wearing full cut white rumba panties with several rows of lace across her ass. Her large breasts were supported by the corset and visible and her nipples were swollen to a size I had never ever seen on anyone. There was a faint wet glisten to the tips showing she was really into the moment. As she slowly opened her legs, the crotch of her panties was very damp with her excitement.

“Honey, why don’t you strip fully naked and let Mary see your beautiful cock.” I playfully said to my husband. He did what I asked immediately.

I watched Mary’s eyes get big as she saw his penis at about 75% of its fully erect size.

“Woha” She said. “You have a gorgeous cock! You’re going to fill me with that and more aren’t you?”

“That’s the plan.” I responded.

“And I want you to fully ejaculate inside of me. I’m too old to get pregnant, but not too old to desire the feeling of warm semen shooting inside my cunt!” Mary said while panting.

“I’ve been saving up for you.” My husband responded. “You’ll have my full load, I assure you.”

“Let me help slide off your moist panties.” I said as I reached for her waistband and gently slid her full cut rumba panties down her legs. She arched her back and raised her heals to make the process easier.

With her panties off you could see the glistening of her vagina lips. It was also obvious her vaginal lips were swelling and getting bigger and wetter with the moment. Mary’s gaze was straight at my husband’s growing cock.

“Mary, would it be okay if we gently tied your wrists to the bed posts?” I asked in a quiet and loving way.

“Anything is okay with me honey. I’m so aroused I almost can’t breathe.” She responded.

My husband and I each took one of Mary’s wrists and using two belts from my satin robes tied her arms to the bed in a spread eagle pattern. We left her legs untied as she lightly moaned while lying there.

“I want my husband’s cock to be as big and hard as it can be. So I’m going to kiss and lick it into total erection. Why don’t you watch me as I do this Mary?” I asked sweetly.

“I’d love to watch.” She replied.

I was still fully clothed as I reached for my husband’s penis and began to lick and kiss and tongue my way up and down his shaft. He grunted and moaned as I did this and Mary squirmed on the bed moving her hips left and right as her vaginal lips got bigger and bigger and wetter and wetter.

“Don’t kayseri escort make me cum.” My husband said.

“I won’t. I know you so well having had your cock in my mouth for over 20 years. I’ll stop at just the right moment.” I said.

“Oh my God!” Mary exclaimed. “I’ve never wanted a man’s penis so bad in my life!”

“And we want you to have it honey.” I said with a smile.

With that I asked my husband to get on the bed in between Mary’s legs as I gently spread them apart. The aroma of her soaking wet pussy filled the air. I was on the bed next to both of them and could see my husband was starting to pre-cum. I gently pulled on my husband’s cock as I guided it toward Mary’s waiting vagina.

When the tip of his cock touched her cunt lips it soaked him with her juices. I pushed his cock back a little bit and said; “Just one taste for me before you copulate.” I licked the soaking wet head of his cock and for the first time tasted Mary’s cunt juice. I loved the taste and felt a spark of excitement shoot through my body. I placed his now rock hard cock hood in my mouth and lightly tapped the tip with my tongue. My husband gasped.

I quickly pulled my mouth off his cock and steadily guided it into the now soaking wet lips of Mary’s vagina. She shifted a small bit to line up with him and with my face right next to the action he slid effortlessly into her all the way up to his pubic bone. My husband was fully copulated with a biological woman. I loved the visual.

Mary let out a loud gasp and said; “Oh, that’s it. Fuck me! Fuck me as hard and as long as you want!”

With that, my husband, who had had sexual intercourse with several biological women before we met, knew just what to do as he slowly pulled his pelvis back exposing his penis and just as slowly he pushed his pelvis forward plunging his rock hard cock fully inside Mary. She raised her pelvis up off the bed to meet his forward thrusts into her.

This back and forth thrusting continued for over five minutes as both of the sex partners moaned and gasped for breath in complete sexual bliss. I was right next to them at crotch level admiring Mary’s cunt lips and my husband’s long hard cock thrusting in and out. I was aware my bra had become soaked as I lactated a heavy load just watching and smelling this intimate lovemaking.

All of a sudden my husband said loudly; “I’m going to cum! I can’t stop it!”

“Do it baby. Fill me full with your semen! I want your warm sticky load inside me so bad I’m aching!” Responded Mary.

With that my husband thrust forward and this time did not pull back as I saw his body shudder and I could tell his penis was squirting load after load of semen with each contraction. At the same time I saw Mary’s swollen cunt lips clamping closed around his cock then relaxing and clamping closed again in a repeated pattern as he ejaculated. She screamed with delight as my husband grunted and moaned.

My husband had ejaculated inside Mary and she had clearly had an orgasm. I gently placed my hand on the front of my husband’s pelvic area and slowly pushed him back as his 8 inch long cock slide out of Mary’s vagina. He was still 85% hard from his climax as I said; “I want to lick and suck you dry.”

Mary looked down at me catching her breath as my husband said; “Do it honey!”

With Mary watching and my husband still kneeling on the bed between her legs I plunged his soaking wet cock fully into my mouth. I immediately shot a sticky wetness into the crotch of my panties as I enjoyed the sweet taste of Mary’s love juices on my husband’s cock. I licked him as close to dry as I could as his cock softened in my mouth. When he was fully soft I turned my attention to Mary.

“Mary honey. I want to enjoy your beautiful cunt lips. I’m going to lick you to a second orgasm.” I lovingly said.

“I can’t wait! Please do it baby! Mary breathlessly said.

With my husband watching I began to plunge my tongue into Mary’s still soaking and swollen vagina. I immediate tasted my husband’s semen mixed in with her juices. I don’t know what came over me next, but I instinctively began sucking on the opening to her cunt. I filled my mouth with her juices and my husband’s cum and swallowed. I repeated this several more times each time plunging my tongue deeper and nibbling on her clitoris in the process. All of this happening while she was still tied to the bed but pushing her pelvis up to my mouth as if to say: “suck me harder.”

I finished when I felt I had just about sucked her pussy dry and I saw her vaginal lips were beginning to return to normal size. This was a sexual experience like no other for the three of us.

Mary regained her composure in about 20 minutes and we untied her from the bed, shared a three way tongue kiss and helped Mary dress. She left thanking us again and again for the most exciting and stimulating sexual experience of her life.

With Mary gone, my husband undressed me down to my bra and panties and helped me into one of my nightgowns he liked seeing me in the most. We cuddled and slept intertwined all night and I sucked him off the next morning in a steamy morning sexual experience.

We will never forget our 20th wedding anniversary. And next year we’ll be celebrating 30 years together as husband and wife.

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