How Adam Became a Sissy Fuck Toy


For most of his life, Adam was your run of the mill straight guy. He was only attracted to women and when with a woman, he was always in the dominant role. He loved rough sex and being aggressive, even borderline abusive, to the girl he was fucking. He was proud to be a hard fucking, dominant, straight male.

That is, of course, until he moved to San Francisco.

Adam had gotten into grad school in San Francisco and was moving there from his home state of Iowa. It didn’t take long for Adam to realize that he was in an entirely different world. In Iowa, being gay was still not a totally acceptable thing. In San Francisco, you saw men dressed as women walking down the street like it was no big deal.

Adam couldn’t believe his eyes at how sexualized the city was but was also jealous because it was sexualized for men and trans, but not as much for straights.

It didn’t take Adam long to let down his walls. He soon had friends in school who were gay and he was learning that they were no different from him, they just preferred cock to tits. But soon, Adam would find that he had a lot more in common with his gay friends than he had thought he would.

It started the summer after his first year in school. His friend Tony took him to his first ever gay pride part Bycasino in the Castro. He went to meet his friend to walk to the Castro together and was shocked to see that his friend was dressed as a woman. And even more shocked that he found himself attracted to his friend, constantly sneaking looks at his ass in the short skirt.

The two spent the night in the Castro drinking and doing drugs. At around 3 am they decided to call it a night and head home. As they were walking, Tony told him Adam he should just crash at his place cause Adam’s apartment was too far of a walk. Adam agreed, but it wasn’t because of the walk, it was because secretly he was hoping he’d get to fuck his friend while he was dressed like a slutty woman.

When they got in the apartment, Tony was bending over to take off his high heels and Adam saw his chance. While Tony was bent over, Adam walked up and groped his ass. Tony turned around with a big smile on his face “I knew I saw you checking me out tonight, mister!”

Tony led Adam to the couch and sat him down. He then got on his knees in front of Adam and started sucking his cock. For a second, Adam thought about trying to stop Tony, but he knew that he wanted this to happen, so he sat back and enjoyed his first blowjob from a guy.

But Bycasino giriş before Adam came, Tony stood up, lifted his skirt to reveal his own rock hard cock and said “Ok baby, it’s your turn” then winked at Adam.

Adam had a mini freak out. He was fine letting Tony suck him, but he never thought about doing the sucking. “Oh, I don’t know if I want to do that” Adam started to say. But before he could finish objecting, Tony climbed up on the couch and shoved his cock in Adam’s face.

Adam, still drunk, high and horny figured, what the hell. He put Tony’s cock in his mouth and it was like something magically changed in Adam. Never in his wildest dreams had he considered sucking cock, but the second he had Tony in his mouth, he transformed into an insatiable cock sucker. He aggressively and passionately sucked Tony’s cock for a good 30 minutes. Tony was close to blowing his load but stopped Adam because he wanted to take things a step further.

“Get on your hands and knees” Tony ordered Adam. Again. Adam considered saying no, but was too horny and didn’t want the playing to stop so he did as he was told. He got on his hands and knees and put his ass out. Tony spent a good 15 minutes eating Adam’s ass as Adam moaned in ecstasy.

After he had eaten Bycasino güncel giriş Adam out good, Tony said “Ok baby, you ready for this?” He slipped a condom on, lubed himself and Adam up good, then started to penetrate Adam’s asshole.

Adam couldn’t believe what was happening. He felt horny, ashamed, excited and dirty all at the same time. But once Tony had his ass warmed up, there was only one thought going through Adam’s mind…


Adam couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even think about it. The words came out of his mouth unwillingly like someone had taken control of his brain.

Adam had turned into a complete cock whore the second Tony started fucking him. Adam couldn’t get enough. After Tony came, Adam handed him a viagra he had been saving in his wallet for the right time and said “You’re not done yet. Tomorrow is Sunday so we have all night and all day tomorrow for you to fuck me”

And that’s exactly what happened. The two spend the next 12 hours doing drugs and fucking. Mostly it was Adam getting fucked, but he did fuck Tony a couple of times as well.

At around 4pm on Sunday, Adam finally said he had to head home “Sorry man, I gotta go get ready for class tomorrow”.

“Well… how about I come with you and spend the night at your place so I can feed you some more cock?”

“HELL YEAH!” Adam said, once again shocking himself.

And that’s how it started. That’s how Adam went from your typical straight male, to a cock hungry slut.

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