How Long?


How long? How long can I fantasize and not act? I was in my late forties and my whole life I’d had fantasies of sex with another man. I’d come close to acting on them. I’d come close so many times.

My wife was out of town and I used the time as I usually did, to stroke my cock and think about being with another man. I read stories and stroked myself, keeping myself on edge. I barely kept myself from cumming, I wiped the precum from my belly and the head of my prick and licked it from my fingers. God I was so turned on. I thought about going out somewhere to meet a guy. I read more stories and kept myself constantly on the edge of cumming, thinking this might just be the time, but afraid that, if I came, I’d lose my nerve. I rewarded myself with a steady flow of precum wiped across my lips and licked from my fingers. So turned on.

I showered and I stroked my cock while fingering my ass with a soapy finger, nasty thoughts running through my head, my legs weak. God, I want it so bad. I’ve wanted it for so long, wanted it so much. On edge. Still on edge.

I got out of the shower and took the lube and a vibrator from the drawer. I lubed it up and slid it into my ass. God I ache for it. I slid it in and out, slick with the lube, my eyes roll back in my head and I moan. How long can I deny what I want? I stroke myself, hard from the sensation of the vibrator moving in and out of my ass like the cock I want. My stomach is in knots. My balls ache. I want.

I got dressed. I’m going to do it. This time, I swear, I’m going to do it. I head to the bar, the gay bar. I drive there, feeling the sensation of the lube still in and around my hole. I’m in a daze of want. I wasn’t sitting at the bar long when he approached me. I couldn’t tell if my conversation made any sense. I couldn’t tell if my terror and my aching want was obvious. I froze when he asked me. “Are you a top or a bottom”? …. Finally, “a bottom, I think”.

A smile, “you think”?

“I’ve only actually fantasized about it, but I want to, I do”.

Another smile. Now I know my nerves are obvious.

“So, you bottom when you think about it”?

“I’m always very submissive”, I manage.

That smile again. “Are you now? Very submissive are you?”

I can’t look at him now but I manage to croak a “yes” while I avert my eyes.

“Well that’s very interesting.” A long pause. “You have a lot of these fantasies do you?”

“Yes, for a very long time”.

“And never acted on them, and now, here you are.” His smile more mischievous, “kept them all to yourself, did you”?

“Not exactly”.

“Not exactly? Tell me about that”.

God he was killing me. I squirmed. “I was married. I told my wife about them. I wrote stories for us and we talked about them while we had sex”.

“Really, that sounds interesting and did you ever share these stories with anyone besides your wife”?

I froze again.


“They’re on-line”.

“Well, this just keeps getting more interesting”. He stared at me. I felt like he was looking right through me. I squirmed. I was so nervous but I was so turned on. Every nerve in my body was on full alert. I was overloaded. My legs were shaking. Still he stared. He could see it in my face, the fear and the arousal. “Well we’re just going to have to find out a little bit more about these stories. Let’s go”.

I edged closer to panic than arousal. I slid off the bar stool and nearly slipped to the floor, my legs barely able to support me. He smiled and took my arm and we managed to walk from the bar.

He Bycasino lived only a couple blocks away but the walk and the night air calmed me enough to at least walk on my own. I edged back towards arousal but still with a nearly overwhelming nervousness and under everything, just a pure, raw, want. We got to his apartment and we went inside. He pointed me towards a chair. I sat, relieved to be sitting.

“I’m going to change and get you a glass of water”.

I sat there waiting for him to return. It crossed my mind to bolt but desire kept me frozen there. He came back in the room wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt. He had a glass of water in one hand and a laptop in the other. He handed me the water and sat in the chair across from me and opened the laptop.

“And where will I find these stories of yours”?

I couldn’t reply. My throat was constricted. I tried to drink some water and it seemed to wash down my nerves some. “Literotica” and I gave him my author name.

He typed and clicked and navigated through the site until I could see he’d stopped and begun reading. He read on and I sat and fidgeted. No man had ever known the raunchy fantasies I’d always had. I couldn’t believe he was sitting there reading them. I’d never felt so exposed.

He looked up after a while and grinned, “jesus christ these are hot. This is all just fantasy? You’ve never done any of this”?

“No”, I croaked.

“I can’t imagine wanting something so bad for so long and not doing anything about it. Jesus, I feel like I won the lottery. I’m going to turn you out like you’ve always wanted”. He stared at me and I tried to look away, but he locked on my eyes, “I’m going to make you let out thirty years of cock worship on my dick”. I let out a broken, shaky moan and trembled visibly. He smiled.

“Take off your clothes and sit there while I read the rest of these”.

He looked up from time to time and smiled at me sitting there naked, hard as a rock and waiting. Finally, he closed the computer and set it aside. For the first time I could see the bulge of his hard cock pressing and tenting in his sweatpants. I moaned again and stared.

“You’re right. You’re very submissive”, he grinned.

“Bit of a thing for cum too, don’t you”?

I nod my head and his grin becomes even bigger. “Now you know I’m not going to let you get away with that, don’t you”?

I hesitate, still unable to speak for a moment, “yes”.

I said, “bit of a thing for cum, don’t you”?

“Yes, I want cum”.

“I’m not sure want is going to do it”.

“I need come”. “I need it in my mouth and on my face”.

He smiles and rubs his cock through his sweatpants. His voice is shaky with arousal now, “I don’t even know where to start”. He stares at me and rubs his cock lightly. “You know which one I like”? “You know which one I think might be just right for now”?

I can’t answer. I can’t even think about all that he’s just read. I can’t think about anything. I can only feel the pulsing of the blood through my body, the weakness in my legs and the knot that is my stomach.

“The one about the guy you work with on the job out of town. You know the one I mean”?

I nod my head and he looks at me expectantly. “Yes”.

He smiles, continues to gently rub his cock. Then he slides his hand into his pants and lifts the sweats away from his cock.

A loud, involuntary moan escapes me at the sight of his cock.

He works his hand slowly up and down his hard shaft while he stares at me. Bycasino giriş I look away from his gaze and stare at his cock. I can’t take my eyes off of it and I can barely hear his voice, “I like how he makes you show him you’re not going to be one of those guys that loses interest after he cums. I think that’s important for tonight because I’m not going to be done with you for a good long time. We’re going to make up for all those years of you not having a cock to worship, aren’t we”?

“Please”, I manage.

“And how does he make you show how much you want it, huh”?

I swallow hard and manage to string together the most words I’ve tried to manage all day, “he made me jerk off on his cock and eat my own cum from his cock and balls”.

“Yea, you came but you wanted cock so bad it didn’t matter, did it? He pulled your face right into that cummy mess and you loved it, didn’t you?”


“Come over here”.

I didn’t know if I could stand but found myself moving towards him. I knew what he wanted and I leaned over him and put one hand on the back of the chair above his shoulder and my other hand went to my hard cock. Now he moaned. He moaned and slid his pants down as I stroked myself over him. He pulled his shirt off and he was naked beneath me. His hands went to my nipples as I stretched out vulnerably above him stroking my cock. He pinched hard and I felt a jolt go straight to my cock. I moaned and he alternated touching them gently and pinching. I groaned helplessly in response and could see precum leaking from the head of my cock. I wouldn’t last long.

“Stroke that cock. Cum for me. I’m going to make you eat your cum for me. I’m going to push your face onto my cum covered cock you fucking slut”.

“Oh god”.

“That’s right, I’m going to make you show me what a fucking cum whore you are. Stroke it. Cum you cock hungry fuck”.

I explode. My knees buckle and I spray several days worth of cum onto his cock and balls. I’m still stroking and cumming and convulsing when he grabs my hair and pulls my head to his cock. He’s holding the thick shaft and pointing it up as he pulls my mouth down onto it.

The next minutes are a blur of my moans and his moans, frenzied movements of me devouring his cock and him forcing my head up and down on his shaft, down onto his balls, my cum smearing over my face, my mouth full of cum and full of his cock and balls. It’s bliss. Thirty years of pent up desire. I cannot get enough cock. His arousal is out of control, fed by mine. “Suck that cock. Jesus christ you love cock. You’re a born cocksucker”.

“Yea, fuck I love your cock. God I love your cock. Fuck. Yea, fuck my mouth”.

“Yea, take it, here it comes, fuck, here it comes, eat it, eat my cum”. He pushes my head back and grabs his cock, stroking it fast and hard. I open my mouth, panting and the first rope of cum shoots out across my face. “Oh god”, he moans as rope after rope flies from his cock all over my face, in my mouth, against his stomach. His cum flies everywhere and he pulls my head back to his cock and I swallow it and feel the last convulsions of his orgasm empty into my mouth.

I collapse backward, lying flat on the floor and he falls back into the chair. Neither of us moves for some time.

I look up from the floor and he’s leaning back in the chair, his head tilted back and his legs splayed out in front of him. His cock hangs down between his legs in a semi-hard, post orgasm state. It’s still thick with arousal. I hadn’t ever seen a man’s hard cock like Bycasino güncel giriş that before but I’m sure there’s never been anything that looked better to me. He lifted his head and looked down at me to see me staring at his cock. He breathed deeply. “Go in the bedroom. Get the lube in the drawer by the bed”.

I walked into his bedroom and opened the drawer of the nightstand. Found a small bottle of lube and hurried back to the livingroom, my cock hard again and bouncing in front of me.

“Get down here”, he said, indicating to the floor between his legs. “You want some more cock? You want some cock in your ass?”

“I want you to fuck me”.

His cock twitched at my words. I poured lube into my hands and took hold of his cock, it responded quickly. My greasy hands moved up and down his stiffening shaft and I just stared at it. Watching it grow and aching to take it in my ass, aching for him to own my ass.

His cock was hard again. “Show me what a cock whore you are. Fuck yourself on my cock.”

He slid down slightly in the chair and I stood on wobbly legs and moved over him. My cock rubbed against his chest as I reached behind me and guided his cock to my ass. I eased down, feeling the head of his cock force my tight hole open. I eased back up and then down again. I’d never had anything that big in my ass before but I’d never wanted anything more than to have his beautiful cock inside me. My eyes closed and I moved up and down, his cock moving deeper with each downward movement, pushing into me, I moaned, lost in the sensation, both pleasure and a little pain but more than anything, an ache to be filled with his cock. Finally, the wide head all the way in, I sunk down onto his cock until I felt my ass touch his lap. He moaned now. “Oh god, your ass is so tight. That feels so good. You like that”?

“Oh yea. Oh yea, I love your cock. I love your cock. It feels so good filling up my ass.”

I ache for more and start moving up and down with more force. He grunts each time I force myself back down his shaft. His hands come to my hips. He’s trying to regain control as I fuck myself on him, starved for his cock. He gathers himself slowly. “You like that? You like taking a cock up your ass, whore? You wanna get fucked? Huh, you wanna get fucked? You want some cock?” He has a grip on my hips now and is forcing me down onto him as he thrusts up into my ass.

“Yea, fuck me. Take me. Take my ass. Own me, god please, I’ll do anything for your cock. Fuck me, please, please.”

Suddenly his arms wrap around my waist and he stands up with me impaled on his cock. Then he drops to his knees and lays me back onto the floor and is on top of me. I lift my legs and open myself to him completely. I feel his hips slam into my ass and his cock is buried in me. I gasp. His hips lift and he crashes down on me again. The noise that comes out of me is part moan, part gasp, part “oh”. His pace steadies, fucking me hard. “Fuck. Fuck. Take my cock. Yea, take it.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me”, I keep repeating over and over. “Take my ass. Take me. God anything, I’ll do anything. I’m yours. Use me, please. More cock, please. Jesus, fuck me, please”.

I feel his cock swell impossibly larger and his hot cum sprays inside me. My ass convulses, his cock convulses, cum pours from both of our cocks. His hips move up and down in the final throws of orgasm, trying to fully empty himself into my ass. His hand goes to the puddle on my stomach and then slides up my chest onto my face. His cum covered hand partly covers my panting mouth and I can’t decide if I should breathe or lick his hand. His hand slides around to the back of my neck and pulls my head to him and he kisses my cum covered mouth. Our tongues entwine with each other and the taste of cum. My mouth slides from his and moves to his ear, “more”, I beg.

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