Humbled At Low Rent Motel

Big Tits

Relaxing by the pool with drink in hand, life couldn’t get any better. I was just glad the low rent motel my employer booked me into had a pool. Since school was still in session, no way my wife and kids could have accompanied me on this business trip. Forced to leave the Philippines several months ago because of the humiliating experience I endured at the hands of those eight workmen, I was really enjoying this Florida trip even if it was for business. Having been out by the pool in the heat and humidity for several hours and dusk approaching, I returned to my motel room for shower and quick nap before dinner. Asleep for maybe two hours, I was jolted awake by loud banging sounds. Jumping out of bed, and entering the living room, the banging was someone at my motel room door. Looking through the security peephole, I noticed a smartly dressed man knocking on my door. Irritated at having my sleep interrupted, I opened the door a few inches while remaining behind it for cover as it just donned on me that I had gotten into bed naked after showering.

Not one, but two guys were standing on the other side of the door. Asking what they wanted, one of them insisted on coming into the room so they could ask me questions about certain activities going on around the motel. Talking with them at the door, I noticed the black man stood about 6’3″ and must have weighed 220 lbs. He was clean-shaven and appeared very confident of himself. The other was a white guy looking to be in his mid 20’s/30’s. Asking again who they were and what they wanted, the black guy caught me off guard and suddenly forced open the motel room door pushing me back a few feet. Both men quickly entered the room closing and locking the door behind them. Not having anything to cover up with, I placed my hands over my penis and testicles to keep from their view.

Still in disbelief and being told to get into the living room, I knew these two men behind me had quite a view as I followed their instruction. Excusing myself so I could get some clothes, I was told to stay where I was. Telling me not to make things worse for myself, the men mentioned to me they were motel security and they had a tip from someone that I was carrying drugs. Although I adamantly denied those suspicions, they continued the line of questioning not believing a word I had to say. At least I found out the black man’s name was Carl and the white guy introduced himself as Alex. About twenty minutes into this interrogation, I could see nothing was being resolved and their repeated threats of getting the local law involved and hauling me off to jail was not what I wanted to hear.

On the chance they would leave if I appeared cooperative, moving my hands so my arms were by my side, I was now standing naked in front of Carl and Alex. Still soft, my cock was more elongated than normal because of the uneasy situation I found myself. My testicles were very visible due to the fact I had shaven off all my pubic hair yesterday as a surprise for my wife next time I saw her. With authority in his voice, Carl insisted I slowly turn around till I was standing with my back to them. I could feel their eyes running up and down my body. “OK, turn around and face us” was his next strongly worded command.

In doing so, I left my arms by my side so I wouldn’t obstruct their view. Listening to Alex, I slowly turned sideways. Looking at him as I was turning, I could see he was staring intently. My cock Bycasino was now at an angle from my body so he had a good view. Alex had me turn again so I was directly in front of him. The two strangers were engrossed watching my cock lengthen to its 6″. Standing naked in front of these guys, I looked down and saw myself fully erect.

“Does it excite you to be standing nude in front of complete strangers? Carl remarked. Asking him if I have a choice, he instructed me to go sit on the leather couch. All the while, Alex and Carl kept looking me up and down. From where they were sitting across from me, they could see my testicles between my legs and my stiff cock lying on my stomach. I made up my mind and decided to play their game in hopes they would leave in a few minutes. During their questioning, I kept slightly separating my knees so they only had quick glances of my balls. As I did this, I could feel my cock rolling back and forth on my stomach. Every once in a while, I would lay my hand on my thigh and gently rub my fingers on my inner thigh close to my sac and base of my cock. Getting up, I went into the so-called kitchen to get a drink. Returning to the living room, I made an effort to bend in front of them allowing them to have a close look at my buttocks, back side of my thighs, and when I bent over to put the drinks on the coffee table, I could feel my firm cheeks spread open slightly. Standing back up, I turned so when I walked past them, my erection was eye level giving them a close-up look. Walking slowly in front of Alex, he could see every detail of my penis – the shiny head, the veins along the shaft, and taut testicles.

The black guy, Carl, stood up, kicked off his shoes and peeled off his socks. Unbuttoning his shirt, he took it off and threw it in the corner. Carl was now standing wearing only pants. As he unbuckled his belt & slowly unzipped his pants letting them fall around his feet, he was now wearing only his thong. I had temporarily forgotten I was standing nude in front of these guys. “I want you to finish undressing me” Carl snapped.

Hesitating as long as I could, as soon as I sat in the recliner Carl approached me and stopped one foot in front of where I was sitting. Reaching up and feeling my hands on his black hips, I was frantically trying to think of a way out of this. Hooking my thumbs into the elastic thin sides of his thong, I couldn’t help but stare at his equipment as it came into view. Finished lowering his thong, I tossed it on the pile of his clothes. As this was the first black man I had ever seen nude up close, I couldn’t help looking down from Carl’s eyes, over his chest, prolonging my stare on his abdomen, and finally gazing on his immense cock. It was huge. It was so thick and so black and it wasn’t even hard yet. The knob at the end had to be 2″ inches wide. His balls hanging behind his cock were the size of golf balls.

Reaching out as I tried to circle my hand around the shaft, my fingers tips barely touched because he was so thick. The tip was covered with a pearly clear liquid. I ran my fingers down the shaft of his black cock until I felt his pubic hair around the base of his cock. I was thinking about jerking him off but decided not to. I did put my hand under his cock and felt the sac and balls for a few seconds. As I was feeling his equipment, his cock started to expand. Thinking about taking my hand away, I decided not to. I wanted to Bycasino giriş see how big Carl’s cock would get. Taking my fist and jacking him off, it was only a matter of minutes before he displayed a black beauty. Afraid I had gone to far, I heard him say “Go ahead and get on your knees!” Sliding off the edge of the recliner, I was kneeling in front of him. On my knees, I looked up into his face and knew what he wanted me to do. Lowering my eyes, his 11″ cock was level with my mouth when he took the initiative and guided me– “Put your hand around my cock and put it in your mouth. Open your mouth wide. Now run your tongue over the knob. Now wrap your lips around the knob. As I slide my cock into your mouth, keep your lips tight around the shaft. Lean your head back a little. Some will slide down your throat so just breathe through your nose. OK, OK, you’ve got about seven inches of cock in your mouth. I’m going to start slowly fucking your mouth so keep your lips tight around the shaft. That’ it! Keep em tight! Can you feel my cock twitch? You’ve now got eleven inches of black cock in your mouth. I’m getting ready to cum. aghh! aghh! Don’t pull your mouth off my cock! I haven’t had this good a blowjob for a long time. Oh man, it’s coming. Here it …aghhhhh!”

With one more forceful shove of the knob of his cock against the back of my throat, Carl shot the first of his warm semen into my mouth. He kept pumping his thick hard cock in my mouth emptying his man juice down my throat. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I leaned my head back and kept my mouth open. He placed the knob of his cock at the opening of my mouth and shot another big load of cream. Some missed and landed on my chest. As he was fisting his monster cock, another load of white cum shot into my mouth and I could feel the slimy substance flowing into the back of my throat which I swallowed. After Carl shot his final load, he kept his softening cock in my mouth and moved it from side to side while wiping off any strands of cum on my lips as he finally pulled his spent maleness from my used mouth. He fell back on the couch looking completely satisfied.

Thinking Alex and Carl would now leave me to my shame, Alex got up from where he was watching my performance and directed me to the bedroom. Walking into the bedroom, I looked over my shoulder to see Alex following me. Once in the bedroom, he had me roll over on my stomach on the bed. Once Alex had taken all his clothes off, and turned around facing me, I could see his erection was enough to do the job. I noticed he was lubricating his thickness with Carl’s semen that he had just wiped off my lips and chin. Rolling back over on my stomach, I could feel him crawling between my legs and now laying on my back. I could feel the shaft of his cock resting in the crack of my ass. Alex reached between us taking hold of his cock placing the tip at the entrance of my tightly clenched ring. Slowly nudging his hips downward, we both felt the knob of his cock forcing my virgin entrance to open up receiving inch by inch the hardened pole. Alex used his knees to spread my thighs further apart opening my entrance a little more. I could feel at least three inches of his slick shaft up my ass. Now completely buried in my ass, I could feel his testicles rubbing against my own.

Sliding his shaft out of my ass, he told me to get up on my hands and knees. As I did, he again placed the knob of his Bycasino güncel giriş cock at the entrance of my ass and buried himself in me. Forcing my knees further apart on the bed, each time he pumped in and out I could feel the entire swelling shaft rubbing along the insides of my unyielding tunnel. I knew because of his thickness, I was going to be sore for quite awhile. Reaching his eruption point, Alex again pulled out of me and rolled me on my back. Taking hold of my ankles, he pulled them up and over my shoulders. Moving his pelvis forward, Alex inserted his meat as we continued to stare at one another. Pumping in and out with a rhythm now, I was hoping it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load so we could end this debasing act. Not realizing what I was doing, I was lifting my hips off the bed to meet his downward thrusts. I was now stroking the entire length of his shaft with my tunnel muscles. Again, just before I thought he was going to unload in me, he pulled out. Getting up for a second, he laid down on the bed flat on his back. He motioned for me to get on top of him. Crawling over him, I looked at his cock standing straight up from his body. Positioning my ass directly over his hard-on, he placed his hands on my hips and pulled me down till I could feel the tip of his cock lodged in my loosening entrance. Continuing, Alex pulled my hips down toward his stomach forcing my tunnel to open up and grip the crown of his cock. Sliding down his flesh covered manhood until my ass cheeks were balanced flat on his hips and my knees squeezing the sides of his chest, meant the entire length and width were buried in my ass.

It felt like I was impaled on a small baseball bat. I couldn’t wait any longer – I slowly rode my ass up and down his meaty pole. Determined he was going to empty what was stored in his testicle this time, I rode his cock with urgency this time. I could feel his cock expand and so his explosion had to be soon. Slamming my ass down his rigid pole, Alex raised his hips off the bed which forced his thickening rod deeper into my stomach from the inside. Just then, he let out a moan and I felt a hot squirt inside me. Lifting my ass up most of the length of his cock, I felt another large shot of cum into my ass. Sliding my ass back down his shaft, I remained that way. Blast after blast of hot semen shot into me. So much of his thick cream now filled my ass, I could feel warm globs running down the inside of my thighs ending up mixing with his pubic hair surrounding the base of his cock.

With his final spurt, I sat there squeezing my tunnel muscles together to milk out whatever juice remained in his sac. Lifting myself off his cock and standing next to the bed, I had to sit on the side of the bed because I couldn’t believe how sore the muscles in my thighs were as a result of riding his cock for the past twenty minutes. Taking his time getting dressed and returning from the kitchen carrying himself a drink, Alex said he would of loved to see me being double-donged. Asking me if I had ever been gangbanged, I thought back a few years and remember the oral humiliation at the hands of those eight Filipino workmen but I said no anyway. With me still naked sitting on the side of the rumpled bed, feeling his warm thick semen clinging the inside walls of my stomach, Alex stood there surveying the person he had just conquered.

Without so much as a thank you, I heard Alex and Carl open and shut the motel door behind them. I guess this meant I didn’t have to worry about the local law. Too tired to clean his juices out of me, let alone go to dinner, I rolled over and finished my nap. As you can probably guess, I haven’t been back to that part of Florida since.

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