I Came Three Times For You Master

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I just got out of the shower, wrapped up in a big fluffy towel still dripping wet. As I lay down in bed, pulling out my wand, I start licking and spitting on it, thinking about your cock in my mouth. I’m already wet, not just from my shower but from thinking about you. About you spanking me and telling me what a dirty little slut I am as you shove your cock in my mouth. I start rubbing my nipples, getting them harder and harder. I just started playing and already I’m so sensitive. I resist the urge to just shove my wand right onto my clit. I want to tease myself for you, make the pleasure last longer.

I play with my tits, drool all over my wand I turn it on low and place it on one of my nipples. The shock it sends to me has me moaning instantly. Already rock hard, my nipples get harder and more sensitive and I get wetter, moaning and wiggling around. God, master, I wish you could see me, tell me what a nasty little whore I am. I’m so desperate for pleasure I’ll do anything to get it. Thinking about you laughing while you watch me writhe in pleasure makes me even wetter, I moan out your name.

I bebek escort can’t help it anymore, I have to touch my clit. Just for a little bit, just for a little bit more of that pleasure that I’m so addicted to. I lick my fingers, and slowly, tentatively, put them on my clit, savoring just the light pressure and all the sensations that I get from it. I moan louder, and start rubbing my clit in little circles, my hips jerking up and down with the motion, I drop my wand and start sucking on my fingers. I wish you were here, I wish I could suck on your cock. I need something big in my mouth. I need you, master, I need you in my mouth.

As I get closer and closer to cumming, my hips start moving faster and faster, my moans louder and louder, my fingers moving faster and faster. I grab my tit, playing with the nipple, pinching and squeezing it. Finally, I cum with only one thought on my mind, “I’m your dirty little slut, I’m your dirty little slut, I’m your dirty little slut, I’ll do anything for you, I’ll do anything for you, I want to please you master!!!”

I mecidiyeköy escort lay back, turning off my wand, my legs shaking just a bit, my pussy juices leaking all over the bed, and I try to catch my breath. My clit is throbbing, my nipples still rock hard, the slight breeze from the window sends a jolt of pure ecstasy through my whole body. I grab my phone to see if you had texted me, and start scrolling through the pictures you’ve sent me. Just looking at your cock, I start getting horny all over again.

I start teasing my clit again, looking at your cock, I want you so badly master, I want to cum for you, all over your face and your cock and anywhere else you want me to cum. I would do anything for you master, I want to please you. I’m dripping, and feeling how wet I am for you just turns me on more.

I grab my wand, and turning it on low, I place is right on my clit, just barely touching it. Feeling the pleasure I get from it, I start moaning, my hips moving and grinding against it. Whimpering, I pinch my nipples and slap them, wishing you were here to spank me and florya escort tell me what a naughty slut I am. Oh master, I wish you could see me right now. Naked, soaking wet, playing with myself. I’m so horny, I need a cock in my tight little pussy. I need your cock master.

I start grinding harder and faster on my wand, I can feel my pussy start to clench. I keep thinking about all the ways you’re going to torture me, tease my pussy, punish me for being such a slut. Oh master, I’m so happy to be your slut! I’ll do anything for you!! I squirt as I start cumming again, wishing I was riding your cock so I could please you as much as I’ve been pleased so far.

My legs shaking, everything is soaking, I can barely breath and I still haven’t had enough. I want more master, more of you, more pleasing you, more pleasure, more anything, more everything.

I don’t let up, I turn my wand up higher, my sensitive clit throbbing in pain and pleasure. I get up without taking my wand off my clit, and sit on it. I start moving my hips back and forth, from side to side, playing wit my tits the entire time. Moaning and groaning, begging for release, for you to come and tell me what to do, make me do what you want, use me as your slave. I’m your slut, master, I’ll do anything for you!! I cum almost screaming again. My clit is throbbing and hurts so good. Thank you master, thank you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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