I Hate My Master Ch. 08


I had been dreading Monday, and here it was. Chris was headed out the door and I had to rush to shower and get dressed. He didn’t care that I had to be quick so I wouldn’t be late, it was just a little twist he pulled on my life. I had to take care of him without concern for my schedule, then hurry to make up time.

I really didn’t want this Monday to come because after work I was going to have my first cocksucking lesson. Worse, it was with a guy from the mailroom. My stomach turned when I got to the building. I was at my desk when I saw Mike across the room. The look on his face filled me with anger and shame. He was obviously enjoying the anticipation of my sucking him off after work. He delivered the mail to my desk and whispered “You’re mine tonight.” I heard the glee in his voice. It hit me like a punch to the gut.

“Yes, sir.” I whispered back. Mike went on, smirking. Work was tough. I couldn’t keep my mind off my blue balls or what I was going to be forced to do at Mike’s place. I had to force down lunch. I had been trying to enjoy my lunches since it was the only time I got to eat like a normal person. This was ruining the one free-like time I had.

You know how the clock always moves slow when you want to head out of work for fun? It’s fast when you don’t want the day to end. When the office was pretty empty I went to the mailroom and asked Mike. “Are you ready, sir?” I hated Chris for making me so respectful to this guy.

“Yeah.” Mike said, laughing. He tossed his keys in the air, caught them and fairly swaggered out, me following. We got in our cars and he lead me to his apartment. A little place, a bit run down. We got out and up the stairs where he unlocked the door.

Inside, Mike flopped on a ratty sofa, legs splayed and arms along the back. “Strip, bitch.”

“Yes, sir.” I started taking off my clothes. He grinned. I discovered I couldn’t back talk him like I could Chris, and I couldn’t make my face show my disgust. I guess Chris had programmed me that way. My dick was getting hard. Damn. I was sexually serving a man, so Chris’s command to get a boner took effect.

Once I was naked and standing in front of him, Mike said “Hands behind your head and helicopter your dick.” I obeyed, feeling foolish. “You’ll do this at the start of every session. It amuses me.”

“Yes, sir.” I kept up my performance.

After a minute or two, Mike said “Get on your knees and take my pants off.”

“Yes, sir.” I knelt, worked on his belt, then got his pants off. He was getting hard. The second cock I had ever sucked was in front of me again.

“Since you’re so shit at this, we’re going to start with some face fucking. If you can’t suck well, you’ll learn to take it deep and fast.” With that he grabbed my head, shoved his dick in my mouth and started hammering in and out. I was gagging and coughing, but he went on. “We’ll fuck this gag reflex out of you. You’ll take a dick and like it. All the way in.” He did go all the way in. His pubes against my nose, cutting off my oxygen. I heaved, but he kept me in place. My body wouldn’t even try to push away.

Finally he pulled out and let me grab a quick breath before he started pounding again. “Come on bitch, take it. Deeper. Deeper.” He drilled my throat. It was violent, he was taking his rage out on me. And all I could do was just accept it. He would push in quick for several jabs, then slowly force in and out, listening to me gag and laughing at me. “No resistance. Good, you fucker. You’ll do it my way.” Then he shoved in quick and rough. My eyes watered and tears fell down my cheeks. His hands were holding my head and using me like a fleshlight. I felt his dick getting harder as he ploughed my face. He was enjoying having all this control over me. Making me do what he wanted.

After forcing me for several thrusts, hitting deep in my throat, he pulled me off/released me, leaving me gasping for breath.

“If you can’t suck a man off like he deserves, you will get face fucked. That’s being treated like I just did to you. Of course, some men will want to fuck your face anyway. But you need to treat a man’s cock like it’s the most precious thing in the world every time you get your mouth to work. Nothing is more important, and that includes you breathing. You can gag, sputter, anything, but that’s nothing compared to your work in getting the cock to feel good. Understand me, bitch?”

“Yes, sir.” I was depressed being lectured like a schoolboy.

“Now, kiss the head of my cock.”

“Yes, sir.” I leaned in and pecked the head.

“That’s a start. Now do a french kiss.”

“Yes, sir.” Flashbacks went through my head of my date with a dildo. I moved my lips to his cock and french kissed it, moving my lips and putting my tongue on his cockhead and swirling it around.

“That’s right, keep it up bitch.” I kept Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort it up. My hand had to come up and hold his cock shaft so that it would stay in my mouth so I could continue kissing as ordered.

Mike groaned and lay his head back. I tasted precum as he was leaking. He was turned on, and I was the object, just doing what he wanted. Chris had me obeying Mike, so I was really working to do my best. It had been so long since I had kissed a woman, and this was reminding me of it, making my blue balls ache. I was hard since another of Chris’s orders was to be hard when I was sexually servicing a man. The kissing went on and on. Mike just enjoying my work and getting pleasure he didn’t have to repay. I had his precum all over my lips, filling my mouth with his taste.

I don’t know how long I was kissing his cock when Mike said “Now, when you are working a dick, you want the man to know you are enjoying having his cock in your mouth. So you moan like you are having the best meal you have ever eaten. You want to really get into it. Men like to hear you are the happiest little fag in the world, and all because you are sucking their dick. Get to it.”

I started moaning, making sounds of pure enjoyment as I had been ordered. Mike laughed. I felt a wave of shame.

Mike started talking again. “When you are sucking cock, you give it your full focus. Nothing else matters. All that you care about is pleasuring your man. Don’t worry if you can’t breath, if your throat hurts, or if your body is trying to force yourself off it because it’s gagging you. You make your man feel good. If your knees hurt, if your neck is tired. Fuck all that. Just work on your man’s dick. Everything but his pleasure should be out of your mind. If he shoots down your throat and you pass out, you better get up and clean him up. Kiss his balls and let him know you are ecstatic to be used to get him off. Got that, bitch?”

“Yes, sir.” I mumbled, still french kissing his cockhead.

“You dumb fucker. So high and mighty at work. Lording it over me. Being an asshole to everybody. Now you’re on your knees doing whatever I tell you. Kissing my cock. Not so superior now, are you? Always treated everyone like you had the world by the balls. Now you’re going to be kissing my balls. In fact, do that now. Get down there and kiss my balls.”

“Yes, sir.” I lifted off his cockhead and went to his balls, kissing them like I meant it.

“That’s right asshole. Kiss them. Kiss my balls. You’ll be doing that a lot. I’ll get you to do it in the mailroom too. All naked and kneeling. It’s going to be so great to put you in your place.” Fuck, I don’t want to suck him off at work. Someone could see us, and there is no way I’d ever live it down. But if Mike told me to, I know I’d be forced to do it.

“In a minute you’ll go back to the head. This time, pay attention to the piss slit. Get your tongue in it. Not too much, tease it a bit, then let it go. But you want to pay attention to every bit of the cockhead when you’re there. Back up to my head.”

“Yes, sir.” I went back, using my tongue to go into his piss slit.

“Some guys have more prominent slits. When you’re servicing a cock like that, you’ll want to spend more time on it. Every cock is different, whatever it looks like use that to make it feel good. Your goal is to get your man to cum just from your mouth. If you are not working to get him to shoot, you are doing it wrong. Faggot, you’re not allowed to do it wrong. Keep kissing.”

Mike put his head back and just let me work. I was getting tired, and I hated doing this. Even worse it was him, a kid from the mailroom. As the hour wrapped up, Mike grabbed his dick and beat off quick, shooting onto my face. “Lick it up, bitch.” I did, using my hand to eat his cum off my face. It was degrading. “You can go.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you sir.” I pulled $50 out of my wallet and handed it to him. In addition to having to service him like a whore, I had to pay him. He took it with a smirk.

“Tomorrow again bitch. A whole new lesson.”

“Yes, sir.” I got my clothes on and headed out as fast as I could. When I got back to the house and in, I stripped and got on my hands and knees. Chris was watching TV.

“Have fun, slave?”

“No Master, it was humiliating.”

“Good. If you can’t suck cock you need some motivation. If you don’t want the humiliation you’ll learn to suck a cock.” He paused. “I guess you figured out that you can’t get surly either.”

“Yes, Master. It’s different than when I’m here.”

“Of course. As much fun as it is to watch you recoil, I don’t want to deal with people thinking I have a disobedient slave. You’ll always be totally compliant when someone’s around. Just a good obedient slave. Now get on dinner.”

“Yes, Master.” I started crawling to the kitchen. I had planned ahead, so Chris’s dinner was ready on time.

I stood in attendance with my stupid Chippendale cuffs while he sat down to enjoy the dinner I had made him. Chris said “Tell me what happened at your lesson, boy.”


“Sir Mike to you. Always, even if other people are around.” Chris interrupted me. I was going to have to be sure to try not to use his name around people.

“Sir Mike had me strip, helicopter my dick, then fucked my face hard and fast. After he finished, he had me french kiss his dick for a long time. He shot off on my face and told me to leave.”

When Chris finished dinner, he said. “Now, we’re going to need your signature on a few things. Stay put.” He left and came back with some paperwork. “Sign where indicated at every tab.”

“Yes, Master. But what is this? What am I signing?” My hand had picked up a pen and was signing as ordered.

Chris chuckled. “You’re signing away your life. All your assets, a full power of attorney so I can do anything. Giving me control over all your accounts.”

“Master, what?”

“It will be easier if I can just do what I need with your stuff. More convenient for me if I want to use anything, or if I need to legally do something to you. Tomorrow at lunch we’ll go to your bank and you’ll give me control of that as well. You’ll be telling the banker you need someone to manage your affairs, you just shouldn’t be handling things on your own. It will embarrass you, but I’ll enjoy it.”

“Master, no, please.”

“No arguments. You’ll be doing this and not letting on to the banker you are anything but someone who thinks he’s incompetent.”

“Yes, Master.” I couldn’t say anything else. I’d been ordered not to argue. I had finished signing all the documents over. I didn’t read most of them, but one was the title to my car.

“Rimming time. Get out there and wait for me.”

“Yes, Master.” I was in a bit of shock. Chris had taken over everything. If I ever got free, I’d be broke. I crawled out to the sofa and put my head back between the cushions.

Chris came in a few minutes later. He dropped his shorts and just sat on my face, ignoring me. He flicked on the TV as my tongue started working on his ass. I was just a tool for him. I did whatever he wanted.

Chris finally had enough of my working on his ass and ordered me to move and just hold his cock in my mouth. “You’ve had enough french kissing for one day.” He laughed. His cock had gone down. I was just a holster for it. His pubes were in my face. I couldn’t believe I was here, just holding his dick in my mouth, staring at his crotch. I was just a toy to him, an object. Commanded to do something, or just left waiting.

Chris got up, ordering me to bed. I crawled and got fucked before he headed to sleep. I had to crawl out and clean up the kitchen, also starting something to have dinner ready for tomorrow night. Exhausted, I crawled back to the foot of Chris’s bed to fall asleep.

Mike looked like the cat that ate the canary at work, knowing he had me and would again that night. When he delivered my mail, he grinned “Round two is today, bitch.”

“Yes, sir.” I did not want to go through that again, but I had no choice.

Lunch was as bad as I thought it would be. Chris was calm and confident. When I told the banker I couldn’t handle my own money, he looked disgusted at me, but obviously tried to hide it. It was so easy for Chris to humiliate me in public like this. He had done that just to amuse himself. What more could he do if he wanted to be entertained more?

After work, we were back at Mike’s apartment. Without being told, I stripped, put my hands behind my head and helicoptered my dick. It seemed when I was on this compliance mode, I didn’t have to get direct orders either. Mike just watched me with an amused look on his face.

He kept me helicoptering my dick for a while, just reveling in the power he had over me. He stood up and took his pants off. “Get over here on your knees.”

“Yes, Sir.” I knelt facing his hardening dick.

“This is so great.” He took my ears and started to drag my head to his cock. The first few thrusts were against his fairly soft cock, but it got hard quick. His dick hit the back of my throat, and then started pushing into it. I could do nothing to stop it. I gagged and choked which caused Mike to laugh at me. “Take it bitch. You’ll learn to take a dick if it’s the last thing you ever do.”

Mike fucked my face long and hard. I didn’t have any choice but to take it. He didn’t stop no matter how much I gagged. Sometimes he would park his dick shoved all the way in, resting his pelvis directly on my face. I couldn’t breath but my programming wouldn’t let me push against it. My whole body heaved, causing Mike to laugh and wiggle back and forth a bit, teasing me. Then he resumed fucking in and out of my throat. I felt him deep in me, a man was sticking his dick in me and I was taking it. I never thought I’d be here before Chris took control of me.

I hated this and I hated Chris. My balls were bursting with cum, and I wanted to shoot off. If I didn’t despise having sex with men so much I could get off. Damn. I was getting face-fucked and thinking of getting off. Chris had messed me up so much. Not cumming for over a week was screwing with my head.

Mike rapid-fired his cock into me then fell back onto the sofa. “You fucking bitch.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Yesterday you worked on the head with just your lips. Today you’ll be using your tongue. Use your bitch tongue on my cock, every inch. Lap at it, flick it a bit. Take long strokes and try to get as much contact as you can. Get going bitch.”

“Yes, sir.” I bent and got started. I had to keep my tongue moving. My programming meant I had to do my best. So I had to put effort into obeying his orders. It wasn’t long before my tongue started to get tired. It’s just not a muscle you work out much. But I guess I would be working it out more as I became a better cocksucker and Chris used me more. And more. I’d be on my knees sucking him off a lot.

Mike would groan under the work I was doing. He was enjoying himself. Here I was, outranking him at work, on my knees doing what he told me to pleasure his cock.

I was slobbering all over his dick. “Remember to sound like you are enjoying this.” Damn. I started making sounds like he ordered. The hour dragged on. As it finished, Mike beat his own meat to shoot all over my face.

“You’re done faggot.”

“Yes, thank you sir.” I gave him his ‘fee’, dressed and got out.

My balls wanted release more and more. I was getting boners at work, and had to be sure my dick was down before I stood up. Wednesday at work, I went to the bathroom and discovered it was empty. I went into a stall, dropped my pants and sat. I started pulling on my cock, which felt great and I exhaled loudly. I almost felt like I could shoot, but the closer I came to the edge the more I knew it wouldn’t happen. I tried, heaven knows I tried, but no good. With an audible cry of frustration, I let go of my cock and held my head in my hands. I was mad for the rest of the day. One of my buddies told me I was being a dick, and I just walked away.

Mike put me through my paces again, then it was Chris’s turn. After my nightly fucking, I tried to fall asleep but my balls were keeping me awake. I didn’t think I could take any more of this. I finally fell asleep after laying awake for hours. I had to look rough as I serviced Chris in the morning, but he didn’t say a word to me. My work buddies joked that I had to be up fucking some bitch all night and that I should have stayed home.

Kneeling in front of Mike, my cock was hard and really wanted to cum. My mind was shredded. I was almost shaking as I drove home. When I parked, I just stared at the house for a moment. I was a mess. I put my head on the steering wheel. I sighed.

Stripping in the door, I got on my knees and crawled to Chris, who was lounging on the couch without a care in the world.

“Master.” My voice cracked as I said the word.

“Yes, slave.” Chris cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Please let me cum.” There, I had said it. I felt any manhood I had left burn away in shame.

Chris smiled. “That’s not very good begging.”

Shit. He was going to turn the screws on me. “Master, please let me cum, I’m begging you. I need to cum so bad. My balls are ready to burst. Please let me cum. I’m begging you. I’m on my knees begging you. I need to cum I’m all blocked up. Master, please let me cum. I gotta cum Master. Please, Master, please.”

“I knew you’d beg me. Broke you good didn’t I? Let’s see that hard dick of yours.”

“Yes, Master.” I displayed my cock, which was hard. My breath was coming in short spurts.

“Stay on your knees, when I tell you to start, you can jerk yourself off. But I want you to tell me you are my slave over and over again while you do it.”

“Yes, Master.” I knew he would make this difficult for me, debase me more and more.

“Start, slave.”

“Yes, Master. I’m your slave Master. I’m your slave Master. I’m your slave Master.” I kept repeating “I’m your slave Master.” while I jerked my dick. I was so horny, I was getting close fast. My balls pulled up, I was about to shoot. Chris took a breath in like he was going to tell me to stop. I panicked I was so close, I jerked faster. “I’m your slave Master.” I came. I shot I don’t know how many wads. I yelled in release. My breathing got heavy.

Chris laughed at me. “Now, lick it up, slave.”

“Yes, Master.” I bent down to start licking my cum up. As disgusting as it was, it was such a relief to have cum. My mind clearing, I wondered if he was going to make me beg every time I needed to cum? What a new nightmare.

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