I Thought I was Straight Pt. 04


After dinner, Uncle Bob and Jim left to go home. It had been an eventful day so Jane I went to bed earlier than usual. After earlier watching Uncle Bob’s big cock sliding in and out of Jane’s cunt, and seeing his big, hairy balls slam against her bottom, I was still aroused and my dick was getting hard. Jane told me that she was very pleased that it had made my cock get stiff as she wouldn’t have to worry in the future if I caught her fucking other men, and she would be doing that quite a bit now as she didn’t have to hold back. She smiled and giggled when this made my cock rigid and my face turn red with embarrassment.

I asked her if she would suck my cock like as Jim had done. A definite no was the reply, telling me it wasn’t that she didn’t love me but that she didn’t enjoy doing it to me. She told me that, anyway, she was sure that Jim was very good at cock sucking and it was better if I had men do this to me. With that, she rolled over and mounted me, guiding my penis inside her body, engulfing it slowly down its length till I was all the way in. Leaning right down against my chest, she drew her face right up to mine. Not wasting any time, she went straight to my lips and forced her tongue inside my mouth, rolling it around, licking the inside of my cheeks and sucking my tongue very hard. There was the obvious difference to Jim, with the familiar, smooth skin of her face and I liked her passionate aggression.

I had never seen Jane so aroused and assertive before and, although exciting, I was actually a bit intimidated. She fucked me as though it was our last time and came quickly, calling out at the top of her lungs, moaning and groaning. Jane usually climaxed only once but this time came again and again with each orgasm seemingly more intense than the previous one. Despite me orgasming earlier on when Jim performed oral sex on me, I came again groaning, pumping out long jets of cum deep inside Jane’s vagina which spurred her on further. I couldn’t recall her enjoying sex this Gaziantep Fetiş Escort much, ever.

Jane rolled off when her orgasms subsided and we talked for a while. She had seen that I wasn’t used to her being so assertive and said that I will have to get used to this as men are usually a lot more agrressive than women, I might even come to prefer it. Jane said she and Jim had spoken about me so she knew that he was being very gentle, seducing me so as not to frighten me off.

The next morning, Jane and I had a chat over breakfast. She thought that we should set up the spare room with a double bed for when Uncle bob wanted to stay over night. At first I thought that he would be sleeping in that room until I realised that I would be sleeping there with Jim or if Jane had someone stay overnight. As she explained to me, there would certainly be times when I had Jim or another man stay over night.

Jane invited Jim and Uncle Bob to come over for a BBQ the next weekend and we all had a pleasant evening. During the night, my mind went back to seeing Uncle Bob fuck Jane. I kept on visualising his manly body and virile cock thrusting it in and out of my wife’s cunt. However, other times, I looked at Jim remembering how fulfilling it was when we had had sex.

After having a few glasses of wine we were all pretty relaxed so I summoned up some courage and went over to Jim and started rubbing his chest, and gave him a kiss on his neck, nibbling his ear at the same time. It was getting a bit late so Jim took me by the hand and lead me into the spare bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, Jim didn’t bother closing the door behind us. After all, Jim had masturbated me and made me ejaculate all over the floor right in front of Jane and Uncle Bob the week before so I suppose it really didn’t matter any more.

Jim didn’t waste any time and pulled me towards him, embracing me with his strong arms and kissed me passionately. I could feel his rough, hairy beard against my face. It felt so very different to Jane’s smooth skin and over the next months I came to like it more and more. Breaking off from our embrace, he started stroking the inside of my legs, gradually reaching up inside my loose fitting shorts with his beefy, manly hands. I wasn’t wearing any underpants which gave him full access to my cock and balls and he took full advantage of this, fondling, caressing and stroking till it was rigid, more rigid than it almost ever had been with Jane. I was tingly all over my body and I had my eyes closed as Jim played with my cock.

Before long, Jim helped me take my clothes off and rolled me onto the bed so that I was laying on my back. I watched him undress and took in the sight of his masculine, hairy body and beautiful cock which was half erect. Climbing onto the bed, Jim went to move between my legs which I instinctively opened. He moved up and resumed kissing me but soon nibbled my ear and neck, working his way down to my nipples.

I had never had anyone pay any attention to my nipples before so was surprised of how good it felt as he was sucking and nibbling them. Over the coming months, I came to love Jim doing this and it made my nipples get bigger and stand out further when erect. They became more sensitive and I would come to enjoy the pleasant sensations travelling all the way down to my penis.

For some reason, I had unconsciously opened my legs far apart and Jim was nestling between them with my cock and balls pressing against his hairy torso. Jim had come prepared and reached over for a tube of lubricant. I wasn’t exactly sure what he had in mind but I found out soon enough. Although he must have known I had only ever had gay sex with him, he asked me if I had ever had anything up my bottom. I hadn’t so Jim said he would take it easy. He took a dab of lubricant and applied it to my hole, slowly rubbing it in and around. It felt nice and was also a new experience.

Being my first time, Jim took was in no hurry. After a short time with him rubbing and massaging my anus, I could feel it becoming more relaxed. Sensing this, Jim pressed against it with a finger. It seemed to know what was coming next as it opened up, providing no resistance and allowing him to slide his slippery finger inside me. It was a different feeling but it felt good. Pushing his finger in further and further, he rolled it around stimulating my anal ring.

When he felt I was ready, he removed his finger and slid his body over mine. Engaging in some frottage as we had done before. He then moved a bit further back and placed his stiff, thick cock against my anus. With his wonderful preparation, it willingly opened up when he nudged a bit. Slowly, he entered me and I delighted in the new sensations I was feeling. Unexpectedly, it was so right to have a man fuck me for the first time, to feel his erect penis fully penetrate me and feel his big, hairy balls against my bottom.

He started to fuck me, slowly and rhythmically and told me that I was nice and tight, and how much he was enjoying fucking my virgin arse for the first time. It was so good to be able to lay back and take it all in and so very different to having sex with a woman where you are expected to perform. Jim picked up the pace, sliding till his mushroom shaped knob was almost out before sliding it all the way in again. After a few minutes of this, I felt the stirrings of an orgasm building up, even though I wasn’t playing with or masturbating my cock. He could see me panting and moaning so kept up fucking me. It then became too much and I started to orgasm. It was different to the ones I usually have as my whole body was tensing and shaking. When I ejaculated my cum shot all the way up my chest in big jets. If this is how it is going to be I want to be fucked a lot.

Not having to hold back any longer, Jim’s body tensed up, Throwing his head back he growled and moaned as he shot deep inside my anus. I could feel his cum spurting out and it felt warm and slippery.

I was a very satisfied man and I looked froward to again being serviced by this sexy man.

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