I Thought We Were More Ch. 18


Jacob was awash with thoughts. He was driving home from the massage parlor and he found himself taking the long way. In fact he wasn’t even headed towards his apartment at this point.

This was the first time he had really felt what the “control” device could really do. For a while there he was actually starting to enjoy the carnal pleasures of his current situation.

While he knew in his mind he was being controlled and ordered around, this was the first time he had really felt like he wasn’t free. He had only asked a question and this person they called “The Boss” had activated the device. He had gotten so wrapped up in the amazing sex he was having he didn’t even realize he still had to answer to this guy whenever he wanted.

He had to get out. That was all there was to it.

He was about to turn the car around and start heading home when his phone rang. It was Heather.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

Jacob looked at his phone and didn’t say anything. He was shocked. It was as if these people were trying to make him realize the mistake he had made of going along with this situation for so long.

“I’m just driving around. Isn’t that ok?”

“The boss liked it better when you were staying at your house and going to class. This is not normal behavior for you.”

“So I can’t go out for a drive?”

“Just don’t do anything too out of the ordinary. It makes the boss nervous.”

“Tell him to go fuck his nervousness!!” Jacob yelled into the phone.

“I don’t think you want me to tell him that.”

Heather said but Jacob wasn’t listening. He was waiting to see if the device would begin to zap him. Seconds went by and nothing happened.

“Yeah.” Jacob said. “Tell that slimy mother fucker to leave me the fuck alone!”

“Jacob you really need to watch what you are saying.”

Jacob again waited to see if anything would happen. The device did not seem to be doing anything to him. Jacob hung up the phone in Heather’s face. He searched through his contacts and came to Daniel’s number. He had gotten it from him the day after the performance at the club with the actresses they called “The Four Misses”.

“Hello?” Daniel said into the phone.

“How much are you dedicated to helping the boss?”

“I guess I would say I am indifferent. I take part in some of his performances and he pays me. I wouldn’t say I have that much loyalty to him. How are you asking that kind of question without getting ‘controlled’?”

“He isn’t listening right now. I don’t have much time left though. How did you get the device off of you?”

“I wish I could give you an easy answer. Sadly, I got it off because I served my time with it. I did what I was told for years and finally I met the boss face to face. He said I had done well for him and he had the devices removed. After that he offered me a part time gig taking part in his acts. If you used this one chance to call me I wish I could give you better answers. The fact is, the only thing that will get that device off of you is time.”

Jacob could hear his call waiting beeping in his ear. He looked at his phone. It was Heather. He ignored it.

“What does the boss look like?” Jacob asked.

He waited for an answer but already his shoulder began to twitch. The tingling carried down his spine this time and intense pain began to flood the muscles of his lower back. He pulled the car over quickly and jumped out as soon as he could get it in park. His entire back was on fire by this point. He dropped to the ground and lay there hoping the pain would go away.

After what seemed like an eternity the pain subsided and Jacob was able to crawl back to his feet. He stood leaning against his car and looking at the sky. It was about 10:00pm and the stars were washed across the heavens. He could hear his phone ringing and he reached into the car and answered it without looking at the screen.

“What in the hell are you trying to do?” Heather practically screamed into the phone.

“Oh, I don’t know, live like a normal person perhaps.”

“Well I am afraid you have run into certain circumstances that prevent you from doing that. You are in this situation whether you like it or not and you will just have to deal with it.”

Jacob thought for a moment. He had pushed his captors enough for one evening. He decided he would go ahead and comply for now. Already he was thinking about ways he could fight this without the people that were watching him knowing.

As he drove home he thought about what all had happened. This was the first time he had given serious thought to removing the devices. The one thought that seemed to keep jumping into his mind was that he needed an ally. He couldn’t do this alone. But how could he possibly communicate with someone enough to get them to help him. Obviously the devices were tapping into his senses just like Heather said they would.

He pulled the car over. Looking down at his phone he thought about how he could send someone messages gerçek porno without using his senses. He looked at the key pad on his phone. An idea popped into his mind. If he typed a message to someone on a keyboard without looking at his screen then whoever was somehow looking through his eyes would not be able to tell what the message said. He would only have one shot at it though. He was certain mounting an all-out campaign for removing the devices would cause the boss to detonate them.

Jacob went straight to bed as soon as he made it home. He slept through all of his classes the next day. It was a good thing it was Friday.

Saturday morning he did all of his laundry. He couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened outside of his car. How could he illicit someone’s help? Who could he ask? If he asked the wrong person they could go immediately to the police and then an investigation might be started. Just as soon as the boss discovered he had the police involved it would be curtains for him that way as well.

He went out for an afternoon jog and Alex was stepping out of her apartment as he was turning to lock up his own place. A thought crossed his mind.

“Hey Alex. What did you say you were majoring in again?”

She looked at him with an offended glance in her eyes. “Well good afternoon to you too.” She said.

“Heh, good afternoon.” He said correcting himself.

“I’m studying to be an electrical engineer.”

Jacob’s heart jumped in his chest. Perhaps Alex would know someone who could help him remove the devices from his back.

“Awesome. Well hey I gotta get moving but I’ll text you later.” He said.

“Ok.” She said locking her own door. “Where are you off to in such a hurry?”

He was now jogging past her. He didn’t want to get wrapped up in conversation right now. He had to think some more about his current situation.

“Gotta get my heart rate up. You don’t stay this sexy by standing around talking.” He shouted over his shoulder.

“Yeah but I’ve never seen anyone jog off a cocky attitude either. Let me know if you are able to lose that on your little run as well.”

He held up his middle finger as he ran over a hill and down towards the campus.

“An electrical engineer.” Jacob thought to himself.

Why hadn’t he realized that sooner? Now he just had to send her a message on the social media site. He could type her the message without looking at the screen. Then the boss or whoever was monitoring what his eyes could see would not be able to catch that he was sending out a message of help.

If Alex couldn’t help him, maybe she could at least find someone that could. He was in the park that surrounded the south side of the campus. Jogging trails wound all through the grassy plains that made up the prairie lands of this part of the country.

Other joggers passed him from time to time and Jacob was so caught up in his run and his thoughts that he didn’t even notice the actress known as Miss Molly went jogging past him. She was going the opposite way and only glanced at him for a brief moment before she was gone.

When he made it back to his apartment he decided he was going to go through with his plan. He would contact Alex and hope for the best. He plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. His idea was to look at the TV the whole time he was typing the message. That way it would look more natural if anyone was tapping into his optical nerve.

The only thing was he knew it would be fraught with typos. He wouldn’t be able to edit his work if he didn’t look at it. Despite this he was going to be as detailed as he possibly could in order to be informative as possible to Alex.

He picked up his laptop and navigated to the social media site and brought up a message screen to Alex. He was just about to start typing when he realized something. If he sent a message to Alex telling her how he couldn’t tell her this stuff in person due to people being able to see what he could see she would realize her and Rose were being watched when they had the threesome with Jacob.

He was certain she would be furious with him. His only hope was that she would be merciful enough to still help him. He immediately felt guilty for sleeping with Alex and Rose. Even though Heather had put a lot of fear into him about sleeping with Alex, she and Rose were the only ones outside of the society that he had slept with while the device was on him. At least he hoped the device wouldn’t be on him much longer.

“Please help me instead of killing me, Alex.” He thought to himself.

He looked down to make sure his cursor was on the message box of the computer screen and started typing.


I am writing you this message using the social media site because I am currently being monitored by a secret society. I know it sounds farfetched and hard to believe but this is not a joke. Currently people with the intent on controlling my actions are watching me. They are gay porno using a device that you might have noticed attached to my back when you and Rose had a good time with me. The device allows them to tap into my optical nerve and they are able to see everything I can see. The main person that watches is a girl named Heather. She is a tall skinny girl with brown hair that she usually wears in a French braid. She also wears the roundest, neardiest looking glasses you have ever seen, but don’t let her innocent look fool you. She is very high up in this society and I’m pretty sure she has done some pretty kinky things considering what I have seen so far. However there is someone above her I have never met before. He refers to himself as the boss and he seems to be in control of Heather. They have my cell phone number and they periodically tell me where to go and what to do. They even told me I needed to sleep with you. The device is also capable of delivering an electrical shock to me if I disobey them. They have used it on me a couple of times and it was like I was being hit with a taser. They say that it can even go so far as to knock me out by upping the voltage that they can shock me. The worst part is they can even cause the device to explode if they feel I am trying to remove it or am reporting their existence to anyone besides members of their society. They say it will only be a small explosion, one that would only harm me if it were to go off. If there is any way you can help me to remove this device please do so. If you cannot help me please find someone that can.

Thanks for everything


He started to look down to hit the send button but then he thought of something. He looked back at the TV and continued typing.

“If you can think of a way to help me. Please send me a message talking about your pet cat. Do your best to encrypt the message with talk of how your cat is sick or something like that.”

When he was done he looked down at the screen just long enough to hit the send button.

He was nervous now that he had sent the message. What if they had a DVR hooked up to the device they were watching his vision with? What if they could stop the video and read his entire message. He thought about that for a second and realized that his message was long enough that only part of it showed up in the screen.

But still any part of the message would reveal he had contacted someone on the outside.

For the rest of the evening he sat around waiting for the device on his back to explode killing him instantly. His cell phone rang at 8:15pm and he dove on the ground and covered his head. As he got up thinking about how little good that would have done him had his device detonated he walked over to his phone and picked it up.

“Hello.” He said looking at the screen. It was Alex.

“Hey, I want to go out for a beer.” She said.

“Oh, uh, ok.”

They quickly made arrangements and he got off the phone. He got himself ready as he was still dressed in his jogging attire from earlier. He put on a collar shirt and some khakis and headed to the bar across from the fine arts building on the edge of campus.

The whole time he and Alex small talked over their beers he was half expecting her to ask him about the message. He knew she was smart enough to not come right out and say it, but it was still a very real fear in the back of his mind. Though the whole night she instead talked about her classes and where she was going to get her Master’s Degree. She talked about her career goals and asked Jacob about his ambition of working in the recording industry.

Finally as two AM rolled around she suddenly looked him in the eye and said “Hey I forgot to tell you. I am looking for a new veterinarian.”

Jacob didn’t even pause to think about what she meant.

“Oh you mean for your cat?”

She looked at him with a strange look on her face. He wasn’t sure if she was just acting like she didn’t know what he was talking about or if she really didn’t.

“Ummmm no.” She said. “My mom has a dog at home that she rescued. She brought it home yesterday for the first time. Why did you think I had a cat?”

Jacob thought for a second. “I uh, I thought I saw it on your social media page that you had a cat. Do you even check that thing anymore?”

She looked at him trying to understand what he was talking about. “Not lately. I’ve been kind of busy.”

“There is a thing going around from one of the professors. It is pretty funny.” He lied. He had to get her to check her inbox.

“Well why don’t you just tell me about it?” She said.

“I don’t remember the joke off the top of my head. Something about the professor’s idea of the daily life of a student. He seemed to say it was mostly checking the social media site and watching Youtube.”

“Wow, great story.” She said sarcastically.

“Look, it’s really funny. I’ll copy the link and send it to you on the site. Just take a look at it when you evli porno get home. Could you do it so I don’t look like a complete jackass telling you about this guy?”

“You already look like a complete jackass…but I guess I’ll check it out.”

With his mission accomplished Jacob steered the conversation back towards somewhat normal talk.

Jacob made it back to his apartment feeling worried. Heather and the Boss hadn’t bothered him all day. He had made a serious attempt at letting someone know about his situation. This was against the rules and yet he definitely felt like he had gotten away with it.

Now he just needed to wait and see if Alex could provide him with some kind of assistance. He wasn’t even sure if she would be able to contact him. If she did there was only so much she could say by trying to code everything into a story about sick pets or something like that. It was just too much to hope for without being able to directly communicate about something.

He looked at the clock. It was almost 9pm on a Saturday and he was sitting at home by himself. Just as he was about to get up to turn on the TV there was a knock at his door. He went and opened it and was almost hit by the door swinging open as Heather pushed it and stormed into the apartment.

“Just what are you trying to do?” she demanded looking him in the eye.

“I am not sure what you are talking about.”

“Are you trying to piss off the boss? He has told me three times to turn over control of your ocular nerve monitoring to a 24 hour team because of the way you are acting. He says this is exactly the way Daniel was before we had to make other arrangements.”

“You still haven’t told me what you are talking about.” Jacob said.

They went to the living room and sat down on the couch.

“I’ve been watching your feed and reporting on what you have been doing ever since we had to tase you. What was that shit with your friend? You tried to lead her on a question and it really looked like you were trying to get her to speak in code. I came over because I don’t want to see you get hurt. This society…it’s nothing to play around with. The people that are in it are very secretive. They don’t want the world to know about them. If you are planning to go public with what we have done with you, I can promise it will not end well for you.”

“You’re paranoid.” Jacob said flatly.

Heather looked at him for a long time. Finally she seemed to calm down ever so slightly.

“I don’t think you realize how much of a following you have with the society. I know it is extremely shallow but our members are there to see sex in unique and exciting new ways. It only seems to be more exciting if the actors are attractive, and not just in their bodies and faces.”

Jacob looked confused for a second.

“Look, in the real world it doesn’t really matter how big your dick is. What truly matters is whether or not you love someone. Having an emotional and intellectual attraction to someone is just as important as how good the sex is or how physically attracted you are to someone. But in our group of members they are mostly focused on the physical. They come to our society to be entertained. And what entertains them the most is seeing exceptional specimens being sexual in extraordinary ways. Your penis is not just big. It’s… very attractive.”

“Ummm, thanks I guess.” Jacob said, not knowing how to take such a statement.

“We have other actors, and they have their fans as well, but no one has become this popular as quickly as you have. You know at those shows I usually spend most of my time in the crowd. You should hear their voices. Even after you have been introduced they speak to each other. Men and women talk about how they wish they could touch you. They watch in anticipation as our actresses have their way with you. At Dr. E’s show some even yelled to quit teasing you and just let you come. I was in our theatre watching that one. I don’t think you have seen our theatre. We have a 2 and a half story screen. Your dick is over 20 feet long when it is on that screen.”

“What is your point Heather?” Jacob finally said.

“My point is, you should just enjoy this. If you’re thinking of a way to escape, don’t. You have something not everyone has.”

“And what is that?”

“An opportunity for stardom. This society isn’t just in this small town. This is just a chapter. You could go from town to town with a guarantee that beautiful women will be doing something to your cock to make you come in a most satisfying and spectacular way. You will never be sexually frustrated. You will never be alone.”

Jacob wasn’t convinced at all. All he could think of was what a lonely life being an actor for the society must be. He didn’t want to argue with her anymore though. He put on an act instead.

“Maybe you are right, Heather. For now I am not going anywhere. I don’t think I have much choice. Tonight will be two nights since I’ve gotten off, but I don’t think it is a problem since Dr. E worked me over.”

“Yes, the boss thought you needed an extra day before anyone touched you again. We are having a big event at the society the day after tomorrow. We are bringing in new actresses and they have to compete for a spot in the society.”

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