I Turned My GF into a Queen Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: In the previous chapter Robert managed to, through much wit and guile, lure out his girlfriend’s latent dominant side. But can he handle his queen’s newfound love for domination or will she be too much for him?


Chapter Two: The Coronation of Queen Olivia

Wednesday: Experimentation

Robert woke up the following morning feeling in great spirits, yesterday had been one of the best days of his life and he couldn’t wait for his girlfriend to start dominating him again.

Unfortunately they didn’t have time for sex in the morning as it was a weekday and that meant going to work early, so he would have to wait until later in the day when they both had come home from work. He didn’t mind waiting too much though, he had waited years for his girlfriend to become dominant in bed so he could wait a few hours before experiencing it again.

Working had rarely felt as easy as his brain never really stopped thinking about sex, he came home earlier than her and decided to be a little playful and surprise his girlfriend by hiding in the bathroom.

He heard her open the front door and held his breath.

“Hi Robbie I’m home!”

Olivia seemed to be in great spirits judging by the tone of her voice, he hoped she wouldn’t be upset with him for playing a little prank on her. He didn’t reply to her callout and soon heard her voice again, but this time she didn’t sound as happy.

“Robert, I’m home!” she said expectantly.

He again said nothing.

He heard her kick off her shoes and when she spoke again he thought her voice sounded irritated, “Robert, I know you’re home, your car is parked just outside, why are you not answering me? I know you can hear me!”

He felt his cock twitch in his pants as he heard his girlfriend’s voice take on that now familiarly angry tone towards the end.

She walked to the kitchen and when she was unable to find him she headed back into the hallway.

When she spoke again and she sounded more than a little frustrated, “Robert, where are you?”

Her usually sweet voice had been coarse and he heard her sigh irritatedly when he didn’t answer.

She walked past the bathroom where he was hiding and into the living room. Robert decided this was the perfect time to sneak out and surprise her.

He opened the bathroom door quietly and snuck out, he saw his girlfriend standing with her hands on her hips with her back turned towards him in the living room and slowly made his way closer towards her.

Suddenly she turned around and started walking, and was about to walk straight into him.

“SURPRISE!” he called out happily and raised his hands in the air.

Olivia jumped up into the air in shock and looked terrified for a brief moment but quickly her fear turned into frustration.

“Ughh…Robert!” she said and grunted as she slapped his muscular chest, “You silly bastard!” she added and slapped his chest again.

The second slap he could tell was more playful than the first and shortly after she landed it he saw that she was wearing a little smile.

She admonished him playfully, “I thought you were being difficult again!”

Her light blue eyes peered needily up into his.

“I wouldn’t dare…my queen.” he replied and bit his lower lip seductively.

She looked horny and closed the distance between them, “Mmh, you better not!” she replied and grabbed his wrists, pulling him towards her, “I was so aroused at work, thinking about coming home and having naughty sex with you.”

She said it longingly and tugged at her lips.

He let his hands rest on her hips, “Mmh, I was horny too, couldn’t think about anything but you.”

“Mmh, Robbie.” she mouthed and used her hands to caress his chest, “I thought of so many dirty things, things I’ve never thought about before.”

She looked so horny that his cock reacted in his pants.

“Mmh, like what things?” he asked and held his breath in anticipation.

“I don’t know if I dare to tell you.” she said coyly, “You might think I’m really weird.”

She looked a little worried.

He instinctively shook his head, “Oh no baby, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” he said encouragingly, “In fact, I promise I’ll let you do anything to me, whatever you have in mind you can do.”

Her face shone up and she stood up on her tippy toes to get closer to him, “Really? You would do that for me?”

She looked both hopeful and happy.

He caressed her midsection encouragingly, “Yes, whatever you want baby, I’m your slave remember?” he asked playfully.

“Mmh, I remember!” Olivia said and wrapped her arms around his neck, “Don’t you at least want to know what it is first though?”

He looked lovingly down at his little girlfriend and shook his head, “No, I don’t need to, surprise me baby, like I surprised you.”

She looked longingly up at him, “Mmh, whatever I want…” she began dreamily, “Oh I really hope you’ll like it!”

She leaned levent escort in when she said the latter and their lips were now only a few inches away from one another.

He pouted hornily with his lips, “Mmh, I promise that I will baby.”

“Okay, I best be going then.” she said and dropped down onto her heels and moved away from his embrace.

He felt perplexed, “What do you mean?”

She smiled teasingly, “Well I don’t have everything I need already silly, I’d have to go and buy some stuff in one of those sex stores first.”

He grunted but encouraged her to do so despite his erection pushing hard against his jeans, “Yes of course, but hurry up hunny, I’m so horny!”

She giggled fondly at his impatience and set off to buy whatever she had in mind from the sex store.

Robert’s cock ached in his pants for several minutes after she had left as he pondered what she was going to be getting from that store. He almost regretted telling her to make it a surprise as his mind went wild speculating what this ‘stuff’ she had mentioned could be.

They didn’t have much in terms of sex toys at home as Olivia had previously never been one to want to experiment in bed all that much. It was such a breath of fresh air that she had now finally begun to open up sexually. Though he didn’t feel like he had a good grasp of what she was going to bring home, he still decided that he was going to encourage her experimenting nature regardless of what she wanted to do.

He felt it was important that he didn’t make her feel even slightly regretful about having opened up, this day needed to be a slam dunk to make sure she wasn’t discouraged from dominating him going forward.

It took longer than he had anticipated before his girlfriend returned back home from the sex store, the first thing he saw was that she carried two large paper bags full of stuff in them.

His first instinct was to ask her if she’d bought the whole store but he managed to at the last second prevent himself. Even though he had intended to say it playfully he realized it could’ve been interpreted as criticism.

“Wow! Awesome, you found a lot I see.” he said instead.

Olivia smiled a little unsurely, “Yeah, I hope I didn’t buy too much, I just saw so many things I wanted to try out, I’m afraid I just bought them all really.”

She looked a bit self-conscious and he figured it had cost quite a lot.

But he shook his head decisively at her words, “Don’t worry about the money baby, I wouldn’t even mind cutting into the food budget if that’s what it took to get my queen her toys.”

She giggled at his chivalry words and he could see her relax, “Don’t you at least want to know what it cost?”

He again shook his head, “No, whatever it cost it was worth it.”

His girlfriend looked up at him with eyes beaming from love, “I have the best damn boyfriend in the world!” she said happily and dropped her bags to hug him.

Robert chuckled fondly as he hugged his enthusiastic little girlfriend; he smelled her rose scented long blonde hair and sighed happily.

When she slid down and out of his embrace he saw her heart shaped face smiling hornily up at him and felt his cock twitch in his pants again. He felt truly lucky to have such an attractive and sweet girlfriend and even luckier now that she enjoyed being dominant in the bedroom as well.

She stuck her index finger into his chest playfully, “I have soo much planned for you.”

Her light blue eyes peered hornily up at him and he could tell she was aroused.

He ran his hands over her back, looking to even further encourage her, “Mmh, I can’t wait baby!”

He could see her lips part and her eyes took on a horny and dominant appearance, “If you can’t wait you should take off your clothes right now and go lie down in bed.”

She said it in a sweet yet commanding voice.

Robert bit his lower lip and grunted deeply, he could feel his cock fully stiffen, “Mmh…yes, yes my queen.”

He began stripping in front of her and saw her looking him over with her hands firmly on her hips; he could tell she did her best to look dominant.

Olivia had never been particularly good at looking purposefully strict and when she tried, little wrinkles formed around her nose that only made her look even cuter. He held in his desire to tell her how cute she looked and took off his clothes piece by piece.

He saved his boxer briefs for last and when he took them off his cock stood straight up alongst his stomach, he saw his girlfriend’s mouth drop a bit as she eyed it hornily.

She raised her eyes from his cock and looked up at him with her purposefully strict face, “Okay, slave, now go lay down in bed!”

She had pointed to where their bedroom was with her index finger as she said it and he thought she looked cute ordering him around like that.

He couldn’t help but to let out a little smile, she looked too adorable for him not to.

But quickly folded his eyes playfully and said “Yes mecidiyeköy escort my queen.”

She looked satisfied with his response, “Good, then march!”

He did as she told him. When he walked by her she slapped his butt playfully, he moaned hornily but kept walking, figuring her order still stood.

When he made it to their bedroom he laid himself down in their bed and waited for her to arrive and dominate him. It took longer than he thought it would, he heard the bags she had bought rustle as she went through them. He fantasized about what might be in them, he sorely hoped she had bought a whip of some sort and some ropes as he’d love it if she tied him up and punish him for being a bad boy. He didn’t need to stroke his cock for it to remain hard as it clung happily to his stomach.

When he finally saw his girlfriend enter the bedroom his jaw dropped.

She was wearing a tight black latex suit with cut-outs revealing her midriff, upper arms and large parts of her smooth, fit legs. Her hands were covered up in black latex gloves and black high heels that displayed much of the arch graced her feet. She held a black crop-whip in her right hand and wore a spiky black crown ontop of her head. She looked sexy beyond belief, and with the crown ontop of her head he thought she looked like a real queen. A queen of sex.

Robert felt his already rock hard cock somehow stiffen even further as it jumped in excitement.

“Oh. My. God.”

He had said it with his mouth wide open and couldn’t get himself to close it.

Olivia threw with her long, sexy blonde hair and looked teasingly down at him, “Do you like it?” she asked expectantly.

He nodded breathlessly, unable to formulate into words how much he approved of her tight latex dress.

She looked horny as hell and hit the palm of her left glove with her crop whip to the sound of a loud noise. “Mmh, you better like it!”

He purred from the sound of the whip made against the glove and looked in awe up at his latex clad blonde girlfriend. This was everything he had dreamt of and more. His only problem was that he was arguably too aroused, even the slightest stimulation of his cock would no doubt cause it to erupt.

She walked up to the bed and stood right next to him and let her crop-whip rest over his mouth, “I hope you’re gonna be a good boy and not cum too early today.”

He groaned at her words as he feared that was just what he might do but when she inserted the head of the crop-whip into his already partially opened mouth he moaned and sucked on it.

She tilted her head and licked her lips looking down hornily at him, “Mmh, because today we’re not gonna have a short little session like yesterday.”

She pulled the crop-whip out of his mouth and brought it down quite hard on his chest.

He moaned as he felt her whip slam against his skin and create a loud smacking sound that echoed throughout the room.

“Whether you’re cumming early or not!”

Robert licked his lips as he looked hornily up at his clearly power drunk girlfriend. She loved being in charge even more than he had thought she would.

“Today it’s all about me okay? My orgasms, not yours! Is that clear?”

She had asked it expectantly and raised her whip in the air to threaten him.

He moaned hornily and answered, “Yes! Yes my queen!”

He was so horny he felt like whatever she did to him he would still enjoy it.

She smiled and bit her lower lip, “Good.” she said and lowered her whip, “Then maybe you’re ready for some of this?”

He saw her slowly pull down a zipper on her suit located just over her groin.

His jaw dropped again as he found himself staring at her wet, pink pussy. He stared hypnotized at her beautiful and clearly already aroused pussy and couldn’t get a word out.

Olivia didn’t seem to require an answer this time however as she sat herself down on his chest without being invited.

The grinding sound of her latex suit moving aroused him even further and when he felt her sit down on his chest his heart started beating dangerously fast in his chest.

He moved his hands up to her buttocks and caressed her latex clad little butt.

But she quickly slapped his hands away, “Hands to yourself!” she said discipliningly.

Robert moaned and looked hornily up at her, his cock was throbbing hard. “Mmh, so strict.” he mumbled.

“Well I am a queen aren’t I?”

She said it playfully and adjusted the crown on her head.

He hurried to assure her, “Yes, yes you are, for sure!”

“Mmh, good.” she said and in one swift motion scooped her groin onto his face, “Then lick your queen’s pussy, slave.”

She held her breath and looked as horny as he felt.

He didn’t wait long to oblige her and eagerly moved his tongue onto her thin pink pussy lips, he let his tongue only graze them.

She let go of her whip and grabbed his head with both of her hands, “Ooh!” she grunted.

She leaned down onto his face and pulled his head upwards kağıthane escort towards her groin.

His tongue slid into her soaking wet pussy and he got to work pleasing his queen.

He moaned and heard her do the same as he tried his hardest to scoop as much of her lovely tasting pussy juice into his mouth as possible. His nose rested against her little blonde bush and he took a deep whiff out of it.

It smelled even better and more poignant than yesterday and he figured it was because she hadn’t showered since they had sex yesterday.

He licked her soaking wet pussy and smelled her lovely bush when he felt her grip around the back of his head loosen.

She lifted her groin off his face and moved her clit to right over the tip of his tongue. “Mmh, tickle my clit now.”

Her voice was trembling with arousal and he wanted nothing more than to please his queen.

He ran his tongue quickly back and forth over her already enlargened clit, he felt it grow firmer and larger as he tickled it and heard her moan excitedly above him.

He looked up and saw that she had her eyes closed and her face was making quick jerking motions, he realized she was just about to cum and moved his mouth down a bit so be able to catch all of her squirt if she had any.

And boy did she. Olivia moaned loudly and ejected three large rounds of squirt into his wanting mouth.


He swallowed it greedily, her squirt too seemed to taste better than yesterday, or perhaps it was because he was even more aroused now than then, he couldn’t tell which one it was.

“Oh. My. God. Baby!” she said happily and wore a blissful look on her face, “Fuck it feels good squirting.”

She looked so relaxed after her orgasm, she rubbed his head lovingly with her hands.

“Fuck your squirt tastes good!” he countered playfully and licked his lips.

His cock was as hard as it’s ever been and he wanted more, more of her and her squirt, he’d gotten a bit more used to its slightly pee-like taste.

She chuckled happily and ran her latex gloves through his hair. “Mmh, I’m glad you like it so much.”

He kissed her thin pussy lips lovingly, “Anything that comes out of my queen’s pussy I’ll swallow.” he replied playfully.

Olivia looked teasingly down at him. “Anything?” she asked.

Robert knew what she was referring to and didn’t blink, “Anything.” he answered and made deep eye contact with her.

His girlfriend’s face changed from teasing to shocked, “Really? You-you’d do that?”

She looked unsure, as if she doubted if he was really being serious.

He nodded affirmatively, “Of course, my queen.”

She looked doubtful down at him, “You’re aware I’m talking about pee right?” she asked bluntly.

“I am, and I’d drink it all for you my queen.” he replied seriously.

He saw her jaw drop a bit, it took a while before she took to words again, “Wow, that’s so…dirty, but also like, really hot.” she said and moaned.

She bent down to kiss him on the lips and he gladly sucked her lips into his mouth.

They kissed passionately for almost a minute before she raised her mouth from his, “Mmh, so do you want to do it now?” she asked and bit her lower lip.

Robert figured she was talking about drinking her pee and nodded his head eagerly in response. He’d long fantasized about drinking a woman’s pee but never gotten the chance to. He figured the feeling of being humiliated and dominated by actually being someone’s toilet would be better than the taste of the pee itself though as he had tasted his own and it wasn’t exactly the best of tastes. He nonetheless wanted badly to do it though, it was one of the myriad of things he’d fantasized about over the years without having gotten to explore.

Olivia giggled as she positioned her pussy right above his mouth. “Alright, let’s hope I don’t spill then!”

She spread her pussy open with her fingers and attempted to steer her pee into his mouth, the first little stream however mostly missed the target and ran down alongst the side of his cheek onto his neck.

She caught some of it with her glove and pulled it back onto his face and into his mouth. “Shoot, this is tricky!” she said, looking bothered.

“Put your pussy in my mouth and then pee.” he suggested.

She pouted slightly, “But I want to see it go in!”

Robert loved that she wanted to watch him drink her pee, he wanted to look up at her and see how her face looked when she used him as her urinal.

“Let’s go to the bathroom then.” he said eagerly.

She shone up, “Okay!”

She jumped off him and helped him out of the bed by pulling on his arms, he chuckled happily at how excited his girlfriend seemed to be to urinate in his mouth. He never thought she would be this willing to pee in his mouth.

When they got to the bathroom he sat himself down next to the toilet with the back of his head resting against the seat.

She walked up to him with her pussy lips spread apart looking very horny, one of her front teeth seemed to have stuck to her lower lip.

He moaned hornily with his cock still throbbing hard as he watched his latex clad girlfriend spread her pink pussy lips apart to urinate in his mouth, he opened wide and waited for her golden stream to enter his mouth.

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