I’m There for Mom and Dad Ch. 03


I pulled into the driveway around 11:00 and Dad’s car was gone. That wasn’t much of a surprise, since the sun was out, so he was likely golfing.

Mom was in the kitchen when I stepped through the door. She was in a pink baby doll and no robe over it. She heard me come in and was walking toward me with a friendly smile.

“You’re back,” she said, reaching up to kiss me. She put her arms around and embraced me, her nipples poking through the nearly see-through material. “I thought you’d never get home,” she whispered in my ear, “… lover.”

I pulled back in shock, and we stared eye to eye. I felt my cock growing, and tried to respond. “But how…” was all I could get out before Mom continued.

“Do you really think that strange man’s dick felt any different than your does? And, while we were playing, your father called his long time friend ‘boy’. That’s when I knew for sure it was you. That was when my pussy got even wetter.”

She moved in to kiss me, and her tongue slipped in my mouth. Our bodies ground into one another, and my cock began pulsing. My hands cupped her ass and I took all her weight in them. Mom raised her legs up, around my hips as we necked.

Her pussy rocked up and down my hardness. She said, “Let’s go to bed.” I didn’t have to be told twice. Mom unhooked her legs from me and we started up the stairs. I froze mid step, and asked, “Does Dad know that you know?”

“Oh, he knows. The baby doll was his idea. He went out so you and I could get reacquainted.” We continued up, and into their bedroom, where Mom pulled down the blankets to the foot of the bed, crisp new sheets awaiting our debauchery.

“Now I want to SEE that cock, not just feel it.” Mom dropped to her knees and unzipped my pants, reaching inside to find me already responding well to her plan. She looked at the head, no doubt placing how it looked as to how it felt inside her last night. She looked up at me and said, “It’s a really good looking cock.”

I smiled at her, enjoying her hands exploring my shaft. I realized that this was not going to be the all out blowjob I had expected it to be. This was just part of the discovery of the next phase in her life, and she was in no hurry. We stripped our clothes off and just cuddled into each other, my hardness never waning, her wetness increasing.

“Can Mommy have her first ride?”

I slid to the middle of the bed and laid my head on Dad’s pillow, my cock standing straight up. “Yes,” I answered, a nervousness came over me at the thought of my cock entering my mother one more time. But this time we would be able to share our sensations with each other. She crawled over top of me and squatted, reaching between her thighs to take hold of my fat dick, peeled aside the cotton panty, and set it to her hairless entrance. The next few moments were very intense for me, seeing the look on Mom’s face as she impaled herself onto my dick. Her eyes closed so she could focus on how her body was absorbing the fullness inside her.

Mom maintained a slow, controlled rhythm, up and down, each time the tip of my cock would mash against the tender bulge of her cervix. I played with her generous breasts beneath the thin baby doll top, teasing her nipples, just the two of us appreciating one another. Mom laid down on top of me, still fully impaled, kissing my face from chin to cheek.

Mom asked, “Peter, have you ever been with another guy? I mean, like, other than with gaziantep escort reklamları your Dad and I, last night?”

“Nope. Why?”

“Well, because your father has some experience with men, with me. But I don’t want you to feel that you have to do anything that you don’t want to do. You know?”

“Okay, Mom. I’ll be fine. Dad already surprised me a bit the other night, so I’m okay.”

“He did? What happened?”

“He, uh, put my condom on for me. And he peeled it off, later. I mean, it just kinda surprised me that he took hold of my dick and did what he wanted. No other guy has touched my junk, is all.”

“Peter, I’m glad your Dad took the condom off. I was already sure it was you inside me, and when I heard the wrapper after you had already put one on, I was more than ready to feel my son’s semen washing inside every part of me.”

I felt my hardness increasing while we talked. My thoughts wandered seeing Dad and Mom between my legs, orally pleasing me. “Peter, I don’t think your father would do anything that he didn’t feel you were ready for. But, don’t be afraid to stop him if he does something, or asks you to do something you’re not comfortable with, okay? We both want you to only do what you’re okay with.”

“It’s all good, Mom, I’ll speak up. It is Dad. I think I can handle him.” I heard my own cockiness as I said that. It was the first time that I had thought any less of my Dad, probably drunk with the power I was having over his wife. It definitely was an adrenaline rush.

“Just remember,” she added, “he can only please with his mouth or hands, so if he’s too horny, well, you know, he might…” I said nothing, letting sink in what she was trying to tell me. I’m pretty easy going, so I knew I wouldn’t react in a panic or anything if Dad did get handsy.

Mom pulled off her baby doll top, revealing her bouncy breasts and perky nipples. The panties were a soft pink that were tight enough to show off a camel toe. While I admired her fantastic body, she said, “Okay then. Now, let’s have some more fun.” She sat back up and had to squat above me so she her hand could jack my cock a few times, to get it ready to enter her again. When it was sufficiently stiff, Mom turned around and lowered herself onto me in the reverse cowgirl position. My hand caressed her wide ass cheeks as I saw my stiffness disappear between her plump lips. Her puckered ass moved up and down in front of me, so I placed my thumb over the damp entrance and rubbed her sphincter round and round.

She was moaning at all of the sensations taking her over. Suddenly, Dad’s voice filled the air. “I see you two found each other.” There he was, at the foot of our bed, eyes clamped upon the sight of his wife pleasuring herself with my cock. “Do you two mind if I stay?”

Mom shook her head, no, and I called out, “Sure, have a seat over there. You’ll get to see how hard your horny wife fucks me.” He moved quickly to the chair and resumed his voyeuristic enjoyment. Mom began to drizzle her wetness between us, lathering up my shaft with her juices. Her wicked smile told me she enjoys seeing her husband at the side of the bed, while a young boy fucks her in front of him.

She uttered, mid stroke, “Take you clothes off, Jimmy. Get comfy. Peter’s doing a really good job on me.” Dad moaned and obeyed her, slipping his pants and shorts down in one go, and gaziantep escort bayan reklamları tearing his shirt off as quickly. He played with his cock, pulling and tugging at the useless, pliable shaft, almost willing it to return to its hardened glory.

Mom stopped her delicious hip motion, and laid her back onto my sparsely-haired chest, playing with her own nipples. Our sexes were fully exposed to him; my long, turgid pipe, my thickness splitting her labia and soaked with her arousal. She stared at her husband stroking his lifeless cock and softly offered, “Baby, come over here and make me cum. Do it while our little boy fucks me.” Mom moved her head beside mine and kissed me, our tongues swirling.

I watched my father approach our bodies and he began kissing his way up her heavy thighs, pushing her legs wide enough for him to fit between. Mom lowered her hands to caress his head as he moved near us, her hips riding up and down my swollen cock. I felt his chin rub against my shaft as it moved in and out of her, his tongue lapping up and down her swelling clit. “That’s it. Right there, Baby,” she whispered, her husband teasing the hard nubbin.

I moved my hips to push deeply into her and then back out until almost my entire cock was at her entrance, and she moaned into my ear. She was getting my full strokes with both of our movements. Dad lapped up her clit and, during one stroke, Mom pulled up a little too high, and my wet cock tip plopped out of her… and then I felt it enshrouded in warmth, despite knowing that she was too high up for me to be inside her. Mom and I looked down and my father’s head was no longer teasing Mom’s pussy, it was pointed downward. He took the bulbous head into his mouth, then gave it a few licks and pushed it toward Mom’s pussy again. She groaned as he used my cock to wipe up an down her labia, pressing the spongy knob into her clitoris, before lowering it to the center of her sex.

I moaned as the velvety pussy walls gave just the right friction. Mom said softly, “You can cum if you want to. I’m ready.” When Mom guided Dad’s mouth over her clit, the sounds of pleasure she made, caused my cock to respond immediately. I began to hammer into her, kneading her breasts, my breathing more intense. My balls slapped at my father’s chin each time I drove into her, making a loud slapping sound.

When I felt my balls tighten, I grunted out, “Ohhhh, fuck. Cummmmmingggggg.” Hot jets of semen filled her up, the intensity even higher for me than last night. I came and came, all of it inside her, the last few spurts after we had both stopped moving. Mom slid off my chest and lay right next to me.

Our breaths eased, and when I looked down, my father was eagerly working over Mom’s vulva. “Make me cum, Jimmy,” she begged, using both hands to part the fat labial lips for him. Dad ignored her at first, lapping up my remnants, tasting my stringy seed. She added, “He cums a lot, doesn’t he, Baby?” Dad’s head nodded as he kept feeding from her lavishly. He moved upward and focused on satisfying her orally, licking small circles round and round her blood filled clit.

Her hands combed through his hair, her hips unconsciously gyrating as he brought her nearer to orgasm. I suckled on one nipple and Mom quickly began to groan, her head moving from one side to the other in ecstasy. She pumped her hips into escort gaziantep reklamları his face, while Dad entered a finger to her pussy to bring her off.

Soon, she lay back, silent, her head tucked into my chest. When Dad looked up at her, she beckoned him to lay with us, on her other side. Mom’s head tucked into my chest, his head resting on her right boob. It wasn’t long before Mom asked me, “Can you go again?”

I smiled, looked down at my lifeless cock and looked back at her. She turned to Dad and said, “You wanna see if you can get him ready for round two?”

“Is that okay with you, Pete?” he asked.

It took a second, but I realized what they were talking about. I said nothing, my gestures were kind of non-committal. Dad took that as a yes, and moved over Mom’s belly and down over my flaccid dick. The semen mixed with her pussy juice had begun to dry, but Dad’s ice cream-like licks reconstituted the mixture. His tongue laved one long lick from the base of my dick, along the thick vein that just dispensed my cum into his wife. His fingers cupped my balls gently, as if weighing them.

When he took the mushroom-shaped head into his mouth, my cock jerked to life. I looked to Mom, and she went from looking at me, to a slight smile, followed by looking down at Dad getting me ready sooner than I would have been. “Peter’s got to be more than two inches bigger than you ever were,” she said, as Dad moaned and started to take more of me into his mouth. My cock became erect quickly, as Dad bobbed up and down more hurriedly.

Mom pushed him aside, and said, “That’s good, Baby. He’s ready now.”

I recognized a faint hint of jealousy in his eyes, and then they went directly to Mom, and his smile returned.

“69?” she asked.

I answered, “Fuck, yeah.” Mom rolled me on my back so she could have full control of how deeply she would take me. As a pussy lover, nothing excites me more than having a horny girl sit on my face. She lowered her milky ass cheeks enough to give me full access to her pussy. I lapped up her lips, tasting some of my own ejaculate every now and then.

A few minutes of eating each other, I leaned back to see my Dad leaning forward in his chair at Mom’s large ass and my tongue. I asked, “Wanna share?” Dad nearly leapt off the chair and joined me, savoring Mom’s ass cheeks and then licking her puckered hole while I tended to her wetness. At times, his cheek would brush my nose as we each cared for Mom’s pleasure. I heard her groaning become louder, and then her thighs clamped around my head while she drifted into yet another orgasm.

Her mouth took me in totally, right down to my thick pubes. She heard my own climax ascending and called out, “Jimmy, come up here.” While I lightly kissed her labia and thighs, I felt a number of sensations between my legs. First, while a finger entered my ass, a hand played with my balls, and still two others coveted my thick shaft. Then a slightly different sucking on my cock. I knew what it was, but was not able to know for sure.

“Cum for us, Peter,” Mom begged. The finger pushed inside me more deeply, brushing my tender prostate gland. My stomach tensed and I felt another release. The warm mouth held the contents and bathed my entire cock with it. I heard the gulping and swallowing that came next. My cock twitched as the finger was removed from my ass. I began to sit up and watched the two of them French kissing, and they remained like that for another minute or so.

When their kiss broke, Mom got up and said, “I need to shower, and maybe take a nap! That was exhausting!”

“I’ll join you,” Dad suggested, and the two of them walked toward their en suite bathroom.

Mom spanked Dad on his left ass cheek, and turned back to me. “Don’t you be playing with yourself today, young man. You and I are going to be up late tonight.”

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