I’m Tied Up Tonight

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I’m tied up tonight

All characters are 18 or older.

Being eighteen at University was a breath of fresh air. Steph loved everything about it. Her full ride basketball scholarship secured her freedom from her parents. Living in a dorm didn’t really appeal to her but it did introduce her to a lot of people. She went to a Halloween party with some dorm mates one Friday night to a house off campus. She was feeling frisky, so she wore the classic slutty nurse uniform, her blouse unbuttoned enough to reveal the top of her best silky red bra and more than a hint of cleavage. Her skirt was short and sometimes blew enough in the night air to give brief glimpses of her bare thighs since she was wearing a matching red thong. She knew if she bent over the skirt would draw up and expose the bottom curve her slim ass cheeks. As they walked to the party other revelers shouted out compliments and offers to go to their rooms. The night was buzzing with young sexual lust.

Her attire quickly drew the interest of a couple of older guys at the party. One, Cole, was probably 21, dark haired and obviously ripped so he got most of her attention. He was easy to joke and converse with. She would caress his arm and stand closer than normal even for a party.

Her nineteen-year-old childhood friend Seth observed her from across the room and had to admit to himself that he was jealous. His roommate Cole was obviously drawing his old friend into his devious web. Seth had seen his smooth moves in these first weeks of the school year. They had already shared a young naïve freshman the month before, but Seth wanted Steph to himself tonight. She had really blossomed since coming to school. Her basketball workouts had sculpted her body into even more amazing shape. Though never wanting to get tied down to one girl, his competitive nature definitely took over.

He sauntered over to Steph and Cole and was happy she enveloped him in a deep warm hug in front of Cole, even sexily tonguing his ear as she whispered that she missed hanging out with him. The hug lasted longer than normal, and she drew back her shoulders as if to smile at him, but it was a ploy to grind her sensitive clit onto his hardening cock. His lifeguard T-shirt and board shorts revealed his toned hard body that spurred her on. Imperceptible to Cole, she rubbed up and down Seth’s sizable package in the slowest of seductive grinds; her whole body gave a little shiver. She finally pulled herself away to stop as she was afraid her moistening cunt would leave a telltale spot on Seth’s shorts. She was surprised and happy that Seth was there and obviously responsive to her seduction. Looking at him she decided he was the perfect guy to take her virginity. She best not scare him away with the possible razzing his roommate could give him of a wet crotch.

After a few drinks they started talking about the old days. Steph had gone out with a lot of guys in the last few months but nobody caught her fancy. Mostly self-absorbed guys that fumbled around immaturely. Step was comfortable with Seth as an old friend and she was in heat tonight.

Seth would slip his hand underneath Steph’s skirt and fondle her ass right in front of Cole, signaling his control. By his lusty grin it was obvious Cole didn’t care. The night was young, and he was as devious as Seth. In fact, he made the most of it, leaning his own hard body against her and blowing softly in her ear as he talked to her, ostensibly because the party was so loud. Steph did nothing to stop either of them, thrilled by the competitive one upmanship of these two seriously attractive guys. Cole wore a cheap policeman outfit but he had spiced it up with a nightstick and actual handcuffs.

Seth said he was actually an undercover detective disguised as a lifeguard. Cole picked up Seth’s innuendo and told Steph she was under investigation and needed to go to the interrogation room with them. Steph was so aroused now she played along with the game. She was embarrassed that they could probably smell her arousal so she playfully pushed them both away.

“You’ll Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort need a warrant if you want to question me,” she teased.

“Resisting arrest eh?” Cole played along with her game. “We’ll just have to handcuff you then, “and with a flourish he did just that.

Steph was surprised but thrilled with this taboo feeling game and poorly hid her feigned resistance. She protested, squirmed and pulled against the cuffs which popped another of her blouse buttons open revealing her breasts almost to her nipples. They became hard and deliciously sensitive so she squirmed even more until they were sharply outlined in her thin blouse. She glanced down at her exposure and wanton display – they both followed her gaze nastily grinning at her. As Cole and Steph led her away to the “interrogation room” her perspiration became a pheromone that made the guys desire her even more. She didn’t want to admit to them the emotions she had while they manhandled her. They were too dark for her religious mind to acknowledge. She had never let any guys go underneath her clothes before, but in her fantasies during long groping makeout sessions, her mind always returned to being restrained and unable to stop them. Becoming a slut for the night.

Seth read body language astutely for his young age. He could feel Steph’s heightened arousal as soon as she was cuffed. As they climbed the stairs to his room, he slid his finger into her cunt and could feel how wet she was. Steph moaned at the intruding finger but smiled at Seth, so he slid in a second finger and fore fingered her clit at the same time, pulling her up the stairs by her snatch. Steph was surprised that Seth obviously guessed her passion for the restraint game but her juices running down his fingers totally gave her away.

“Well Cole and I have two more roommates. We could ask them to help in your interrogation…”

Though Steph thought the idea was delicious she wasn’t ready to admit that tonight. “How about just the three of us for now? “She asked suddenly shy though her excited eyes beamed like a searchlight, giving her away.

“Time for the interrogation. Cole, why don’t you grab a few of those neckties you like sporting around in so much?”

Cole and Steph looked lustfully at each other imagining the neckties tied around Steph’s ankles. She was battling her angel morals and devil fantasy. She wanted to give herself to Seth alone for the first time, but the restraint game pushed its way to the forefront of her mind with her wonderful fantasies of numerous hands fondling her tight body.

Seth kissed Steph softly at first to distract her and keep her from changing her mind. She responded with a deep French kiss melting into his arms and caressed his hardening cock with her cunt, leaving Seth with no concerns of her decision. He didn’t realize how often she’d fantasized of this very scenario — being tied up and taken hard. She couldn’t wait.

“First we have to do a body search.”

Cole returned and began tying one of her ankles as Seth opened her blouse and manhandled her breasts which filled his hands. All pretense of an interrogation was gone. He would grasp her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pull them out, eliciting shameless moans from Steph. He grabbed a necktie from Cole and knelt down to tie it around her ankle. He could smell her excitement, so he slipped her thong to the side and used the tip of his tongue to trace her labia. With her cuffed hands, she pulled his head tighter, trying to satisfy her growing desire. He laughed and continued to tease her moist cunt lips lightly for at least five minutes, avoiding her clit on purpose. She was so close to an orgasm already she urgently rubbed herself on his tongue as much as he let her. Not wanting her to cum yet, he quit tonguing her. He stood up and kissed her. She pulled back, never having tasted her essence before. Seth was unrelenting and held her arms pinned to her sides and sloppily kissed her all over her lips, nose and face. Not having a choice, Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort she could smell her funky self, and gave in to his dominance. She wanted Seth so bad — a mini orgasm hit her as she submitted to him- she wasn’t going to stop him at all now.

As he kept her arms pinned, he lifted the back of her skirt and kicked her legs apart. Cole, perhaps a future tag team wrestler, loved the move. He pulled her ass cheeks apart as he placed soft kisses all over her ass. Pulling her thong down to her knees he lightly touched her rosebud with the tip of his tongue. She moaned at the taboo feeling of his tongue but was also mortified that he was doing it. Spurred on by her moans he slipped his tongue in and out of her ass slowly. Though that felt even better she was grossed out at the same time and twisted away from his tongue with reluctance.

Seth picked her up and threw her on the bed. He tied her cuffed wrists to the headboard while Cole tied her ankles, loose enough that she could be turned over but too tight to escape.

“Seth please…I just want you!” Steph had almost lost control and wanted to be filled. She feared Cole after his taboo move on her asshole but trusted her old friend Seth. Now that she was actually tied with her arms and legs spread out so lewdly, she started to panic that things could spin of control. In her fantasy the men would use her hard but wouldn’t hurt her. There were at least a hundred people at the party. Restrained as she was the fear grew. “Seth pleasure me but please just you. You’re actually my first…”

Seth fell a little bit in love with her at this point. She was opening herself to him and wanted him to be the first. There’s no way he would deny her that, especially since she was an old friend. An old, extremely hot bodied friend that he’d be the first to ravish.

“Cole buddy, how about give us some time alone and we’ll join up with you a little later? “

Cole was disappointed to walk away from such a great piece of ass but having felt her comradery when they met earlier in the evening and the way she responded to his caresses, he was cocky and confident that he would be fucking her soon. He’d give Seth the first shot then move in for the kill.

Steph missed the wink Cole and Seth gave to each other as Cole left. She also missed the signal Seth gave for him to come back in twenty minutes. Seth made an exaggerated show of locking the door as Cole left though he actually left it unlocked.

“Wow Steph you are so hot,” he reassured her as he stripped off his clothes. Steph felt so much more comfortable now as she eyed his lean 5’10” body with nice six pack abs and a six-inch hard on sticking straight up, just the right size for her first time. She couldn’t wait and lifted her arms as much as she could to touch him. He laid on her, placing his stiff cock right on her vaginal lips and kissed her in a long passionate kiss. He slowly slid the underside of his cock back and forth on her wet cunt lips. She writhed and moaned underneath him, giving in to her desire. She had waited so many years, subverting her passion. She wanted him inside her and squirmed to try to line him up. Just as the tip of his cock would start to slide inside her Seth would pull back to tease her more. He slid down and suckled on her magnificent tits, marking them as his. She knew he was leaving hickeys and bite marks on her breasts, but she was riding a wave of pleasure that gave him free rein.

“Fill me Seth, please. I want you now. Quit teasing me. Fuck me now!” She wanted to lose her technical virginity and move on. She was lost in the throes of passion and wanted to be bred and used repeatedly. She closed her eyes and imagined guys waiting to take her one after the other after Seth unable to stop them. She pulled against her bonds and lifted her pelvis, sliding her cunt against Seth’s thighs or cock or whatever she could touch. Finally, she felt the tip of his cock at her vaginal entrance and with a quick athletic thrust upwards captured it fully inside her. She was in Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort bliss and tightened her vaginal muscles milking his cock.

Seth had never felt such a tight cunt — all her years of working out now squeezed his cock like no woman ever had. He had wanted to tease her relentlessly with her arms and legs tied but she now had him captured instead. After only a few minutes he lost control and came harder than he ever before, pulsing inside her.

Steph could actually feel his penis pulsing and loved the new feeling of him filling her. She felt like a real woman now. At the same time, she had been so close to a massive orgasm for so long she was disappointed too. Though her breathing slowed a bit her nerve endings were still firing, and she longed for more. She thought it was really strange when Seth rolled her over on her stomach, twisting her arms in the cuffs and necktie and forcing her face into the pillows. But then he slid down and spread her legs and started kissing her inner thighs and licking her between kisses. She had never thought about a guy doing that after cumming in her, but she was still so charged up she didn’t want him to quit.

He felt her spreading her legs wider to give him better access, so he kissed just outside of her dripping cunt lips. She was moaning so loud now that Seth was lost in giving her pleasure. He lapped at her cunt, unfazed by his cum. He’d masturbated into his hand before to keep shirts or sheets clean so it was a familiar taste. She was so close to orgasm that she rubbed her ass up and down against his face with licentious abandon, all of her moral thoughts evaporated.

That was what Cole witnessed as he quietly slipped in the door. Steph moaning face down on the bed obviously enjoying Seth going to town on her cunt. He gave Seth a tap on the shoulder and just like a WWE wrestling tag team Cole took over the duties of pleasing Steph. Seth’s tongue and jaw were cramping — he told himself that was the reason he let Cole take his place. But he sensed that Steph really did want more tonight. The way she seduced both him and Cole earlier. Invited both of them to the room. He had watched her squirm when she was cuffed and her hidden lust for more was clear.

Steph had felt the mattress move and the loss of the fantastic tongue but now it was back. Arms gripped her thighs and lifted her up onto her knees. The neckties were stretched tight with her arms wrapped over her head. But she didn’t want to move. The lovely tongue had licked out all the cum and was now focused on her escalating pleasure. It would dip down to caress her clit and then slide along her cunt lips all the way to her rosebud. She gave herself totally to the pleasure and pushed back against the exquisite tongue, rubbing herself to try to orgasm. Gone now were any limits or foreboding, her body lasered in on bliss. At one point his nose was tickling her puckered asshole and his tongue was lapping at her cunt insatiable for her juices. She didn’t care.

Then suddenly the tongue was gone, and a cock slammed into her. She pushed back as much as she could and let him hammer her. This was what she dreamed about for years. Good hard fucking. She’d enjoyed Seth’s lovemaking but the pounding she was getting was just want she needed now. Hands gripped the sides of her thighs for leverage and the cock drilled her with a steady pace that obscured all sense of time. She lost all focus and came harder than she ever had in her life wailing loudly “Fill me, fuck me. Cumming so good! Oh my god, you’re the best!”

Cole, just like Seth, had never had a such a tight cunt and that, coupled with Steph’s long cries of orgasm and tight cunt milking his cock made him shoot. He continued to piston into her for a cum that lasted the longest ever for him. Laughing he tapped out to Seth who’d just watched his friend give her the fucking of her life.

Steph was confused when she felt a softening cock pull out of her and instantly replaced with a stiffer cock. She recognized Cole’s laughter from earlier in the evening and a surge of anger welled up. But as the new cock aroused her once again, building to a new pinnacle, she admitted to herself this was what she’d dreamed of for years. After turning her head and giving her lovers a greedy grin, she buried her face back into the pillows and submitted to whoever was fucking her for the next blissful hour and countless orgasms.

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