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Note from author: This was written after receiving a phone call from a wrong number and a few minutes later the gentleman called me again because he liked the sound of my voice. With no clue as to his name, his appearance, or even his race, I wrote this fantasy based strictly on the sound of his deep, bass voice and the way it truly sent shivers up my spine as we visited. I hope you enjoy.


We are lying naked in my bed. You move your mouth and hands to my tits and begin to kiss and nibble and bite all around both of them at your leisure. I imagine you massaging them deeply, enough to make me wince – but not to cry out. As you move your fingers to my nipples and pinch them mightily, the intent is to pull them towards my chin so your teeth can explore the tender undersides of my breasts. You are straddled across my lower tummy. My nipples begin to slip from your fingers – you grab your whole fist full of tits in each hand and squeeze and tug you fingers back into an extremely firm pinch of the nipples. You feel my pelvis moving in response.

Pinching my nipples between thumbs and forefingers, you use the rest of your hands to run along the outsides of my tits and push them together. Moving up my tummy and straddling my lower chest you begin to move your rock hard cock between my tits. My hands move to your ass as I rub and massage your cheeks with determination. With my head propped on a pillow, you tease my mouth with the head of your cock before slipping away back through my tits. Twirling my nipples in your pinch, you move your cock between my tits, loving the expressions that cross my face, creating moans and gasps of breath from my lungs. My mouth open, reaching for your cock – winces of pain as you torment my nipples – my eyes soft with hungry passion as you feel my hips moving in time with your cock between my tits. My fingers slide within the crease between your ass cheeks and I pull you to my mouth with each upstroke of your hips.

Abandoning my tits, you reach for the bars of my headboard as you bury your cock in my mouth. Relaxing my throat, I use my hands grabbing your ass to pull you deep into my mouth. As you pull out, I bury a finger from each hand into your ass as deeply as possible and pull you back into my mouth – again and again and again and again. The sights, the sounds, the smells, the sensations are more than you can handle and with wonderful sighs and moans and deep breaths you shoot down my throat an explosion that rocks you completely into shudders from knees to shoulders. You try to stay still in my mouth to savor your climax, but my fingers are still inside your ass – my hands are still gripping your ass – I pull you out just enough to keep your overly sensitive head in my mouth and I begin to tongue your head with circles, completely, all around. You break out into a fresh sweat and involuntarily pull completely out of my mouth – feeling the pressure of my fingers move deep inside your ass because of your movement.

I pull the head of your cock back into my mouth, and firmly place my teeth along the rim and ridge of your cock to hold you in place, which makes you freeze. Again, I tongue your still sensitive head which makes you feel – what? Do you want to roar like a lion? Do you want to collapse against the headboard? Do you want to push down my throat until you reach that gag reflex? Whatever movement you make, my response is to tighten my teeth around the head of your huge cock, hold you in place, as I tongue the circle of your head and now I begin to tongue the hole at the tip of your cock and attempt to lick inside your penis.

Our eyes meet and a new expression crosses your face, this time. You smile at me. You relax your withdrawal and begin to move in my mouth – ever so slowly. You deliberately and pointedly look at your watch. Meeting my eyes again, with your silky, deep voice you tell me that for every minute I keep your cock hostage – you will spank my bottom an equal number of minutes. My eyes widen with challenge and I begin to truly show your cock much attention. Without losing your cock, I remove my hands from your ass and wipe them with a washcloth from the bedside table. Bringing my hands to your balls, I begin to play with that area between your balls and your ass. I squeeze and scratch your balls gently; otele gelen escort I hold the base of your cock and stroke it while I continue to suck your head with enthusiasm. I close my eyes and time stops in my mind as I concentrate fully on sucking your wonderful cock and balls and eventually – after who knows how much time – I receive the benefit of your second explosion in my mouth and am able to really taste you on my tongue this time rather than simply swallowing your liquid as I did before. I gently allow you out of my mouth and tongue you from tip to base as I clean you up a bit. I open my eyes and look up at you. You deliberately look at your watch again and I remember your promise. With a challenge in my eyes, I tell you to give me your best. You begin.

Lying on my back, I reach my arms over my head and stretch with self-satisfaction at knowing I’ve just made you come twice – without using anything below my waist. You use this opportunity to roll to your side, prop your head in one hand, and gently run the fingers of your other hand along my front from my neck across my breasts, along my rib cage, across my tummy to my hips and back again creating delicious shivers within me.

Almost absent-mindedly you palm my nipples hard and tease the front of me while you look around my room and take in the details of the murals painted on my walls. You notice the way I’ve added four 4X4 posts to my waterbed, the way I’ve built rails along each top of the sides, the way I’ve drilled holes into those rails for the thick 2″ dowel rods to pass through across the width of the bed – from above the headboard, along the ceiling of the four posters, down to the footboard of the bed. You gently twist and twirl my nipples as you notice the way I’ve draped coordinating, sheer fabric in and out of the dowels from the footboard, drooping through the dowels across the ceiling, and in and out of the dowels of the headboard.

Tucking your feet inside my knees, you spread my legs as you begin to pinch my nipples and notice the subtle responses your ministrations are creating within me. With a deliberately hard tug and pinch which creates a gasp of breath in me, you notice the way I’ve knotted each of the lengths of fabric to each of the dowel rungs as it passes in and out of them. You notice the several feet of fabric lengths draping from the bottom dowel to the floor, both at the head and the foot of the bed, and the secure way those knots are particularly fastened to the dowels. Moving up, you straddle me momentarily, nip my tits with your teeth in passing, as you look over the edge and see the way I’ve fastened the posts to the bed with metal brackets hidden under the bed. You reach out with your hand and give the post a good yank expecting something – nothing moves. I watch your muscles expand and contract with your effort as I see your thoughts in your eyes. You are impressed as you admire the solidness of the frame, the dressings, and the fabric.

Straddling my tummy, you reach for the piece of fabric hanging down next to the corner post of the bed. Tickling my tits with the end of it, you reach for my hand opposite the corner the fabric came from and stretch my arm across my body, up the length of fabric, and wrap it around my wrist several times then secure it with a knot. Looking down at me you see approval in my eyes. Taking the fabric from the opposite headboard corner and taking my other hand, you secure my second wrist across my body in such a way that, at your leisure – when you’re ready – whenever you want, you may flip me to my stomach with my arms spread above my head, wrists secured to appropriate corner lengths of fabric. With my arms bound and secure – with a look of soft passion in my eyes – you look down at these 44Cs, noticing the way they perk up a bit because of the way my arms are crossed over my head, and begin your assault in earnest.

Reaching to the bedside table you remove my cloverleaf clamps and position them onto my nipples, gently, carefully, precisely where you want them and feel my hips behind you jerk in response, as you listen to my intake and exhale of breath. You move down my body, slowly, teasingly, dragging your hard cock across my belly button and across the hair between my legs. Shifting yourself mecidiyeköy escort between them, you hold my smooth shaven legs just below the knees, bend them, and spread my legs completely. Watching my most private area, already soaked and dripping, you move your hands down the inside of my thighs with small pinches while using your elbows to keep my knees spread.

Breathing the scent of me, your cock throbbing with want to enter me, you begin to tug the hairs between my legs while watching and listening to the varied responses you create within me. Gently untangling my curls, you pull the hairs until my lips separate. You take your time. You’re in no hurry. You love tormenting me. Reaching down to nip the insides of my thighs with your teeth, you tug my hair not so gently and watch my hips respond, begging for more. Unable to delay your curiosity any longer, you begin to taste me with gusto. Treating me like a meal, you chew my lips as if you were truly trying to eat me alive.

Pushing a thumb into my pussy, you bring my wetness back to my backside. Again and again and again you bring my wetness to my ass. Lifting your eyes to watch my reaction brings your unshaven, stubbly chin into contact with my clit. As you push your thumb into my ass, you feel my involuntary rubbing against your chin and give me more pressure to rub against. Faster and harder I fuck your chin. My instincts want to contract my muscles and close my legs as I reach for your chin, but your hands move to my knees again and keep me open to your attention. Matching my movements, you move your chin in small circles increasing pressure against me. With a single finger you reach up my body and hook it around the chain of my clamps and gently pull, as your chin fucks my clit, until I reach my climax and shiver and tingle from head to foot. You move down to taste and drink your fill, burying your face in my wetness.

After cleaning me up, when my noises have subsided somewhat, you sit back on your haunches and look up at me flushed and sated. Noticing my nipples still clamped, a rich purple color from the blood constriction, you smile inwardly knowing that I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen next. Checking my arms for direction – crossing my legs in front of you appropriately, you get a good grip on my hips, pull me hard to you and flip me to my stomach. You listen to my screech as my over-sensitized nipples scrape across the sheets of the bed and then bear my weight pressing into the mattress. You grin, watching me closely, as I breathe deeply processing the pain, getting a handle on it. With all sincerity and caring, you ask me if I’m okay – if I want you to remove them. I want to say yes, remove them – but I’m also curious as to your plans, curious as to my limits, curious as to how much I really can take. I shake my head no – I tell you I’m okay, just give me a sec.

Getting off of the bed, you take the washcloth I used earlier into the bathroom, rinse it out and warm it up, then bring it back to the bedroom and standing beside the bed you wipe well the crease of my ass – preparing it for your attention. With your wonderful deep-timbered voice you begin to tell me your naughty plans for me. Taking my hairbrush from my dresser and moving back to the bedside, you set the brush on the mattress within easy reach and lift my hips into the air and put me on my knees, placing even more pressure on my chest, on my nipples. You give me a few seconds more to process. Touching my pussy, you feel my wetness still there – bending over tasting me again – and then tell me what you’re going to do with that wetness.

But first, you owe me a spanking and you check your watch. Not fully knowing my expectations, your first swat with your hand is more playful then serious and creates little reaction in me. In fact, you notice my tenseness leaves a bit as I relax and prepare to accept your playfulness. Your next few swats get progressively harder and again you notice my involuntary response as I lift my ass asking for more. You’ve positioned my knees and legs so that my ass cheeks are spread and open to your view. Using the hair brush now, you watch my ass begin to turn pink, noticing the winces I begin to show, you begin to really enjoy this process. Continuing the spanking according to your own plan, türkmen escort you notice my flinches have turned to whimpers. You’re fascinated by the pink color of my ass turning to a dull red. Giving equal treatment to both cheeks, they heat up beneath your attention. You switch back and forth using the brush sometimes, using your hands sometimes. Slapping and smacking and watching me, you watch my responses; you listen to me.

You ignore the stinging in your hands and spank even harder. You have a wicked understanding of that connection between pain and pleasure for me. Your cock is rock hard. Your cock responds to the stinging in your hands, the color of my ass, and the motions of spanking me, the sounds of my whimpering. You check your watch. No …… you can’t enter me yet. You promised the spanking for a specific number of minutes. You feel frustration because you can’t fuck my sweet ass yet, so using the brush you spank me harder. The dull red turns to a bright red. Again and again – swat, swat, swat, swat … You ignore my tears which have started, knowing the pleasure obtained from the pain. You notice I’ve grabbed the fabric you tied me with in my hands, my face sideways on the pillow, my ass straining as high as possible reaching for your attention. You check your watch again – okay now – you count down the seconds of the final minute in your head. Mindlessly, your swats almost match the countdown you’re thinking. My tears have turned into a full soft cry – but you are focused on that final second approaching when you can fuck me to your heart’s content. Swat – 10, 9 – swat – 8, 7 – swat 6, 5 – swat 4, 3 – swat – 2, 1; then a final swat for good measure. On your knees behind me, you touch my pussy with the tip of your cock and revel in my wetness. With your tip against my clit, you bring your cock back to my entrance. Pulling my hips you plunge into me full tilt again and again and again, feeling whatever sensation you feel in finally fucking a sopping pussy. Exploding inside me – you give my ass another swat with your hand, just because it’s there.

Inside my pussy, your cock is still hard and slick. Grabbing some oil from the table and spreading the cheeks of my ass with your hands you drip the lube along my crease and using a finger, then two, you prepare the inside of me. You bring your slick cock to the entrance of my ass and push gently until your head slides inside. Somewhere outside the realm of your sensations you hear me begging, “Go slow – let me get used to you – please go slow.” With your sexy, deep voice that sends shivers up my spine you tell me, “I am going to fuck your ass completely and fully.” Slipping back into my pussy, using a bit more oil, you come back to my ass and slip in further. Pushing your cock one more time in my pussy and back to my ass again, this time you pull my hips and enter me completely and fully. Just for the pure pleasure of being inside my red-hot ass – you swat me again – and again – and again. Feeling my tightness around you, feeling my Keagles contract and relax, pulling out until just your head is inside my rim and re-entering me fully, you fuck my ass hard, and spank my bottom, to your own natural rhythm. Imagining whatever you want in your head, you fuck my ass to a mind-shattering, body-shuddering completion. With a deep satisfied sigh, staying inside my ass, you reach up and untie my wrists. Lying down behind me, rolling us to our sides, you push deeper into my ass not wanting to lose me.

Knowing my nipples have been clamped much longer than my normal 30 minute limit, you very carefully, very gently, very lovingly press the releases and one by one remove the clamps, enjoying my sounds and cries, gasps and whimpers of immense pain as the blood rushes back into each nipple. You kiss the back of my neck and my cheek in understanding. With your fingers to my chin you bring my face to yours and kiss my tears away, then kiss me. Lifting my upper knee and locking your leg under mine to keep me spread, you snuggle my back against your chest with my head on your arm. You take my hand and guide it between my legs. You move your hands to my tits and begin to gently play with my tortured nipples. Starting with soft gentle circles and moving to strong pinches, pulls, and twists – your voice talks to me about my hand rubbing myself. Your words egg me on, your cock in my ass fills me with pressure, my fingers rub circles around my wet clit, harder and faster until I come and I press hard against your cock in my ass. You continue to hurt my tits and make my nipples burn as I ride the crest for as long as possible.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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