In a New York Minute – Part Seventeen – Chapters 65-68


Chapter Sixty-FiveMac sat at his desk and let his mind wander back to that day a little over two years ago when he’d spent the day interviewing potential candidates in hopes of selecting the perfect escort. The entire process had been an epic fail until the very last applicant. Then his whole life changed in a New York Minute when Grace Remy walked through that door. She’d been everything he’d ever wanted but didn’t know he was looking for.He found himself reminiscing lately about those early days since they were planning to return to Europe. He was looking forward to traveling with Grace again. He’d fallen in love with her and found himself on their first time in Europe together. This time, they’d be working on making baby number two.“Earth to Mac,” Grace prompted him back to the present moment.“Sorry, I was just reliving some of the highlights of when we were first getting to know each other and how our relationship bloomed into more than I could have ever imagined.”Grace felt her heart flutter. “You’re such a romantic.”“You helped discover that particular quality in me. You changed my life, Grace.”“You changed mine as well, Mac. Although we are strong, capable people, we’ve become better versions of ourselves by being together.”And that was the crux of it. They’d grown into happier, more contented people because they’d found each other.They gazed into each other’s eyes a moment longer before Mac said, “I suppose you’re here to review our itinerary.”“Yes, but I have this powerful urge to bend over my boss’s desk and let him have his way with me first.”Mac grinned as his cock went from half-mast to full-on hard-as-steel status. He said nothing, but closed the door and locked it.“Take off your panties, my naughty slut,” he commanded.Grace feigned indignation but did as she was told.“Now give them to me.”He inhaled her scent from the pale pink lace before stuffing the thong in her mouth. “That ought to keep you quiet. Bend over my desk and spread your legs open a bit. I want to inspect that pussy of yours before I use it for my pleasure.”Grace felt a shudder of lust ripple through her body as Mac ran a finger along her drenched slit.“You’re so fucking wet,” he mused. “I’m guessing that’s because your pussy requires attention.”Grace nodded and felt her arousal grow when she heard Mac unzip his pants.“No need to get naked,” he stated, “when I can just whip out my dick and stick it in your dripping hole.”Grace’s hips began to rock instinctively as she waited for this feral mating. She felt the rush of desire when he grabbed her hips and plunged into her.“Good thinking wearing a dress today; I always enjoy it when you give me easy access to your body.”He put one hand on her back to hold her down on the desk while he fucked her with slow, deliberate strokes. Her muffled whimper was a huge turn-on, and he found himself wanting to hammer into her. But he forced himself to go slow, knowing it was driving his sexy redhead wild. Grace’s legs trembled, and her whimpers turned to moans as her first climax took them both by surprise. Mac put his hand over her mouth and reprimanded her.“Shh! We don’t want the staff to hear you while I use you. You need to stay quiet, or I’ll have Sex hikayeleri to pull out and stroke myself and cum on your creamy ass.”A loud knock at the door startled them.“Mac? It’s Avery. I have the projections that Grace and I worked on and thought you’d like to review them. I can’t find her anywhere.”“She’s in here, going over our itinerary. I’ll look at your report after we’re done.”“Oh, okay. Do you need any help, sir?”Mac stifled a laugh. “No, we’ve got everything under control in here.”“Well, if you change your mind, I’ll be right out here at my desk.”“Thanks, Avery.”Turning his attention back to Grace, he said, “Not a sound out of you, do you understand? I’m going to fuck you hard, fast, and deep, and fill you with my seed. If you want to cum, you’ll have to do it silently.”Mac pounded his rigid pole into his wife’s sweet honey until he was ready to blow. Just then, he felt Grace’s entire body shake as her soft, wet walls squeezed his cock, triggering his orgasm.He removed his hand from her mouth and pulled out, wiping his dick on her ass.“Good girl staying quiet. Clean yourself up, my sweet slut. I need to get those reports from Avery.”Mac tucked himself back in his pants as Grace blew him a kiss and hurried into his bathroom to put herself back together. Unlocking the office door, Mac poked his head out and called Avery into his office.“Where’s Grace?” Avery asked, his brow furrowed.“She’s just using the restroom. She’ll be out in a moment.”“Oh, okay.”When Grace emerged from the bathroom, Avery noticed her hair was down when it had been pinned up this morning. Had he interrupted some personal time? He checked his phone and saw no text from his Uncle Bentley, the house manager. Normally if Mac and Grace had activities that they wished to keep private, Mac let Bentley know, and the staff would all get a message about what floors were off-limits. Neither Mac nor Grace seemed to act oddly, so Avery decided he must be mistaken.They discussed the projection reports and went over the game plan for what business needed attending to by Mac and Grace in the European offices.“Sylvie’s updated passport arrived this morning,” Avery commented. “So, she is all set. But it made me wonder, do you have a passport for Dominic Jordan?”Mac paused and frowned. “Babies need passports?”“Yes, sir, they do.”Mac looked frantically at Grace. “Did you know that?”“Yes, of course. DJ’s passport should be here any day now.”With a sigh of relief, he looked at his wife and chuckled. “I should know better than to doubt you, darling.”“Regarding the itinerary, if you have any questions or concerns about what I’ve arranged, don’t hesitate to ask,” Avery said.Suddenly his attention was drawn to a ball of pink lace sitting on Mac’s desk. Mac’s eyes moved to see what Avery was looking at and, seeing the panties, grabbed them quickly and stuffed them in his pocket before Grace was aware of what had transpired.Mac winked at Avery, who nodded and grinned. Fortunately, Grace was none the wiser.When Avery was back at his desk, he sent a text to his man, Nialls.If we worked together, would my panties end up on your desk?His response came quickly.Have your randy bosses been at it again? Sikiş hikayeleri If we worked together, we’d never get anything done. And as for panties? There wouldn’t be any because I’d require you to be naked all day.Avery felt his face turn red and his dick twitch.I’m going to be picturing that all day now.Me too. Come home early if you can swing it. We can play boss and admin tonight.Great, now I have a full-blown erection and can’t leave my desk.I’ll blow your erection later.When Grace came out of Mac’s office, Avery blurted out, “I need to leave early today.”Grace’s brow furrowed. “Of course; is everything okay?”“Umm, yes, fine. Nialls just asked if I could come home early. I told him I would ask.”Grace grinned slyly.“Booty call?”“No! Yes! Ugh!” Avery stammered.Grace wiggled her eyebrows. “Leave at lunchtime. That’s an order. You’ve covered for me plenty of times. I can handle things this afternoon.”“Really?”“Really. But confirm all of the hotels for me this morning if you would, please.”“You’re the best, Grace!”“I try.”Avery sent one last text to Nialls.I have the best boss ever! She’s letting me go at lunchtime.Then felt a shiver of desire when he read Nialls’ response.I’ll be waiting for you.Avery shuddered and shook it off. He’d better get started on the confirmations, so he’d have them all finished in time to go home for an erotic afternoon roleplay.Chapter Sixty-SixWhen his to-do list was completed, he knocked on Grace’s door.“Come in.”“All hotels have been confirmed, and all contacts for venues are listed in this folder,” Avery said as he handed the information to Grace. “All the heads of the offices have been notified you will be in town, and they’ve been asked to schedule time with you on the days you are there.”“Thank you, Avery, you’re quite efficient and thorough. I appreciate all this. So, where is Nialls taking you this afternoon?”“To bed,” Avery blurted out, his filter shot to hell by his arousal. He was instantly mortified.Grace laughed. “Well, I can’t think of any place better to be. Enjoy your afternoon. You’ve earned the time!”“Grace, I can’t thank you enough. You’re the coolest boss ever.”“Hey, what about me?” Mac asked, feigning indignance as he stepped into Grace’s office.“You’re pretty cool, too,” Avery laughed.“Thanks! Why are we cool?”“Because you’re letting me leave early to enjoy time with Nialls.”“Oh, well, then, yes, we are cool. Enjoy yourself!”“Oh, I intend to!”Mac looked puzzled after Avery walked away.“Where are they going?”“To bed,” Grace laughed.“Oh! Well, that’s, um, good for them.”“You’re cute. We do the same thing, you know. And don’t say we don’t advertise it, oh ye who texts Bentley.”Mac shrugged and pouted. “Maybe I wanted an afternoon with you. Now you’re too busy with work.”“You’re incorrigible. We actually owe him some time seeing how he has covered for us, so you could drag me up to the sixth floor to have your way with me.”“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” he teased.Grace shook her head and laughed.“Go finish going over projections while I research this new benchmark software. If we finish our work, we can repeat this morning’s performance, only in my office this time.”Mac wiggled his Erotik hikaye eyebrows, making Grace giggle.Unfortunately, the day got busy, and the afternoon rendezvous never happened. Mac was still on a call when it was time to get DJ, so Grace went by herself to relieve Sylvie from her duties.“Ms. Grace, I just wanted to thank you so much for this opportunity. I adore DJ and am so excited to travel with you.”“We appreciate you being available to travel with us. And I want you to know that you will have some time to yourself most evenings and occasionally during the afternoon. Plus, there will be times we do touristy-type things together. But always our treat, so the only thing you’ll need to spend money on is any souvenirs or whatnot.”“I’m so excited!”“Tomorrow, I’ll share the finalized itinerary with you, but I will tell you that we shall begin in Paris.”“My friends will be very jealous. I’m going to Paris!” Sylvie beamed as she handed DJ to his Mama.Grace’s heart warmed at the sight of Sylvie being a typical giddy teenager. She was so mature with how she handled her nanny job that it was nice to see that giggly spark. Grace had a brief flashback to herself at that age, just about to start at the university and thrilled with the world of opportunities it would bring. She was still so innocent then, and so unaware of what awaited her. So blissfully ignorant of the pain and shame that would change her life forever.She shook off the morose feeling and remembered that it had all led her here with Mac. If someone had told her during her darkest days that she’d be married to a fantastic man with an incredible son, a beautiful home, a fabulous job, and a goofy little cat, she would have thought them a liar.Oh, the cat! What would happen to Merlin?Grace brought DJ into the kitchen, where she found Bentley taking inventory in the pantry.“Hello, Grace. Did you bring this young man down for a treat?”“Actually, I was looking for you. With all the travel plans happening, it slipped my mind that we have Merlin, and I don’t know what to do with him while we are gone.”Bentley grabbed a teething biscuit for the baby and motioned to Grace to have a seat.“Would you like some tea, Grace?”“Sure, but…”“You needn’t worry about Merlin. Mac has already asked me to stay here at Stewart House while you are gone. I’ll move back into the room on the main floor where I used to stay before you came to us.”“You stayed here a bit after I arrived if I’m not mistaken. Why did you stop?”“Yes, that’s correct. McKinley, or rather, Mac, told me it would no longer be necessary to be a live-in house manager since he’d be home more frequently. It took a while for my wife to get used to me being home every night, but we muddled through,” Bentley laughed. “She’s actually looking forward to some time to be a night owl while I’m here.”“Oh, but still, that’s a lot of time apart.”“There’s always conjugal visits,” Bentley said, winking.This made Grace smile. “Well, be sure to have as many as you need while you mind the cat and the house.”“She may stay a few nights here and there.”“I feel much better knowing Merlin will not be alone at night.”“He’s a fun little kitty; I will enjoy his company.”“Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer one of the guest rooms?”“I’m very sure. I still have some of my things in my former room and bathroom. It will be easier to stay where I am used to, but thank you for being gracious enough to offer one of the suites. You’re aptly named, my dear.”

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