Indecent Connections Version 02 Ch. 21


I knew the moment that Eric laid eyes on Ava. His body went rigid. He was nervous about how to proceed. Ava must have also recognized his discomfort because she made a real effort to ignore him. Since I knew both of them so well, I could tell how anxious each was. I took the lead in normalizing the moment. At least I tried to.

“Take a seat, Eric.” I pointed to the couch. I pet Ava’s head on my way to my chair. She settled quietly on her pet bed. My touch was the only thing she needed to calm her. Eric was another story. There was an awkward silence hanging in the air.

“Soooo, how did you two meet?” I sat there in a moment of stunned silence. Then I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. His goofy comment was all I needed to release my anxiety. It reminded me that this wasn’t a dangerous meeting; it was my friend. I truly relaxed in my seat and could enjoy the moment.

“Can I get you a beer, dude? I have some blonde ale and a few IPAs.”

“I’ll take an IPA.” He, too, was starting to relax. I got his drink and came back to hand it to him.

“What do you want to play?” I asked him. Eric and I had been friends since we were children. One of our favorite past times is playing board games. We enjoyed video games together too, but board games had a special place in our hearts. We played a board game nearly every time we hung out at each other’s homes.

“How about the classics? We never got to Oregon Trail last time.”

“Sounds good to me. Pet, you think you can find the game in the closet?” I turned to Ava. She nodded and got up from her bed. I watched her walk out of the room, trying to assess how she felt about what I had just asked of her and the specific word choices I had made. Ava seemed perfectly alright with everything. As time went on, I was getting more confident.

Halfway through our board game, it felt like all of the trepidation had left the room. Ava was happily sitting beside me on the floor. Eric and I were engrossed in our board game on the coffee table. We were all comfortable and, more importantly, happy to be in each other’s company.

“Ah shit, I have to head out. My mom needs a ride from the mechanics.” Eric checked the time on his phone.

“How is she doing?” I got up to walk him to the door.

“Good, still working her butt off. Sometimes I want to force her to take time off. Later Ava.” He gave me a brief hug and waved at Ava before heading out. I watched him drive down our road, then closed the door to bring Ava and me back köle escort to our desired seclusion. I turned around. Ava perked up, seeing my attention on her.

“You were such a good girl, sweetheart.” I praised her. She smiled at me. I sat down on the floor next to the coffee table again. Ava watched me from her pet bed. I reached out my hand and ushered her over to me. She happily crawled into my lap. She made me smile when she wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

“I’m really glad we invited him.” Her voice was quiet. I put my hand on the back of her head. I was glad too. It proved that we could still live openly with at least select people. I hadn’t realized how fearful I was of living such a secretive lifestyle until I was comfortably playing games with my friend and Ava at my side. It was the first time we interacted as a couple with someone who wasn’t involved in the lifestyle. We had acceptance, which is all anyone wants from life.

“It was nice to know we can hang out without judgments.” She snuggled into my neck like a kitten looking to take a nap.

“You want to take a nap?” She mewled. I lifted her and carried her to my chair. She straddled my lap but didn’t stop hugging my neck.

“I don’t mind you taking a nap, but I have another reward in mind.” She picked her head up at the mention of a reward.

“Do you want my reward or a nap pat?” I teased her, already knowing the answer. She gave me a pouty look and pointed at me. Her way of saying “your reward.”

“Then I need you to go get changed for me. A nice pair of panties and one of my button-up shirts, not the work ones, a pair of my everyday plaid shirts. What did you call them again? My lumberjack shirts.” She giggled, kissed my cheek, and went off to do as she was told. When she came back, my fantasies were answered.

I had sat down in my reclining chair again to wait for her. I called her over, opening my arms. She was giddy as she scurried over to straddle my lap. I smiled up and kissed her. She happily responded to my kiss, and her hips were grinding against me in no time. I wrapped my arms around her lower waist and pulled her in tight against me. To accommodate this, my face met her chest. I kept her close with one arm and reached around to undo three buttons from the top with the other. I spread the shirt to make her deliciously perky tits jump at me.

“I have been waiting so fucking long to do this.” I ended up growling the sentiment köle escort bayan at Ava. I started kissing and sucking on her pierced nipples. Ava moaned and put her hand on my chest, trying to slow me down. I was not having it; I was hungry for this. I took her arm and pinned it behind her back. Ava moaned again, and her hips started to grind as I indulged myself in her tits.

With my free hand, I slapped her ass. Ava’s head threw back with a pained grunt. The slap echoed through the room. I wanted to hear it again, so I slapped her again. My cock jumped, feeling her ass jiggle with the impact.

I pulled my lips away from her tender flesh and delicious nipple piercings to look up at her. Ava’s cheeks were rosy, but I could see how much she was enjoying herself. I grabbed the shirt pulling her down to kiss me.

“Suck my cock so I can fuck your pussy.” I told her after pulling away from our kiss. She licked her lips and dismounted. I couldn’t help my smirk as I watched her attack my cock with the same vigor as I did her tits.

I don’t know what it was about my baggy shirt dangling off her body that made it so hot to me. As Ava worked my rod, her hair kept falling into her face. At first, I pulled it out of the way for her. That was short-lived, and I ordered her to tie her hair back.

“Suck my balls.” I groaned, wanting to feel her tongue there. I could sense Ava becoming just as impatient as I was for me to be inside her. As much as I enjoyed her ministrations, I couldn’t wait any longer. I got up from my seat and pushed her face into where I had just been sitting. The moan from her mouth explained all I needed to know about how she felt about my aggression.

I spat on her asshole and started assessing if she was ready for me to enter. I used some of her personally made lubricant to help with stretching her. Ava didn’t seem to mind the way she was clawing at the upholstery of my chair. Her body didn’t leave any confusion either as she opened up to me in a matter of minutes.

I spat on her again and then started to slide into her. I took hold of her ponytail to use as a handle drawing her head back. I wanted to hear her. Right now was not the time to hide her tantalizing voice from me. I pounded into her. I gripped her hips so tightly that I was nervous I would bruise her.

“Ah, fuck yes slut!” I came inside her ass with reckless abandon. Ava reached back to grip my shirt as I unloaded in her. I took a escort köle moment to collect myself, then pulled out. She turned around, looking at me with such love. I couldn’t help but push her onto the floor on her back. I captured her lips against mine and cradled her head to protect her.

Ava knew what I wanted and lifted her legs for me. I blindly found her hole and slid inside her. I kissed her neck, wishing to leave a hickey there for everyone to see. Rather than pounding into her, I sensually rolled my hips. All I wanted to do was feel Ava underneath me. I pushed her head into the crook of my neck, wanting to feel her heated breath on my neck. Her moans were so cute and sexy.

“I love you….” She moaned in a breathy tone. I sat up before I blew a second load, this time in her pussy. Instead, I started to finger fuck Ava while rubbing myself. Ava obediently held her legs open even when it got difficult from the sensations rolling into her body. I grabbed her hair and pinned her head to the floor so that I could watch the rapture as she squirted onto my fingers.

After, while she recovered, I rubbed my cock and came on her stomach. I never thought watching an exhausted woman in cat ears would turn me on so much. When I was done, I flopped onto the floor next to her. She happily rolled over on her side, and I hugged her. We were in a content silence, lying on the floor.

I don’t know what made me think of it or why I decided to say it. But, while we laid there, I had a question I couldn’t wait to ask her.

“Do you want kids?” She looked up at me, concerned.

“Where did that come from?” Her pet persona was long forgotten for this serious conversation.

“I thought of it, and I’ve never asked you before. Do you want a family?”

“That is a loaded question, Aiden.”


“Aiden, we can’t have kids. There are so many complications that come with that plan.”

“Who said I have to get you pregnant? There are a million different ways to do that part today; invitro fertilization, surrogates, all that stuff.”

“Do you want kids?”

“I’ve always wanted to be a father,” I spoke the truth, but I was nervous about how she would respond. She pushed her head into my chest. There was a pause before she answered.

“I haven’t thought about it till now, but I want a family too.” I kissed her forehead.

“We are far from ready for that, but I at least wanted to ask.” We were again comfortable in the silence of the room. I was the one to look over at the clock. I was starting to get hungry.

“Hey babe, let’s go make some dinner. Correct your board too. We’re even now.” She reached up to kiss me. I watched her get up and leave, and I called out to her not to take off the shirt and panties. I wanted to enjoy that view for a little longer.

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