Independence Day

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Autumn Falls

Though inspired by actual events, this is a work of fiction. Any similarity to living individuals, real, or imagined, is purely coincidental.

Summer was here at last! But things around the house were not all going the way I had them planned. Oh, we were getting into the spirit of summer ok, just a few things didn’t seem to want to cooperate.

Namely, my boat, I bought her 3 years ago, and, after having rebuilt her, I’d had to go out,over the road, you see, I was a long haul trucker, and, of course, I didn’t seem to get home very often. So I had left her, under an awning, for 2 years. When I returned, I had more problems than you could shake the proverbial stick at, and of course, summer was upon us, so I tried to rush it up, hoping to have her in the water on the evening of July 4th, in an effort to catch the fireworks show which the city sponsor’s every year, on the water front.

** Thursday; July 3rd**

“Ellen, can you come here?” I shouted.

My wife, Ellen, a raven haired beauty at 30, appeared from inside the house.Her magnificent mane of auburn hair framing her face, and the most alluring green eyes that I had ever seen. I was sure she had been having thoughts of a sexual nature when I saw her. Her large, heaving breasts, with very erect nipples, were pointing directly at me.

“What do you need ‘Chip’?” She asked somewhat breathlessly. Thinking that I may have interrupted a masturbation session, I contemplated, taking a break, then, thinking better of it I said. “Honey, I know I’ve been a pain in the ass, but could you please turn on the water, so this motor doesn’t overheat?” Knowing that this was not what she wanted to hear.

Seeing her look of exasperation, I quickly added, “Baby, I know that you’d rather we did something together, but I’m trying to get this damn boat squared away so we can enjoy the fireworks tomorrow night.”

“Chip, I know, and, I’ve been trying not to interrupt you so you can get it done.” She told me.

“Well I really do appreciate that,,, now could you get that water,,,?” I went on.

With that she was gone.

Moments later she reappeared, saying. “Chip, you’ll never guess who just showed up!”

“Honey, I really don’t have time for guests right now.” I told her.

“Hi Chip.” I heard, knowing that this was a voice I knew. I couldn’t place it right now though, but it sounded like,,, “My God.” I mumbled, slowly realizing who that voice belonged to. “Is it really you?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s really me, now bring your ass outta that boat and come say hi like you mean it!” Said the beautiful young girl standing on my back stoop.

Her name is “Libby”, a strange name for one so young and lovely, but that was what her mom wanted. Ellen and I used to baby-sit her when she was just a child. Now though, she was a sight to behold, even with her purple dyed hair, it some how looked fabulous on her, as did her well developed breasts, possibly as big as a 38d, coupled with an amazingly small waist, and one of the sweetest assess I’ve seen in years!

As I clambered over the side she said. “Nice ass you’ve got there old man”.

“I’ve got your ‘old man’, you young twerp!” I replied. Adding “So how long has it been since we’ve seen you now? A couple of years or more?”

“Yeah, about three”. She said quietly

“Well, how have you been? And , more importantly, WHERE have you been?” I asked her.

“Since I turned 18, I moved out from mom’s and ,,,”

“What! You’re 18! Damn, it’s been too long! When did you turn 18?” I asked.

“June 28th, was my birthday”. She replied.

“Well I’ll be fucked,” I mumbled, “Happy belated birthday”. I added.

“Thanks,” She said, then more softly, “And you might be at that”.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Oh nothing”. She said with a mischievous grin.

“Chip, the water is on”. Ellen called to me.

“Oh right, well I have to get back to this if I’m ever going to get this boat ready for the 4th”, I said.

“Do you guys mind if I hang around, I’ve got nothing going on?” Asked Libby.

“Sure you can hang out”, Said I, then “Maybe we can finally get a little closer”.

“I’d like that too”, She told me flatly.

As I climbed back aboard the boat she said again, “That’s still a nice ass”.

“Thanks for noticing, but, as I recall it, you are young enough to be my daughter”, I said.

“What’s the matter, afraid of a little ‘incest’?” She quipped.

Startled, I stumbled and fell into the boat, my mind reeling, could that have been what I hoped, or was it just the wishful thinking of an old guy in hopes of getting some young pussy? “What did you say?” I asked incredulously.

“You heard me right”, she said with a sly grin, and, turning she went in the house, leaving me to ponder what had just taken place.

As I gathered my senses and returned to the task at hand I couldn’t help thinking about Libby’s last statement. I get plenty of pussy, hell, Ellen and I dabble in the swinging life hd porno style, and, Ellen is 18 years younger than I! But still,,, The thought of some young stuff 30 years younger than myself, was very hard to ignore, and I was having a hard time doing so.

As I returned to work, my mind kept returning to thoughts of Libby, and all of the possible scenarios began to play out in my head,,, I had to get my mind back on track, I couldn’t just sit here and daydream about pussy all day, especially pussy I probably wasn’t going to get any way. Besides I told myself, ‘She’s just a kid, probably just flirting to see how I react’.

Later on I had need of some help, so, I headed inside to try to enlist the aid of my lovely wife.

“Ellen could you give me a hand out here for a few minutes?” I asked, feeling that I had just interrupted something.

“I would love to help you Chip”, blurted Libby.

Ellen looked at me and smiled, “Why don’t you”, She said knowingly. “I’m sure Chip won’t mind, will you honey?”

“No not at all”, I replied. Beginning to wonder if something was going on behind my back. We made some small talk as we climbed aboard the boat, then I tried to get back on track.

“OK then, lets see if we can get this thing started, you turn the key when I tell you”, I said to Libby.

“OK”, she replied

“OK, do it”. I said, as I took hold of the distributor,.

“I ‘d rather do you”, said Libby, smiling that sly smile of hers.

“OK, that’s enough of that”, I said, adding “Libby, you have to stop kidding me like that, I can’t take it anymore!”

“What makes you think I’m kidding?” As she moved closer, she added, “Chip I’ve always had the hots for you, you have to have known that!”

“Stop”, I said. “What would your mom and Ellen think?”

“I don’t care what they think, I’m 18 now and I can do this if I want to”, She said huskily. “Besides, I think Ellen knows how I feel, what’s more, I want her too” She told me as she put her small hand on the bulge in my shorts.

“Oh, and have you ever been with a woman before?” I asked in a smartassed tone.

“No, not yet,,,” She replied as she began to massage my now throbbing member through my shorts.

Reflex taking over I found my hands irresistibly drawn toward her rather large breasts. Feeling the fullness of them and knowing now, that this was really going to happen, made my cock jump in her hand. Taking this as a sign of willingness, Libby increased the speed and pressure of her touch on my rod. “Wait sweetie”, I said. “This needs to be thought out”, I added. “We have to think of Ellen, she’ll be pissed if I do this without her”, I said.

“I’ll have you know that I’m still thinking of her”, Libby said, still not releasing her grip on my dick.

“Hey guys” called Ellen from the doorway. “I’m going to bed, I’ll see you two in the morning”.

Feeling like two caught kids, we replied as one “OK good night”, I then added, “I’ll be in shortly honey”.

Ellen said “Don’t stop on account of me, I just can’t stay up any longer”. Then she gave me such a sweet smile, that I was sure she knew what was happening out here.

“Would you like me to come tuck you in Ellen?” Asked Libby with a shamelessly sexy wink.

“If you like”, replied Ellen, with a mischievous grin.

“Give me a minute to get cleaned up,,,” I started, as they both told me, “No need, you just stay here and play with your boat”, Libby adding “I’ll be back, you just work on this thing”, indicating they wanted privacy.

Well what the fuck,,, Had I just been banned from my own bed? I was left standing there, with a massive hard-on and the dirtiest hands I had ever had, hell I couldn’t even jerk off! Oh how I wanted to, I could just imagine the scene taking place in there. Who would be taking charge I wondered, would they be tenderly making love, or would they be tearing at each other’s clothes in pure animal lust, and why had they not invited me to join, or at least to watch?

That tears it, I can’t stand here not knowing what they are doing. I made my way over to the bedroom window, determined to steal a peek at the scene, and since I had been banned from the house, I felt that the least they owed me was a good show! And what a show it was! Ellen had to have known that I wouldn’t sit out here and wait, she had left the bedside light on, casting a soft luminescence on the scene taking place before me. As I watched, I could see them beginning to undress one another, with a tenderness that shocked me, they removed each other’s clothing, piece by piece, gently stroking and caressing each other’s smooth skin and soft breasts. A fleeting kiss here, a delicate nibble there. The scene was too erotic, I almost couldn’t contain myself, and, if my hands had been clean, I would have been furiously pounding away at my cock!

My mind racing, I’m standing here like a thief in the night, peeping in my own bedroom window, watching these two beautiful women making love to one another, and then I sex izle begin to notice that there is pre cum leaking from my rod and, I’m gonna loose it any moment!

As I watched, Libby seemed to take control, softly pushing Ellen down onto the bed. When Ellen sat on the edge, Libby knelt in front of her and started to lick her thighs, slowly, gently, lovingly. Soon, Ellen was beginning to moan, Libby picked up on this signal and began to move toward her ultimate goal, pausing only long enough to savor the wanton look of desire she found in Ellen’s eyes.

I glanced in the general direction of Libby’s eyes, and what I saw there, told me that I wouldn’t have to wait much longer. She was really getting into what she was doing, and I started to wonder if she had told the truth, that she had never been with a woman before. She seemed so at ease with the sexual closeness, almost as if she was very experienced, and as she began to lick and suck on Ellen’s clit, she also began to rub and fondle her own pussy.

Ellen was thrashing about wildly on the bed beneath Libby’s stabbing tongue, moaning in sheer joy at the touch of another woman’s hands, the feel of her tongue as it entered her, and the flood of her own juices, as she reached the first of many shattering orgasms that night.

Libby lifted her face from Ellen’s pussy and moved up to softly whisper in Ellen’s ear, still massaging a breast as she did so, the nipple, a raging rosebud of hardness. In a few moments she had apparently said goodnight, and picked up her clothes and, left the room.

I made my way slowly back to the boat, ( it’s hard to walk upright with a boner) just as Libby came through the door, and over to me.

“So, did you enjoy the show?” She asked, smiling coyly.

“You saw me?” I asked her.

“No, Ellen told me that she saw you looking in the window”, She said. Then she added,” Did you like what you saw?”

“God Yes! I don’t know when I’ve been so excited, seeing you two like that was just awesome!” I told her, hoping she would want to do it again, and soon!

“So,,, do we want to keep working out here, or what?” She asked me.

“Well I am getting kind of tired”, I said. “How about if I go get a shower, we can get back out here in the morning”, I added.

“Sounds good to me”, She said with a smile.

As we walked into the house I told her to make herself comfortable, and that I would be back shortly. She headed off towards the living room, while I, aimed myself for the shower, all the while thinking to myself that I had to be the luckiest guy in town! As I stepped into the steaming water, I thought about masturbating, maybe it would keep me from cumming too quickly, I didn’t want to wear out too soon, this was gonna be an all nighter! I began to lather up, scrubbing extra hard at those really greasy places, I had just about finished one arm when I felt her hands on my back.

She began to wash me, and I don’t mean just my back either, she firmly but gently scrubbed all of the grease away, and when she was satisfied that I was clean, she started to play. First she soaped me up, then she began to softly rub me, using the soap as a lubricant, she pinched my nipples, one at a time, it was painful at first, then I started to get into it, as I did, she slid one hand between my legs, and grasped my shaft at it’s base, then slid her fingers down the length of it till only the head remained in her small hand, there she began a twisting motion, and moved her hand back to the base, she did this over and over till I thought I would cum in her hand. Just as I opened my mouth to tell her to stop, she did, and then she squeezed my nuts so hard that I thought I was gonna pass out, as my vision cleared, Libby stepped into the shower with me, I hadn’t even realized that she was nude, she turned my to face her, got down on her knees and took my throbbing balls in her mouth, again using her hands to masturbate me. When I could stand it no more I grunted to her that I was going to cum, she twirled my balls in her mouth one last time, then she swallowed my aching cock in one long gulp, the feeling was intense, I lost it, wrapping both hands in her hair, I tried to force even more of me down her throat, as my dick spasmed, and what seemed like gallons of cum rushed out, straight down her warm, pulsating throat, my knees quivered, and weakness washed over me, that, was one of the best orgasms I had ever had!

Looking up at me, with my cum running down her face she asked me, “Will you kiss me now Chip?”

“Oh yes, I’ll kiss you, every square inch of you will get kissed before I’m through with you tonight!” I told her with a passion I never knew existed.

We made our way into the living room, where we seated ourselves on the sofa, and as Libby leaned back, I leaned in and gave the best kiss I could, firmly prying her lips apart with my tongue, I felt her soften, and soon had our tongues entwined in the dance of new lovers, each exploring the others. Soon I placed my hand on her shoulder, altyazılı porn gently pushing her into a more reclined position, then as she made herself comfortable, I let my hand begin to wander, first to that smooth expanse of flesh just above her breasts, then on toward those luscious twin beauties, softly rubbing the nipples with my palm, then rolling them between thumb and index finger, until finally I started to pinch them, as she had done mine, letting her know that I had liked it also. As I let my hands explore her body, I allowed my mouth to follow, gently kissing and licking a trail of desire, through the valley of her gorgeous globes and under each lobe, around up and over each one, I left no part of them untouched.

Libby was moaning and begging me to continue, (as if I was gonna stop now!) My mouth traced a trail lower down her abdomen, till I could feel her neatly trimmed pubes, as I came in contact with her small bush, she stiffened slightly, letting me know, I was on the right track, I could smell the sweet fragrance of her sex, and I could see her juices beginning to run down her ass, I then moved one hand to cup her snatch, as I slipped a finger softly over that small bud of a clit, I licked smoothly up each lip in turn, coming close to, but not into contact with, her swollen labia, hand still in place I slowly licked my way to and over the hood of her clit, pausing to occasionally slide my tongue under the hood, she was thrashing wildly about, moaning and gasping for breath, I had no doubts, that soon the neighbors would be calling to see what the problem was.

Suddenly Libby Grabbed me by the head and said “Fuck me! Do it now! I need to feel you in me!”

Her moans of desperation giving me insight, I slowed the foreplay to a mere touch, a caress, really. “Sshhhh, relax sweetie, we aren’t in a hurry”, I said. With that I returned my attention to her fabulous body, as I did so, she continued to coax me saying “Chip, please fuck me, I need it so bad!”

“Baby, I don’t want this to end just yet, so calm down, you’ll be glad of it soon enough”, I told her reassuringly. I then began to slowly stroke her hair, and kiss her face, neck and, shoulders, allowing her time to regain her composure, and for her starving sex to become a little less sensitive. Soon I could stand it no more, I had to touch her in the ways of a lover, I moved my caresses slowly down her shoulder till I found her tits, gently I soothed the aching nipples with my touch, quietly, thanking the powers above for this gift! I started to rub her belly with my other hand, making small circles, around her navel, and causing her to moan, then I moved my fingers to her already soaked sex, finding the swollen bud that was her clit, I lightly gave it a flick with a finger, and she gasped and stiffened, slightly, so I replaced my hand with my mouth. As I gently I licked her swollen, dripping, pussy, I tasted a sweetness that was at once strange, and yet familiar, I knew that taste, the taste of lust, I knew it well! Her pussy began to quiver as my actions became stronger, when I slipped my tongue into her, she let out a long loud almost animal kind of sound, and when her orgasm hit, it was like a tidal wave, gushing from her cunt so fast that I couldn’t swallow all of it in time, we were both drenched! I raised up, moved forward, and placed my pussy soaked lips to hers, kissing her deeply letting her taste her own juices, and slipped two fingers into her quaking snatch, I began to slowly move them in and out, fucking her with them, as I manipulated her throbbing clit with my thumb, bringing her to another, shattering orgasm.

When Libby had calmed a little, I positioned myself above her, and, rubbed my throbbing cock against the soaked entrance to her hole, as I did she grabbed me with her legs, and pulled me in to her, I felt the walls of her pussy still contracting with after shocks, it was almost too much, I slowly pushed in all the way, burying my entire nine inches in her, as I watched her eyes rolled back in her head, and she gripped me tighter, making movement almost impossible.

“Oh God, this feels so good”, She moaned aloud. “Mmmmm, don’t stop, I want you to make me cum again and again”

When she loosened her grip on me, I began to move, slowly pulling out till just the head of my engorged cock was still in her, then, in one long, smooth motion, I thrust into her, and repeated this, over and over, soon I felt my own orgasm building, and I slowed the pace, not wanting to cum too soon.

CRACK! The sound seemed to echo through the room, as I felt the cause! My wife, Ellen was standing there just behind me, paddle in hand, a smug smile on her face.

“Don’t stop”, She said, “I want to see this, I want you to cum in her, then I want to suck you clean,,,” she trailed off, and she smacked my ass again, the sharp sting causing me to lunge forward, thus deeper into Libby’s steaming cunt. As I complied with her wishes, I found a new strength, and a new excitement, prodding me on. With every thrust I made into Libby, Ellen gave a small gasp, letting me know that she approved, soon she could contain herself no more, and started to massage my balls, reaching ever closer toward the joining of mine and Libby’s flesh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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