Influencer to Sex Slave Ch. 04


Author’s note: This is erotic fantasy and completely fictional. The main character, Jack, is a fictional, generic social media star / influencer, and is not a real person. As always, would love to get feedback in comments and messages.


It’s morning, and Jack wakes up to find himself spooned in his master’s arms under the covers. Because of all the liquor he was force-fed yesterday he feels sick now, with a pounding headache, and his recent memories feel all blurry.

Jack looks for his phone out of habit, and finds it on the bedside table. He’s a famous social media influencer, although his career has taken a different turn since he drunkenly outed himself as a cockwhore on Snapchat and pledged himself as a sex slave. He googles his name and finds that his second full-length video he posted, where he gets spanked raw and then fucked hard, is doing just as well as the first one, and his Snapchat and Instagram are still blowing up as well with nasty comments calling him all kinds of embarrassing names and suggesting what he should do next.

As degrading as the experience is, Jack has been extremely turned on by everything over the last few days. Reading through his viewers’ comments now, he feels blood start to rush to his cock.

But instead of getting hard, he feels a kind of pressure and pain instead.

Lifting up the covers, he’s shocked to see some kind of plastic cage around cock. He carefully pulls it to the side and feels where it to locked around his balls and shaft and has a keyhole.

“When did this happen?” he thinks.

He turns to ask his master, but he’s fast asleep, and he doesn’t want to get in trouble for disturbing him. It’s six right now on a Monday so he must be getting up soon for work. Jack carefully slides out of bed.

He stumbles into the bathroom and sees himself in the full-length mirror. He’s naked, smooth, and his muscles are looking less defined after barely eating for a few days.

Memories from last night start to come back… His master had a bunch of friends over for dinner, and after being forced to drink a ton and then eat like a dog in front of them, they carried him to the bed and all had a go at him. There are pieces of memories later on, including cock after cock shoved down his throat, the smell of poppers, and warm cum splattering all over him.

He looks closely at the cock cage with despair and tries to tug at it or pry it open. His soft cock is straining to get hard inside it but can’t. Jack hasn’t cum in over twenty four hours and it’s driving him crazy. But it doesn’t seem like he can do anything about it right now.

He takes a selfie in the mirror for his Snap story, with the caption, “Well… this is new!”

He manages to pee, gets some water for the kitchen, and then tries to get back to sleep, but his cock straining against the cage is too uncomfortable. He gives up, and with nothing else to do he spends the next hour cleaning off the dining room table from last night and straightening up the apartment.

“Jack!” he hears his master yell from the bedroom. Jack scurries over, his cock cage bouncing.

“Yes sir,” he says, standing in the doorway.

His master smiles, “You look so hot, as always.”

Jack blushes. “Can I get you anything sir?”

“Yeah I’m going to teach you how to make my breakfast before I shower, and during it we can talk about that,” he says with a smirk, eyeing Jack’s cockcage.

Jack learns that his master has a protein shake each morning and how to make it. Once he prepares it to his satisfaction, they both sit at the table together.

“So, I know you’re a horny slut, so to help you keep your vow of never orgasming without permission when I’m at work I had my buddy bring that over last night. After you blacked out we put it on.”

“Yes sir…”

“You’ll still orgasm, don’t worry. It’s important your fans occasionally see you pathetically coming after whoring yourself out, but it’ll be when I say so,” and then he flashes a small key on his key chain, with a wink.

“Yes master. Thank you master.”

“Moving on, here’s your list of chores to do today,” and he hands Jack a written list, “The first one is obviously edit the footage from last night and post it. You are going to get a lot of attention for that. It was great stuff. And then Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort there’s some errands outside the house.”

Jack looked down at his naked body and locked cock. Yesterday while coming here he was only allowed to wear briefs outside and it got him attention and a photograph, which quickly went viral online along with everything else.

His master knew what he was thinking about. “Ha boy, don’t worry… too much. I laid out some clothes you are to wear when you go out. I still think you’ll find them different than usual, but they’re more than underwear or else you may get kicked out of some stores.”

He motioned over to some fabric on the couch that Jack hadn’t even noticed. It didn’t look like much.

“And here’s a credit card for you. Every transaction you make gets texted to me. Also, I’ve installed parental software on your phone so I can track all your usage on it.”

“Thank your sir,” despite how restricting this all is (and how restricted his cock literally is) it almost feels good to have everything limited and planned for him. He’s spent the last few years with more money and undeserved attention than he knew what to do with, and it can leave you feeling aimless day to day.

“You make a good sex slave, inside and out,” his master says, winking at him. “I gotta get going now. Make sure to have it all done and be waiting here naked when I get home.”

As he grabs his bag and is walking back, Jack is hit by how hungry and weak he feels, in addition to the hangover.

“Um sir,” he asks humbly, “Could I get something to eat today too?”

“Oh right, well you know you don’t deserve real food, so I better not see anything touched in the fridge or bought on the card, but here -” he reaches in the fridge, then tosses Jack a white bottle, “- you can have more soylent today. Just the one bottle. And drink it like a dog like last night. I want to see it on your snap story as proof.”

Jack stares down at the bottle. It looks really plain and the label says only 400 calories.

His stomach grumbles, “Yes sir,” and his master heads out the door.

Jack decides to save his meager meal for lunch time, and gets to work on editing a new video. There is a lot from last night to sift through, including him showering and getting dressed, being groped on the couch, and the humiliating scene of him lapping up food from a dog bowl, on all fours, naked, while the men ate a meal at the table and laughed at him.

Then he’s carried to the bed, where he’s rambling with slurred speech about how much he loves being a slut and how right it feels. Followed by him getting split roasted over and over on the until all the men were satisfied. In every clip of Jack’s dick, he was rock hard.

As he watches, he gets to part of the night where he passed out. The men continued to use him, and only after they were all done did they get dressed, thank his master, and head home. One man remained and shuffled through his bag, pulling out the cock cage Jack had on now.

“I see what you brought what I asked man, sweet,” his master said.

Then they carefully put it on Jack’s soft, shaved cock while he was asleep. It locked with a loud click.

Usually Jack is rock-hard when editing footage of himself like this, but with the new cage it was just a straining pressure. If it weren’t on, he may be giving in to the urges and masturbating right now.

He needs to distract himself, so he finishes the video quickly and starts the upload. Not able to wait any longer on food, he pours the soylent into the dog bowl, sets up his phone to record, and laps it up as best as he can.

He posts the video to Snapchat with the caption “Lunchtime. Master says I can only have this gross soylent from a bowl like this. I obey, like a good boy. Woof!”

He checks on his porn account and its views are blowing up already. He’s hit the front page of the top gay videos.

It’s noon, so he better get started on the list. It includes menial things like picking up dry cleaning and getting fresh food from the grocery store, but it also details instructions for going to a sex store to get a new model of butt plug. He’s already shy thinking about it.

He sets up his phone again to record and gets dressed in front of it. The resulting video captures his honest, shocked reaction at seeing what the clothes are.

With a reluctant sigh, he’s pulls on the tight booty-shorts. They ride up so much that they barely cover his hole and the underside of his cheeks are visible. The cock cage gives him a big, boxy bulge, that he’s not sure what people will make of.

The only other item is a tank top, which he realizes once he pulls it on is actually a crop-top. His smooth chest and belly button are still exposed, and written across the shirt is the word “SLUT” in big letters.

As he goes about the errands all day, he tries his best to disassociate. But it’s hard to ignore the stares, the whistles, and the photographs. He’s not famous enough as a social media influencer to get recognized in public regularly, so this in-person attention all new to him.

“Hey SLUT, how’s it going?” his master texts him as he’s walking out of the store.

Jack replies with an update on the list, and he shares all the reactions he’s getting.

“Sounds great. I bet you’re straining in that cock cage,” he says, followed by, “Remember you agreed to be a sex toy for all men, online and offline. If anyone makes a move on you today, you go along with it, and ask them to record it too.”

“Yes sir.”

Jack is standing outside the sex shop. He’s never set foot inside one. He used to try really hard to stay faithful and never jack off, and definitely not buy any toys or porn. But he’s come a long way since being innocent, and it was time to check this off the list. He worked up the courage to step in.

Once inside, he catches the employee eyeing him, so he heads straight into the aisles. He passes rows of DVDs with slutty women all over the covers. He remembers thinking it was insane how someone could put their face and body out in public like that, but now he’s all over the internet and probably getting more views than these DVDs ever did.

The shelves are stocked with a variety of contraptions he has never seen before, including swings, BDSM equipment, cock pumps, and more. He finds the dildo section and is trying to find the specific one his master wrote on the list, when the employee has caught up with him.

“Hey slut,” he says, nodding at his t-shirt, “Looking for something for your ass?”

“Yeah…” Jack mumbles, staring at the ground sheepishly. He shows the man the list, pointing at the model.

“Ah, that’s an expensive model so we keep it in the back, but I’ll grab it for you. Do you want to try it out here?” he asks with a sly smile.

Jack is shocked at this question. He wonders if it’s normal to try out sex toys before buying them. Or does this count as a proposition from a man, in which case he has orders to go along with it.

Jack looks up and the man has quickly taken out his phone and is scrolling through it. Before Jack can think of how to answer, he breaks into a huge smile, “You are Jack! Aren’t you? Or at least you look exactly like him,” and he turns the phone so he can see it. Sure enough, there is a gif of his cute face, smiling, getting splattered with cum from last night.

“Yes sir,” Jack says, all doubt gone from his mind this man wants him.

“Okay great,” the man says, “Then why don’t you come with me in the back,” and he leads the way.

Jack is nervous, perhaps because this is the first sex he’ll have without his master there, whom he has come to feel comfortable with. But he’s also extremely horny from his situation and finds himself wondering what the man’s cock would feel like up his hungry ass.

Jack has never worked in retail so he’s unfamiliar with back rooms (in fact, he’s never held a job a day in his life except for being “an influencer”). This one has unfinished floors and walls, tall metal shelves full of boxes, and is dimly lit.

“Why don’t you climb in there, slut,” the man says, pointing to one of those swings from the store, which is hung here in a corner. “Naked of course,” he adds, as he walks away to look for the butt plug on the shelves.

Jack takes a deep breath, and then strips his top and shorts. He’s wearing so little that it only takes five seconds to get naked. He starts to fumble with the swing, unsure how to actually get in.

The man comes back with a large butt plug that is buzzing already. It looks extremely high tech with all these lights and some kind of remote.

“Oh yeah, I saw on your story this morning you’ve been locked up. The cage looks good on you,” he says, “Can I take pictures?”

It was nice of him to ask, but of course Jack has no option to say no anyway, “Yes of course sir, please post them too and tag me in them.”

“Good slut, okay now let’s get you up in that thing.”

With the man’s help, Jack gets into position in the straps. It’s actually pretty comfortable, hanging from the ceiling, his legs up in the air, ass facing out, exposed. The man takes some photos, and then props his phone on the shelf to record them.

He rips open some lube sample packets and oozes them onto the butt plug. Jack is still nervous about getting that up his ass, but he thinks back on the huge cocks he took last night, and maybe it won’t be too bad.

The man presses the tip of the butt plug against his hole and the vibration feels amazing. Instantly Jack starts moaning – shivers going through his whole body.

“You’re really dripping precum out of that cage of yours, and we haven’t even hit your prostate yet,” the man says, licking up the glistening precum off Jack’s smooth skin.

“It feels so amazing,” Jack says honestly, “Please get it inside.”

“You’re shirt was right, what a slut,” the man says with a laugh, and then slowly starts pushing the toy inside Jack. To his surprise he gets almost no resistance. Jack’s ass opens up to it and it slips inside. On the remote he actives the wiggle motor on the top of the toy, which is designed to massage the prostate. Jack starts yelling in pleasure.

A ding rings on the speaker system.

“Oh shit,” the man says, “there’s a customer here. Okay I need to go serve them, but you stay right here, okay slut?”

Jack is in such pleasure he can barely register what is being said. He just nods, and the man leaves him hanging there being recorded by the phone.

He tries to moan quietly because of the customer, but the butt plug is absolutely driving him insane. He’s squirming in the swing, and the prostate massage is pumping precum out of his locked cock. It starts to pool up around his shaft and leak down between his legs, towards his asshole. He’s seeing stars and he starts to lose all track of time.

Finally the man rushes back in. Jack looks up to see him grinning like crazy.

“Will you be buying it?” Jack can barely managing a nod.

“Okay, I can’t take it anymore,” the man says as he starts to unbuckle his pants. He hits a button on the remote and the butt plug turns off, and then he reaches between Jack’s legs and quickly yanks it out.

Jack lets out a sigh. As much as he loved the feeling, it was getting really intense. He’s not sure if he can orgasm while locked up, but was afraid of that happening too against his master’s wishes.

Now that his hole was empty though, it felt empty, and he was craving for the man to hurry up and get inside him.

To Jack’s disappointment, the man only pounded him in the swing for about a minute, before letting out a large huff and filling his hole up with cum. He was desperate for more stimulation and finds himself wishing there were others there to continue the fucking.

“Shit, wow,” the man says, slowly pulling out. Jack feels some of the cum leak out on the ground, but then quickly closes his hole to keep it in. “I’m glad the other guy didn’t hear anything,” the man says with a laugh, “And that it wasn’t my manager. Okay get dressed and I’ll ring you up.”

A few minutes later, Jack is dressed again in his booty shorts and “slut” crop top, walking out of his first sex store visit with a used butt plug and an ass full of cum, and feeling very sexually unsatisfied.

In the Uber ride back to the house he gets a notification that he’s been tagged in a new video. The man must have posted the recording right away. It wasn’t a great angle, but Jack still watched every minute of it in the backseat on the drive home. He looks absolutely pathetic wiggling alone in the swing with the butt plug flashing and moving.

He gets home with around thirty minutes to spare, so he puts everything away, strips off his slutty outfit, takes a quick shower, and then goes back out into the living room naked.

When his master opens the door, he finds Jack on his knees, with his hands behind his back.

“I missed you sir,” he says.

“You’ve been a good boy today it looks like.”

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