INNOCENT DEVIL’S HAREM CH. 18 — His two women help save Hot New harem girl.

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– CHAPTER 18: Accident –

At the realization of who was involved in the accident, Avery’s distinct floral scent potent enough for even Gabriella to notice, I looked back at her for only a second, our thoughts seemingly in perfect sync.

Without hesitation, we both reached down to unbuckle our respective seatbelts, with me popping open my door even as Gabriella scooted in the backseat to get out as well. However, our actions prompted Serenity to speak up in alarm.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she demanded in a harsh whisper.

I hesitated, focusing on her for half a second before explaining quietly. “Avery and her mom were in the accident. I can hear her, Ren. She’s scared. And possibly hurt. I can’t just sit here while she’s in trouble.”

Serenity just stared at me for a long few seconds, blinking as she tried to process what I was telling her, before she unbuckled her seatbelt as well. “Okay, I’m coming too then, but you need to be careful, Kai. I can whip out my badge and try to keep people back, but I’m sure someone will end up taking a picture or video with their phone. So you can’t do anything abnormal.”

I nodded, quickly turning off the car since we were all leaving, and then climbed out, rapidly picking up the pace as I jogged between the long lines of stationary vehicles. Both Gabriella and Serenity were close behind me, since I was still keeping my pace at a normal level, with my fiancé taking up the rear.

It seemed Serenity already had her badge out, because just as I was passing a vehicle, the door popped open an inch, only for her to flash her credentials at the guy trying to get out.

“Police,” she announced. “Please get back in your vehicle.”

The guy quickly nodded and closed his door again. I could hear him mumbling something under his breath, regarding Serenity looking a little young to be a cop, but I was ignoring pretty much everything now as I focused on the scene ahead of me.

The windows in the car Avery was in were all shattered from the weight of the trailer, which had crushed the driver’s side of the cab down to the seats, making it impossible to try to open that door, even if I wanted to. On the positive side, I didn’t smell any blood coming from their vehicle, but the noises Avery was making didn’t sound like she was alright.

It was causing me to panic, my chest actively graying underneath my shirt.

Ducking down as I rushed to the passenger’s side, I realized the door was crushed enough that I wouldn’t just be able to open it with the handle. The ground was littered with glass, crunching under my feet as I finally reached the passenger’s window, now able to assess the situation visually.

I heard Serenity flash her badge to someone again, but I was focused on Avery.

She was sitting mostly upright in her seat, except that her head was trapped between the headrest and the roof of the car supporting the trailers weight, her neck twisted at a slightly unnatural angle, looking as if she might have been reclining back a bit before it fell on them. Under different circumstances, it looked like her seat might have actually gone further back on its own from the weight, but it couldn’t go further due to a large wooden cabinet in their backseat, right behind Avery.

Her bright blue eyes were open and panicked as she stared into space, her body looking like it was completely limp, her arms lifeless at her sides.

Her mom was unconscious in the seat next to her, with the older woman’s head almost touching Avery’s thin shoulder, her body held in place by the seatbelt.

The moment I came into sight, Avery’s azure eyes focused on me, the panicked look making my own anxiety escalate even more.

“Avery,” I hissed. “Are you alright?!”

Obviously, she wasn’t, but I needed her to speak to me. I needed to know what she was experiencing. Because it looked like her neck might be broken, and that complicated everything. Made it all much worse than it just being a broken arm, leg, shoulder, or anything else.

“Kai, it hurts,” she whimpered, her face contorted as she barely kept it together. “My head, it hurts so bad…” She paused, her face scrunching up again. “And I can’t feel my arms, or my legs. Kai, I can’t feel anything,” she whimpered, her blue eyes filling with tears.

I could only imagine the amount of pressure being placed on her head right now, suspecting it might even be enough to cause fissures in her skull, along with a severe concussion. Which only meant I needed to get her out of the car as fast as possible, except that I was uncertain of how to do so. If only I could just lower her seat, then it would only be a matter of keeping her neck stabilized, but the cabinet in the back would make that impossible.


I could hear more people getting out of their vehicles now, seeming to be finally spurred to action from the lack of emergency vehicles showing up, combined with our own involvement. Sometimes that was all it took to get people to go from a bystander to a good Samaritan — seeing someone else do it first.

But that only meant I was running out of time to use my unique strength to get her out safely, since it wasn’t a guarantee that Serenity could keep them all at bay.

“I’m going to get you out of here, okay?” I tried to reassure her, attempting to just focus on one thing at a time.

First, the door.

Glancing over my shoulder, I saw that Gabriella was just a couple of feet behind me, also ducked down, while Serenity was standing just outside the edge of the fallen trailer. I whispered to both of them. “Hey, block my view from anyone behind you. We have to do this quickly.”

They both immediately shifted their positions, looking over their own shoulders to try to see who was closest.

At the same time, I dug my fingers into the edge of the door, the metal bending slightly as it yielded to my appendages. However, as I tried to get a good enough grip to force it open, I discovered the crushed door to be even more stubborn than I was anticipating, and my rising adrenaline levels were forcing my body to change.

I tried to keep my graying skin underneath my clothing, but as my ears focused on the approaching bystanders, I realized there was no way in hell I was going to manage this without shifting most of the way — at least, enough that Avery might see.


Gritting my teeth, I tried to keep my hair a normal color as the graying creeped up my skin and my eyes started shifting, the white turning black, my irises shifting to a glowing gold.

Avery’s somewhat unfocused gaze immediately widened, her heartrate noticeably spiking, prompting me to close them as the graying continued up my jaw.

Abruptly lifting my left leg, I shoved my foot into the back door with enough force to slam a dent into it as I put my all into a violent tug. Instantly, the creaking frame snapped free and swung open, causing me to almost slam into Gabriella behind me.

I quickly caught myself though, rushing back forward and sticking my head in over Avery’s limp body, aiming to unbuckle both of their seatbelts. Her mom instantly fell the moment she was free, but I was prepared to catch her, able to handle her adult weight like a small child as I eased her over Avery’s lap.

Gabriella was right at my side then, her own skin looking a little tan as she helped me move Michelle carefully to the ground.

I then climbed fully into the car and straddled Avery’s body, placing my knee up on the center console as I attempted to find good spots to support myself. My blonde friend’s heart was still racing, but otherwise there was no physical sign from her body how she was handling everything.

Gabriella was right there again, ready for instructions.

“Pull her head loose as soon as you can,” I began, easing my head up next to hers, causing her heart to spike into a full-on gallop as she whimpered again. “I think her neck is broken, so you’ll have to support it the whole time.”

Gabriella immediately stuck her arms inside the vehicle, and got her hands around the sides of Avery’s neck, her fingers partially on her skull, her palms squished against her jaw. I was glad Avery couldn’t seem my face, because I was almost fully transformed at this point, my hair barely hanging on to its normal color.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Serenity reach her hands in too, squishing next to Gabriella as she grabbed the thin girl’s shoulders in preparation to help pull her out.

Finally grabbing the doorframe next to Avery’s right shoulder, I grunted as I began putting pressure upward, pushing up with my head and shoulders.

Of course, I knew it was going to be heavy, but fuck.

I didn’t realize it would be this heavy. Straining even more, my adrenaline spiking higher, a vicious growl began rumbling in my chest and throat, sounding like a wild animal about to attack as the metal above me began bending, rather than the trailer itself rising higher.

But it was all that we needed.

A few more seconds of pushing, my violent growl growing louder, and they were able to ease her head out, Serenity quickly moving to grab Avery’s legs and tugging her lower in the seat when she realized she couldn’t just pull her forward by the shoulders.

Now that her head was free, I carefully reduced the pressure I was exerting, attempting to calm my racing heart down and look normal again as I reached down to slip my hand underneath Avery’s butt in order to help Serenity get her out, even as Gabriella continued to focus on supporting my classmate’s neck. I then moved my other hand to the middle of her upper back as we collectively eased her out of the car, Gabriella intensely focused on her primary task, as if her own life depended on it.

“Kai,” Serenity hissed urgently as we began easing her on to the ground. “Shift back, now. Your face still has some gray.”

I nodded, taking a deep breath with my head angled downward once my classmate was on the asphalt, not worried about her getting cut from the glass shards, especially since that was the least of our concerns right now.

I could finally hear several sets of sirens coming from different directions in the distance, thinking that maybe a fire truck and ambulance were on the way, though I suspected it was too far away for everyone else’s ears to pick up on.

In the meantime, Gabriella was focused on Avery now, her hands still on her neck, trying to reassure her. “It’s going to be alright,” she whispered. “The ambulance is coming. I can hear it.”

“I can’t,” Avery choked out, her heart still racing, tears slipping down the sides of her face.

“Well, it’s coming,” Gabriella immediately said gently. “I promise you, it’s coming.”

Avery whimpered. “I can’t move anything. I can’t feel anything.”

Gabriella’s expression pained, before she focused up at me, crouched next to them.

Serenity knelt back down then, settling on her knees as she reached out to touch Avery’s shoulder. “Can you feel that?” she asked gently. “On your shoulder?”

“N-No,” she whimpered, her blue eyes filling with more tears.

“What about here?” Serenity continued, reaching for the other shoulder.

“S-Sort of,” she stammered, not seeming overly thrilled.

Serenity didn’t seem overly excited by it either, appearing as if she was more just helping to pass the time, to give my classmate something to focus on before the paramedics arrived. Moving her hand to Avery’s stomach on the same side, the side closest to me, she asked again. “And what about here on your belly?”

“Yes,” she whispered, sniffling.

“And here?” she continued, placing her hand on her hip next to Gabriella’s leg.

“N-No,” she sobbed.

Gabriella focused up at me then, giving me a meaningful look. However, I had no idea what she was trying to communicate with her emerald eyes, prompting me to lean down further so she could press her lips to my ear.

Serenity took the opportunity to continue to try to distract Avery.

“Kai,” my fiancé said almost inaudibly. “She’s probably going to be paralyzed for the rest of her life. They can’t fix this.” She sighed, her breath tickling my ear. “But you might be able to.”

I pulled away and looked at her in alarm, knowing instantly she was probably right, but also uncertain if she’d really thought about what that would mean. Because to fix Avery, it meant giving her my problem. She’d never be able to date anyone without accidentally revealing herself, not to mention that it would make her just one more loose end to potentially having my secret discovered.

I mean, it was one thing when dealing with my girlfriend, technically fiancé, as well as Serenity, both of whom were firmly in my life already.

But Avery wasn’t really in my life — at least, not to the extent that I’d feel comfortable with her becoming like me.

However, that just meant, if I did this, then her life would forever be connected to mine.

And not just because of my blood changing her forever.

No, I couldn’t let her do what she wanted anymore. I couldn’t afford the risk. And I couldn’t afford her making even more of us, in the event she and Gabriella were capable of it.

Avery would be stepping into my world, and by extension, stepping into a new life under my control, her freedoms forfeited.

Yeah, that’s how it would have to be.

Avery would have to be a part of my life permanently, and she’d have to obey me.

It felt bizarre having those thoughts going through my head, but I didn’t see any other way. Not if I was really going to fix her. Because, right then and there, I realized that was the choice that all of us would be making. Either I leave her as she was, or save her from a life of disability in exchange for basically servitude.

I mean, that’s what it would be.

Because she wouldn’t be free to make her own decisions anymore.

She couldn’t go off and just do whatever she wanted.


Really, Sex hikayeleri it was the same for Gabriella now, when I really thought about it, but she at least had no interest in it being any other way.

Granted, there was still the issue of how to even fix Avery if I wanted to, since we still didn’t know for a fact that it was my bite that changed her. And no way in hell was I going to have sex with this girl’s limp body in an effort to see if that would cause the transformation to happen. Fuck, even if I knew for a fact that was how, I wasn’t sure I could do it.

Glancing up at Serenity, I realized whether or not she began becoming different from Gabriella’s bite would be our first clue, though I wondered if maybe I should try biting Serenity myself, just to make sure it was or wasn’t that.

But then again, if Serenity didn’t change…then maybe this was her chance to stay normal.

After all, who was I to force this problem on her? I mean, even if I viewed it as a blessing, it was also still a major complication to my life.

Serenity met my gaze, not having heard what Gabriella whispered to me, but seeming to anticipate that I was going to say something.

I sighed then, hearing that the now three sets of sirens were a lot closer. “Let’s go with her to the hospital. We can’t do anything here with so many people watching.”

Gabriella nodded, but Serenity just gave me a confused look. However, after a second of thought, her deep brown eyes widened in shock.

“Kai,” she hissed in disbelief. “Are you sure?”

I shrugged, glancing down at Avery’s tear-soaked face, her blonde hair disheveled and strewn over the glass-covered asphalt. “We can’t just leave her like this.” I focused on Serenity again. “I don’t know about you, but I’d rather die than be completely paralyzed for the rest of my life. However…” I grimaced, knowing I needed to explain what that would mean for me to fix her.

Unfortunately, Avery misunderstood my meaning, gasping as her heart burst into a gallop again. “Y-You’re going to kill me?” she whimpered, sounding terrified.

“No, no, no, no,” Gabriella said urgently, leaning down closer. “Kai might be able to help you. He might be able to fix you. But you can’t tell anyone,” she added seriously.

“H-How?” she stammered, her eyes unfocused now in shock.

Her voice could barely be heard over the sirens now, since an ambulance was finally pulling up.

“We will have to explain later,” I said quickly, leaning down closer so she could see and hear me better. “And Avery, it’s something we’ll have to talk about.” I sighed. “It will be a life altering decision, and one you’ll have to spend some time thinking over. But you can’t say anything to anyone. Okay? We’ll find you at the hospital, and then I’ll explain more.” I focused on Serenity. “Do you think you could try to go with them in the ambulance? It’ll be easier to make sure we can find her.”

Serenity frowned, seeming uncertain. “I can ask. I’ll tell them I’m a friend of the family, and my badge should have some weight if they–”

“Is my mom alright?” Avery abruptly blurted out.

We all looked behind Serenity at Michelle’s unconscious body, her heartrate and breathing normal aside from her looking like she was asleep on the asphalt.

I tried to reassure her. “She’s okay, I think. She will likely have a really bad concussion, but her breathing is fine. And her neck didn’t look broken.”

Serenity abruptly stood up when two of the EMT’s jogged over with a gurney on wheels, also having a flat stretcher on top, another EMT running over to the SUV where I could no longer hear a heartbeat.

Serenity quickly explained what we knew, which prompted the guy to make a fast decision.

“We can put a neck brace on the younger one, but she’s conscious right now. That makes the older woman our priority between the two.”

“That’s fine!” Avery blurted out. “Just please make sure my mom’s okay!”

The guy nodded, but was quickly distracted by the other EMT running up to them. “The guy driving the semi-truck is fine, and the one in the SUV is deceased. Looks like they must have recently had surgery. Stitches tore and they bled out. Let’s load up one of these two.”

“Fuck,” he hissed. “Probably driving while high on their pain medicine.” He then sighed, instructing his companions to help with the older woman.

In the meantime, the first one knelt down and started asking Avery questions, just trying to get an assessment of her condition, and to see if she was showing signs of confusion. Gabriella kept her hands on Avery’s neck the whole time, and he went and grabbed a neck brace once they had the mom loaded up from the stretcher to the gurney.

In the meantime, a fire truck did show up, as well as another ambulance.

Serenity finally took the time to ask if she could go with them, and they didn’t have a problem with it. She didn’t even have to bring up her badge or anything, especially since Avery agreed that she wanted her to come.

Gabriella and I waited until Avery was loaded up into her own gurney, before I gave Serenity a hug and headed back to my car with my fiancé. It wasn’t until we were inside that we both relaxed some, stressed by everything that just transpired. At first, neither of us said anything for a long few minutes, with Gabriella sitting up front with me now, the black chest by her feet.

However, when I realized we were still probably going to be here for a while, until they redirected traffic since we were boxed in, I decided to make use of the time by explaining to Gabriella the thoughts that crossed my mind earlier.

Specifically, I told her what I felt like it would mean for me to change Avery.

How it would mean she’d be forfeiting her freedoms to do so.

How I felt like this wasn’t a situation where I could just be nice and fix her, only to let her go off and do what she wanted afterward.

Thankfully, Gabriella understood.

She also suspected that Avery wouldn’t have a problem with that being the price she’d have to pay…

“I saw the way she looked, Kai. When you said I was your girlfriend,” Gabriella clarified with a sigh. “Kai, she was possibly even more devastated than Serenity was. And that’s saying something. That chick has it bad for you. Really bad.”

I just shook my head in disbelief. “So what are you saying?” I wondered seriously. “I mean, if I do change her, then what? She’ll have to be in our lives, and she’s clearly infatuated with me.”

Gabriella shrugged. “Kai, I’m really not opposed to you having a relationship with her. I mean, she’s been clearly obsessed with you for two years. Almost feels like she has more of a right than I do.”

I shook my head again. “Okay, seriously,” I said, focusing on her, not even remotely in danger of my skin graying. “Serenity was one thing, but you’re really okay with me being with a third girl?”

Gabriella sighed. “It just feels right,” she admitted. “Maybe it’s my succubus intuition, if I really am part-succubus, or maybe it’s just because I wouldn’t mind having a relationship with her too.”


I tried to keep my mind blank, speaking slowly as I probed for more information. “Okay, seriously. I thought you weren’t sure if you liked women too.”

Gabriella took a deep breath, leaning more heavily into her seat. “It’s not that. It’s Avery. There’s something about her that’s really enticing. Actually, it’s her scent, now that I think about it.”

“The flowery smell?” I commented in confusion.

Gabriella looked at me in surprise. “Flowery smell?” she repeated, looking just as confused.

I nodded. “Yeah, she kind of smells like flowers. Like roses or something, I don’t know.”

Gabriella just stared at me for a second. “She doesn’t smell like flowers to me, Kai.”

“Oh?” I said in surprise. “What does she smell like to you?”

Her brow furrowed at that. “Honestly, it’s hard to think of a comparison. But something really amazing, like warm vanilla cinnamon. Sort of sharp and sweet. And really strong.”

“How strong?” I wondered, since when I smelled Avery, I felt like her scent was about as faint as a normal person. Only more floral than I was used to, not counting when people wore floral-scented perfumes.

Gabriella’s red eyebrows were knitted together, her arms crossed underneath her heavy chest now. “Well, I noticed it when we pulled up to the bank,” she admitted. “Like, when I told you I could hear better, and that you smelled really good. I also smelled something else too, but didn’t know what it was at first. And then it was so strong when we actually entered the bank that I thought someone had walked away spraying everything with perfume or something.” She sighed. “I didn’t fully realize it was coming from her until they started leaving the bank. Her mom has a similar scent, but it’s not nearly as strong.”

“And that’s how you knew Avery was involved in the accident,” I suddenly realized.

Gabriella nodded. “Yeah, I realized I could smell that scent again faintly, making me wonder if they were stopped in traffic too. But then when I focused on it, I suddenly realized she’d been involved in the accident, because there was something else with it — tainting it.”

I nodded slowly. “Probably fear,” I suggested. “You probably smelled her scent tainted with fear.”

Gabriella shrugged, clearly having no idea.

“That’s just so strange though,” I continued. “She smells different to you. I wonder why that is.”

“Well, the difference between us is that I might be part-succubus. So then, maybe she’s part-succubus too?”

I shook my head. “No, I can’t imagine that being true, because then wouldn’t she smell as amazing to me as you do?”

“Oh, right,” Gabriella agreed, her brow furrowed again. “I really need to get ahold of my mom. I’m surprised she hasn’t called me back yet.”

“Think she’s okay?” I wondered seriously.

“Oh, yeah I’m sure she’s fine. I mean, it’s Saturday, so if she was up really late last night, then she might still be asleep.”

“Partying?” I said in surprise, assuming that’s what she meant.

Gabriella grimaced. “Umm, no. Ever since I moved out of the house, Friday night kind of became their designated domination night. So, umm, she probably had a guy over.”

“Oh.” I wasn’t sure what to say to that. It was just so weird to think about. “And I assume your dad is aware,” I added.

She nodded, her voice a little strained. “Umm, yeah. He would be watching the whole time.”

I sighed. “I really am glad you aren’t like that,” I admitted, only to clarify. “Not that I have a problem with your parents. I’m just saying, I’m glad you aren’t wanting our relationship to be like that.”

Gabriella frowned. “I think it’s partly because I want to be the one to watch,” she admitted.

Well, fuck.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” she quickly added, realizing gray was showing on my neck. “Umm, fuzzy pickles!”

I laughed, shaking my head. “Why is that now your go-to distraction?” I said in disbelief.

She grinned. “It’s kind of funny, actually. As long as you don’t think too much about it. Otherwise, it’s kind of gross.”

I chuckled again, seeing that traffic was finally starting to move up ahead. “Well, I guess I’m glad you’re okay with me possibly inviting Avery to join what we have going on. But I would still need to ask Serenity.”

“I think she’ll be fine with it,” she replied. “But yeah, I get it. We’re kind of your two main women, so we both need to be alright with you adding another.”

My knuckles were white on the steering wheel now, feeling like I was in a twilight zone just from the mention of Serenity being classified as one of my main women. Never mind the fact that I was in a situation where I might have three women in total.


It seemed too good to be true.

Was this really even happening?

I mean, I knew it obviously was, but how was it that I was lucky enough to be in a situation where my fiancé and housemate both loved me enough to want to share, and also allow me to have relationships with multiple women? Was it because of my gold eyes? Were they truly hypnotic? Or was there something else about me that was so alluring?

Something else that made women want to please me?

Honestly, I didn’t know, and the idea kind of made me uneasy, to be honest, because it made it feel like maybe their behavior wasn’t natural. However, alternatively it sounded like Gabriella grew an interest in Serenity even before she met me. And of course, while my housemate had been around me all my life, from what I knew, she didn’t change when I joined my family and she subsequently met me.

Certainly, Serenity was thrilled to have a younger playmate, and to dote on him, but she’d already been like that when she only had dolls to play with.

So then, maybe their behavior was natural.

Like, Gabriella obviously had an invested interest in being with both me and Serenity. And from the sound of it, there was something that was especially enticing about Avery for her as well. Which meant this wasn’t just about me having three women. This was also about Gabriella having two women she was interested in, along with her man.

It wasn’t an unequal situation, at least not between me and my fiancé. She wanted us to have a four-way relationship, not only one between me and each woman.

My phone vibrated then, only for me to see that it was Serenity telling me which hospital they were at. Honestly, I was kind of surprised they’d already made it, but then again I supposed we’d been sitting here for a good ten or fifteen minutes at least. Plenty of time for an ambulance to get to the hospital.

“Anyway,” Gabriella continued, interrupting my thoughts. “If we are going to consider changing Avery, then we need to try to figure out what caused it to happen to me. Because I’m beginning to suspect that Serenity isn’t going to change from my bite.”

“Really?” I said in surprise, finally merging lanes so I could go around the accident. “What makes you say that?”

Gabriella seemed pensive. “When you bit me, I felt sleepy right away, like you’d injected me with a drug. And, I don’t mean lightheaded,” she clarified, glancing at me. “But actually sleepy. And I just feel like my overall sleepiness last night wasn’t normal. I sincerely felt drugged, and it was difficult to stay awake. So then, either the problem is Sikiş hikayeleri that my bite doesn’t work, or it was something else that caused it to happen.”

I frowned. “So then, it was definitely the bite,” I clarified. “Not something like sex.”

“Right,” she agreed. “But if that’s the case, then we need to consider what was different. Obviously, the first difference was that it was you doing the biting, but was there anything else that was different?”

I considered that. “Well, the only thing I can think of is that my mouth was bloody from chewing on the cables.”

“Oh!” Gabriella said in surprise. “That’s right! So then, what if that’s it? What if it’s like a bloodborne pathogen? Or maybe just something special about your blood itself?”

“My blood,” I repeated hesitantly, trying to think it through.

“Yeah,” she continued. “I didn’t have blood in my mouth when I bit Serenity, and you might have basically injected me with your blood when you bit me.”

I sighed. “I mean, that would certainly make changing Avery easier. We’d just have to try to snag a syringe at the hospital, and inject my blood directly into her. Think we should try that first?”

Gabriella focused at the digital clock on the dash. “Maybe. Let’s wait and see what happens to Serenity before we do though. If she’s still not showing signs of changing when we get to the hospital, then we’ll go from there.”

I rubbed the back of my neck as I thought about that. “The only problem is, Serenity can’t hang around all day if she is going to end up changing. Because if she starts transforming, she won’t be able to control it. At least, not for the first hour or so. And I also don’t want to leave her by herself in case she ends up doing what you did.”

Gabriella frowned. “Yeah, that might be an issue for Avery too, either way. Which is really problematic, since she can’t leave the hospital if she’s paralyzed, yet also can’t exactly stay in the hospital alone while she’s changing.”

Fuck. She was right.

So then, what could we do?

“Maybe I can stay with her,” Gabriella continued. “Like, if the blood works and Avery falls asleep, then I’ll stay at the hospital as late as I need to, even overnight, in order to keep her from attacking anyone.”

I frowned at that, not thrilled by the idea.

Granted, I wasn’t sure there were alternatives. After all, it wouldn’t be a good idea for Serenity to stay, whether she was still normal or not, and I definitely couldn’t stay overnight. At least, I assumed I couldn’t, since I was a guy and clearly not her family.

Then again, being eighteen now might mean I could get away with it, maybe if I just claimed we were dating, but I felt like having Gabriella stay truly might be the best option.

“Think you can overpower her?” I wondered seriously.

Gabriella nodded. “Yeah, I think I’ll be fine. And honestly, when she wakes up, she might still be paralyzed. She might not be healed right away.”

“Well, your wound was already gone,” I countered.

“Oh,” she nodded. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.” She sighed. “So then, I’ll just have to keep a close eye on her and maybe slap her or something to wake her up. After all, it was you hurting my jaw that snapped me out of it.”

I grimace. “Sorry about that.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s fine, Kai. I’m glad you did.”

I nodded in acknowledgment.

“Okay,” she said firmly. “That’s what we’ll do. We can snag a syringe and inject her with your blood. Worst case, and her body will treat it like an infection, and she’ll get a little sick. Best case, and she starts feeling sleepy like I did.”

“And what if it doesn’t work?” I wondered

“Then it has to be your saliva instead, though I feel like that’s unlikely,” she replied. “But if that is the case, you can just inject her with that, rather than biting her.” She frowned. “You definitely shouldn’t bite her, if it can be avoided, since they’ll end up noticing that in the hospital. There’s not a lot of privacy there, especially for someone who is paralyzed. They’d likely see it even if you bit her someplace most wouldn’t look.”

Unexpectedly, what she was implying made my hair flash white. Here, I’d managed to stay looking normal throughout this whole conversation, and just like that, she pushed me over the edge.

“Kai!” she exclaimed. “Get your mind out of the gutter!”

“Well don’t say stuff like that!” I retorted, glancing around to make sure no one saw. “I get aroused just from you touching me, and here you are talking about me biting her someplace intimate!” Granted, I was more embarrassed than anything, rather than aroused. I then scoffed, lowering my voice, my hair beginning to shift back to its normal color. “I mean, there are only a handful of places where ‘most wouldn’t look,’ as you put it.”

She was immediately apologetic. “Sorry, I guess that wasn’t very careful of me.”

I sighed, taking a few seconds to calm down. “No, I’m sorry.” I sighed again. “And I wasn’t trying to think about that, but you talking about it made me visualize it.” I glanced over at her. “You know I have an extremely vivid imagination, right? And this is a girl I’ve sat next to for years.”

“Oh…” Gabriella paused. “Sorry, I didn’t realize that. Although, now that you mention it, I think that sounds reasonable, considering you have heightened senses.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’ve seen her in enough tight clothing to know exactly what she would look like naked, never mind the sounds, smells, and everything else that bombards my senses. Like, before she started taking birth control a little over a year ago, I knew when she was on her period, could hear the difference between a pad and tampon, and could smell when she was just beginning and when she was toward the end. It was always a good smell to me, which I now realize is because I apparently need blood sometimes.” I paused. “And my memory seems to be stronger with my sense of smell and hearing in particular. Like, just thinking about Avery causes me to vividly recall her scent, as well as how her heart sounds when she’s flustered, and what her voice sounds like. Plus, we just saw her today, so I have a fresh image of her in my mind.”

“That makes sense,” Gabriella agreed.

“Not that I even need the recent exposure to her,” I continued. “Considering I’ve seen her almost every day for the last two years.” I sighed. “But my mind pieces it all together into a powerful representation of her. Like, if I think about touching her arm, I can almost feel it, as if it was real. And thinking about biting her makes it feel like her skin is already between my teeth, her taste already against my tongue…” I paused, glancing at her again. “Obviously, I have no idea what her skin actually tastes like, but I can assure you that my mind is very good at using her scent to come up with a pretty realistic taste in my mouth. And honestly, it’s probably an accurate taste too. Like, if I did bite her, then I probably wouldn’t be surprised by the real thing.”

Gabriella nodded. “Makes sense,” she repeated. “And I’m sorry,” she added. “It’s just that sometimes you don’t react to things that I think you might, and other times you react to stuff I’m not expecting you to.”

I nodded, focusing on the road. “I understand. I think it was the surprise more than anything. I wasn’t aroused. Just embarrassed.”

Gabriella spoke up again. “But I guess that explains why I was so arousing to you.” She turned in her seat slightly to look more fully at me. “Because, just from being near me, you could probably imagine pretty easily all the things a normal person shouldn’t know without actually experiencing it.”

I sighed, leaning back in my seat more, feeling thankful we could have this kind of discussion now without it affecting me a ton — at least, when the subject was her.

“Yeah, pretty much. I could imagine what you felt like, what you tasted like, and even had a pretty good idea of what you looked like underneath your clothing. Granted, experiencing the real thing was far more amazing than I would have ever anticipated, but I still wasn’t really surprised by anything.”

She frowned. “So then, how did you manage to sit next to Avery day-after-day for so long without transforming? Because it’s pretty obvious she’s extremely hot. Like, it’s to the point that I was sincerely shocked when I saw her in person. The way you talked about her made it seem like she might be a little above average, not freaking to the moon.”

I shrugged, knowing that her assessment wasn’t just her opinion. Avery really was that hot, enough that it would be difficult to find someone who disagreed.

“Well, for one, I have a different mindset at school. I’m more guarded with my thoughts, and I’m much more restrictive with my focus.” I glanced at her with a small smile. “Granted, if you had walked into one of my classes, I still would have found it hard to ignore you. Your scent alone would have been enough to demand my attention. And yeah, being completely honest, Avery is really hot, but her scent is only average to me. Different than most people, but still average in its potency.”

“Well, not so average to me,” Gabriella mumbled, only to laugh, seeming to change subjects slightly. “You know, I never thought my natural scent would be how I’d get a guy’s attention.” She chuckled some more. “And that would be a funny introduction too. ‘So, how did you two meet? Oh, well Kai fell in love with my scent, and the rest is history.’” She laughed even more, seeming to really find it hilarious. “I’m kidding of course,” she added, a big grin on her face.

I gave her a small smile in response, focused more on the road now.

We were turning on the street to the hospital, and I needed to figure out where to park.

Thankfully, there were clear signs for the nearest parking garage, and getting inside was pretty straightforward.

However, it became obvious right away that noon on a Saturday wasn’t a great time to find a decent spot. Granted, I supposed that made sense, considering the weekend was likely when most people visited their loved ones.

And once I did find a spot, and I’d put the black chest in the trunk, we found that there was a ton of activity inside the building, with people coming and going, and the occasional nurse pushing a patient around in a wheelchair.

Pulling out my phone, I called Serenity to find out if they were in a room yet, discovering that they just moved Avery to a bed after doing a series of scans on her head and neck. She also told me that the doctors weren’t considering surgery at this point, and that she would explain more when we got there.

Now that I had Avery’s room number, I used the hospital signs for directions and we began making our way through the maze of hallways, getting on an elevator and then making our way to the appropriate room. I would have had no problem asking someone for directions if needed, but it was all pretty straightforward thanks to the signs.

When we walked in, I was thankful to see that it was a single-bed room, instead of one with two beds, since that would have only complicated everything. I hadn’t even considered that being a problem, but now realized it would have made it difficult to talk to Avery about the decision she would be making.

The curtain hanging from the wall was partially closed when I laid eyes on Serenity, with Avery’s head hidden from my view.

Serenity met my gaze with a frown, currently in a chair and leaning forward against the bed, her left hand on Avery’s stomach over the hospital gown while the other was higher, seeming as if she might be touching Avery’s face.

There were wires all over the place coming out of Avery’s gown, with a monitor in the corner displaying all her vitals, a soft beeping coming from her pulse.

For half a second, I was surprised Serenity was being so handsy with her, only to recall that my classmate seemed to only be able to feel in certain spots. No doubt Serenity was cupping her face and touching her stomach to help Avery cope with having no feeling almost anywhere else.

Obviously, holding her hand would be pointless if she couldn’t even feel it.

Avery must have noticed Serenity’s look, because her heartrate picked up on the monitor after a second, and then even more so when I finally stepped into sight, with her bright blue eyes focusing on me while her head remained stationary from the neck brace — not that she could have moved it anyway.

I tried to give her a small reassuring smile, but ended up giving Serenity my attention again when she began explaining the situation.

“The doctors said her spinal cord doesn’t appear to be permanently damaged, and that her condition might just be this bad, due to inflammation. They think that she might even begin to recover from her paralysis in the next three to six months. Apparently, the initial trauma and subsequent inflammatory response is likely the source of her lack of feeling now, but there’s a good chance she’ll make a full recovery in the next year or so.”

Part of me was actually glad to hear that, since it technically gave Avery more of a choice. However, it was obvious the reminder of that news didn’t thrill her in the slightest.

Avery’s heartbeat raced faster as she began to panic. “Please don’t leave me like this,” she begged, tears reappearing in her eyes. “Please. Please fix me. I’ll do anything.”

Serenity quickly began stroking her cheek again, trying to calm her down. “Hey, it’s okay. Just relax. Calm down. Everything is going to be alright.”

Avery wasn’t calming down though, her pulse triggering an alarm on the monitor that also echoed somewhere down the hall.

Within a matter of seconds, a male nurse rushed into the room to check on her, seeming to quickly assess the situation.

“She needs to rest,” he said firmly to me and Gabriella. “I think it might be best if you come back at a later time.”

“No!” Avery blurted out, her breathing even more escalated. “No, please! I want them to stay!”

The guy stepped closer and pulled the curtain back more to focus on her, his expression becoming sympathetic as he used her name like she was a good friend, even though I was sure they’d never met before. “Okay, Avery, then I need you to try to take a deep breath for me, and calm down, okay? We need your heartrate under a hundred-twenty.”

I was sure Avery would have nodded if she could. Instead, her face scrunched Erotik hikaye up as she tried to slow her breathing, her full lips tensed out as she forced a controlled exhale.

After a few seconds, her heartrate began dropping again.

The guy finally focused on me, giving me a hard look as if he knew I was the problem. “She needs rest,” he repeated. “If her pulse doesn’t stay under control, then we’ll have to ask you guys to leave whether she wants you here or not.”

I nodded, not seeing any reason to become defensive by his attitude.

Still, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was a bit more fond and possessive of his new patient than he should be. Made me wonder if her being hot, thin, busty, and vulnerable was making him more interested than he should be.

Once the guy left, seeming satisfied with my nonverbal response, he left the door cracked on his way out. I rolled my eyes as I walked back over, waiting until he was seated down the hall to close it all the way.

In the meantime, Gabriella pulled up a chair by the wall and sat next to Serenity, speaking quietly. “How’s her mother?” she wondered.

Serenity sighed. “Last we heard, she’s alright. Just a really bad concussion. They’re keeping her in another hospital room for now, probably overnight, but the nurse said he would try to see if they could bring her over in a wheelchair to visit.” She then paused, looking back up at me. “So, Kai, what’s the plan?”

I frowned at that, glancing around the room, only to be surprised that there were a couple of syringes just lying out on the med cart against the wall, both of them individually wrapped in plastic. But then again, I supposed there was nothing overly special about syringes in a place like this. They were probably really cheap, and I doubted hospitals worried too much about people stealing them.

Walking over, I grabbed one and then stuck it in my pocket as I moved back over to the bed, speaking in a low voice. “We figured it might be best if I try injecting her with my blood first, and then go from there.”

“Your blood?” Serenity repeated in confusion.

Gabriella quickly nodded, leaning closer to explain in a hushed whisper so that Avery wouldn’t hear.

However, it was obvious my blonde friend was trying to eavesdrop, desperation evident on her face when she couldn’t hear what Gabriella was saying.

Knowing we needed to have a discussion first, I cleared my throat to get her attention, taking a step closer to the bed, only for Avery’s pulse to spike again when she focused on me.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure why she was reacting to me like this, since she remained fairly calm at school, with the only major difference being that I usually ignored her.

Then again, she’d definitely seen my gold eyes just a little bit ago, so maybe that was it?

She didn’t smell scared though, only anxious.

Holding up my hand, I spoke in a gentle tone. “Hey, deep breath please. That guy is going to kick us out if you don’t calm down.”

Avery whimpered and stared straight up at the ceiling, tears reappearing in her blue eyes as she tried to take a few controlled breaths the best she could. Once her pulse was under a hundred again, I continued.

“Alright, now we need to talk a little bit, okay? I’m going to explain everything, but I need you to stay calm as I do. Can you do that for me?”

“Okay,” she whispered, her eyes tight now.

I frowned, feeling like she wasn’t in the right mindset for this conversation. “Avery, do you trust me?” I wondered.

Her azure eyes abruptly darted toward me in surprise, before she looked up at the ceiling a second time as she thought about it. She then took a long slow breath, her expression suddenly shifting, seeming to become almost determined.

“Yes,” she said firmly.

Honestly, even though I assumed she might respond in the affirmative, given how much time we’d spent in each other’s presence, I was sincerely surprised by just how certain she seemed of her answer.

“Umm, okay,” I began hesitantly, trying to think of where to begin. “So, first of all, I’m sure you saw that I’m not a normal person.”

Her expression became vulnerable again as she took another controlled breath, her gaze still on the ceiling. “W-What are you?” she asked hesitantly.

“Honestly? I don’t know,” I admitted. “But I was born this way, and I’ve had to try to keep it a secret my whole life.”

“Even I didn’t know,” Serenity unexpectedly blurted out, garnering Avery’s attention. “I’ve been around him practically my whole life, and he even kept it from me too. I only recently found out.”

“And I only recently discovered that I could change people,” I added.

“C-Can I see?” she whispered.

I hesitated, before speaking slowly. “Yeah, I can show you. But you need to keep your heart under control.”

She took a deep breath. “Okay,” she whispered, focusing more intently on me.

I nodded, beginning to let the change happen slowly, rather than just shifting in an instant. However, despite what she said, her pulse began picking up again when my hair turned white, and most importantly when my eyes shifted to gold and black. Oddly enough, she didn’t smell scared, but was definitely anxious.

She immediately focused up at the ceiling to try to control her breathing, only glancing at me again after a full minute.

“Can you come a little closer?” she finally asked.

I slowly took a step toward her, followed by another, until I was right beside the top of her bed, allowing her to see me clearly. She examined my face more intently for a few seconds, before her blue eyes locked onto mine, her pupils visibly dilating as she held my gaze, her heart rate actually falling some.

The response prompted me to glance away, feeling uneasy by the effect I was clearly having on her. However, I remained where I was, and after another minute, she spoke up again, sounding much calmer.

“So then, are you all like this now?” she wondered.

I was surprised by the assumption, considering Serenity admitted she’d only recently found out about my secret, and that I only recently discovered I could change people.

However, Gabriella was quick to respond. She stood up and stepped behind Serenity’s chair to stand next to Avery’s head on the other side. “I am,” she admitted cheerfully, abruptly transforming.

Of course, my fiancé’s transformation wasn’t nearly as dramatic as mine, since her skin only became tan while her other coloring just became more vibrant.

“And, of course, Kai might be able to do this to you too,” Gabriella continued, only for her voice to drop. “Except, if he does, then there are going to be conditions.”

Both Avery and Serenity looked at her in surprise, before my housemate focused on me in confusion. “Kai, what’s she talking about?” she asked seriously.

I sighed. “Think about it, Ren. I can’t just go around making people like me. Especially if that gives them the ability to do the same. Like, imagine what would happen if I do this for her, and then she does it for some random guy she likes, only to have him dump her and do it for someone else. It could get out of hand really fast.”

“I don’t want another guy,” Avery unexpectedly blurted out, only for her face to flush bright red, her pulse spiking again.

“Avery, calm down,” I hissed. “I can’t help you if we get kicked out of the hospital.”

Her face scrunched up as she tried to gather herself, again focusing on her breathing as she stared up at the ceiling.

Serenity spoke up after a few seconds. “So, what are you saying, Kai?”

I took a deep breath, and then held her gaze, only to look away when I saw her brown eyes dilate.


Shifting back to normal, I focused on her again, seeing that she was clearly trying to collect her thoughts. After a second, she seemed to figure out what I was implying on her own, glancing up at Gabriella. “So, umm, does that mean we’re including her in all this?”

Gabriella nodded. “I mean, I’m fine with it. What about you?”

Serenity sighed, leaning forward in her seat as she massaged her temples.

“Hey,” I whispered gently. “I don’t have to do anything at all. We can just leave things as they are, if that’s what you want.”

“Please don’t leave me like this,” Avery whimpered again, but I ignored her.

Serenity took a deep breath, and focused on me. “Kai, I’ve had to take care of you ever since I was eighteen, and so I always figured you might end up with someone else eventually.” She sighed. “Never did I seriously consider that I might get to be with you too. But…” Her voice trailed off.

Avery’s eyes were wide now, easily having grasped Serenity’s meaning. Of course, my classmate knew the basics about our situation, with her mother’s comment about Serenity being a cop pretty much confirming that Avery had absorbed every detail of everything I’d told her and held onto it, no matter how long ago I’d mentioned it.

Serenity sighed as she continued. “I’m alright with whatever you decide, Kai. But just know that this is going to be complicated with her involved too. Probably more than you realize.”

I nodded, looking down at Avery. “So,” I began hesitantly. “Do you understand what this means? If I fix you, then your old life ends here too. You can’t do what you want anymore.” I hesitated then, glancing at Gabriella before focusing on Avery again, realizing I needed to be harsh about what it would mean for me to do this.

Because she needed to understand what this decision really entailed before she made it.

“Avery, if I do this, then you’re going to belong to me. And I’m not saying I’ll ever do anything that you don’t want me to do, but you’re going to have to start living your new life completely revolved around my approval. You won’t be able to date anyone, and you’ll have to listen to me. That’s my offer. If you’re not sure you’re okay with that, then I’m not going to try fixing you. Because I can’t afford for you to be like me if you’re not going to obey me. Understand? If I fix you, then you belong to me. Forever.”

Avery was taking shaky breaths now as she stared at the ceiling. “O-Okay. W-Will it hurt?”

Serenity spoke up again. “Avery, take a second to think this over,” she said seriously. “Don’t just automatically agree because you’re scared of being like this for a few months.”

“You don’t understand,” Avery replied, tears appearing in her eyes again. “I can’t feel anything. I feel trapped inside my own body, almost feel like I don’t have a body. It’s…horrible. And there’s no guarantee I’ll get better at all.” She sucked in a deep breath. “And what he’s offering is something I would have accepted even if I wasn’t in this condition.”

I frowned at that, having no reason to think she was lying, but honestly not understanding why she was so attached to me. Serenity and I exchanged a glance, before she gave me a slight nod.

I sighed. “So you’re mine now, that correct?”

Avery finally looked at me, her expression vulnerable. “Kai, I was yours from the day we first spoke. Even before that. I’ve been yours all this time. So there’s no decision to make. It’s already been made.”

Well fuck. I didn’t know what to say to that.

Honestly, I didn’t feel right about this. I didn’t feel like it was natural for her to be so obsessed. Like, part of me wanted to just accept it for what it was and enjoy it, and the other part of me was concerned that I was causing people to make decisions they wouldn’t normally make.

Gabriella sensed my hesitation. “Kai, just hurry up and do it. We don’t know how much time we have before we get interrupted again, and it needs to be done. I want her too, so hurry up.”

Avery looked at Gabriella in alarm, prompting my fiancé to give her a reassuring smile. “No, it won’t hurt,” she said gently, answering her previous question. “He’s going to inject some of his blood directly into your arm, and it will probably make you feel really sleepy. When you wake up, you’ll be like us.”

Avery stared at her for a few seconds, before clearing her throat. “Umm, okay,” she whispered.

My fiancé then gave me a look to prompt me to get on with it.

I sighed, pulling the syringe back out and opening the wrapper.

“Oh,” Gabriella continued, still speaking to Avery. “And while we eat normal food, there are certain situations when you might want to drink blood. But animal blood is fine.”

Avery looked at her in alarm. “L-Like a vampire?” she said in disbelief.

“Sort of,” Gabriella agreed. “But as long as you don’t get hurt, you shouldn’t want it. Like, Kai’s gone his whole life without drinking blood, and only found out recently about that too.”

Avery didn’t respond, just seeming stunned by that information.

Holding the needle up to my skin, I placed it over a bulging vein in the crook of my arm, only to have to give it quite a bit of pressure before it started advancing. Then, once it was in, I pulled up on the plunger to draw some of my blood out, deciding to fill the tube up halfway. Once I was finished, I focused on Avery again.

“Okay, and you’re sure you still want to do this, right?” I confirmed. “Because there’s no going back after I get this in your arm.”

“Yes,” she said without hesitation. “You’re turning the worst day of my life into the best,” she added.

I frowned at that, deciding not to comment as I focused on her thin arms. Reaching down to grab her wrist, she didn’t even react to me touching her, not seeming to feel it when I twisted her arm a little so that I could get better access to the crook of her elbow.

“Okay,” I repeated. “Ready?”

“Yes,” she whispered. “And thank you.”

I didn’t respond as I got the needle in her arm, being able to pinpoint a vein that wasn’t visible from the surface, just using my hearing and sense of touch to locate it. Then, once I was pretty sure I was in it, I pulled back a little on the plunger, seeing that some of her blood was coming out.

“Here we go,” I commented, beginning to press in the opposite direction to inject her with my blood.

The effect was immediate, Avery’s eyes drooping.

“Whoa,” she exclaimed. “You weren’t kidding…about…”

Her eyes closed, and just like that, she was out.

This is a long story that involves lots of plot and action, as well as sexual engagements that are detailed and intimate. This story is actually available on amazon and patreon too, but I have several places where I’m posting it for free.

Original: December 16, 2020 (Copyright 2020 Kaizer Wolf)

Submitted to Sexstories: September 19, 2022

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