Innocent Young Thing


Jenna watched as Lilly pulled her t-shirt over her breasts. B Cups, she thought to herself. Lilly smoothed out the wrinkles and pulled on her jeans. Jenna lay quietly, watching intently from the bed. Lilly thought she was still sleeping. Jenna watched as Lilly’s pert breasts bounced as she crossed the room, leaning over slightly. Jenna caught a glimpse of what was down her t-shirt, making her bite her lips with anticipation.

Lilly was so beautiful, so sweet and innocent. As soon as she had walked through the room of their shared dorm, Jenna had known she had to have this girl. It wasn’t that she possessed any certain charm above other girls, she didn’t. She was your average girl – curvy with soft waves of reddish hair that brushed gently against her pale cheek. A thin line of kohl pencil under her large green eyes, adorned by long pale lashes. A handful of faded freckles dotted her nose, giving her a sweet, girlish presence. She was new to the big wide world, having been sheltered by caring parents all her life. Jenna felt it was her duty to give her a helping hand, it was only neighbourly.

Lilly pulled on a red jacket and reached for her keys, glancing over at Jenna who swiftly shut her eyes. The door to their room closed and Jenna pushed back her bed covers. Looking around the room for something of Lilly’s, she was met with nothing. Lilly was so neat and tidy that everything was placed in its own drawer in the small chest of drawers that sat in the corner. Jenna preferred to simply dig around in her haphazard drawers and pull out whatever was clean. With a sigh, Jenna yawned slightly and ran her hands through her hair.

Jenna was not your average girl. Many a time had there been arguments with angry girls whose boyfriends had been drawn towards to Jenna’s exotic beauty. Jenna simply raised her hands innocently, she couldn’t help it if she was the way she was. With light mocha coloured skin and hazel eyes, stood next your normal suburban girl – she was a shining beacon amongst muck. With her shapely figure and full breasts, Jenna knew she was sexy. She flaunted it shamelessly. Long, thick brown hair travelled down her back and her infamous pout was ever present. Jenna was the rare lucky breed of girl who didn’t need make up to feel beautiful. She could have done it without it.

Jenna pulled on a figure hugging lilac wrap-around dress and her new white cowboy boots that she’d picked up for half price. Running a brush through her hair, she pinned it back with a clip – a single strand of hair straying across her face. She swept a red lipstick over her pout and pulled on her light jacket – ready for her day.

With a dull creak, Jenna threw herself on her bed. She’d had a tiring day with lecture after lecture from droning Professors. She let her head loll against the soft pillow and closed her eyes slightly. It was just two o’clock and the afternoon sun streamed in through a chink in the blind. The air was humid and sticky. Jenna’s dress clung to her and she felt sweaty and uncomfortable. With a reluctant moan, she rose from the bed and made her way to the bathroom – undressing as she went. She unhooked her pink lacey bra and turned on the shower, welcoming the cool, gentle flow of water against her hot skin. She reached for the shower gel, spreading it on the loofah. Gently, she rubbed herself all over – grinning at the soft touch of the loofah on her skin. It was such a relief to feel clean again after hours of sitting in sticky clothing, damp patches growing under her armpits.

“Never even bothered to crack open a window, the bastards,” She said to herself and washed off the last of the shower gel from her body.

She shut off the water and stepped out from the shower, wrapping a towel around her dripping wet body. She cleared a patch in the steamy bathroom mirror and leaned in to examine herself. Her hair clung to her face and she was flushed, she had to admit it looked rather sexy. She let her hand wander across her cheek and down her neck, slowly reaching her breast. With a gasp, she felt her nipples. They were rock hard from the cold water. She queezed one tentatively and a broad smile spread across her face at the pleasant feeling that coursed through her body. With another light squeeze, she let out a faint moan. All that sexual tension bottled up inside of her was wanting to break free, she hadn’t been able to get some time to herself since she arrived on campus. Used to masturbating daily – it was a shock to Jenna’s system and she missed it immensely. She took her nipple between two fingers and gently rolled it back and forth, her breath coming out in slow, even pants.

She let her head loll back and she bit her lip. How she wanted a release from all this pent up sexual tension. It was too much. She was sick of being so horny all the time. Jenna continued to roll her nipple back and forth, her breathing growing quicker and faster. Absently, she let a hand brush against the lips of her pussy. They were opening like a flower, sticky with her juices. Jenna traced the lips with her finger, her breath becoming caught up gasps lost in her throat. As she was really getting Casibom into it, she heard the faint sound of keys being turned in the door to the room. Lilly was back. Hurriedly, she let go of her nipple and wrapped her towel around herself again. Checking herself in the mirror, she saw that her nipples were poking out from the fabric. There was no time to flatten them so she simply walked back into the main room, holding her breath all the while.

Lilly was sitting on her bed, her jacket strewn beside her. The windows were all flung open and her face was flushed a deep red. The heat had obviously gotten to her too, Jenna thought to herself.

“Hey Lils, you okay over there?” Jenna said, eyes scanning the room to see where she had dropped her bra.

“Yeah – it’s so damn hot out there, I feel like I’m on fire,” Lilly gasped rather, Jenna had to admit, sexily.

“Hmmmm, yeah, I was the same. Why don’t you have a shower? It’ll cool you right down,” Jenna smiled nicely at her roommate.

“Yeah, thanks, I might just do that, thanks,” A small smile appeared on Lilly’s red face.

Jenna reached over for her bra which was lying on the floor by the bathroom door, making sure Lilly got a good view of her tight ass as she did so. Fighting to hide a grin, Jenna dropped her towel and began to put on her bra in a painfully slow manner. She stifled a giggle as she saw Lilly trying not to stare at her breasts. She knew the girl liked what she saw, they both did. Quickly, Lilly hopped toward the bathroom door – somewhat reluctantly pulling her eyes away from Jenna’s naked body. Jenna smiled and pulled on the rest of her clothes.

She tied up her wrap-around dress and sat down at the small card tabel they had set up in the middle of the room, letting her eyes glance over the magazine spread on the table. None of the articles interested her very much so she let her mind wander. She wished she could see Lilly in the shower. Her soaking wet body, the hot flushed cheeks that clashed with her red hair. Jenna sighed, why was her roommmate so damn sexy. The phone rang, jolting her out of her daydream.

“Hello?” Jenna said.

“Hi – is Lilly there?” A male voice said on the other end.

“She’s busy right now, can I take a message?” Jenna said.

“Oh okay, tell her Devon called, I can’t make it tonight, tell her I’m sorry,” The male voice said and the phone clicked as he hung up.

Asshole, Jenna thought to herself. She heard the shower shut off in the bathroom and Lilly’s damp head poked round the door.

“Who was it on the phone?” Lilly said – sounding anxious, she had obviously been expecting his call.

“Some guy named Devon, he called to say he can’t make it tonight but he’s sorry,” Jenna said, feeling sorry for the girl as she saw her face fall.

“Oh I knew it, I knew he was going to cancel! Why am I so stupid? I can’t keep a guy interested for five minutes, I’m hopeless!” Lilly cried, exasperated and flopped on her bed.

Jenna approached her slowly as Lilly, cloaked in only her towel, cried softly. She looked so sad and sweet sitting on the bed, Jenna couldn’t help feeling slightly aroused. She sat beside Lilly and put her arm around her, fighting the urge to look down her towel.

“Don’t worry, if that prick doesn’t see how special you are, he’s needs his brain checking,” Jenna said.

“Really?” Lilly looked up, her tearstained face shocked. “Do you really mean that?”

“Of course I do! If he can’t see how lucky he is to have a girl like you, he must the stupidest damn man on this whole planet!” Jenna smiled at her friend.

“Thanks Jenna, that really means a lot to me. I just…Guys always seem to…They make me feel so worthless…Thanks, thank you so much,” Lilly said, her gaze never tearing from Jenna’s.

Jenna gulped as they sat together, both staring into the other’s eyes. There was nothing more she wanted to do than to wrap her arms around Lilly and kiss her at that moment. But she couldn’t, not right now.

“I mean, you’re so much prettier than me Jenna, guys are always all over you. Next to you, I’m just plain and ugly. You’re so beautiful and…” Lilly stopped herself, her gaze was pleading.

Jenna couldn’t fight back her feelings much longer. Lilly was so…tempting, sat their in front of her. Her eyes seems to ask Jenna, just for one kiss. One kiss couldn’t hurt. Jenna leaned in and placed a small, soft kiss on Lilly’s startled lips. It was beautiful, Lilly’s lips were so sweet like honey and they had a silky, soft quality that made Jenna hungry for more. She pressed on, developing the kiss into a harder stronger one. Lilly responded, her sweet mouth pressing against Jenna’s, clumsily fumbling but Jenna didn’t care. It was still one of the best kisses she’d ever had. She pressed her lips hard against Lilly’s, savouring her sweet taste. Lilly sighed so softly it was barely audible, but Jenna heard it. Then Lilly suddenly froze and pulled back, her eyes wide with shock as she realized what she had been doing.

“I…I…I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to…I…” She blurted out, her face panicked and flushed.

Jenna Casibom Giriş leaned forward and kissed her again, Lilly sat rigid for a moment but slowly started to kiss her back. They both wanted it, Lilly was simply scared. She tried to pull back but Jenna followed her, clasping her lips onto Lilly’s once more.

‘I…I don’t know Jenna…I don’t think we should…I don’t know…” Lilly mumbled, eyes full of fear.

“Ssssh, don’t speak,” Jenna soothed and kissed her again.

“But I…I’m not gay…I don’t…” Lilly was cut short as Jenna pushed her hungry lips against Lilly’s once more. “But Jenna…I’m not sure…”

“You don’t have to be, you like it, right?” Jenna said.

“Y…yeah…I mean no….No,” Lilly scrunched up her face, confused.

“Ssssh, just enjoy it…don’t speak,” Jenna whispered.

She leant Lilly back against the bed and kissed her fiercely, urgently. She wanted her so much, this sweet tasty specimen. She had to be hers. Lilyl wanted it. She knew it. Jenna knew it. Jenna was going to have her either way. She traced Lilly’s lips with her tongue and slipped it inside her mouth, a gasp escaping Lilly’s lips.

“Jenna…I…” Lilly murmured but Jenna ignored her, continuing to kiss her.

Jenna’s hand fell down to Lilly’s heaving bosom, she rested her hand on her breast and slowly rubbed it through the material of her towel. Lilly squirmed and fought back a groan, Jenna grinned and kissed her harder. She knew Lilly was enjoying it, as the other girl’s lips pressed firmly, urgently against her own. Jenna let her hand wander under Lilly’s towel and aross the taut skin of her stomach. Lilly gasped and pushed her hand back.

“No…N…No Jenna…I don’t think…” Lilly gasped.

“Yes,” Jenna said firmly and placed her hand under Lilly’s shirt once more.

She let her hand snake round to the back of Lilly’s towel, where the folds met, and, despite struggles and squirming from Lilly, yanked it off – revealing two milky white breasts, heaving with Lilly’s heavy breathing. Jenna sat back and admired the rose pink nipples, stood to attention, Lilly could no longer hide how aroused she was. Jenna grinned mischeviously and plunged her tongue back into Lilly’s mouth, her hand firmly queezing Lilly’s nipple. The girl gasped, making it obvious she had never known the soft, sensual touch of someone’s hand on her nipple. Jenna pinched at it harder and Lilly responded fiercely, thrusting her tongue into Jenna’s mouth. Jenna ran light circles around Lilly’s nipple, kissing her neck and enjoying the moans coming from Lilly’s mouth.

“Please Jenna…Mmmmm…Just stop…I dont want to…Mmmmm…Just stop,” Lilly moaned and tried to fight off Jenna’s hands.

“We both know you’re loving it…Ssssssh, don’t speak, just lie back and enjoy it,” Jenna murmured into her ear.

Lilly relaxed slightly and moaned as Jenna set back to work on her nipples. Lilly kissed Jenna, her silky lips sweaty with perspiration. Jenna rolled Lilly’s nipple back and forth, back and forth between her thumb and forefinger. The nipples grew and Lilly’s moans heightened.

“Oh please…Just stop…Oh God…Jenna…Stop…Mmmmm” Lilly was torn between lust and reluctance and Jenna was loving every second of it.

She let go of Lilly’s nipple, ignoring Lilly’s moans of protest and moved her hand down to Lilly’s legs. Lilly tried to snap them shut but Jenna detached her mouth from Lilly’s and pried them open again. Lilly’s pussy was waiting, glistening with her wetness. She was aroused and horny as hell. Jenna was too. She was having this girl whether she liked it or not. Jenna ran a light finger from Lilly’s breasts to the top of her waistline and back up again, never quite reaching Lilly’s pussy.

“Jenna…Stop…Just stop…I don’t want to…Please…Stop,” Lilly moaned, trying to hold back the pleasurous groans inside her.

Jenna slowly traced Lilly’s pussy lips and they welcomed her touch, opening and revealing Lilly’s wide gash, covered with slick juice. Lilly fought not to raise her hips to the touch and bit her lip to stifle moans.

“Jenna! Stop! Just stop! I don’t want to anymore! Stop!” Lilly cried but they were more cries of pleasure than anything else.

“Yes you do, you slut. You want it was much as I do. You’re horny as fuck, all you want me to do is make you come. Isn’t that right?” Jenna smirked, her finger hovering just above Lilly’s pussy lips.

“Y…No! I…” Lilly’s cries of protest ceased as Jenna’s finger made contact with her pussy lips once more, they were replaced with peals of pleasurous gasps and moans. “Oooooh…Mmmmmm…Oh God…Oh God…Oh stop…” Lilly said faintly, her eyes closing.

Jenna ran her finger along the insides of Lilly’s pussy, never touching her clitorus. Now a rock hard bud, peeping out from it’s hood impatiently. Lilly’ gave a groan of frustration.

“Please…” Lilly said and clamped her hand over her mouth, she hadn’t mean to speak.

“Please what Lils?” Jenna grinned, she’d got her now.

“…Please l…let me…” Lilly groaned.

“Let you what, beautiful? Casibom Yeni Giriş What do you want?” Jenna said softly.

“Let me come, oh please, let me come. I’ll be good, just let me come,” Lilly pleaded.

“Why is that, beautiful? Are you horny? Is that what you’re telling me? You want to come because you’re so damn horny?” Jenna said.

“Yes, please, let me come! Please oh please! I’m horny and I love it, please let me come!” Lilly cried, Jenna smiled – she had broken down the barrier, Lilly was all hers now.

“As you wish, beautiful,” Jenna smiled.

She leant down and smelt Lilly’s pussy. The fresh tangy smell was tantalisingly sweet, Jenna felt light headed. She wanted Lilly’s sweet pussy now. She swiftly licked right up the length of her gash, Lilly’s hearty moans music to her ears. She gently flicked her clit, Lilly’s body bucking and the loud moans coming from Lilly were beautiful. Jenna felt some of her own juices trickle down her leg, when she was done with Lilly – it was definately her turn. She proceeded to lick Lilly’s clit furiously as Lilly’s bucked and raised her hips to meet her tongue. Then she stuck a finger into Lilly’s well lubricated hole.

“Unnnhhh!” Lilly cried and panted heavily.

“You like that, huh?” Jenna asked.

“Uh huh…” Lilly replied faintly.

Jenna slowly slid her finger in and out of Lilly’s gash while licking her clit, a small trickle of cum rolled out. She slid in another finger and then another, smiling as Lilly’s body responded to it. The moans now become loud cries and screams, Lilly was close to coming. Furiously, Jenna began pumping her three fingers in and out of Lilly’s hole and licking her clit at magnificent speed. The taste of Lilly’s pussy was glorious, sweaty and sweet. Beautiful. Suddenly, Lilly’s body tensed up and she let out a loud gasp.

“Oh God…Oh my God…Unnnnnhhh…Uh huh…Uh Uh Uh….Unhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Lilly screamed as she came, hard.

Jenna felt her body convulse and the contractions inside her vagina felt wonderful against her finger. Jenna pumped harder and proceeded to lick faster as Lilly screamed and cried out, another midn bending orgasm hurtling through her.

“Oh fuck…Oh yes…Fuck me…Unnnh…Uh huh…Yeah, fuck!” Lilly yelled and lay back on the bed, panting heavily.

“Did you enjoy that my little slut?” Jenna asked?

“Uh huh…” Lilly could barely speak, Jenna had done her job right.

“How about you take the driver’s seat now, beautiful?” Jenna said and Lilly’s eyes grew wide.

“I…I don’t know how!” She cried.

“Just do what feels natural sweetheart,” Jenna smiled.

“Uh…okay,” Lilly said somewhat reluctantly and Jenna lay back on the bed.

Lilly placed a soft, girlish kiss on Jenna’s hungry lips. With a gasp, Jenna realised Lilly had just tasted herself. And by the sounds of things – she liked it. Lilly brushed her reddish hair out of her eyes and placed small kisses all the way down Jenna’s body. Jenna didn’t care at her fast movements, she was impatient too.

“Is this okay?” Lilly said, placing a kiss on Jenna’s hard clitorus.

“Everything is okay,” Jenna moaned.

Lilly rubbed Jenna’s clit slowly with her forefinger, first clockwise then anti-clockwise. A slow, steady rythm. Jenna ground her hips against the finger, loving the feeling of someone else at her pussy. It had been so long since she’d last had someone masturbating her, she’d forgotten how she loved it. Lilly reached down and tentatively took a lick of Jenna’s pussy.

“Oooooh…” Jenna sighed.

“Was that alright?” Lilly asked.

“Yes, everything is perfect,” Jenna murmured.

Lilly reached up and kissed Jenna again, their faces sweaty. The smell of their sex hung in the air – musky and tangy. Lilly ground her finger hard against Jenna’s clit, another finger tracing the outside of Jenna’s gash. Jenna sighed and moaned in frustration. Lilly was good, fantastic for a first timer. Jenna suspected that Lilly had done more than her fair share of masturbating in the past. The Lilly quickly slipped her finger in and out of Jenna’s pussy, one swift motion that left Jenna breathless. It felt so right, so fantastic. This girl was a dream. Lilly took another lick of Jenna’s pussy and slipped her finger in and out again. She was teasing her. Lilly placed another lust-filled kiss on Jenna’s lips and set to work properly.

She rammed her finger harshly into Jenna’s pussy, thrusting it in and out in fast, rapid motions. Jenna barely had enough to move her hips to the rythm as Lilly placed another finger inside of her, ramming it in and out so fast it was a blur. Jenna felt a trickle of moisture from her pussy hole, Lilly bent and lapped it up like a dog.

“Oh yeah…” Jenna moaned.

Encouraged by Jenna’s response, Lilly removed her fingers and slipped her tongue inside Jenna’s pussy, making Jenna gasp with surprise. With her fingers working magic on Jenna’s clitorus and her tongue doing devastating things to her pussy, Jenna was sure it wasn’t long til she came. Lilly rubbed harder on her clitorus and Jenna moaned loudly, all she wanted right now was the sheer pleasure she’d had bottled up inside her for weeks on end. Lilly replaced her tongue with three of her fingers inside Jenna’s tight slit and lapped hungrily at her clit, flicking it bak and forth like a play thing.

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