Interruptions Ch. 00


Under the light of the sun, his skin had the color of caramel. His smile was wide and goofy, scrunching up his chubby cheeks and turning his eyes into mischievous slits when he was amused or thinking up of something funny to say. When he had beer in hand and the company of friends, he liked to crack corny jokes which always made me laugh.

His demeanor was the opposite when he was serious, as he most often is, when facing the computer, puzzling out the code to an application that he was developing. There was a slight furlough on his wide forehead and his lips were full at that point where he’s about to frown, eyes locked on the screen in fierce concentration. I often restrain myself from going over to kiss him, but it’s hard when his lips are so damn kissable. It’s all I can do not to slam the screen down on its keyboard and take him on top of the heated notebook.

I thought about all his different moods, as he lay sleeping beside me. David had a blissful face, almost like a baby in slumber, if you didn’t mind his loud snoring. He slept on his side, with nothing but boxers on. I touched the calluses of his knuckles. I wanted to lightly run the tip of my fingertips on the smooth skin of his forearms but I didn’t want to wake him up. Even if I did want to have sex with him. Again. And again. And again.

I settled for placing my hand on his rotund belly. David was stocky, but not morbidly obese. Still, I loved him the way he was, weight issues and love handles, notwithstanding. I found him so damn sexy. While tracing the line of his meaty shoulders, running to his clavicle and then to his nearly-nonexistent neck, I felt the stirrings of a very urgent desire. I was tempted to wake him up and mount his groin like a cowboy.

I cupped his crotch and felt how turgid his cock had become in his sleep. The arousal was getting there, but not yet at full mast. I squeezed him gently, and he grunted, and went back snoring. I slid his boxer briefs down to look at his cock. There was nothing exemplary about his length… Gaziantep Escort İlanları it was average. But David’s girth was remarkably thick. The tips of my fingers do not touch when I hold it at its full circumference. And the frenulum of his cock head was flanged like a mushroom, turning a deep purple at half mast, and an angry red when full. I gently masturbated David through the cloth of his boxers, savoring the feel of blood rushing through the veins of his penis, until the heft of his cock was full in my hands, then I squeezed it for good measure. David grunted again and came close to waking up.

Resisting no further, I leaned close and gave him a deep kiss on his wonderfully full lips. It was probably 3 in the morning. I could smell the morning breath lingering in his mouth but oddly, I found the intimate scent even more arousing. He opened his mouth and I took the opportunity.

“Hmmmprrrphhh… wuh…?” David sleepily tried to say, trying to make sense of the alien flesh of my tongue inside his mouth, which blocked what would have been a very rude snore. I squeezed ever so tightly on his cock, making him groan deep into my mouth. Instinctively, David grabbed me in a very tight embrace, wrapping his meaty forearms around my lean body and rubbing his thigh against my leg. His cock was oh so hard, and I just kept masturbating it over and over.

David rolled me over my back, his burly body lying on top of me. There was still some sleepiness in his drowsy eyes, but at the core of it, I could see the lust has started to take root. His arousal was hot, heavy and hard against my palm.

“Mmmm baby, why are you always waking me up for sex, huh?”, he asked in a low bedroom voice, his mouth breaking into a slight grin which could only be seen at the corner of his mouth. He kissed me before I could even answer, his morning breath driven in by the thick tongue which invaded my mouth. It was a hard and forceful kiss, all lust and want and need. He ground his cock hard on my ass and I gave it a tight squeeze with my hands.

David stopped kissing long enough to say, “Stop. I don’t want to cum on your fingers. I want to go deep in your ass.” I grinned mischievously and squeezed even tighter, which made David groan deeper. “Stop it, damn you,” he said, nipping my bottom lip and invading my mouth with his tongue.

“My ass is sore,” I told him. “I’m not yet used to your size.”

“I’m just too fucking big for you, am I?” he gloated, and reached down, took hold of my erect cock through the cloth of my shorts and squeezed. “And you’re very hard for Daddy,” he said with a grin. “Why aren’t you letting me sleep? If you don’t want me to fuck you, why are you playing with my cock?”

I looked deep into his eyes, gave him a light kiss on the nose and told him, “David, I’m so fucking in love with you” and squeezed his cock for emphasis.

“Oh sweetheart,” he says, and kissed me possessively, his right hand messing up my hair while his left palm slid up and down my nipple.

“I just want to make love to you every time I see you,” I continued. “Even when you’re working over at the office, I just look over at your direction. Then I pop a boner and feel the need to fuck you at your cubicle.”

My hand got more urgent on his cock and tugged faster and faster. David lay on his side once more and we stopped long enough to slide his boxers slightly below his thigh, under his crotch, giving me easier access to his cock.

David kept playing with my chest, while I masturbated him urgently. I bit at his neck and nibbled at the soft folds under his chin. He groaned with pleasure.

“Baby, even when you just jack me off, you make it so incredibly sexy and hot. How do you do it?” he wonders, panting now, as I get closer and closer to his orgasm. We kissed some more and I stopped to lay David on his back. I went back to jacking him off while I nibbled at his nipple, licking it, and nibbling it in alternative rhythm.

“Philip…” he said softly while panting. “Baby…” he pleaded again. “OH!” He exclaimed when I used my other hand to forcefully squeeze his testicles while I masturbated him.

“Dear, I’m so close…” he pleaded earnestly. “So close…”, he whispered with a starry gaze in his eyes.

I smelled the lingering scent of tobacco and soap on his skin, which became more musky the closer I got to his crotch. I stopped for a short second to land a sloppy kiss on top of his soft belly, continuously jacking him off in a steady urgent rhythm.

Fortunately, he hadn’t climaxed yet when I placed my mouth on the head of his cock, but he was so close. I took as much of him as my mouth would allow and applied suction while my fingers kept squeezing his testicles and masturbating the base of his penis.

David groaned as he climaxed into my mouth. His cum tasted like slime and musk and cream. I swallowed what I could until I could hear David’s contented sigh.

He kissed my forehead but still wouldn’t kiss me on the mouth. That was something we needed to work on.

“I never knew boyfriends could be so cock hungry,” he said sweetly as I planted kisses on his broad and smooth chest.

I stopped, looking at him intently. “Say that again,” I said.

He gave me that silly grin again, the one that made him look like a chimpanzee.

“Boyfriend,” he said.

“Again!” I demanded.

“Boyfriend!”, he said louder.

“Louder!” I commanded.

“BOYFRIEND!! PHILIP CHUA IS MINE, DAVID JOHN JABRIEL’S BOYFRIEND!!” he yelled while enclosing me in a tight embrace while giggling. I hugged him back as fiercely as I could.

“I’m so glad you turned gay,” I said, while I kissed him under his jawline.

He surprised me by cupping my chin in his fingers, looking me in the eye and saying, “I love you. You do know that?” he asked, but didn’t let me answer. He surprised me a second time by giving me a full and throaty kiss, tasting his cum in my mouth.

It was the first time he told me he loved me, and the first time that he kissed me after I gave him a blowjob. We kissed and cuddled and kissed some more.

Then he jacked me off and we went back to sleep.

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