Janice, My Fantasy Ch. 03


We had reached a point where Janice would simply walk into my apartment instead of knocking on the door. One Sunday I was trying to decide whether to preheat my oven to heat up frozen lasagna or head out for food when I heard a noise in the living room.

I went to investigate and found Janice standing by the couch wearing only a smile. Her hands were cupping her ample breasts and her thumbs were rubbing her erect brown nipples.

Her head was tilted to the right and the look on her face was pure mischief.

“Have I ever told you,” she began as her thumbs sped up their motion, “that I have the same measurements as Raquel Welch?”

I smiled and shook my head. “No, you haven’t.”

“Uh-huh.” Janice took a couple steps toward me, her feet criss-crossing in the type of walk women use in a beauty pageant, her hips swaying. “Yeah, I have a 37 inch chest, 22 inch waist and 36 inch hips,” Janice said. Her hands traveled her body as she recited the numbers. “So just think, you’re looking at the same body Raquel Welch has, except on me it’s all pushed together in 5 feet 2 inches. She’s like 5-7 or 5-8 or something.”

Janice was standing right in front of me and ran her hands up my chest and around my neck. She pulled my face down to hers. “That’s just something to remember if you ever have trouble getting excited by me.”

I busted out in laughter. “Really? You think there’s a chance I’ll have trouble getting excited by you?” I laughed again. “Have you noticed I’m hardly ever NOT excited when you’re in the same room?” I put my hands on her 22-inch waist, just above those sweet 36-inch hips.

Janice tucked her chin down and looked up at me through her thick, dark lashes. I crushed her to me, seeking out her lips and mashing mine against them. I shot my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue as I let my hands roam around this “pushed together” version of Raquel Welch’s body.

We had been together enough times that I knew where Janice’s buttons were. A light stroke along her spine and a gentle squeeze of both butt cheeks was just one of her buttons, and I pressed it now. I got a low groan for my reward as Janice held the passionate kiss and slowly maneuvered us toward the bedroom.

She danced us into the room and gracefully positioned me with my back to the bed. She reached for the button on my jeans, opened it, got the zipper down and was working the jeans and my briefs down before breaking the kiss. Janice got my jeans down to the floor and kneeled down to get my feet free. She straightened up to face my very erect penis and gently stroked it with one hand.

“Hello there, Pedro,” she crooned. “You know, I don’t believe I’ve shown you arap porno any special attention.”

With that announcement, she swallowed Pedro whole. My knees dissolved into jelly and I sat on the end of the bed, so Janice knee-walked to a spot between my thighs and continued giving Pedro her special attention.

I know I’m supposed to give a detailed account of how she bobbed up and down on my glistening shaft and used her tongue to tease the sensitive head of my Pedro and all that, but I was too stunned to really notice. I saw Janice’s thick brown hair moving back and forth and I felt the wet heat of her sucking mouth and I even felt her tongue dancing around, but none of it makes sense.

In my memory, she swallowed Pedro and I felt like I was in heaven for an hour and then my entire existence went shooting through my penis into Janice’s mouth. I might have blacked out.

The next thing I remember is Janice’s face next to mine. We were lying naked side by side on my bed, and I have no memory of her getting up off her knees.

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked me with a smile. For a fleeting moment, I reflected that her smile was sexier than Raquel’s.

“OmigoddidIever,” I said in a rush. I suddenly realized I was gasping for breath.

I also realized that Janice was massaging Pedro. “Is he gonna be able to recover?” she asked with mock seriousness.

I raised my head to look where her hand was. My once proud prong was now just a limp linguini.

Letting my head return to the bed, I realized that my whole body felt like lead. I wasn’t sure I could move, but I had to try. I had to return the oral favor.

With extreme effort, I got myself to a sitting position. Then I scooted to the end of the bed, where I could put my feet on the floor. After a couple false starts, I managed to actually stand up. I turned around to face Janice and simply fell onto the bed with my head between her thighs. I pushed my hands under her butt, grabbed hold, and shoved my face into her pussy.

I know I wasn’t doing a great job, and I certainly wasn’t meeting the standard Janice had set with the world’s greatest blowjob, but I needed to do something to kill time until my body had recovered. So I licked and sucked and nibbled and heard a sweet chorus of “oohs” and “ahs” and a few minutes later realized that I was ready to go.

I took a last long lick from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit and kept moving up through her forest of hair to her abdomen and up to her beautiful breasts, giving each one some special attention. I then tracked my tongue up her neck, over her chin and onto her full, warm lips.

As we kissed bedava porno I maneuvered myself into position and slid slowly into her. She broke the kiss to moan. “Oh that’s good.” She looked up at me with a sparkle in her eyes. “How ’bout you pull out and I get on my hands and knees?”

I just grinned and pulled out. Janice rolled to her stomach, slid her knees underneath her, and pushed herself up into position. I moved close in behind her and let Pedro find his way. He slid in slowly as Janice groaned. I settled in nice and tight against the gorgeous globes of her ass and felt a shudder run through her body.

“Oh goddam you!” she gasped. “I don’t believe that!”

“You came? Really?”

Janice sagged as she rolled her head on the pillow. “Yeah, Jack, I came. I’ve never come that quick in my life.”

I smiled. After she had blown my mind with that amazing blowjob, I was pretty proud to have moved her to orgasm so quickly. And I felt a sudden surge of strength that told me there was more to come.

So I withdrew slowly and thrust back in just as slowly. “Oh … god … easy honey,” Janice moaned.

I went nice and easy until I couldn’t go nice and easy any more. I started thrusting faster until my thighs were slapping hers. I grabbed hold of her 36-inch hips to help me drive into her even harder and heard her cry out “Oh!” as I did.

My body started to shake as my own orgasm approached and Janice began to call out “oh, oh, oh” as I started jerking uncontrollably and I stiffened and held myself in her as deep as I could and poured a huge load of semen into her. I held onto her hips for a full minute before I collapsed onto the bed next to her.

I looked at Janice and saw her eyes were closed and a huge smile lit up her face. I had a hand on her waist and lightly stroked it up and down her side. We were both breathing rapidly.

When I could talk, I had to satisfy my curiosity. “What was the deal with the Raquel Welch measurements?”

Janice chuckled. “The other day I remembered an article that was in People magazine one time about her, that she was America’s Sex Goddess,” she said. “And I kind of remembered that we had the same measurements. So I called Jolene at the library to see if there was any encyclopedia that would list information like that, and she found it for me.” She blushed a little. “And that’s how I confirmed that I measure up to America’s Sex Goddess.”

I rolled my eyes. “You are a sex goddess,” I told her. “And you wear me out. But why did you think I would care about your measurements.”

“I thought guys always got off on those numbers,” Janice said. “I thought it would cüce porno get you going.”

“It sure got you going,” I replied. “You were on fire.”

She blushed even deeper. “As soon as I thought about coming over here and announcing my measurements and hitting you with the Raquel Welch thing, I got really horny,” she whispered. “As soon as I walked in the door I had to strip down.”

Janice closed her eyes. “This afternoon was wonderful,” she said. She leaned toward me and kissed me softly. “Thank you, honey.”

She slowly raised up to a sitting position. “I really have to get dressed and get home,” she said. “Brian comes back from his dad’s at 5.”

I think she was telling herself. After another full minute, she stood up and walked slowly into the living room where her clothes were in a pile by the couch. I slipped on my briefs and jeans and followed her into the living room where she had already pulled on her panties.

“I really can’t decide which is sexier,” I said, “watching you strip or watching you dress.”

She smiled as she picked up her bra and slipped the straps over her arms. She stared me in the eye as she made a show of fitting the bra cups to her breasts, caressing her breasts, and smoothing the bra around her back as she reached to connect the clasps. Once she was done, she traced the edge of the bra back around to her breasts with her fingers, which then circled around her nipples. Then she bent to pick up her blouse, straightened up, and slipped it on gracefully without losing eye contact.

“Decide yet?” she asked.

“No,” I croaked. “But I know you’re gonna kill me!”

Janice chuckled and pulled her slacks on without a show.

“Hey, can we go out for dinner Tuesday or Wednesday?”

She shook her head. “No, I’ve got Brian all this week and I want to be home for him,” she replied. “I think I’ve been neglecting him a little, and I feel a little guilty about that.”

“I understand,” I said. “Just remember I have to cover the regional baseball tournament. It starts Thursday and could tie me up all weekend.”

Janice smirked. “Sounds like it’s cold showers for both of us.”

I chuckled. She snapped her fingers.

“Hey, I almost forgot—my brother and his family are coming to visit next week,” she exclaimed. “They get in a week from Tuesday and leave the following Tuesday. Something about better airline rates if you don’t travel weekends.” She shrugged. “Anyway, I’d like you to meet him.”

“Sure,” I said. “Just let me know when and where.”

She stepped toward me and melted into my arms. Wrapping her arms around my neck, she kissed me intently and then hugged me.

“See you later, Raquel,” I said as she opened the door.

She smiled and wiggled her hips. “Bye, honey.”

As the door shut, I turned to go back to the kitchen to try and decide what to eat. I suddenly stopped when I realized she had called me “honey.”

Multiple times.

To be continued.

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