Jeremy part two


Hi, it’s Jeremy again. The next time my mother allowed me to get a glimpse of her naked body I did exactly what Jenny suggested. It had been about three or four weeks after my first, but certainly not my last, encounter with Jenny when my mom did the look at my naked tits and pussy routine again and somehow it seemed completely contrived. There I was out in the backyard mowing the lawn, dressed in nothing but a pair of running shoes and an extremely short pair of ragged cut off jeans. As I stopped for a moment to wipe the sweat of my brow, I glanced up and to my surprise, my mother stood in her bedroom window dressed in nothing but a wrap as she toweled her hair dry. At first I thought nothing of it until, as if by accident the wrap suddenly slipped and fell to the floor revealing my mother’s naked body. The instant it happened, Jenney’s words flooded back into my mind. Throwing caution to the wind, I walked into the house and along the hallway and knocked on my mother’s bedroom door and without waiting for an answer pushed it open. By now she had retrieved her wrap and although she had covered herself with it, it barely concealed her breast revealing the dark areola of her left nipple.

“Yes Jeremy,” she said sounding kind of horse, “do you need something?”

“Actually that’s exactly what I’ve come to ask you,” I said, still not sure what Jenny had expected to happen when I confronted my mom about her flashing her naked body at me.

“How do you mean,” she said.

“Over the last little while you seem to have gone out of your way to either expose yourself, or to catch me naked, so a friend of mine suggested that I ask you if you needed something, so here I am trying to find out exactly what this sudden need for nudity means.”

Walking round the bed, my mother plonked her butt down on the mattress then patted the place beside her. “Come and sit here,” Obediently I walked over and sat at her side, as I did, she reached out and placed her hand on my leg just below the ragged hemline of my cutoffs. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you she said, squeezing my leg affectionately.

I knew the woman sitting next to me was my mother, and as I’d admitted to Jenny, her naked body had turned me on to the point where I had to jerk off. This though was even worse; the warmth of her hand seemed to creep up into my crotch starting something that I desperately didn’t want to happen. Unfortunately, the more I tried to ignore the bulge in my shorts as my prick rapidly began to grow, the worse it got. Besides that, my cock lay along the side of my leg close to where my mom’s hand rested and at the rate it was growing, I knew it would be only seconds before the head would pop out of the incredibly short cutoffs I was wearing.

“It was an accident at first,” My mother said, “and even the second time could have been prevented if I’d really wanted to, but although I knew it was wrong, after that first time I got such a rush at you seeing me naked, I couldn’t resist doing it again. Of course, after that I had to take it to the next level and catch a glimpse of you in the buff. If I embarrassed you, I’m truly sorry,”
As she finished speaking, it finally happened and my cock burst out of the confines of my shorts, the bulging tip pressing into the side of her hand.

Suddenly, my mom glanced down at the offending member, and for a second stared at the purple head that throbbed for release. At first, even after her confession that exposing her naked body to me turned her on, I still expected her to call me a pervert and storm out of the room. Instead, she glanced up and looked me square in the face.

“So it would appear that I’m not the only one that finds this situation sexually arousing, if I had a modicum of common sense though, I’d run screaming from the room, but it’s been so long since I’ve been with a man, that even though I know it’s wrong, I can’t walk away from such a magnificent cock. However before we go another step,” she went on her hand gently caressing the end of my prick, “I need to lay down some ground rules. Firstly, mutual masturbation is ok as well as oral stimulation, but definitely, no penetration of my pussy with your cock, if that’s acceptable then we can have some fun together. Well what do you say do you want to get naked and I’ll see what I can do to relieve you of that swelling that seems to have suddenly sprung up?”

Without waiting for an answer, she cast he wrap aside and stood in front of me completely naked.
“That’s quite an impressive weapon you have there,” she said, reaching out and caressing the end of my throbbing prick that by now had crept even further down my leg almost exposing the entire length. “Why don’t you get those shorts off and we’ll see what we can do about it.”
As soon as my shorts hit the floor, my mother knelt in front of me and leaning forward wrapped her tits around my cock and slowly allowed it to slide in and out of those magnificent mounds of flesh. As my cock came up, she reached forward and ran her tongue over the end sending shivers of pleasure rippling through my body. Almost on the point of blowing my load, my mother suddenly backed off, and said. “Not yet young man, you have a duty to perform before I let you squirt come all over my tits. Now then, she went on throwing herself back onto the bead and spreading her legs. “Now then let’s see if you’re as good at licking pussy as your dad was, he may have been a waster, but man could he make my pussy throb when he stuck his tongue Sex hikayeleri up my crack.”
Within seconds my tongue lapped back and forth over my mom’s clit making, her squirm as ripples of ecstasy pulsed through her body. Even after her first explosive orgasm, I kept driving my tongue deep into her wet hole and then would move up to her clit and suck it into my mouth and at first started to gently nibble on it. As I felt her body reach the point of no return, I bit down on it making her scream as another intense orgasm arched her back and sent pulses of sheer pleasure crashing through her entire being.

The moment she recovered, she had me sit on the side of the bed and then after rubbing baby oil over her tits, she wrapped them around my boner and slide up and down its length. As it erupted from her cleavage, she bent her head down and allowed the end of my prick to slide into her mouth. Believe me it didn’t take long before I couldn’t contain myself any longer and just as my dick slid out from between my mom’s tit, I shot a massive wad of cum over her lower face. Instead of pulling back in disgust, my mom greedily wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked every drop of sperm out the end of my still pulsating dick.

Climbing onto the bed, she pulled me towards her and wrapped in her arms we both drifted off to sleep. I awoke several hours later to my mom straddling my crotch, my cock pressed down onto my pubic bone by her pussy. “Now then young man,” she began, sliding her snatch along my rapidly hardening cock. “Where pray tell did you learn to eat pussy like that; and don’t even think about pretending that that was the first time you’ve ever performed cunnilingus. As I said earlier, your dad was amazing at liking my snatch, but nowhere near as good as, you are so you must have learned how to do it somewhere. Was it one of those horny little bitches you hang around with?” She asked then after a moment’s pensive thought she shook her head. “No the person that taught you how to lick pussy wasn’t some slip of a girl but someone a lot more sophisticated.” As she spoke, not once did she stop sliding her warm wet pussy back and forth along the length of my throbbing cock making it all but impossible to come up with a plausible reason why I was so good at licking pussy.
“She made me promise not to tell anyone what we’d done; she said she could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out that we’d had sex.”
“What do you think I’m going to do, run to the authorities and report her after what we just did? I can just see myself, excuse me officer, while my son had his tongue buried in my snatch, I found out that some horny cougar had already beaten me to the punch and popped his cherry. No, there are two reasons I want to know who it was; firstly, I want you to thank her for suggesting that you confront me about exposing myself. Believe me, seducing you has never been far from my mind for the last several months now, but I was always afraid that you’d think your mom was a pervert, so I was reluctant to approach you.”
“What’s the other reason?” I asked, hoping that if I took her mind of it she would forget to ask for Jenny’s name.
“Nice try bud,” my mother said as she stopped sliding back and forth on my dick, “but what you failed to remember is that I’m a lawyer, I’m used to people trying to break my train of thoughts so I’ll forget to ask them something. Now come on spit it out, what’s her name and where does she live?”
“You promise you won’t do anything.”
“I swear that I won’t do anything.”
In all the years, I’d lived with my mom I’d never known her to go back on her word, so I said. “Her name’s Jenny and she lives in that huge house that stands kind of on its own.”
“You know, I believe I know her, well kind if anyway. She’s blond, in her mid thirties with a nice set of tits.”
“Sounds like her,” I said, “how do you know her?”
“She belongs to the same health club that I go to. So this makes it even better.”
“How does you knowing her make me having sex with her better? I asked sounding puzzled.
“Remember me saying there were two reasons I wanted to know who you’ve been screwing. Well the other reason is this; I want to hear every gory detail of what the two of you have been up to, and from now on, I want to know about every encounter you have with her, and the fact that I can form a mental image of her makes it even better. Now come out with it, how did this get started and how far did it go?”
As I started to explain how jenny had asked me to rub suntan lotion on her back, my mom started to slide back and forth on my dick, then as I explained how I’d brushed my hand across her breast, my mom’s breathing quickened and her hips moved even quicker. As I described every detail of our lovemaking, my mom became more and more excited her clit sliding back and forth over my cock saturating it and my balls with pussy juice. As she masturbate herself on my cock at times she would lift clear, and I realized that if I timed it right I could shift my cock slightly and with luck it would slide inside her pussy. I know she had said no penetration, but I so badly wanted to fuck my mom, I just couldn’t resist giving it a try. Once I’d made the decision to go ahead, I waited for her to lift herself clear then shifted my position slightly allowing my cock to lift of my stomach. Sure enough the next time she slid back my prick slid about an inch into her wet juicy hole. Instantly she stopped and sat there, the tip of my dick still inside Sikiş hikayeleri of her muff. By the look on her face I could tell on the one hand how badly she wanted the rest of my boner deep inside of her, but on the other how desperately she wanted to pull away, so I took the decision out of her hands by gently pressing forward allowing my prick to slide several more inches into her wet juicy snatch. As it did, a gently moan escaped her lips, and when no words of protest issued forth, I slid more cock inside, as I did she gave in to the fact that we had taken that last final step and allowed herself to slide down my cock until I was buried up to my balls in her wet willing pussy. From that point on we fucked each other until exhaustion took over and we fell to sleep in each other’s arms.
When we awoke, my mom took one look at me and said. “Jeremy, you’re a bad, bad boy, I should ground you for a month for what you did, but oh man it was so good,” she ended smiling contentedly. “Come on let’s get a shower and then have something to eat.”
After showering and washing every inch of each other’s bodies without the slightest embarrassment, we dressed and then went into the kitchen. As we sat eating, my mom said. “Jeremy, this has to be our little secret, as Jenny already pointed out, there could be hell to pay if anyone finds out about our little tryst, so no one must know.”
“Do you regret what we just did?” I asked.
“Not in the least,” she said without a moment’s hesitation.
“Do you?” she asked, a note of concern creeping into her voice.
“Absolutely not, every time I got a glimpse of your naked body, I’d have to jerk off because you got me so horny,” I confided, then went on. “I can’t believe I just told you that, the thought of you catching me masturbating always scared the hell out of me, now I don’t mind admitting that a lot of the time you were the woman I fantasized over.”
“I was,” she said, a hint of excitement sounding in her voice.”What did you think about doing to me when you were jerking off?” She asked.
“Squirting cum all over your tits, and then having you suck my cock, which you actually did earlier, and then peeing on your tits to wash the cum off,” I went on, still not believing how open I was being about my sexual fantasies.
“Is that something you did to Jenny?” my mom asked, because you didn’t mention it,” she said, pouting a little at the fact that I’d failed to mention it.
“I didn’t mention it because it never happened, “I assured her. “For some reason you’re the only person that I’ve ever dreamt of doing that to, I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert or anything.”
“I’ll show you how much of a pervert I think you are,” she said starting to unbutton her blouse.
Soon she stood there her beautiful tits fully exposed. Kneeling down beside me, she unzipped my shorts and soon had them around my ankles. After I’d kicked them away, my mom reached out, grabbed a huge knob of butter and smeared it over my now erect dick, and then began to lick it off. Considering how much I’d cum earlier, I was amazed at how quickly the urge to squirt jism out the end of my cock happened. Pushing my mom’s head away from my cock, I grabbed hold of it and started to slide my hand up and down its length. For some reason the very fact that my mom knelt there waiting in anticipation for me to pump cum all over her tits was extremely erotic and not even trying to hold back I shot wad after wad of hot cum all over those magnificent tits, paying particular attention to her nipples.
As soon as I’d finished, she reached up and smeared cum all over her tits then said.”Do it, wash your cum of my tits with your warm wet pee.”
At first, I thought I was going to have a case of stage fright, but then with a sudden gush, yellow liquid gushed out the end of my cock and spattered all over her tits, as I sprayed it onto her body, she suddenly lent forward moving her head into the stream allowing it to wash over her face.
As the stream of pee ebbed to a dribble, my mom jumped to her feet and said. “Get on your back Jeremy, “a hint of desperation sounding in her voice.
Not caring one iota that a lake of pee covered the floor, I lay down and watched as my mom hitched her skirt and literally tore her panties off. The instant her pussy was free of clothing she straddled my crotch and sank down pressing my now limp dick down onto my pubic bone. Leaning forward, she planted one of her cum smeared pee soaked tit over my mouth. As I sucked her nipple into my mouth, I suddenly felt a warm sensation spread out from my crotch and spread across my belly and ran around my balls and down the crack in my ass as my mom opened her bladder and allowed a deluge of pee to wash over my body. As she did, a massive orgasm ripped through her being and she tensed as a moan of intense pleasure escaped her lips.
When it was over, she collapsed on my chest and lay there, gentle sobs wracking her frame from time to time. “Mom, are you okay?” I asked, really concerned that I might have pushed her too far with my fantasy.
“Okay,” she said, “That was probably the most intense experience of my life. I’ve been dreaming of having someone shower me with pee then letting me bath them in a deluge of piss for as long as I can remember and now it’s finally happened. When you told me about your fantasy, I almost peed myself on the spot with excitement.”
“How about dad,” I asked “Wouldn’t he do it for you?”
“Not a chance, the furthest he would go is to lick my pussy, which Erotik hikaye as I said earlier, he was very good at.” After a moment’s pause, my mom went on. “I don’t believe I’m sitting her discussing my most intimate fantasies with my son, but somehow it seems so natural.”
“I know what you mean,” I said, “if someone had told me I’d admit to wanting to come on your tits then wash it off with pee, I would have thought them crazy. Now that I know wallowing in pee is one of your fantasies as well, it’s just incredible. This has turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”
“So I guess I don’t rank up with the experience you had with Jenny,” my mom said sounding hurt.
“Oh but you do,” I said, “but because she was my first sexual encounter, she will always hold a special place in my heart along with my first encounter with a certain yummy mummy that I know.”
“When are you going to meet with her again?” She asked.
“Saturday,” I answered.
“Don’t forget I want a full report of your encounter with her.”
“I know you said not to tell anyone about our little get together, but can I tell Jenny? I asked. “I know for a fact that she’d love to hear about our little encounter.”
“Actually, I think you should, and tell her everything we did together, including the fact we pissed all over each other.” my mom said thoughtfully. “I just hope she likes to hear erotic stories concerning other people the way I do.”
“I know she does,” I said, then went on. “One time when I went over there, she drove to the mall and sat in the food court and as different girls and women walked past, she’d ask me what I’d like to do to them. Man did she ever get horny as I described how I’d like one particular young woman to sit on my face, or have some broad in her sixties suck on my cock, or have another ride my boner while I squeezed her huge tits. I think the one that got her the wettest was when a set of twins sat a few tables from us and I explained how I’d like to fuck one of them while the other ate her sister’s pussy, and then have them switch around so I could fuck the other one.
“You didn’t tell me about this little escaped,” my mom said excitedly, as she started to finger her muff. “What happened then?”
“Before we sat down in the food court, Jenny had gone into the washroom and removed her panties so I could finger her pussy as I told her what I’d like to do to the different women that walked past. Anyway, as I explained my fantasy about the twins, she opened my fly, slipped my cock out and climbed onto my knee and I slid my boner as far up her crack as it would go. I’m sure the twins knew what we we’re up to, because from my vantage point, it looked like the two of them were fingering each other. When they were finished, they looked over at us and slid their middle fingers into their mouths and then smiled ever so knowingly.”
As I finished, my mom gave a sigh of pleasure, as an orgasm washed over her, once it had subsided, she said.”So you screwed her in public, you horny little toad. Man would I like to do that, to go out somewhere and have you slip that beautiful boner of yours into my pussy. Unfortunately, that’s just wishful thinking,” she went on, “It would be way to dangerous, if anyone suspected what we were doing all hell would break loose and I’d probably end up getting arrested, so it absolutely out of the question.”
Oh yes, I though, desperately trying to think of somewhere private enough to let me fuck my mom, but still public enough to give that hint of danger, no matter how many places I considered though none of them seemed quite right and I knew my mom wouldn’t even consider letting my fuck her in any of them. So, it wasn’t until I met with Jenny again that the problem resolved itself.
From that first afternoon tryst, each time I’d gone over there, she would ask. “Well has it happened yet?”
“Not yet,” I’d reply, at that point still not sure what she expected to happen.
After my encounter with my mom, the next time I went over there, the moment she looked at me she knew that I’d followed through on her suggestion. “It happened, didn’t it? She said excitedly. “Come on tell me what happened when you confronted your mom about exposing herself.”
Even though my mom had said, it was okay to tell Jenny what had happened, for some reason I suddenly felt incredibly embarrassed and could feel the blood rushing to my face.
As Jenny watched my reaction, she said. “I knew it, you fucked her didn’t you. Come on I want every detail, and leave nothing out.”
To be honest, I’m not sure who got hornier, my mom when I described what had happened between me and Jenny, or Jenny when I described the rampant sex I’d had with my mom.
As I’d surmised as I described what had happened between my mom and me, Jenny got extremely horny and all but tore my clothes off. After laying face down on the table where we had been sitting, she had me fuck her from behind, telling me to ram my cock into her warm wet twat as hard as I could until I couldn’t hold back any longer and shot a massive wad of cum into her willing snatch . While at the same time, I could feel the muscles of her pussy convulsing as a huge orgasm shook her body.
For several seconds we both lay there, jenny tits squashed into the tabletop by my weight. Finally, I lifted off and helped her to stand up; as soon as she did, she took my hand and led me over to her favorite sunbathing spot. As soon as she had settled down she patted the blanket and I dropped down at her side.
“I think I’ve come up with somewhere where you can take your mom so you can fulfill her fantasy of having you fuck her ass off in public.”
However, that’s another story in itself.

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