Jessica’s New Life Ch. 01


A Fateful Decision

“You sure you want go there?” said the Russian cabbie as he looked dubiously across the street at the club, a big old converted warehouse building. He didn’t like coming into this part of the city and if the woman in the back hadn’t offered him three times the fare he wouldn’t have agreed to drive her.

He leaned over his seat and looked at her. She was mid-20s, about 5′ 6″ and with a good but in-shape figure. She had a pale complexion, high cheekbones and a pleasingly proportioned face. Her intelligent blue eyes were fixed on the club and her mouth was set in a frown. Her hair was chestnut and reached to just below shoulder length. Her outfit was clearly expensive and more suited to work than a night’s clubbing. Her hand was on the cab’s door handle but she was hesitating.

“This not for people like us”, he went on. People like us? A down-at-heel first-generation immigrant cabbie in his 50s didn’t have much in common with her. She was clearly a blue-blood, one of the elite, no shortage of money and a big wedding ring on her finger. Outside of a white skin they had very little in common – but that white skin was important in these surroundings. Perhaps not ‘the ghetto’ but certainly part of the city left to the Blacks and left to rot. What was she doing out here on her own? His tradition kicked in, “Let’s go back, eh, you got husband no?”

Her eyes flashed with anger as they switched to him. A hand darted into her pocket and then pushed a fist-full of notes at the driver. He took them and watched as she left the cab and strode purposefully towards the club. He counted – twice as much as he was owed! He shook his head, ‘Go with God,” he murmured and put his cab into gear.

An Exclusive Club

Two suited doormen watched her crossing the road towards them. One, showing tattoos on his neck and hands, stood back and ran his gaze up and down her. The other, just as Black but much less menacing, took a step forward and held up a hand.

“Club’s not open tonight, ma’am, Thursdays are always private here. Members only, I’m sorry.”

“I’m here to meet my husband. He’s inside.” She spoke with confidence and moved to step past him.

The large black hand shifted to directly in front of her and forced her to stop. “Sorry, ma’am, you have your membership number?”

“I seem to have left it behind but my name is Jessica Clarke, my husband is a member and I’ve often been here.”

“Uh-uh,” said the tattooed doorman, shaking his head.

The man in front of her smiled, “I think we’d know if you’d been here before.”

Jessica thought quickly, “We come as part of a group – you probably just haven’t noticed us in the past. I know it gets very busy here…”

“Bullshit,” said Tattoos.

A blush came to Jessica’s cheek, as a corporate lawyer she’d heard worse but this thug was unnerving her. “How can you be sure?” she demanded.

“Simple,” Tattoos explained with a smile, “you real fine. You been here before then I’d have tried to get in your panties.” He nodded as if that settled it.

Jessica’s mouth gaped open for a moment. She was about to explode with anger when the more respectable doorman spoke up for her. “Ty, have some respect man!”

“Yeah, like you wouldn’t have been trying to fuck her too, ” grumbled Tyrone.

His colleague, James, didn’t deny it but apologised to Jessica before adding, “Tyrone is a connoisseur of beautiful white women and if neither of us have noticed you before then its likely you haven’t been here. You say your husband is inside?”

“YES,” the rage burst out from Jessica, “he’s here with his fucking whore! I need to get in to see him.”

“Shit,” said Tyrone, “ain’t letting no wife ruin a brotha’s evening.”

James gave him another glare. “Sorry, ma’am, we can’t allow trouble like that in the club. I can call you a cab and you can settle this at home.”

“Huh,” said Tyrone, “you got his picture – least we can tell you if he’s here. Bet the brotha ain’t even here!”

Jessica fumbled in her wallet and produced a picture of her and Christian on vacation.

Tyrone took it and beamed. He gave an exaggerated whistle, “Damn you look fine in a bikini, Mrs Clarke. If you want to be a member I’ll be happy to recommend you.”

“Cut that shit out,” snapped James and took the photo. Then he smiled too. “This white guy your husband?”

“Of course,” said Jessica, puzzled by their apparent surprise.

“Well, OK, get Jenny down here Tyrone, ” said James, “seems Mrs Clarke might have made a mistake.”

The Club

Jenny turned out be a blowsy blonde in her late 40s. A bit over made-up and with peroxide hair flowing down past her shoulders. She wore a tight grey dress which barely stretched over her huge breasts.

“I manage these evenings,” she said with a toothy smile, “come in and take care till you adjust to the darkness.”

Jessica followed her into the club and was immediately hit by the heavy beat of the xslot music. She followed the grey dress around the dance floor while her eyes struggled to adjust to the darkness broken by the coloured flashes of the club’s lighting system.

Jenny finally stopped and Jessica followed suit. She turned and surveyed the club to look for her husband and that whore of his.

She saw a huge club dance-floor pretty much full of groups and couples. She saw a few Latinas and an Asian but otherwise the women might be tall or petite, chunky or slim, blonde or brunette, but they were pretty much all white. The men – she noticed immediately – were, without exception, either African-American or at least partly so.

She tried to grasp the situation and at that moment noticed her husband’s secretary, the whore. She was thrusting and grinding to the music but not with Jessica’s husband. Instead she was sandwiched between two very tall and very Black men. As she watched she saw one man put his hand inside the woman’s top and openly grope her breast.

“See your husband?” Jenny shouted. Jessica shook her head and the older woman led her up a set of stairs and into a room with a large window overlooking the dance-floor.

“We can talk here,” she smiled. “You noticed why Ty and James were confused?”

Jessica nodded.

“They don’t have many dealings with the VIPs. Look at the monitor in the corner – can you see your husband there?”

Jessica looked at the screen and immediately noticed Christian. The screen showed a room like theirs; with a window over-looking the dance floor. Perhaps twenty men, all white, were fixedly watching the dancers; some even had small opera glasses.

“Oh my God,” said Jessica, “I don’t understand.”

“That woman was your husband’s secretary?” asked Jenny. “Later she’ll probably be having sex in the rooms out the back – but certainly not with your husband! The room is fitted with cameras and he’ll be watching her fuck a few black guys on a big screen TV. Sorry to be blunt – but you did come to find out the truth.”

Jessica slumped into a chair. “I don’t understand,” she repeated.

Jenny explained, “Your husband’s secretary is nowhere near as pretty as you but from a distance… Same height, about the same build, same hair colour. He watches her get fucked by Black guys and jacks himself off. Guess who he’s imagining she is?”

“No, no, that can’t be true. I don’t understand this but my husband… You don’t understand how much he hates…”

“Niggers,” said Jenny, completing the unfinished sentance. Jessica nodded and, ashamed, dropped her gaze.

“How did you know he was here?” asked Jenny, “and what else would he be doing here?”

“He’s always lazy about security on his laptop and he’d left it open. I got home and moved it and this e-mail was on the screen…”

Jenny gave a wry smile, “You want my advice. Go home and search on his computer for these words.” She wrote on a piece of paper. “If that proves that I’m right then ring me, honey, and we’ll see what can be done.”


Of course the search on Christian’s computer revealed a series of videos and stories. The videos were almost all pornography featuring white women with one or more, sometimes many more, African-American men.

The stories all seemed to feature white wives being seduced, or sometimes forced, to have sex with Black men. All the wives seemed to be called Jessica and a quick check on the internet proved that her husband had edited the originals to apparently feature her.

Jessica was stunned. She had suspected her husband of having an affair and knew that her marriage was in trouble. Christian had been sniffing around the daughter of a Senator and she knew he had political ambitions but she had never for one moment imagined what she had now discovered.

Jessica was the daughter and the grand-daughter of Sheriffs from Shelby County, Mississippi. She’d gone to college to study law and had met Christian, the son of a former State Attorney General. Of course they were both much too young to remember formal segregation. However, charge enough for education and a school would soon be white-only in their part of Mississippi. There were plenty of African-Americans at college but it was social death in her circle to have anything to do with them. Of course this city had a very large African-American population but high-profile corporate lawyers still moved in an overwhelmingly white world.

Christian had always had good manners but he had inherited his father’s archaic racial attitudes. Jessica didn’t think she was prejudiced one way or the other. She couldn’t deny that she’d seen plenty of handsome African-American guys but having sex with them had always been unthinkable. It was all a disaster and the worst thing was that there was

no-one she could talk to about it. Except one…

“Honey,” said Jenny, “your husband’s a pervert! It’s not rare you know. Had he never said anything to you about it?”

“Never…I xslot Giriş can’t believe he’d do all this behind my back. I always told him we had to share our wishes and needs in a healthy relationship and he’s been living this secret life.”

Jenny pondered, “I think I understand. The man thinks you would be disgusted, horrified by the idea of sex with an African-American. He obviously reckons that you are either a racist or a prude. Is he right?”

“No, of course not. Well, I’ve never even thought about…doing it…with a Black guy I mean. I don’t know what’s worse – my husband wanting to turn me into a whore or the fact he probably wants to divorce me anyway.”

“A divorce might not be a bad idea,” counselled Jenny. It’s pretty clear things haven’t been right for some time. But if you want to save your marriage…”

“Of course I do,” Jessica cut in.

“Well, you could give him a little of what he wants.”

“What!” gasped Jessica, “I couldn’t do that!”

“Racist or a prude; that’s what he thinks. We’re talking about saving your marriage here…”

Jessica put the phone down. It was almost two weeks later that she rang Jenny again…

A New Admirer

Jessica and Christian had always arranged to eat out together at least once every couple of weeks. This week found them at a new restaurant that Jessica had suggested. The meal had been excellent but Christian felt that Jessica had something on her mind. She’d been a little distant recently, not a bad thing since it eased his guilt at secretly planning to replace her, but tonight was getting ridiculous. He’d talk but she wouldn’t be listening and she seemed to spend half her time starring over his shoulder. Finally, Christian couldn’t stand it any more.

“What’s so interesting behind me,” he snapped, turning round. Seated near the bar was a big Black guy. He turned back, “Is he upsetting you, Jessica, I could have him removed.”

Jessica started as if she’d been suddenly jerked back awake. “No, no, he isn’t doing any harm. Anyway, we’re nearly done. I’ll just go freshen up before we drive home.”

Christian paid the bill and waited for her return. He glanced at the bar and noticed the Black guy had gone. After ten minutes Christian decided to see where Jessica had got to. He turned the corner towards the rest rooms and saw his wife in animated discussion with the Black guy. She was smiling and the man had an arm on the wall behind her. It was obvious that he was chatting Jessica up and she wasn’t rejecting him. Christian knew that he was supposed to step in but he also knew that his prick was rock-hard and tenting the front of his slacks. He watched until he thought they might spot them and then dashed back to his table.

“Did you see him?” asked James.

Jessica giggled, “He looked like he was going to have a coronary!”

“…and he didn’t try to stop you talking to the big Black guy who’s trying to ravish his wife.”

“Well, that’s only an act,” Jessica reminded him.

James touched her cheek with his finger, “It’s an act – but it can be real the moment you want it to be. You know that don’t you..”

Jessica blushed prettily and scampered away to join her distracted husband.

When they got home Christian locked himself in his office for a while. Jessica listened at the door but couldn’t hear anything. She could guess what he was doing…

Second Contact

The next week Jessica insisted that they go to the same restaurant again. Christian wondered if she was hoping to see HIM again. When the couple walked in they both immediately looked in the same direction and saw James seated at the bar. He smiled at them and raised a glass in a toast.

“Who is that guy, dear?” asked Christian, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Er…just a friendly guy who… er, asked me the time last week.”

Christian let Jessica take the seat facing her admirer. He carefully took a seat which meant he would be able to observe the man in a large mirror on the wall. He couldn’t quite get the right angle but fortunately the black dude shifted his chair into almost the perfect position to be observed. Pretty darned lucky, thought Christian.

Half way through the meal Christian noticed Jessica stiffen and look fixedly over his shoulder and slightly shake her head. He looked in the mirror in time to see the Black guy slowly nod and beckon with his finger.

“I have to go for a moment,” said Jessica before she almost ran out of the room. Christian watched in the mirror as the Black guy slowly rose and followed his wife out. Again, Christian knew he should intervene. However, his prick was rock-hard and already he could envision Jessica being grabbed, dragged into the toilets and fucked hard by the big Black buck. His fantasies rapidly grew more lurid as the minutes passed.

Only after fifteen minutes did the two of them reappear. Jessica’s hair was messed up and her clothes a little askew. The man stopped her just as xslot Güncel Giriş she was stepping into the room and pulled her to him for a long kiss. Christian could see that his wife was not complaining and seemed to see her tongue duelling with that of the black stranger.

“Ring me this week, I’d like to make this REAL convincing for your husband if you’ll allow met to,” said James.

Jessica had just spent fifteen minutes being chatted up and then made out with by a man who she couldn’t deny that she found VERY attractive. He would never have been her type if recent events hadn’t happened but those events had happened. She decided to let her husband’s reaction decide her future course of action. If he tried to win her back tonight then OK. If he decided to just pleasure himself then she could do the same.

When they got home Jessica watched as her husband marched straight into his study and locked the door. The next day Jessica rang James and started making plans…

Making A Clean Break

Christian wasn’t really surprised when his wife wanted to go to that same restaurant yet again the following week. He’d inspected her used panties for traces of African seed but had been disappointed not to find any. Perhaps Jessica had hidden the proof of her disgrace. Just thinking about it had his prick almost throbbing in his pants.

To his intense disappointment the Black guy wasn’t there and it was only as they had their coffee that he suddenly noticed a presence looming over their table. It was HIM.

“I’ve timed it right,” said James. “I’ve hired our room, Jessica, if you’re ready to go.”

“Darned right I’m ready,” said Jessica and took James’s hand as she rose from the table.

“What’s going on,” asked Christian, in a small voice.

“You’re going to drive us to a hotel and then you’re going to watch this beautiful man fuck me until I can’t take any more. I’ve been promised that he’s extremely good at this. I want you to enjoy it because it’s the only time that I will ever do this for you. Do you understand?”

Christian nodded and fumbled for his keys.


“I see that you did what I asked,” smiled James as he savoured his first taste of her freshly-shaven pussy.

“Yes,” said Jessica.

“That’s good, Jess. Just keep doing what I ask and we will have a wonderful time together.”

Jessica giggled, she was having a pretty fine time already. James had let Christian escort her into the hotel but once the bedroom door had closed the Black man had taken charge. He had tenderly but expertly stripped her and now she lay naked on the bed as his mouth, tongue and fingers explored her body. She gasped as she felt his warm breath on her clit for the first time.

Christian, her forgotten husband, sat in the corner and masturbated.

“Oh that is so good,” Jessica smiled.

“You want more or would you like to unwrap your present?” asked James.

She wriggled to the edge of the bed. “My present, please!”

James stood before her and nodded. Jessica quickly undid his belt and James allowed his pants to fall. His white jockeys were revealed and showed an impressive bulge.

Jessica gripped the waist-band and then hesitated. She realised that this was an important moment, perhaps the last time she could put a stop to this. Then her other hand gripped for the waist-band and she eased his jockeys down.

“Oh God,” she giggled, as his erect cock fell forward and almost hit her in the face. It was very hard, very black and very big. It was quite nine inches long and seemed very thick. Outside of her husband’s porn, which she’d been watching more often recently, she’d never seen a cock so big. “It’s beautiful,” she said, “can I touch it?”

“You better had,” smiled James and then he gave a little groan as her small white hand grasped him.

Jessica felt the warmth of his body. She could almost feel the pulse of his vitality flowing through his big weapon. She could feel its power and she wanted her share. She licked around the big uncut head and then started to pleasure him with her mouth. She was no expert at oral but she worked hard to please him.

“That’s nice, baby,” said James, “a lot of Black men are going to want to get in that sweet mouth of yours. You going to be getting a lot of practice, you know that.”

She just looked up at him with her eyes widening. She let him ease out of her mouth and then watched as he removed his clothing. James was well over 6 feet tall and very well built. He was no body-builder but his muscles were well defined and his dark skin was like expensive chocolate. She felt a flutter deep within her and realised just how much she wanted him.

James soon had her where he wanted her and where she wanted to be. She lay with her legs apart exposing her sex to him and he expertly applied some lube before teasing her pussy lips with the fat head of his cock.

“Err,,,a condom,” squeaked a voice from the corner of the room.

“Had we better?” Jess asked her new lover.

“I’m clean – got a full test done two weeks ago. I prefer not to use rubbers, especially not on a white woman’s first time. I want to make love to my woman, not a piece of rubber, and you need to feel real sex, skin-to-skin.”

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