Jillian’s Sexual Awakening


“Ughh!” Jillian tosses her phone to the side of the bed in frustration. With a discontented sigh, she stands and walks to her mirror.

“I’m just over this.” She grumbles to herself as she fiddles with her hair. Her boyfriend crosses her mind, and she feels a pang of contempt towards him. She just wasn’t happy these days … Jillian was attracted to him at first, in the beginning, but as time went on, he began to be more needy and annoying. This became so much worse the first time she gave him head. After that, she felt like he thought of her as some magical genie that gave out sexual favors. He would ask for more oral, sex, and he would even bring up anal! As if she would give up her ass to him. Jillian chuckles to herself at the thought as she continues to play with her hair, deep in thought.

Her thoughts turn towards another man in her life; Noel. A mischievous smile forms at the corners of Jillian’s mouth as she grins into the mirror. Now, Noel has a confidence that was just, well, riveting. Ever since she had laid eyes on him, her boyfriend just paled in comparison.

In every way, Noel was different than her boyfriend. Better. He was slim and built, suave, good looking, and confident. He almost radiated sensuality. He was the kind of guy Jillian could see herself losing her virginity to …

Better yet, Noel had shown interest in Jillian in the past … and as of recently, he had become much more forward in his advances. They had swapped numbers a few weeks back, and without her boyfriend knowing, she had been texting Noel in her down time.

Jillian is brought out of her thoughtful state by the vibrating of her phone. She crawls over to the far side of her bed to fetch it, and sees a message from Noel!

Noel: *Hey girl, what r u doing?*

Jillian smiles eagerly and quickly types out he response.

Jillian: *Hey there! Nothing much, family is out of town … kind of bored. And you?*

Noel: *Eh, pretty much the same here. Thought I’d hit you up, see if we can talk a bit.*

Jillian grins as she types out her response. She becomes engrossed in her phone as they talk about college, work, and life in general. The conversation went on for a few hours, as the sun set on the horizon.

She pauses for a moment, taking in the sunset through her bedroom window as the light begins to fade away. As it disappears below the horizon, she glances at her phone to see another message from Noel.

Noel: *So, up for a game of truth or dare?*

Jillian let’s out a surprised giggle with his recommendation. She knew where a game like this would lead. Noel was always a constant flirt with her. She pauses in thought as she considers her response.

Jillian: *Yeeessss … what are you planning, Noel?*

Noel: *Nothing good, I promise lol! Alright, if you’re down … truth or dare?*

She ponders her first move. Asking for a truth was the safest choice; a dare could be fun, but might come off as a bit forward. Biting her lip, she nods and makes her choice.

Jillian: *Dare. Do your worst ;)*

Noel: *ok, taking it there. Hey, you asked for it. So, here it is. I dare you … to send me a pic of your bra.*

Jillian’s stifles a nervous chuckle. Apparently, Noel was the one who was going to be more forward. Glancing in the mirror, she contemplated his request. She slowly unbuttons her shirt, revealing her large full breasts hidden behind her black solid bra. She turns back and forth, admiring her curvy form, with her phone in one hand. Her finger hovers over the button as she pauses, debating if she should take it or not.

She rereads his text, smirks, then struts to her dresser and pulls out one of her more lacy bras, then lays it on the bed and snaps a picture. She hits the send button, triumphantly smiling as she dodged his obvious attempt to check out her big breasts.

Jillian: *you like? ;)*

Noel: *Ahhhahaha! Yeah, I see what you did there. Well played …*

Jillian: *Yeah, yeah, nice try! But you’ll have to try a little harder than that 😉 . Anyways … truth or dare?*

Noel: *Ill keep that in mind, J. Hmm … truth.*

She thinks about her question. Noel already set the tone to be almost overtly sexual in nature; if she changes the topic, he might see it as her shutting him down. Plus, she couldn’t deny that this game was definitely exciting her.

She decides to up the ante a little bit. Chuckling at the juvenile nature of her question, her thumb lingers over the send button before clicking down.

Jillian: *Ok, smart guy. You want to take it there, let’s do this 😉 . Tell me the truth … are you attracted to me?*

Noel: *Lmfao, are you really going to waste a question for that? Isn’t it obvious?*

Jillian: *Ahem. Answer the question.*

Noel: *Yeah, yeah, I’m attracted to you. I think you’re hot as fuck.*

Jillian’s eyes widen at his simple, straightforward, exclamation. She wasn’t used to this confidence. Her boyfriend was hardly able to stammer the words out when he asked her out for their first date.

Noel: *So, hey, are you attracted to me?*

Jillian: Antep Escort Bayan *Hey, that’s not how this works! Truth or dare, remember?*

Noel: *Right, right. Okay then. Either I dare you to tell me, or you say truth and I ask you that same question.*

Jillian pauses, as her face flushes red. She was in a relationship, happy or not. This would be crossing a line … but, in her mind, that line had already been crossed. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Jillian knew, that at this point, she was choosing Noel. Some of her inhibitions snapped with this realization.

Jillian: *Yeah, I’m attracted to you. Everything about you, really. I think … well, you’re so much better than my boyfriend. Soo … yeah. Where do we go from here?*

Jillian pauses with a nervous eagerness, her heart pounding with butterflies in her stomach.

Noel: *I say we keep on playing truth or dare, J. Dare.*

She stares at his response for a moment. It seemed so nonchalant and straightforward. And, honestly, Jillian liked it. Her boyfriend was so overly romantic, it almost made her sick. But this, it seems more … adult. Casual. Sexy.

Jillian finds herself running her hands along her breasts as she takes in the developments of the evening. She feels a warmth forming inside of her, and a wave of unexplained lust swells within her, giving her butterflies. She gets up and walks to the window, peering out into the darkness. Her family wasn’t home for the weekend. She has the whole house to herself … and with a growing realization, she smiles at the idea of Noel and her, being alone together. She giggles to herself and quickly types her message, hitting send and slamming her phone down, heart pounding.

Jillian: *i dare you … to come over to my place. We’ll play this game in person. ;)*

With that, she sends her address, her hands shaking with excitement at the developments of the evening. She doesn’t think about what this would mean, or the potential outcomes of the night. All she knew was that she didn’t want, whatever this was, to stop.

Noel: *I’ll be right over. 10 min*

With her mouth agape, Jillian stares at her phone in silent disbelief. He was coming over … actually coming over! She didn’t know what to expect with the date she sent, but the reality of the situation she now found herself in was surreal.

Jillian paces back and forth as she waits for Noel to arrive. Her thoughts, for the past hour or so, have been racing. A small pang of guilt crosses her mind as she thinks of her boyfriend, but she immediately pushes that away. “I’ll break up with him … later,” she reasons. “Tonight, whatever it brings, is for Noel and I.”

She glances at her phone. It’s Noel.

Noel: *Stopped for gas, hope you don’t mind ;). While we’re waiting … truth or dare?*

She smiles, and sends her reply. There would be plenty of time for dares later.

Jillian: *Truth.*

Noel: *Alright, ok. When was the last time you’ve had sex?*

Jillian blushes uncontrollably and stops pacing. She contemplated her reply.

Jillian: *well, I had oral with my boyfriend last week.*

Noel: *Lol, what does that mean? Details, J 😉 .*

Jillian stifles a chuckle as she removes some more of her inhibitions.

Jillian: *Ok, ok, I sucked his dick on thursday. Wasn’t anything exciting. I just gave him a blowjob for a minute, then he jacked himself off and came all over himself.*

Noel: *haha, sounds, uh … sounds like your boyfriend sucks in bed. Maybe, literally, maybe he’s gay lol! Jk. But, you two ever fuck?*

Jillian pauses, concern visibly showing on her face. She was sure that Noel has had sex. He was older, and rumors have swirled around in her circle of friends. Plus, he had a natural sexual confidence around him. What would he say when he found out she was a virgin?

Jillian: *Im waiting. For the right guy ;)*

“That sounds good,” she reassures herself. “Not too forward, not too shy about it … oh God, I hope this doesn’t ruin things!” She practically jumps and scrambles to open Noel’s response as her phone vibrates.

Noel: *You’re a virgin? That’s cool … planning on ending that anytime soon?*

She pauses, her heart racing. She thought of how confident Noel was, and how incredibly good looking … and the loss of her virginity has been long overdue. Noel and her had formed a solid friendship over the last few months. They both learned that they were attracted to one another, and with the way the night was going, it almost seems like losing her virginity was the only logical conclusion. She makes her choice, and states it out loud, as if to fully convince herself. “I want Noel to fuck me.”

Jillian: *Yeah … I was thinking, maybe tonight?*

As she sends the message, the doorbell rings and she hears Noel from the front patio. “Hey, J, it’s me!” She scurries to the door and swings it wide open. She smiles and hastily runs her hand through her hair, almost breathless from the storm of sexual excitement within her. Noel stood at the doorway, grinning ear to ear as he reads her last text.

With a somewhat awkward yet happy squeal, Jillian steps outside and drapes her arms around his neck, setting the stage for their first kiss. She gasps softly in anticipation as he leans forward and kisses her passionately, yet tenderly. She lets out a sensual and involuntary moan as their lips lock, and her right hand lowers to his chest, palm pressing in as she pulls him closer with her left. To her surprise and secret delight, he reaches his hands around and slides them into the back pockets of her jeans, pulling her in and lightly squeezing her ample cheeks.

The kiss continues for another minute or so, with escalating degrees of intensity and passion. As their kiss breaks, she lets out a shaky sigh of wonder and contentment. She felt, for the first time, a sexual chemistry that she has never experienced before. She feels a wetness forming in her panties; as well as a noticeable bulge in Noel’s jeans. Her eyebrows raise as she feels an impressive twitch press hard against her thigh. “Ohhh,” she exclaims, locking eyes with Noel as he knowingly grins back. She quickly glances down and then returns to his eyes, a sultry expression on her face.

Making up her mind, she gently breaks their embrace and takes his hand, attempting to guide him inside. He pulls back and softly shakes his head with a smile on his face, and nods towards his car. Jillian notices the engine is still running, and she looks towards him quizzically.

“I can’t take your virginity without even taking you out yet, J,” Noel reasons with a smile on his face. “What kind of man would I be? Come on, come with me.” Jillian pulls out her phone and realizes that it is getting late. “Noo, come inside,” she pleads. “We’re still playing our game, right? I dared you to come inside.”

“Yes, I know J, and we will. I’ll finish that dare later, I promise.” He brings her in for another kiss as he reaches around, discreetly yet unmistakably grabbing a more complete handful of her ass. “At least let me take you out to ice cream, I know a drive in that’s still open.”

Jillian moans in a half feigned protest as he pulls her hand towards the sidewalk. She did appreciate the idea of taking her out first, but the heat building up within her was so new, and so strong, that she could hardly contain herself. Wondering if pushing him back inside would come off too strongly, she relents and allows him to guide her to the passenger side of his car. He closes the door for her, and as he made his way around the car, she purses her lips and breathes out, in a futile attempt to get her newly awakened sex drive in check.

As Noel slides into the driver seat, Jillian leans over and kisses his neck as he starts driving. She could hardly control herself, and found her hands wandering around his shoulders and chest. He smiles and moves a hand to her thigh. They didn’t speak much for the first few minutes, but it seemed as if their was a mutual recognition of the sexual tension, as well as an understanding of the bypassing of pleasantries.

As he pulls into the drive in restaurant, Noel breaks the silence. “So. Truth or dare?”

“Mmmhmmm, dare.” Jillian sits herself up I waiting anticipation as he pulls into a spot.

“Ok, J, let’s see how daring you are! Take off your bra from underneath your shirt.” Jillian eagerly slides her hand back and unhooks her bra. Sliding her arms through the straps, she pulls it out from her shirt, gives it a playful twirl, and tosses it to the back seat. “You can keep that,” she states, with a playful smirk on her face. Noel’s gaze locks onto her breasts, which are now barely contained by her spaghetti strap tank top. She can almost see her pink, erect nipples through the fabric, as she faces him and brings her arms together, accentuating her assets for him.

“Holy fuck,” he exclaims, still focusing on her chest. “Is it too late to go back to your place now?”

Playfully, Jillian pulls the front of the shirt lower, her full cleavage exposed and her nipples barely covered. “You tell me,” she states seductively. Just as she finishes her statement, an adolescent worker pops his head outside of the driver window. “Hi! Welcome to — oh, uh, yeah …” his eyes lock onto the show Jillian was providing as he stammers over his words. “Can I, uh, take your or-order?”

Jillian covers her mouth and stifles a laugh as Noel plays it cool and nonchalantly places his order, glancing back to Jillian with a gleeful smile. It is all Jillian can do to keep a straight face. “Yeah, I’ll take a … large … vanilla …milkshake!” She struggles to get the sentence out without laughing, as Noel struggles to keep his composure in check. Still staring at her breasts, the worker stammers “Would you – uh, like to upgrade to a larger cu-cup size?” His face turns beet red as Noel erupts with laughter. Giggling, Jillian replies, “no, no, the large is fine.” The boy nervously takes Noel’s payment and skates back to the restaurant sheepishly.

The two of them exchange a quick look and then burst into uncontrollable laughter. They had barely gotten it under control when the worker returned with the drinks, stole one more quick glance, then skated off. Noel smiles. “I, uh, think we’d better go, that was – oh, that was too much. Hilarious!” Jillian giggles and sighs, as Noel backs out of the parking stall and drives to an adjacent, empty lot. “Here, we can chill here for a little bit.”

The situation melted some of the sexual tension between the two of them, and they once again spent a good hour talking about life. Their conversation was so natural, so fluid, and Jillian beamed with excitement at the connection they were forming.

Adjusting in his seat, Noel turns to her with a more serious tone. “So, J. Not to ruin the mood, or tonight, or anything, but what about your boyfriend?” She scoffs and shakes her head. “You know, it’s been over for a while now. I know it, but I think he’s to oblivious to see it. But, after tonight, I’m going to end it. But … not tonight.” She rests her head on his shoulder. Noel wraps his arm around her shoulder and says in a reassuring tone, “well, whatever tomorrow, or tonight brings, I’ll be with you after. You’re a remarkable woman, J.”

Woman. Jillian smiles at his compliment. Her boyfriend’s immaturity made her feel like a girl, but being called a woman … with an air of spontaneity, Jillian leans over, kneeling on the seat and goes in for another kiss, caressing the back of Noel’s head. The kiss matches, then exceeds the intensity of their first, and they both begin to pant heavily as he pulls her into him, running his hands along the small of her back and tracing her slightly protruding panty line. She runs her arms over his shoulders and leans back as she breaks their kiss. She is fully aware of how sexy she looks, straddling his lap, with her breasts nearly spilling out of her shirt in the moonlight.

Noel leans back and traces her sides with his hands, until they brush against her breasts. Jillian feels a flush of sexual heat wash over her, as the raw intensity of her untouched libido was ignited again. “Oh, yeah,” she moans as he caresses and playfully squeezes her with both hands. He slips one strap of her tank over her shoulder as he takes a nipple into his mouth, sending electrifying shudders through Jillian’s body as she tenses up.

“Ah- Ah! I- oh!” She can only cry out between gasps as he sucks on her nipple, flicking his tongue deftly back and forth. With her mouth wide open, she silently cries out, just a breathless whimper escaping her lips as she revels in this new sensation. She cradles his head in her arms, encouraging him to continue with her almost desperate embrace.

As the fog builds up in the car from their passion, Jillian glances down. “Noel, baby?” He responds with a muffled *mhmm* as he slides down the other strap and moves to her other breast, squeezing the one he was previously pleasuring. She gasps as he slides his free hand down her jeans, over her panties. “Noel, baby?” She stifles a laugh as she somewhat sheepishly considers her request. She playfully leans back, her nipple popping out of his mouth, and she leans in to kiss his ear. Quietly, yet dripping with seduction, she whispers, “Truth or dare?”

Noel smiles and chuckles with anticipation. With an equal level of sensuality, he whispers back, “dare.” Jillian returns to her seat, breasts still exposed with her tank bunched up at her midriff. “I want to see something,” she states, trying to find the words for a request that she has never made before. Sighing with intent, she continues. “I want you to show me your dick.”

Wordlessly, Noel grins and begins to shift in his seat, reaching for his button. Jillian kneels in her seat, facing him. She leans low, her breasts to her knees, with a hungrily curious look on her face. As he draws down the zipper, she shifts nervously and with anticipation. She watches as he reaches in and grasps his shaft. Her mouth forms an *O* as a significant bulge retreats from his left pant leg, and a nice, big, beautiful dick springs free, a clear stream of fluid draping from its tip to his jeans.

A bewildered “oooooooh” escapes her mouth as she stares, wide eyed, at his beautiful member. His shaft is long, straight, and smooth. Her eyes trace it up, to the top, where she sees a sleek, deep pink head protruding out of his uncircumcised foreskin. His dick is … big. Definitely bigger than her boyfriend’s. But, it’s more than that. It is … attractive. She has never really thought of dicks as necessarily attractive before, and her boyfriends left much to be desired, but Noel’s dick … it was sleek, neatly trimmed … just gorgeous.

Noel watched her with expectancy and pride, taking in her reaction as his dick swelled and twitched from the attention. “Well?” He asks inquisitively. What do you think, J?” She reaches forward, cautiously grasping the base as she bends it side to side, exploring its hardness. “Noel, your dick, it’s … it’s huge!” He laughs and exclaims, “what, is your boyfriend not this big?” Jillian laughs and shakes her head side to side, her wide eyed gaze never leaving her new obsession. “No, no, not even close, he’s probably …” her voice trails off as she marks her boyfriend’s estimated height in comparison, at about just over half of Noel’s.

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