Just Ask Ch. 05


He gives me a taste of his world and I try not to feel out of place…

Thanks so much for your positive, kind words about my work! It really does keep me going, even if the going is slow (for which I am sorry).

* * * * *

I am dragged out of the curiously dreamless solace of slumber by an incessant buzzing. My alarm- ugh. I reach under my pillow, where I keep my phone at night, and am surprised when my hand finds not my phone but another hand. Big and warm and a little calloused, it pushes its fingers in between mine. They fit perfectly. The broad, firm chest my head rests on rises and falls, a contented sigh escapes.

Wait, that’s not my pillow! Neither is this chest (but I’m not complaining). Suddenly I realize where I am, who I’m with. Episodic memories of yesterday bombard me. Jackson’s touch, Jackson’s kiss, Jackson’s eyes, Jackson’s text, Jackson’s lips, Jackson’s car, Jackson’s…

Oh, right. My life is a dream now. And he’s laying with me, beneath me, around me. We’re a tangled mess, and the constant buzzing of the phone is seriously harshing the vibe. To my chagrin, Jackson doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. I don’t even think he’s awake.

I extract my arm from our warm body-knot with some difficulty, reach for the desk, and scrabble for my phone. My clumsy fingers, still not awake, gain a ghost of hold on it before they send it crashing to the floor. That’s why I have a case, I guess. I curse, my voice rough, and attempt to lean over the side of Jackson’s bed to grab it. Jackson stirs as my torso puts pressure on his arm.

“Leave it,” he groans, “it’ll shut off soon.”

I ignore his plead as my fingers find the tile beneath me, my torso hanging just a bit off the bed. Sometimes it’s nice to be a giant. “Yeah,” I say, scratchy, “and then it’ll start screaming beach sounds.”

“You’re on my arm,” he whines.

“I know!” My fingers close around my phone, and I haul it up to the bed. I lift myself off Jackson’s thick arm, squinting through my eyes as the bright-ass screen blinds me. I slide the red X to the left and set the phone on the desk with an annoyed click. 6:30am. Kill me.

“Why are you up right now?” he grumbles, moving his arm up my back. His touch sears me, leaves a tingly feeling along its path. “It’s so early…”

His arm lightly pushes me back down to him, inviting me to join him again. I want to accept, but I know that if I do I’ll not get back to my room in time to get ready for my 8am. “It’s a school day,” I say, “I have to get ready for school. And work.”

Both of his hands slide down my back, resting on my ass. His hands are so warm, almost hot. They’re big enough to fit most of my ass in his palms, but not all of it. “It’s a snow day, babe,” he says, squeezing it. I exhale, loving the way his hands feel.

“You just want me to stay in your bed.” I lean down and kiss him, slowly, softly, aware of my morning breath, which includes the scent of his dick. I can taste myself on him, too.

“Yeah, I do,” he says, lips moving against mine, “but it really is a snow day. Check your phone.”

I kiss him one more time as I grab my phone off the desk, not dropping it this time. Three texts, two emails. I drag my finger across my unlock pattern and check my messages.

The first text came at 1:30am. It’s from my best friend, Ellyn. Where tf are you bitch, it accuses. The second one at 1:47am. I knocked for like ten minutes, but you ain’t home. I thought you were resting tonight? Let me know how Saturday went. And don’t forget about rehearsal tomorrow.

The second text at 5:56am. Due to inclement weather, the College will be closed today. Please direct concerns to… yadda yadda yadda. Snow day.

I drop my forehead on Jackson’s chest, enjoying the feeling of his hands kneading my ass. “It was sixty and sunny yesterday,” I complained. I love living in the mountains, but the weather is rather unpredictable in The Microcosm. “How much snow did we even get?”

“See for yourself,” he says. I reach up and drag myself forward along his body, finding a spot in the blinds of his window and pulling open a hole to view from. My ass slides under his hands and I get on my knees to balance myself, straddling his chest. His hands immediately explore my powerful thighs. Their heat and the pressure of his fingers on my muscles make it hard to maintain my position. Outside the ground is dusted with perhaps two inches of snow, yet unsoiled by the trampling boots of frolicking students.

“We closed for this?” I grumble, as his hands again find my ass. Their kneading is more insistent this time, and I lean into them with my hips.

“Can’t let the kiddies fall, might be a lawsuit…” he mumbles. My cock is starting to perk up under his ministrations. I release the blinds and sit back on his chest, enjoying the feel of his hands roaming my body. I put mine on his bulging quads, lean back, bask in his touch.

“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he says, and görükle escort it makes me smile. “Especially with that hair.”

I tilt my head to look at him, frowning. I know it’s a mess. It’s a mess because of him. “Admiring your handiwork?”

He chuckles. “Yes,” he says, his chocolate eyes running over me hungrily, “but from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t need any help.”

His fingers push small, insistent circles into my hips and I feel the blood go straight to my dick. If it gets much harder, it’ll be poking at those thick, full lips. Not that I would mind. “From what you’ve seen?” I prod.

He nods, each bounce of his chin bringing those lips closer to my cock. His beautiful brown eyes sparkle gold with lust, focusing on it. Drinking it in. “I see you at the caf in the mornings. Sometimes you look like you just rolled out of bed. Your hair is wild, but you put it in a bun so people won’t see it.”

I giggle. “You’ve got me pegged.”

He is close to breathing on my dick now, the warm air teasing me. I want to feel his lips again so badly. “I’d rather you have me pegged,” he says, and he finally brushes his lips against my head.

I exhale at the kiss of his big, soft lips on my dick, caressing the spongy head. Jackson’s hands slide up my ass and around my front, and their heat drains away the tension in my abs. He mumbles his appreciation as his lips taste me. His tongue snakes out, stealing tastes. I sigh, reveling in the sensation. I’m still having trouble believing this gorgeous man is beneath me, that I’m in his bed, dragging my cock across his full, pouty lips.

“So, you’ve been watching me, huh?” I say, my voice low.

He nods, and with every bob of his head his lips slide a little further down my cock. I feel their ring of pressure increase and slide slowly back down my length. It makes me shiver. His hands are roaming my body, burning a trail across my skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake. I lick my lips and meet his gaze. Those golden flecks stare straight into my soul as they inch closer to my stomach.

He takes his mouth off me for just a moment, long enough to say, “Watching you, and dreaming of this…” and he takes me all the way into his throat, slowly, tantalizingly. What a way to wake up! His lips reach my body and he holds them there, letting me sit inside his throat. He squeezes me a couple times, and the sensation has me beyond words. I could stay inside him forever.

My hands reach for his hair, lightly rubbing my fingertips along his scalp. His hair is soft, stubbly on the sides but longer and a little curly on top. I grin, thinking about how I’m going to mess it up just as badly as he has mine. Jackson swallows along my length again and I moan. I fist his hair in my left and in my right, I grab the back of his head and pull him down my length and off.

He breathes hard, and I allow him some time to catch his breath. “You tryna asphyxiate, baby?” I tease, rubbing my wet cock on his face. His tongue snakes along the bottom of my length, and he mumbles his reply around my shaft.

“I don’t care about breathing,” he says, “I just want your incredible cock.”

“It’s all yours,” I whisper.

He moves lower, lips kissing downward to my balls, tongue tasting ahead of them. I keep up my light scratching, loving the way his lips caress my sac.

“You’re so beautiful,” I say, hands roving his head. “I love the way your lips feel. You turn me on so much.”

He moans around my balls and my knees buckle. He sucks one in and I gasp. He sucks the other in and I moan loud, surprised. My thighs shake as his hot, velvet mouth encases my balls, tongue working like mad over them. He slaps my ass with both hands, the sound echoing off the walls of his room. I slap my cock on his face in return.

I reach behind me and take hold of his hands, guide them up my ass, around my hips, up my sides, over my chest and throat. He lightly squeezes my neck and it sets past the point of return. I know I won’t alst much longer. I bring one finger from each of his hands into my mouth and suck them in, deep. He moans around my balls, his tongue working faster, stronger. I pull his fingers from my mouth and guide his hand to my ass, and when they find my hole I push his wrists. His fingers go in deep, I’m still a little loose from the vigorous fingering he gave me last night. Right away he finds my spot, like he’s got it memorized, and I moan. He jabs it over and over again and I see stars. His mouth is lighting me on fire, his fingers are pistoning in and out of me, and the buildup starts.

“I’m gonna cum, baby,” I breathe, and he pushes me over the edge. I moan, loud and low, as my orgasm overtakes me. My thighs shake and hips groan as I blow shot after shot of boiling cum on his face. It coats his cheeks, his closed eyes, his forehead. I feel the last bit dribble out and my orgasm subside, but he keeps going. I fall forward, hands barely catching the wall, unable to move as his fingers eskort bayan pound my ass and his mouth does not relent on my balls. He puts his lips over his teeth and chews lightly on them, and then my vision explodes and I come again, harder this time.

I can’t even moan, I’m so surprised. My voice catches in my throat as the sensation overtakes me, pleasure so intense it’s painful. My cum dribbles out in a steady stream, not shots, and runs down his face and onto his pillow. I feel warm droplets, shots of his cum, land on my ass and back. The edges of my vision go black and I lose my sight, my body goes numb. I can vaguely feel his mouth pulling off my balls, and I slump back, my ass landing hard on his chest. I hold on to the wall, breathing hard, until finally the darkness recedes and I can see again.

I look down and meet Jackson’s gaze. He is breathing hard too, his face red and ruddy, like he’s just worked out. I’m suddenly aware of his cum dripping down my back and ass, in between the cheeks, onto his chest. My cum decorates his face like a splatter painting. He is looking at me like I’m far away. His eyes, they hold me in place. I lean down, amazed, and kiss him. His lips meet mine, hungry, and we devour each other.

Only when I absolutely must breathe do I pull up. I try to slide down his body to lay with him, but my hips and legs have fallen asleep from holding this position so long. I groan as I try to move, and Jackson guides my legs up and off his body, to settle beside him. I flop down his pillow, not caring (well, sort of caring) that I land in my own cum. Our foreheads come together, we’re both still breathing hard. It is a long time before I can say anything.

“Holy shit,” I say.

“Holy shit,” he says.

“You’re an animal,” I murmur, and he laughs softly.

“You make me rabid,” he whispers, and kisses my nose. He looks ridiculous with my cum all over his face. His hands trace circles in the remnants of his cum on my body. I lap some of my “handiwork” off his face. His hair is wrecked, his eyebrows are gooey, his eyelashes are clumped, and I think he’s never looked sexier.

“I’ve never come like that before,” I admit.

“You’ve never come twice?”

“Never with another guy. Definitely never back-to-back,” I say, my face red. I bury it in his neck.

He kisses my head, rubbing my neck. “I’ve never come without touching myself before,” he says.

My head snaps up, narrowly missing his nose. “You came without touching yourself?” I say, incredulous.

He shrugs. “You’re really, really hot.”

I blush. I tell myself that all the time, especially in the mirror, but to hear this dreamboat say it? It gives me tingles.

“And you’re a hot mess,” I say. He laughs.

“Speak for yourself,” he says, scooping up his cum his chest with some of mine from his face. He eats it like a melting popsicle, and I watch him with hungry eyes. Then he does the same and offers it to me, a big fat drop on his fingertip. Normally, I’m not into eating cum, but how can I say no to him? And I’ll admit, I will never be able to get enough of Jackson. I eat without hesitation, staring him down. He moans and a little and chuckles.

“I never dreamed sex with you would be so hot,” he says.

“Speak for yourself,” I say. I slap his meaty ass, and he jumps. “What, not used to that? Isn’t that what goes in those football locker rooms?” I quip.

“Wouldn’t you love to know?” he replies, and slaps my ass. “And no, I’m not used to having my ass slapped. But I didn’t mind it at all.”

I roll my eyes. “We need to clean up. We are seriously gross right now,” I say.

“But I like seeing you this way,” he pouts.

I kiss those full lips. “Burn it into your memory then. Because I need a shower.”

He sighs, climbs over me and off the bed, and helps me up. We grab our phones and check them. The time reads 8:30. Jesus, how long was that blowjob? Not that I’m complaining.

“You’re lucky I have a private shower in here,” he says. “You look like you just left the jungle.”

I frown at him and narrow my eyes. I smack his ass, hard enough to sting. Hopefully to leave a handprint. He yelps and jumps away from me, then runs into his bathroom. I hear the sounds of a shower starting as I put down my phone.

“Coming?” he says from behind me, low and sultry. I turn around. He leans against the doorway of his bathroom, a picture if I ever saw one. His big, broad chest and beefy arms over tight, thick abs. The tiny waist leading down to that impressive cock and balls, those powerful thighs and calves. A face like a statue, full, pouty lips inviting me to join.

I saunter over to him, his eyes drinking me in like I’m his last glass of wine. He pulls me into him by the waist and kisses me deep. “Coming,” I say, smiling.

* * * * *

Jackson drops me off at my dorm later that day. Since it’s a snow day, his coach has called a special conditioning session. All altıparmak escort school activities are supposed to be cancelled, but every other coach called for practice today anyway. We weren’t let off rehearsal, either, so really the only thing the snow day affected was school. Which is fine by me.

I let myself into my room, and barely have any time to take in the mess before the door is thrown open, slamming into my back. An ugly “oof” escapes me as I stumble forward, caught off-guard by my visitor.

“You bitch!” screams a shrill voice from behind. Ellyn. I turn around and face her. She is short and her hair is big, and she looks like she hasn’t washed off yesterday’s mess. We both tend to look like that.

“You got fucking laid yesterday, and you didn’t tell me!?” she screams, those wild curls bouncing. “We have a rule about this!”

“I’m sorry, I was a little busy!” I protest, dropping my bag on the floor and picking my way across it to my bed. Ellyn follows me, tracing my steps with hops like a Chihuahua following a Great Dane.

“Yeah, so I noticed!” she says. “And you didn’t tell me it’s with fucking Jackson Wyatt! How the hell did this happen?”

I crawl onto my bed and help her up, and we settle cross-legged on opposite ends. “How do you know it’s Jackson?” I say nonchalantly, reaching beside the bed to my desk. I open the first drawer and reach into the sock where I keep my “valuables”. “It could be anyone,” I upend it on the bed and out tumbles my weed, a bowl, a grinder, and a lighter. I begin the process of packing us a bowl. I haven’t smoked since yesterday and a little more would be nice right about now.

“Well, for one, I saw him drop you off just now,” Oh, right. There are two rooms in this dorm that have windows facing the road. I have one; Ellyn’s got the other. “And for two, I heard you screaming last night when I was next door to Jackson’s room smoking with Dexter. So you better fucking spill.”

Busted. “Well, he picked me up off the side of the road on Saturday,” I started, “after I walked out on my hookup.”

She nods, unsurprised. “That bad, huh?”

“Yeah, he was awful. But I was desperate. I guess I got what I deserved there.”

“So he picks you up, then you jump his bones in the car? Nice choke marks, by the way.”

Dammit, those are still there? “No, I didn’t jump his bones in the car,” I huff, indignant, “I actually didn’t think there was anything there at all. But one thing led to another, and he got my number, and we went on a picnic on the river, and then I spent the night at his place.”

She regards me for a moment, then blurts out, “You fucking slut! I’m so proud of you!”

I roll my eyes. “Thanks.”

“No, seriously,” Ellyn says, eyes bright, “Fucking Jackson Wyatt. I’m really geeking out about this. He’s a fucking statue.”

I snort. “You’re telling me.” I take a hit from the bowl and pass it to her. I exhale, and say, “I’m just as confused as you are.”

She exhales and coughs. “You motherfucker, I’m not confused! Who wouldn’t try to hit that? Lots of guys on that team have already.”

I snatch my bowl from her hands. “Now that’s just an alternative fact. I have not fucked lots of guys on the football team.”

She laughs, a hyena bark. “I can count at least four.”

I straighten up, indignant. “Three of those were at the same time!”

She laughs again, harder. “That doesn’t make it better!”

I slouch against my pillow. “I know,” I say, eyes down. I take a hit. “I did a lot of shit I regret freshman year. Taking molly with a bunch of jocks is one of them.”

I really don’t like to think about that night. It was a lot of firsts for me. My first orgy, my first poppers, my first double penetration, my first fist… but not the first time I was given drugs with the expectation of paying my benefactors back in sex. Now I know that I was taken advantage of (though I was ready and willing at the time), and now I know that molly is not a drug to do with strangers. Especially not with strangers who have underwear model bodies. I also know firsthand what kind of damage a night like that can do to your reputation, so I behave better now.

“Hello, ground control to space case?”

I look up and meet Ellyn’s concerned eyes. “I’m fine,” I answer, “just feeling a bit worthless.”

“Hey,” she says, “everybody has nights they’d rather forget. And obviously Jackson doesn’t care about that, or he wouldn’t have dicked you down.”

“Well, he hasn’t exactly dicked me down yet,” I say-

“What? Then what the fuck was all that moaning? ‘Oh Jackson, yeah baby, give it to me, oh god yeah, that feels so good’-” she puts on a disgusting imitation of my perfect O-face- “yeah daddy, harder, harder!”

I throw a pillow at her and she dissolves into giggles. “I did not call him daddy,” I huff, cheeks burning.

“Well shit, I will,” she says, and we both crack up.

Suddenly, my butt vibrates. I dig my phone out of my pocket and see a text from Jackson.

Come to this super lame party with me tonight? it reads.

Ellyn doesn’t miss it. “Ooh, loverboy’s sent a dove, has he?”

I glare at her. “Shut up, you’re literally the worst right now. He actually just invited me to a party.”

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