Kallen’s lust


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Kallen’s pov

In the short time that I had known him I had come to admire him, and after spending so much time at his side I had come to love him. Yes…love…I love Zero. He’s everything I’ve ever thought of in a man. He’s tactful, considerate, judicious…I can’t say anything in the looks department, since he never shows his face, but he’s…an honorable man, I know that much. I wonder what exactly he looks like behind his mask. Does he hide his face because he’s ashamed of what he looks like? Does he have some form of brooding battle scar he doesn’t want anyone else to see? Or has he hidden his identity from mankind for so long he has forgotten what it might mean to open up to someone.

I’m also curious of what he thinks of me…on a personal level. Am I just another loyal soldier? Or am I something more to him? Every time I think of him in such a manner, my heart races and I feel myself getting all tingly. Zero’s so chivalrous…why can’t there be someone at school who’s like that? I have to know what he thinks of me…I’m going to talk to him.

I go up the stairs to where Zero’s room is and knock. “Who is it?” he responded from inside his room.

“It’s me,” Sex hikayeleri Kallen responded, knowing he would recognize me by voice alone. I decided not to rush to the point and break the ice. I’d work my questions into the conversation. “I’m sorry if I was out of line when I spoke up back there.”

“Kallen,” he said calmly. That’s another thing I liked about Zero, he never got angry or upset. “Tell me do you want to know my identity as well?”

I sighed. I did want to know. I so deeply wanted to know. And he knows I know. He just threw it out there too. Was he testing me? But then again…that girl, the one I saw him with at Narita…she knows his identity. This was a bad mistake. He doesn’t emote, but he’s probably angry with all of us for pressing into his identity. “No,” I said, “Sorry to bother you.” I walked calmly down the stairs and back to my quarters. I…I’m just so frustrated. Every time I want to talk to him about who he is, where I stand, what I mean to him…I just…I get so weak. There’s that tingle again. Agh, dammit. Alone, I start stripping my clothes and throw myself onto my back, wearing absolutely nothing.

I close my eyes and envision Zero holding me in his arms after an arduous battle. I’m a little sore from being tossed around after contending with the white Knightmare…


Kallen’s Sikiş hikayeleri Fantasy

“Are you ok Kallen?” he asks me.

“I’m fine,” I said, “Just a little sore.”

“Can you stand?” he asks me.

“Hai,” I respond. He helps me to my feet. As I put my foot down it hurts to stand on it.

“You can’t walk on that,” he puts his arms underneath my legs, “Here, I’ll carry you.” He lifts me up into his arms and carries me back to the hideout. We go into his room. He lays me down on his bed and sits next to me, while caressing my arm. “Rest Kallen, you fought hard.”

“Zero-sama, I…” he put a finger to my lips.

“Kallen, I think it’s time you saw, what’s behind this mask. You deserve too.”

I imagined Zero’s face as being, so handsome. He had light blonde hair, and emerald green eyes. His hair was of a glossy radiance.

“Kallen,” he said to me, softly, “I’m truly gifted to have a subordinate like you.” Then without warning he kissed me right on the mouth, and with such fierce passion. I didn’t fling him off. I wanted him. I moaned into the kiss and let him dominate my mouth. I dragged him from beside me to on top of me. He lifted up and Erotik hikaye away from me and stood at the edge of the bed, discarding his cape and his top, revealing his smooth, well-shaped chest. There was hardly any muscle tone to it, but it wasn’t like he was out of shape either. He was perfectly crafted.

“Just take me,” I told him, more like moaned, “I want you so bad.”

Zero leaned over and unzipped the front of my uniform and proceeded to undress me. I let him.



I began to fondle myself as I continued my fantasy of Zero taking me…all of me. My right hand playing with my breast, my left hand rubbing my clit and my pussy, also entering it from time to time as I imagined Zero thrusting in and out of me. I did as he commanded. I was his subordinate, his lustful, faithful subordinate.

“Zero…zero…zero…zero…” I moaned. I could almost hear him calling my name right back. The imagery grew more intense as the pleasure inside me built up with it. My face grew hot with arousal. My heart beat rapidly. “Oh Zero,” I moaned. “Yes do it, cum inside me. Give it to me! Give it to meeeeeeeeeee!” At the same time I climaxed I imagined Zero releasing his seed into me in my fantasy. I arched my back into the mattress as I climaxed and then fell flat against it, arms lying out at my sides. “Zero,” I said with a soft smile, looking towards the door, “One day that fantasy wil be real.

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