Kathy Likes Women Ch. 03

Big Tits

Laura Wells and I had both left home to go to the state university in Austin, Texas. I may still be a hayseed from Arkansas, but at least I’m no longer a hayseed IN Arkansas! I wangled and finagled like crazy and managed to fix it so we were roommates in the same dorm. Our room was small, with two single beds and a tiny bathroom. I loved it! The accommodations were so cramped, that for convenience sake, we soon forestalled our inhibitions about nudity, and I got to see a lot of Laura! In coloring, we were almost identical.

She had a light tan with cream-colored bikini marks and golden brown nipples. Her bush was thick but soft looking, a dark brown color that was almost black near the center. Her oval face, her small but gracefully rounded chin, and cupid’s-bow lips, gave her a classic beauty, enhanced by her blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. I’d get wet just looking at her heavily curved and well-muscled legs. I thought she had sexier legs, and she said she thought mine were sexier. She had the kind of shape people meant when they said voluptuous, before voluptuous meant fat. She’s a little thinner at the waist than me. People often mistook us for sisters, and while I don’t know how Laura felt about that, I felt really flattered.

I often lay awake, masturbating and thinking of her golden body just a few feet away. I never suspected that she was listening and knew what I was doing, until one night after a double date. We had been out with two law school students and had dinner and drinks with them. A few too many drinks, actually. Anyway, when they dropped us off, we made out with our dates about twenty minutes in the car. The guys got us horny as firecrackers and said they had to go. Thanks fellas!

Laura was grumbling about it as we undressed. I laughed and told her that I was practically on fire, and added that the way the date turned out just didn’t seem fair. Pretty tipsy, she staggered a bit as she bent over to step out of her skirt. I put my hands lightly on her hips and pumped my crotch against her bottom. “I’m so horny, you shouldn’t bend over like that, partner,” I said in an imitation cowboy voice. She laughed and didn’t pull away until she’d chuckled, “Well, I’m so horny, I had to bend over anyways, Duke!” Was it just my imagination that she seemed to pull away from me reluctantly? Probably.

We both wore pajama tops and panties to bed, as was our usual habit. I was already tucked in when Laura snapped off the light and padded to bed. She sighed as she pulled back her covers, “I suppose you’re going to jack off again, and I’ll have to lay over here and listen. Does it really help that much? I was always afraid that it would just make me more horny.”

“I’m sorry,” I said, horrified, “I had no idea you could hear me. I won’t do it in here any more.”

“Oh, don’t get in a snit,” she giggled, “I don’t care about you whipping it. In fact, I may join you tonight. Hell, you’ve had more practice, I ought to get you to jack me off.”

I got out of bed and kneeled on the carpet by her bed, “Okay, but do I have to kiss you first?” I quipped. If she was nervous about my approach in the dark, she didn’t show it, in fact she laughed so hard that she had to catch her breath so she could talk. As she answered, I slipped my hand under her sheet and laid it on her tummy. “Of course, you have to kiss me first, what kind of girl do you think I am?” So, I kissed her and slid my hand down her panties. Her lips parted and I could taste the rum on her breath as my tongue slicked against hers. I parted her nether lips with my middle finger and her legs spread slightly to give me more room to slide down. I was finally touching Laura There! I felt a rush of lust that left me weak and giddy for a moment. She chose that moment to break our kiss with a giggle.

“Hey, I was only kidding, Kathy,” she was still chuckling but hadn’t closed her legs any, and my finger was slowly rolling her clit beneath its hood.

“I know,” I whispered and kissed her ear, “But neither of us was kidding about being horny.” I dipped my finger down her slit and slid it deeply into her very wet vagina.

Her legs closed instantly, and my finger was squeezed out. Even as she spoke, I slipped up her crack lavishing the area around her clit with her own gooey wetness. “Ahh, c’mon now, Kath, this is getting a little too heavy, ya know?”

I gently nipped at her ear lobe and diddled her clit as I whispered, “Bullshit, Laura, quit being a chicken,” I said lightly as I kissed her neck. I noticed her breathing was heavy, and though I felt her stir her hips slightly, she hadn’t tried to move my hand. “Just relax,” I urged, “Just close your eyes, and let it happen, I promise that you’ll sleep better,” I assured her, “There’s nothing heavy about beating off, even if someone else does it.” I felt her body relax as she sighed and spread her legs slightly again.

“Okay,” she sighed, and then after a few moments added with a giggle and a squirm, gorukle escort bayan “Besides, I’m too hot to stop you.” I kissed her again, and this time, she put her arms around me and drew me to her, pushing her tongue aggressively between my lips. She started coming as we kissed, her hips rolling under my hand. She broke the kiss, so she could gasp for air and moan as her orgasm shook her body like a leaf in a storm.

She pulled my hand out of her panties when it started to tickle and kissed my cheek. “Wow! That felt good. So good!” she muttered fervently, stroking my hair and giving me another little kiss on the forehead. Suddenly, she scooted against the wall away from me, lying on her side as she patted the bed. “Climb in,” she whispered, “I know you need it, too, and I don’t want to be unfair,” then she added with a tiny giggle, “I hope I can do as good a job as you did.” I wasn’t taking any chance of spoiling it by saying anything; I just quickly scrambled in, under the sheet with my lovely Laura. I was so excited!

I felt her hand smooth down my tummy and ease under the elastic of my underwear. I could hear her breathing near my ear as her fingers delicately, almost cautiously explored me, spreading my lips with her fingers and tracing down the curve of my slit. She carefully dipped into my vagina as I had done for her and then smeared my slit with the juice. “You know something funny?” she asked softly, “This isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I mean,” she hastened to reassure me that it was nothing personal, “I was afraid that if I did this I’d feel creepy or something, but this is kind of nice.” I moaned as she gently circled my clitoris with her fingertip.

“Well, I have to tell you, Laura,” I had to pause for breath as a little grunt of big pleasure bubbled up from my insides, “I liked doing that to you. It made me feel good to make you feel good. I hope you’re not freaked out by that.” She only giggled in response and wobbled my clit a little faster. “Kiss me, Laura.” Her lips closed on mine, and she opened my mouth with her tongue. I put my arms around her and hungrily gobbled her delicious kisses as my orgasm built up, floating in my hips like a giant bubble that wafted scores of tiny pleasure bubbles that tingled all through my body from my hair to my toes. I raised my knees as my hips hopped around, and I buried my face in her hair while my body shuddered its release.

She giggled nervously, as she awkwardly pulled her precious hand out of my underwear. “I hope I did that okay, ’cause I really think I’d better go to sleep now, before we really get into something too weird. Besides, I’m getting the spins from being drunk.”

“Okay,” I laughed lightly to reassure her, although my heart had dropped to my stomach in its disappointment. “But a real gentleman will at least kiss a girl goodnight after he fucks her brains out.”

To my relief, she giggled back and gave me a slow, sweet kiss that all but dripped with its tenderness. “Satisfied, wench?” she teased with a light pinch on my thigh. “Now get outta here,” she added with mock gruffness. While she softly snored, I had to beat off again before I could sleep.

Laura gave no sign of what had happened over the next week, which I took as a bad sign that she wanted to put the incident behind her. But then I remember how I had sulked for three weeks after doing it with Susan that first time, so I was willing to give her space. When the same guys asked us out the for an afternoon swim the next weekend, I was delighted and accepted when Laura did, even though I privately considered my date to be a goof, and her date to be as bad. I had every intention of framing circumstances as near as possible to the last date. There is power in precedent, and I was so anxious to fool around with Laura again that, the morning of the day of the date, I had to masturbate twice in the bathroom. As we were getting ready, I watched Laura draped only in a towel and painting her toenails. The peek I got of her dark brown pubic hair sent me scuttling back to the bathroom.

I wore a pretty skimpy bikini, and I knew I looked pretty hot, but Laura was ravishing in a simple one-piece suit that really emphasized her curves. We both wore super size tee-shirts over the suits. The boys took us to the house of a well-to-do friend of theirs who had a large pool in the backyard. Their friend, Albert, was also a student and had a date named Sylvia who mixed up daiquiris while we sat around in the spacious living room, everyone wearing bathing suits. Al explained that his parents were out of town. None of the guys really interested me.

Al was a boor, ordering his girlfriend around as if he was a sultan and she was his slave. Eddie, Laura’s date, was the best looking male, but he was such a stupid jock that it was hard to take him seriously, at least in conversation. His penis might be pretty nice. My date, Carl, was a nervous nerd with an irritating nilüfer escort bayan laugh, which he did every time anyone said anything, funny or not. I remembered he was a pretty good kisser, though. Sylvia was sort of interesting. She had short curly brown hair and a short, compact body and a pleasant face and freckles. I’d had a thing for freckles ever since Susan. Her arms were hairy and I wondered about her cunt. I didn’t have to wonder long. We were on our second drinks and still no one had mentioned the alleged swim.

Then Al said, “Sylvia, do a strip for us, baby,” as he popped a CD into his machine. And she did. She wasn’t a great dancer, but she more than made up for it with her cute little bod. She was as curvy as she was tiny with a really cute face and a lovely grin and painted with freckles all over. As much as she interested me, I was pretty turned off by the way Al treated her. Sure, Serena and I had that sort of relationship, but it was a game, and we took turns. Here, it was obvious that Sylvia simply did whatever Al told her to do, because next he told her to suck his dick, and she did. I was pretty repelled by his attitude, and glancing over at Laura, I could see she was even more disgusted than I was. She turned to Eddie and said, “Let’s go back in a bedroom. If you’ve got a rubber, you can fuck me.” Eddie gulped, looked around as if for instructions, nodded and got up.

I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be with Laura, but relieved, too, because now I could act like a cheap slut and wouldn’t have to worry about what she would think of me. To me, the most interesting thing in the room was watching Sylvia’s rounded little freckled ass as she bent over Al’s lap. I leaned back on the couch and got comfortable for the show. I looked at Carl, who was staring at his feet. The boob was too chicken to even make a pass. Still, I wanted to be nice to him. In a low voice I said, “I’m kind of getting off to watching them, Carl, why don’t you stick your dick in me and do a few push ups while I’m watching them.” Carl beamed, nodded his head enthusiastically and laughed, all at the same time. God, he reminded me of Gomer Pyle.

He pulled my bikini bottom off and ogled me while fumbling with his rubber, while I ogled Sylvia’s quivering, bouncing cheeks as she sat in Al’s lap and gave him a damn good, energetic fuck. I loved watching the muscles on her freckled calves bunching and sliding as she stood on her tiptoes on her up swing, then getting to watch her ass flatten out as she let herself fall on his dick. Carl lasted about six strokes, and looked chagrined, especially since I was still in the act of removing my top. I reminded him that he could still eat me, and he cheerfully went down on me. Carl wasn’t so bad, as long as he didn’t laugh. I wondered if there was such a thing as a laugh therapist.

Now, Sylvia had turned around on Al’s lap and was facing me as she fucked Al, who it must be said, seemed to have pretty good stamina, himself. Her swaying freckled tits and hairy brown bush captivated me, and I didn’t try to hide it from her. I even licked my lips as I watched her. She gave me a sweet grin, licked her fingers and pinched her nipples, then mouthed a kiss at me. She was such a slut! God! That turned me on! Al came and had hardly pulled out before he had stood and announced he was going for a swim. Sylvia, who had to hurriedly stand as she was evicted from Al’s lap, said she wanted to take a shower.

Al shrugged and walked out without a glance at her as Sylvia walked naked down the hall. I told Carl that he could go take a swim, too. He looked dismayed, so I looked down and saw he had his erection back. Yeah, Carl wasn’t all-bad. But he’d already stripped off his rubber and I was in a hurry. I took his dick in my mouth and gave him the deep throat treatment, which wasn’t too difficult, since he wasn’t real big. It took less than a minute. I swallowed it, milked him until he was tiny and stood up. He stood, too. I slapped him on the ass and said, “Now be a good boy and wait for me in the pool.” He guffawed and ran out. I knew he’d wait until winter if I didn’t come out sooner. Well, maybe even Gomer Pyle has his good points.

When I got to the bathroom, Sylvia was wiping herself and getting up from the toilet. She smiled and hopped up on the edge of the counter by the sink with her legs dangling. It was practically a surreal event for me. She knew what I’d come for and welcomed it. Her legs spread for me as I lowered my head to her lap and kissed her freckled thighs. “It really turned me on the way you looked at me when I was fucking Al,” she said as I kissed her freckled breasts and slurped at her hard brown nipples. Her voice was high and soft, like a little girl’s voice. I kissed her, and she kissed back very passionately, putting her arms around my neck. After a minute of kissing, I went back to sucking on her nipples.

But she interrupted me by saying casually, bursa otele gelen escort bayan “You can lick my cunt if you want.” I lowered my head obediently back to her lap and began stroking her slit with my tongue. She was a very strong smelling girl, not even counting her sharp odor of pee, and I reveled in her textures as I explored her pussy. I really liked smelling of her too. She moaned and propped her feet on the edge of the counter. Since this exposed her dark brown asshole, I started licking it too. She sighed, “I’ve never messed around with a chick before, but wow, you are doing all this so great!” When I stuck my tongue inside her ass, she groaned and began squeezing her breasts, and her round little freckled bottom just couldn’t seem to stay still. It was really sexy, the way she could just make her asshole instantly loose, and I took advantage and reamed her out as well as my tongue could, which is pretty well. Even when I was a little girl in school, the other kids would comment on how long my tongue was.

Then I stuck two fingers in her vagina to lube them up, then slipped them both in her ass. She cried out, “Oh!” in a little soprano voice when I started really working them around, then I bowed my head and started licking and sucking her large clit, my face buried in her brown pubic jungle. She came quickly and hard, her face turning red as a beet and her freckled legs hugging my neck. I wrapped it up by sucking and lapping the remainder of Al’s white spunk from her vagina while she slowly calmed down.

“Do you want me to do you, too?” She asked in her little girl voice. “I’ve no experience with girls, but I can sure do it!” I had to admire the girl’s spirit. There was none of this breast-beating about whether it was gay or not.

“I’ll get by,” I smiled, but when she looked crestfallen, I added, “Unless you just want to, of course.” She didn’t even answer. She hopped off the counter and just knelt on the bathmat with her head between my legs and gave my ass and pussy a mirror of the treatment I had just given her. I had a great orgasm, and it had been a while since someone had given my butt a workout. I assured her that she was a natural.

Later while I was peeing, she knelt in front of me and asked if she could see me again. I leaned forward and kissed her and said, “Honey, if you ever get tired of the love-slave routine and decide you want to check out a real lover, give me a call. Then we’ll just fuck each other silly, but as long as you’re Al’s slave, don’t bother to call. I don’t like him much.” She looked as shocked as if I’d slapped her, but she began to smile when I took a pen out of my purse and wrote my phone number on her right thigh. She never called. I guess some people are really hung up on that submissive business. Or else she forgot where it was and washed the number off in the pool or the shower. I’ll never know.

Back in our room at the dorm, it was clear to me that Laura was pretty unhappy. “Kathy, you do realize, don’t you, that those jerks only took us over there because they didn’t have the guts to try and fuck us on their own. They had to have Al organize it for them. And the way he treated that poor girl!”

“Of course.” I collapsed on my bed since Laura had done the same on hers. She fumed at the ceiling awhile, and I spent the time wondering how I was going to get my way with her. After a time, I said, “But at least we got fucked.”

“Well, I hope it was better for you than for me! Eddie couldn’t even get it up, and believe me; I tried hard. Finally, he made me promise that I wouldn’t tell Al how he blew it!”

I had to laugh, “And that was all he cared about?”

“Men! I have to tell you the truth, Kathy, what we did together a few days ago was the most fun I’ve had since Brad, in high school. And he moved away just six months after we got rolling.” She propped her head up on her elbow and looked at me. Her frank, blue eyes were sometimes a little unnerving in their directness. “I know its not even dark, yet, but I really need to come.” She gave a little smile to go with her blush. “If you’ll do it to me again, I’ll return the favor again. Deal?”

Laura was so cute when she tried to be all business! I smiled back. “Will you promise not to get all grossed out if I happen to like making you come?” Ok, I knew that she hadn’t been exactly grossed the last time I mentioned my lust for her, but I knew there was a barrier there.

Her smile faltered a little, and then returned, “I’m wearing a one piece, and I’ll have to take it off. Just let me put on my pajamas.” I laughed and sat up as she did.

“Hell no, bitch, I want you naked when I take you.” She laughed, but her laughter trickled away when I added softly, “I like to see your body. I think it’s very pretty.” I could read the warring emotions as they flickered in her facial expressions. I added, “Turn around, I’ll unzip your suit.” She stood up and turned away, as I knew she would, anything to keep from looking me in the eye while she sorted through her thoughts. I also knew that unzipping her was not a go-ahead, but just a delaying action, she might yet decide to blow this off altogether. I drew the zipper down and peeled the straps from her shoulders. Predictably, she was holding up the suit with her hands.

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