Katie’s Craving Pt. 05


Katie’s plan to have a weekend alone with John fell through the next morning when one of her neighbors called wanting to redecorate her living room. As much as she wanted to go away, she really needed to get back to work. After seeing her family off she went over to Debbie Mayes house and looked at the living room. The furniture was old and starting to fall apart and she really could use a makeover on the whole room paint, maybe new lamps, drape the whole works.

She took pictures of the room and went home to work on the room from her computer; she found paint colors, carpet samples, furniture. Then she printed out everything she thought would work with the room so when she went over the next day she would be able to show Debbie what would make the room look great. Also she had prices and how much her commission would be if she decided to go with the ideas she had in mind.

Meanwhile she was about to lose one of her young admirers to another woman, Doug got home from school and found his family secret passed out drunk on the couch. His mother Diane had a drinking problem that the family did well to hide. He looked down at his mother; she was wearing her pink terry cloth robe which was slightly open. His mother had short red hair and is forty three years old, she had small breast compared to Katie, only 32A, he looked at his mothers bare legs which long and slender. Doug shamefully felt a stirring in his pants, his mother is still an attractive woman and he could not understand what she found in a bottle.

So he took the bottle of bourbon and went out to the kitchen putting in the cabinet, then he locked the back door. He went back out in the living room and locked the front door, then he closed the drapes, that way no one would see his mother like this. When he got back to the couch his mother had turned a little making the robe come loose and open even more. He looked down at his mother he stared at her left breast which was now exposed, her dark pink nipple was very hard and erect. He looked further down and saw her neatly trimmed dark red bush that matched her hair; he looked further down and could see some of her labia.

How passed out is she he wondered as his cock was now very hard and straining to get out, the door was locked so he would have time to get out of the room if his father came home. Plus if his mother was as wasted as she usually was she would not know or remember him exploring her. So he moved the coffee table over a little and knelt beside the couch where she was passed out. He untied her robe gently and opened it up completely, then he gently pushed on her should moving her over onto her back. Both of her small pert breasts were exposed and he better view of her pussy.

Doug gently fondled and played with her breasts and was surprised the more he did the firmer they got and the harder her nipples got, they now stood up as large red erasers. He noticed her lips now slightly parted, getting even bolder he gently pushed her legs apart, he now looked at her pussy, the labia was slightly parted and he could smell its aroma. He put his hand on her slit and ran his fingers up and down the slit, he was surprised she moaned and her pussy started to get wet.

Doug felt like he was on fire, he leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, he swirled his tongue around it. While doing this he gently inserted two fingers into his mother’s pussy, she was very tight and the muscles in her pussy clenched around his fingers as he gently finger fucked his mother. He took his cock out with his hand and began to jerk off, while sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy.

He then realized that all this was not waking her up, so he got up and pulled his jeans off. He got between his mother’s legs on the couch and lined his hard cock up with her pussy. He eased it into the tight orifice inch by inch until he was all the way in; his mother was very tight and wet, pussy squeezed around his cock. Then he gently fucked it in and out of her, he laid down on top of her kissing her neck, her lips, her breasts, the more he fucked her the more her pussy began to loosen a bit, she was so wet you could hear it making squishing sounds.

“Mmmm what’s going on?” He heard his mother groan.

“Oh shit.” Doug said but he was too far gone as his mother eyes popped open, her green eyes shocked to see her son on top of her naked body.

“Oh mom, mom I can’t stop.” He said leaning down and kissing her on the mouth pushing his tongue into her mouth he tasted the bourbon still on her breath.

“No Doug, this is wrong, stop oh stop before its too late.” She murmured weakly and then raised her hands up to his chest to push him off.

“No mom I can’t stop.” He grunted.

He pulled her legs up over his arms and started to drive his cock deeper into her pussy, he could feel the couch cushion give way as he pounded his mother harder. She stopped trying to push him off and moved her hands around her son’s back.

“Oh Doug, it’s been so long, so long since I’ve been fucked like this, escort bayan but it’s so wrong.” She said softly.

“Sorry mom, so sorry.” He said still fucking her.

“Oh god Dougie, your making mommy cum, it’s been so long since I came on a man’s cock, oh god baby oh fuck you mother.” She said urging him on.

Doug could now feel juice pour out of his mother’s pussy as she was having a massive orgasm; she dug her nails into his back. Doug could not take any more either; he tensed up and let out a loud groan as he emptied his balls deep into his mother’s womb. He slowly kept fucking her and kissing her until his cock got completely soft and popped out.

“Mom, I’m sorry I love you so much and you looked so beautiful on the couch, I could not control myself.” He said as he sat up on the couch.

“Oh Doug, oh my poor boy.” She said as she started to sob. “I need to shower.”

She held the robe between her legs so the cum would not run down her leg, and made her way to the shower. Doug grabbed his clothes and went to his room, when his mother was done; he too took a quick shower. His mother got dressed, she was wearing a summer dress, and she did not feel like cooking dinner and ordered Chinese for dinner.

After his father got home they ate quietly, hardly talking at all, after dinner she did the few dishes, her husband was in the living room laying on the couch her and her son sinned on watching television. She went up to her room and put her pajamas on for bed, they were red silk that had buttons in the front. She did now wear anything under them as she loved the feel of the silk against her skin. Once she had them on she went to her son’s room where he was sitting at his computer desk, just wearing a pair of loose gym shorts. She stood in the door way admiring her son’s muscular frame then she went in closing the door behind her.

“Doug we need to talk.” She said.

“Okay Mom, I kind of figured this would come up.” He said as she sat on the bed.

“Doug taking advantage of me because of my little problem was very wrong of you.” She scolded him softly.

“I know mom, I never thought of you that way until I saw how your robe opened on the couch when you were passed out there.” He said. “Your very beautiful mom and you still have a nice body.”

“You know why I drink honey?” She asked.

“No.” He responded.

“For a longtime your father and I have grown distant, we don’t make love anymore and he is cold to me.” She explained. “Then I found out your father’s secret he is having an affair with the wife of his best buddy, she is heavier than me and has large breasts.”

“That asshole.” Doug said.

“Doug he’s still your father. We argued about it, we both came to the agreement that we would stay together for you, but it’s been a cold and loveless marriage, also his buddy’s wife has a few kids so he does not want to raise them or go through the embarrassment of screwing around with his buddy’s wife.” She explained.

“I’m sorry mom.” He said putting his arm around her shoulders.

“I got so lonely and felt sorry for myself so I began to drink to fill the void.” She said. “I decided that I done with that, thanks to you making me feel beautiful again, I dumped out all my booze, and I’m done with it.”

“Oh mom you really mean that?” He said with tears in his eyes.

“Yes I do, I really do.” She said pulling him to her and hugging him.

“I love you mom.” He sniffed as his face was pressed against the soft fabric of her pajama top.

“I love you too Doug.” She sobbed.

Gently he started unbuttoning the top, she did not realize it until he had the last one and he pulled her top open and took a hard nipple of one of her breasts into his mouth. At first she enjoyed the gentle suckle of her son’s mouth and his tongue teasing her sensitive nipple, but she came to her senses and pushed him off.

“Doug we can’t, you father is still up and he could here us and besides that it was wrong what we did today.” She said.

“But mom, you are so beautiful and you said it made you feel good, I love you so much and you deserve to be shown love too.” He told her looking into her eyes.

“Yes but Doug.” She sighed not able to resist her son’s eyes. “This is so wrong, you did make me feel so good, pull your shorts down and lay back on the bed.”

Doug did as he was told and pulled down his short, he lay back down on the bed and his mother stroked his cock with her hand gently. Then she leaned down and kissed it, several times, she then engulfed his cock into her mouth. Doug groaned aloud never thinking how good his mother’s mouth would feel on his solid cock, she sucked him slow and steady, playing with his balls gently as she did.

Doug wanted to cum in the worse way and he could feel a sense of urgency building in his balls, he stated pushing his mother’s head up and down encouraging to suck more of him in and to go at a faster pace.

Soon he held on tight to his mother’s head with escort bayan both hands and let out a loud groan as he emptied his balls into his mother’s eager wet warm mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and held what she couldn’t in her mouth. When her son was done cumming she pulled her mouth off of his cock and swallowed the rest of his cum. She had to admit to herself she could get used to doing this for her son often he tasted way better than his father. After she swallowed the cum she leaned down and licked his cock clean then stood up once she was satisfied she had all of his delicious cum in her belly.

“Mom that was incredible.” He said reaching down to pull up his shorts as she stood there buttoning her pajama top up.

“Thank you.” She said with a smile. “Glad I have not forgotten how to do that.”

“Mom will we?” He asked.

“Yes we will but only if your father is not in the house.” She said knowing full well what he was going to ask when he started to ask it. “Goodnight son.”

“Good night mom.” He said as she left.

For the first time in a longtime his dreams did not feature Katie Jones, instead they were of his mother and the things he would be able to do with her.


Katie went over to Debbie’s to present her with her ideas on the room she wanted redecorated, Debbie loved the ideas and after a couple hours she was able to settle on furniture, colors and styles. Katie then suggested that she do some of the work herself to save a little money on the project and Debbie liked that idea too.

“But my husband does not want to be bothered by this whole project; he is going away this weekend too with his friends for some fishing.” She explained.

“Let me call Chris, I’m sure he would help out.” Katie said pulling out her cell phone and calling her son.

After she talked to her son for a few minutes she was surprised he agreed to helping her out, Debbie is only thirty years old, no kids, around five feet six inches tall, short blonde hair, blue eyes. She has a nice 34C chest that is firm, a nice small ass and great legs. Chris had often lusted for her for since her and her husband had moved into the neighborhood.

“Chris said he would love to help, would your husband be taking his pick up truck?” She asked.

“Oh yes, they are renting an RV for the weekend.” Debbie said.

“Well if you guys take the old furniture to good will yourselves, tear up the old carpet and do the painting, you will save a few hundred dollars rather than hiring anyone to do it.” Katie said.

“Even better, I come in under budget with this project, and then I can use the money I save for clothes.” She said as they both shared a laugh.

“Okay well then I will have Chris come over Saturday morning so you two can get to work and I will go down to the furniture store and a few other places and get your furniture and the other things.” Katie said.

“Sound great after Chris and I take the furniture to good will, we can get the paint and some utility knives at the hardware store.” She said.

Saturday morning came and Chris walked over to Debbie’s to help her around eight in the morning, her husband had left earlier in the morning. He went to ring the doorbell but stopped when she heard her voice speaking loudly.

“Yeah well fuck you asshole, hope you fall in.” She said slamming down the phone.

Finally he rang the bell and she came to answer the door, she looked upset but she invited him in after taking a deep breath. Chris could not get over how hot she looked wearing a skimpy terry cloth shorts and a tight tank top.

“Good morning Chris.” She said. “You didn’t hear that did you?’

“Sorry I did.” He said innocently.

“Sorry too, my husband decides to be an asshole this morning and start a fight with me.” She said. “Well shall we get started with the furniture; I’ll move the truck down the driveway so it is closer.”

While she was out he carried the old easy chair out by himself, then he removed the cushions off the love seat and couch. By the time he got them outside she had the truck where they could load it easy, she came in and helped him move the love seat out and once they got it started on the back of the truck Chris slid it on easy. She struggled with the couch but once they got it started on the truck Chris slid it up onto the back, then he put the cushions on, then the chair, then he put a couple ratchet straps on the load to secure it.

“Wow you are pretty strong.” She said.

“Yeah I lift weights every now and again.” He said as they got into the truck and drove to goodwill.

Chris helped the guys at Goodwill get the truck unloaded and the two of them went to the hardware store to buy cutters, paint brushes, paint and other supplies they would need for the weekend. While they were checking out of the hardware store, she checked a face book update on her phone; it was a picture on her husband’s friend’s page that showed them coming out of a strip club where bayan escort gaziantep they had lunch. Debbie was now pissed off and hurt that she told Chris she wanted to treat him to lunch before they went back to her house.

They had a nice lunch and Debbie had a few drinks to calm her nerves and soften her pissed off mood at her husband. Then she suggested Chris drive and they stopped at a store on the way home to get some bottled water, Chris suggested in her mildly buzzed state a couple six packs of hard lemonade would go good on a day like today. While she was checking out he made his way back out to the truck so not to arouse any suspicion from the check out clerk.

Once she was outside he carried the bag and put them in the back of the truck, then they drove back to her house. He suggested she go in and he would carry everything in. When they got in they started working on tearing up the carpet, Chris remembered everything his father told him and got busy removing it, the only hard part was trying to work and keep his hard on from not being too obvious. As Debbie got on her hands and knees to help him he got a great view of her ass and her tan line as her shorts rode up and a nice view of her cleavage.

After they got the carpet rolled up she went out to the fridge and brought in a six pack of the hard lemonade, Chris dragged it out to the curb by himself when he came in she offered him one and drank one herself. They finished one quickly and then opened another, they began to lay drop cloths and start in on the painting. Chris was surprised to see she was already done with her third one an hour later and he was still nursing his second.

While they were painting between the fumes, the warm day and the alcohol Debbie was feeling lightheaded. She asked Chris if he would like to take a break, they had half the room painted and were further along than she thought they would be.

“Let’s go out to the pool, I’ll be down in a minute or two.” She said.

Chris went outside to the nice in ground pool they had that was surrounded by a patio, he sat down on one of the lounge chairs drinking lemonade. He gasped when she came out the sliding patio door with a tiny yellow bikini on and carrying a bottle of suntan lotion.

“Here you better let me put this on you.” She said. “So you don’t burn.”

She helped him take off his tee shirt and then she put some lotion on his muscular back, then his shoulders and up and down his arms, he had him turn around and put some on his muscular chest and flat stomach. She felt a tingling down in her pussy at running her hands over the firm young body then she got down on the lounge and rubbed some up and down his muscular legs, she was now face to face with his growing bulge in his shorts.

“There, Chris would you be a dear and get me another one of those lemonades from the fridge?” She asked.

“Sure.” He said and was grateful for the opportunity to get inside so he could try to adjust himself.

While he was gone she took the lotion and put some on up and down her arms, the front of her legs, over her firm pert breasts and stomach, then her face. He came back and gave her lemonade and laid down on the adjoining lounge. The two of them made small talk, like what were his plans after high school, did he have a girlfriend, what did she like to do.

“You know what it’s time to flip and take a little nap and snooze off this alcohol.” She said rolling over. She reached back and untied the strings to her top and gave Chris a come hither look. “Would you mine?”

“No not at all.” He gulped taking the hint that she wanted him to do her back.

Chris squirted lotion all over her back and began to slowly massage it in, her skin was soft and smooth to the touch. Rather than tell him to just put the lotion on and go back to his own lounge she allowed him to continue his massage further even though she had more than enough coverage on her back. Chris could not help but to stare intently at how good her ass looked in the bikini as his cock strained hard against his shorts.

“Do my legs now.” She moaned softly.

He put some lotion on the leg furthest from him and rubbed it up and down her leg, he had to change position and she could feel his hard cock pushing against her other leg. He massaged her leg muscles gently and continued to rub up and down them. Then he did the leg closest to him, she moaned softly at how good he was at massaging her legs and how bold he was letting his hand slip to the inside of her thigh. She finally told him that was enough and they both snoozed for an hour and a half in the lounge chairs.

“Whew wake up sleepy head; I’m parched, go see if we got anymore lemonades left?” She said waking up and retying her suit.

He went in and found the last two and brought them out, she drank hers quickly and he did the same, then she got up off of the lounge. She got up on the diving board of the pool and jumped in, then finally resurfacing.

“Get in the water is great and it will cool you off.” She said.

“Okay.” He said.

He got up on the same diving board and did a cannonball landing close by her; she let out a scream and then splashed at him playfully when he came up laughing. The two of them swam around a bit, then she decided to play a game, there was a ball and a basket floating in the pool.

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