Kayla Ch. 01


For my first six months in the gym, a girl I saw working out was one I assumed I should avoid. She was always alone, some earbuds plugged into her head and doing a lightweight machine press. She definitely had some black in her genes, maybe a quarter or half. At her early to mid twenties, she was fit, but not the kind of fit where you can see her ribs nor was she a muscled androgyne. Her exposed belly looked toned and her sports bra struggled to hide a heavy pair of teats. I say teats because if the imprint of her engorged nipples said anything, it was that she could nurse lucky child some day.

She never said anything to me or smiled or even looked in my direction. I don’t blame her I suppose, I came into the gym a scrawny guy and I wasn’t really cleared of that description now either. I was just an accomplished STEM major who figured I should round off my smarts with a fit body. But I think I was almost nuking my progress with how much I stared at girls. Especially the ones who almost seemed like they were begging for attention. Like the brown bunny I had here.

Today I was celebrating my first article in an actual academic journal, an accomplishment worthy of local news. It turned into laziness in the gym that night. I’d been absent mindedly sneaking peaks at her doing her bodyweight squats and couldn’t help but admire the ludicrous orbs of fat she packed into her gray leggings.

Tonight I was doing these halfassed tricep extensions at a machine while I looked at her descend her ass in another squat. It seemed to get larger the deeper into them she went. The pathetic fabric spread at the seams and if I was just a little bit closer I could have seen her mulatto cheeks. She pushed her ass up out of the hole with little effort and then I realized she had her eyes on mine via the mirror she was using.

Shit. I quickly turned back to my reps. I felt horrible. There are stories you see on the internet about perverts like me.

I turned and was leaving the machine when I heard her footsteps behind me. “Hey,” she said for the first time.

This was it. Now it was time to be the next creeper blog post. I turned around. “Hello.”

“Could you spot me?” she said.

I thought stupidly for a second. I had never been this close to her and now I got a good look at her strange features. Her african features blended with her anglo ones perfectly. Her lips were pink and xslot voluptuous, her brown hair was curled and wrapped up with care. Her caramel skin was damp with sweat that poured into her ample bosom.

Fuck, I was supposed to be answering her. “Okay”.

She smiled all white and and turned around to walk to the squat rack, one ass cheek heaving up while the other went down.

She already had the olympic barbell on her shoulders by the time I got there and for a long moment I paused, unsure of how to handle spotting a girl. I had spotted my friend at the gym before and him me, but reaching your arms around a stranger didn’t sound easy.

“Come on,” she said. “I don’t bite.”

I walked up to her and hovered my arms around her. Not one part of us touched.

She smirked and lifted the barbell out of the iron teeth and backed into me. Her ass hit me first. My penis was enveloped in a sudden warmth and twitched assertively.

“Hold on to me now,” she said in a motherly tone.

I put hands around her bare belly, above the button.

“A little higher. Little more.”

My forearms were now up against the alcove of her underbust. I felt the weight of whatever the sports bra couldn’t hold.

Now she began to squat. My penis was fully erect in my shorts now. It was pointing somewhat up towards the ceiling, the underside and glans rubbed against her firm rear. I hoped to hell she didn’t notice. This may be the one time I was glad I wasn’t crazily endowed. As we pushed out of the hole, she puffed out a grunt.

And then we went down again, and she grunted again. But after a few reps, I noticed something eerily submissive about her grunts. As my dick was carefully massaged by her ass, I realized that the noises she was making had more in common with sex than lifting. Her face looked like she was having her inner walls pushed in by a thick cock. Which sometimes looks the same as it does when working out, but how could I tell?

“Ooh,” she said. I looked at her in the mirror in slight confusion and she quickly composed herself and went back to grunting like a normal weightlifter does.

When her set was over she racked the weight and sighed. “Do I look good now?”

“Uh, yeah. Definitely.”

She was grinning. “You know you don’t need to be embarassed, right?”

I looked away. She laughed.

Soon it was time xslot Giriş for her last set. It was the same routine, except this time my dick somehow found its way in between her ass cheeks. Like a hot dog separated by proxies of polyester. I was going to move my dick out of there when she clenched her ass and seized my shaft. Then she loosened up and moved her vice further up my dick to where I would most enjoy it and tensed again. She repeated this while furtively disguising her pleasure as exhaustion.

“Oh, God,” I whispered finally.

She playfully hushed me. A gym employee was near us now, racking abandoned weights onto their machines. Closing time.

When her set was over she looked back and said “thanks”. Like this was all some inside joke. I had been brought to the brink of orgasm and my pants were tented hopelessly.

“No problem…” I said as I backed away. I turned and made my way to the gym shower.

I took off my clothes and turned on the hot water. I put my hands on the ceramic wall and just let the water roll over my back.

I was studying my erect dick like this when I heard the curtain slide behind me. I turned around.

It was her standing there, naked. Her DD cups were hanging full and proud and her black nipples looked like diamond cutters. She had a smug expression on her face.

“You had a hard workout,” she purred. “Let me take care of that.”

I was saying “Hey, wait a moment” when she came on me with the confidence of a demon. Stepping in the falling water with me, she wrapped a thick leg around mine and reached down and effortlessly helped my dick into her oven warm vagina.

I was pinned against the cold wall. Her fat ass was jiggling and clapping as she forced her tight canal up and down on me.

The squishes and slaps of wet penetration was audible to anyone near the showers. She was moaning like a small animal.

I held her shoulders. “Stop. You’re going to get us kicked out of here.”

I think you could see it in my face. The seriousness and fear I had clenched my teeth in was being overwhelmed by carnal bliss. Men were simply not built to resist this. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the pleasure.

Her impressive tits were pressed against my chest and held there. I reached behind her to grab two handfuls of ass and pushed myself into her even faster. She responded xslot Yeni Giriş to my efforts with an even louder moan. This passion went on for a few minutes.

She planted a kiss on me with her full lips and stuck her tongue in my mouth without slowing down her thrusting. And then she put her mouth to my ear and whispered something.


“You ever breed with a stranger before?”

“Breed? What, are you…?”

“Nope,” she giggled.

I had stopped doing my share of thrusting but she was more than happy to take the wheel again. In my denial I had thought maybe she was on the pill and was having fun, but no. This bitch was crazy and I could feel my baby batter being summoned into my shaft, pending my climax.

Her vagina had somehow not lost its grip in all this water. Her entire vulva stretched out as she lifted herself out to my glans. As if there were some glue holding me inside.

I wanted to say no. I wanted to say stop, or push her off of me. But I couldn’t. I started to go into denial, like maybe after this next thrust, I can take one more. All the while she just pounded into me, comitted to getting my spunk.

“You gonna give me a smart baby, aren’t you?” she said. I thought nothing of it. And then I realized she somehow saw my academic journal article and in her crazy ass mind picked me for this shit.

But I was still procrastinating. All the brains in the world, and I was submitting to mindless hedonism. I had still convinced myself I wasn’t at the edge yet when she came.

“Just let it go,” she cried. She got even tighter, and it hit me like a brick. Her walls tugged even harder on me. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I made an embarrassingly effeminate whine as my remaining energy seemed to be converted into jizz and unloaded into this naked, smiling stranger. My balls contracted with an “ugh!” from me and expanded, only to contract again. With each spurt, I convulsed. I took a tight hold of her drenched, slippery body.

“Yes,” she hissed. The girl did her kegels, determined to pull out every single drop of spunk she could get. I sighed and rested my chin on her shoulder, absolutely spent.

“You nut like a man. Oh…my name’s Kayla. If you were wondering.”

“I’m Colin, I said as I slid out of her and slid down the bathroom wall. I sat on my ass, the water still falling on me. Kayla turned the tap with a squeak and the shower quit. She went outside the shower and came back with a towel. A line of my seed had run down her leg.

“Don’t be afraid to ask next time.”

In between deep breaths I said thanks.

She left. By the time I got dressed she was already gone.

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