Kelli, Mukimi , The Lakehouse Pt. 02


Hi all Mark here. You can read about my first encounter with Kelli- see Sand. There is a part one of this story- Kelli, Mukimi & The Lake House I where we all three have fun. This story I get to know Mukimi better, much better. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

I awoke with Mukimi’s arm across my chest and Kelli gone. It was well past sun-up and memories of the previous day or two flooded my mind. I had picked up Kelli at a train station and she had spent a steamy night at my apartment. The next day we went to pick up Mukimi and came here, Mukimi’s lake house. Last night was my first threesome with her and Kelli! What an unforgettable experience! I wondered where Kelli was but I did not want to awaken Mukimi. A little while later Mukimi awoke and kissed me good morning.

“Where’s Kelli?” I asked.

“I sleep so light. I awoke when she climbed out of bed. She said she had some work to attend to. She went down stairs before the sun came up. How are you?”

“Okay. I’m good. You doing okay?”

“Feeling playful,” she said kissing me again. “What do you think?”

“Tell me more.”

She started kissing my cheeks and mouth with small quick kisses and pushing her naked, warm body more into mine. I got hard right away and my hand moved from her nipple, down her stomach and between her legs. I started fingering inside her gently as my mouth took in one of her big nipples. She moaned softly. I took off the blanket and kissed all the way down her stomach, inner thighs. I spread her apart and gently flicked her and sucked engorged clit as her juices washed over my face. Soon she was grinding her hips against my face, moaning loudly. My hard on was about to burst. I kissed my way back up her stomach, breasts, nipples and face. She looked into my eyes smiling as I eased inside her. Before long I was pumping pretty strong when she forced me over rolling on top. I didn’t miss a beat as she reared up working her hips up and down. It was now her turn to pump away as I massaged her big, bouncing tits. We both came hard with intense morning orgasms. She collapsed onto my chest breathing hard.

“Oh, Mark I hope I have not wore you out already! Kelli would be so disappointed. I would too!”

“I’ll be okay. Guess we should go find her.”

Mukimi got off the bed and I got to admire her large, athletic, brown body in the warm, morning sunlight. She put on a short, thin, pink nightie with her monstrous nipples sticking out clearly visible through the material. It was so short it covered only the top part of her ass and some of her pubes in front. I dressed light only in my underwear. I followed Mukimi downstairs.

There was Kelli sitting at the table in her thin, red, silk robe staring into her computer. She was smaller than Mukimi and I, short jet-black hair and flawless white skin. Upon seeing us she stood, robe undone, no underwear either revealing a dark triangle of pubic hair. I liked this morning no underwear trend! I was thinking what a weekend this was going to be when I realized something was wrong.

“I’m so sorry guys but I’m going to have to leave.” Kelli said almost in tears.

“What’s wrong dear?” Mukimi said rushing over.

“I’m okay. A work emergency has come up. Mukimi, is the heliport at the Retreat usable?”

“Oh no! Of course it is. When do you need to go?”


“We have time for a good breakfast,” Mukimi said hugging Kelli “Mark, will you help me?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry we have to cut the weekend short Kelli.”

“I have to go, you two don’t.”

“Oh Mark. I hope you will stay with me!” Mukimi said.

“I’ll be glad to, Mukimi.”

I got started cooking while Mukimi went back upstairs to shower and put on some clothes. Kelli was down. She came over to me and gave me a tight hug. Her silk robe and bare skin felt good against me but it was not a “I want to have sex kind of hug.” I just held her until she let go and then I continued cooking. Mukimi came back down in a flowery sundress. I let her take over the cooking and followed Kelli upstairs to shower and dress. Kelli looked like a business executive and I looked like a summertime beach nerd.

“A business outfit is a part of any packing I do. These things happen Mark.”

“I look silly standing next to you!”

“I’ll look xslot more silly on the boat ride back!”

She was in a better mood at least.

“Food is ready!” Mukimi shouted from downstairs.

We went downstairs, ate with Mukimi and made the best of it. Outside was a perfect summer day, a great day for a boat ride. I carried Kelli’s bag and Kelli carried her computer laptop locked in a case slung over her shoulder. She did look completely out of place on the beautiful speedboat. We had plenty of time so Mukimi took it slow. The Russo Retreat (a meeting place for Mukimi’s father’s businesses) was just as empty as when we got there the day before. Mukimi told us the heliport was on the opposite side and we should take the Cherokee. Kelli and I waited while she went to get it.

“I still feel bad Mark.”

“Life, work, stuff happens,” I replied.

“When I get back, let’s go to the beach. Just you and I.”

Kelli was an old family friend and we had hooked up on a beach trip with my parents a few months before. Yes, it was awkward and weird. We still managed to have some delightful sex.

“Yeah, that would be more fun than last time. Mukimi?”

“She could come too. We did have a lot of fun last night didn’t we?”

“I though so!”

“Take good care of her when I’m gone. She has little free time and even less fun if you know what I mean,” Kelli said.

“I’ll do my best.”

“You will be good for her Mark.”

Kelli smiled and caressed my face. Mukimi came back in the Cherokee and took us across the campus to the helipad. The AC felt great ant it would have been a pretty long walk. This was better for Kelli I thought. We did not have to wait long. Whoever Kelli worked for believed in timeliness. Twelve PM and a large business helicopter touched down. We were far enough away to not be blasted by the prop-wash. Two quick hugs and Kelli was gone. Mukimi took my hand as we watched the helicopter lift off and fade into the sky.

“Mukimi do you know who or what she works for?” I asked.

Mukimi looked pensive a moment, then said, “No one. She’s an independent operator. She contracts out with several global intelligence agencies. That’s all I know.”

“That’s more than I knew. Sounds interesting. I guess Kelli knows what she’s doing.”

It was difficult to get my head around Kelli, the same woman who made me hot coco when I was little, doing that kind of work. But then I just had a threesome with her and Mukimi. Anything is possible I guess.

Mukimi squeezed my hand. “Hey, I know a good Mexican place for lunch. I want to get to know you better. You like Mexican?”

“Yes. I’m buying.”

“Okay!” She smiled.

I followed Mukimi back to the Cherokee and could not help but notice the white sundress was almost see-through in the bright mid-day sun. The back of her bra and panties were clearly visible. Her curly, long, black, brown and silver hair bounced playfully with each step she took. She may have been fifteen or so years older than me but her shape did not show it. She took us to a small Mexican restaurant. On the way was the familiar touching of my arm, hand and leg, l reciprocated. The trip was too short. There were just a few fellow diners here and there. The place was quiet with friendly staff. We sat across from each other in a booth near the back feasting on fish tacos, tamales, and burritos. The margaritas were not bad either. I could not take my eyes off her deep red lips every time she took a sip. We ordered one more drink.

“Mark I’m so happy you decided to stay with me!” Mukimi said beaming.

“Thanks for the invite! We’ll both miss Kelli. I’m looking for more fun on the boat and back at the lake house. I’m glad Kelli introduced us.”

“I am too. You are different from most men I meet,” she said in a serious tone.

“In what way?”

“Where I work, mostly in poor African countries, men want to try and control me. They think if I have sex with them, they can suddenly tell me what to do. No, no, no. I do not work that way. You know how I fixed it?”


“I got a girlfriend, Anna!’ She laughed and continued, “Sadly, she cannot come here. Well, I guess she could but it would take forever, immigration.”

I lifted my drink, “To Anna who xslot Giriş cannot be with us.”

“To Anna!” Mukimi said clinking my glass.

“Yes, you are different in another way,” she said.

“And that would be?”

“You don’t ask me for anything. You have not asked for a job, money, connections, anything. And you are the first man to buy me a meal in a very long time!” She was brimming with happiness.

“Yeah, I like to make my own way. Buying a meal is the least I can do.”

“I can tell we can have all the fun in the world and still be really good friends. Do you have a regular girlfriend?”

“Not right now. I love Kelli but not like a girlfriend. It’s kind of strange.”

“Yes, she told me. She cares for you very much you know.”

“Yeah, it’s weird. But in a good way.”

“Let’s head back to the lake. I have a surprise for you.”

“Uh oh!”

Mukimi tried to pay but I insisted and took care of the bill with a good tip. It wasn’t Mukimi had money issues, quite the opposite. Mukimi’s family had won the game of capitalism. Mukimi’s parents were billionaires, owning a number of multinational corporations, and Mukimi took advantage of her first class English education. She had opened a string of schools and universities across some of the poorest countries in Africa. I did not want to be a total freeloader.

We made a quick stop at the grocery store, picked up some cookout food and a cooler. We still got back to the lake with much of the afternoon left. It was fun tooling around on the boat with Mukimi. Riding next to her, I could not help stealing glances down the front of her dress. Her ample cleavage and boobs bounced along as we went. We beached the boat here and there to do a little hand in hand walking in the woods. She talked. I listened. All of the area around the two lakes belonged to Mukimi’s family and they kept it undeveloped. The world needs more natural spaces Mukimi told me. It was now late in the afternoon and we were back on the boat.

“Now, I’m going to take you someplace special,” she told me with a smile.

“Being with you is special enough,” I answered truthfully.

“Aww, you are so sweet. I think you will like this, love.”

“Let’s go.”

Mukimi took me to a small dock I had not seen yet. Not far up on the bank was a tiny cabin by itself. A simple dirt path connected them. We got the boat tied up and took everything up to the cabin, which was unlocked.

“Hello?” Mukimi said opening the door.

No answer.

“Nobody should be here Mark. I wanted to be sure.”

The place was sparse, a kitchen living area, a small bathroom with a shower and a little bedroom. I followed her lead and also took off my shoes and socks. The wood floor felt cool to my feet. Mukimi and I opened the windows to let in the fresh summertime air. I helped her put away the food and make the small bed. It seemed everything was done and we were standing in the living room area. There was no TV or other distractions here, except for books.

“What a neat place, Mukimi!”

“When I visit the lake alone, I come here. It’s a great place to relax, think or bring a very special guest.”

“Look at the lake, so still. A swim before dinner, clothing optional?” I asked.

“Ooh, now you are thinking!” She said pulling the sundress off over her head.

I looked at her now only wearing her white bra and panties. I pulled off my shirt and pants.

“Your turn!”

She reached behind her back and undid her bra and slowly let it fall to the floor. Her body was large but strong with very little fat. She looked like a work of art slowly turning to face me. She smiled mischievously and rolled he shoulders causing her large, natural, boobs to roll. A few stretch marks and a little sag only made her sexier in my eyes. I yanked down my underwear and dashed past Mukimi running down the path to the lake. She took down her panties and I could hear her on my heels! Without thinking, I dove in off the pier! “Deep enough?” my mind flashed! Thankfully, it was. I surfaced just in time to see Mukimi arching past me, her naked silhouette against the twilight sky. She came up laughing and splashing. We swam and played around as the sun completely sat. In the darkness, Mukimi xslot Güncel Giriş called me to the dock.

“Come here Mark.” Her voice was soft and serious.

I came over and she took me in her powerful arms squeezing me tight. My lips found hers. I had been dying to kiss her again all day. Her tongue made it’s way into my mouth. Our hands eagerly explored each other and my erection pushed between her thighs. I massaged her breasts and rolled her huge nipples gently.

“Oh, fuck me Mark.”

Mukimi let go of me and climbed onto the dock staying on all fours. In the darkness I could only see the outline of her body. I pulled myself out and thank goodness it was a very warm night. I ran the tip of my cock up and down the crack of her ass. I eased into her asshole just a little and she winced a little and gently pulled away. I repositioned myself to fuck her pussy better. This time when I entered, she pushed into me with a satisfying deep sigh.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck you all day,” Mukimi said.

I grabbed her big hips and pulled her in as far as I could go. She let out a shriek of joy. Her pussy was tight and hot. I took my time working slow savoring the time inside her.

“Ohh, that’s so good!” She more moaned more than said.

I started fucking her faster trying to ignore my knees now hurting resting on the corner of two boards. We both moaned loudly into the dark night. I felt my back contract as I began shooting into her. I kept coming longer than usual. By now my knees were screaming for relief. I finished and laid down on my side next to Mukimi, spent and panting. She turned on her side facing me. I could see her clearly in the moonlight.

“Oh my knees!” She gasped out.

“Me too!”

Both her knees had a small trickle of blood from scraping on a board edge. One of mine did too. We stayed there laughing for awhile. Finally, I got up and offered my hand.

“Need help?”

“No young man. I think I can manage.”

We walked hand in hand back to the little cabin. Mukimi pulled out a couple of terrycloth robes for us to wear from the bedroom closet.

“I’m starving Mark! Let’s cook. The grill is outside,’ Mukimi said.

We moved two outdoor chairs from the porch and took out time making hotdogs and burgers under a lantern in the moonlight. The good smells from the grill mixed with the fresh night air. Summertime insects sung to us and I felt like we were the only people on Earth. The night was clear and bright but the trees blocked out most of the stars. We talked, enjoyed our food and drank a few beers well into the night.

“I’m ready for bed,” Mukimi said at last.

“Me too,” I answered.

We cleaned up the area and put out the lantern. I followed her back inside. Cool night air flowed through the open windows, perfect sleeping weather. We took off our robes and got under the soft sheets. We started caressing each other and kissing. Her warm body pushed into me and I started to get hard.

“Ooh, we cannot let this go to waste,” Mukimi said.

She got on top and eased me insider her. She rode me slowly softly moaning as I massaged her titties and caressed her sides. I guess I was pretty tired. It did not take me long to cum. We slept well.

We awoke midmorning and had another round of fantastic lovemaking. Then we put on our clothes from yesterday and got to work. I helped Mukimi close the windows, take the linens off the bed and a do little cleaning. There was no more food here at the little cabin. So we got on the boat and headed back to the lake house. There, we showered, dressed in clean clothes and ate a huge brunch. Mukimi said she could use the next day to catch up on some work and asked if I minded cutting is short a day. I was pretty sexed out, even for a young college guy. We cleaned the lake house, it did not need much and got on the boat for one last ride. She and I worked well together and I enjoyed her company. She drove us back to her house. It was late afternoon by the time we got back.

“Would you like to stay with me tonight?”

I was ready to get back to my own world. “No, I should get home but thanks for such an awesome time!”

“I don’t leave for another few weeks. If you want to get together, call me.”

She handed me a business card with only her name, a number and an email.

“I will. Kelli mentioned a beach trip sometime. Interested?”

“When we are all together again sure!”

With that, I left. It was a great time but I was glad to be headed home.

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