Kelly MacGuire – Lincoln Park Mommy Ch. 05

Adriana Sage

A week later, Dan was on his way home from the office when his phone chirped. Taking it out of his suit-coat pocket, he immediately recognized the number and answered the call.”I’m surprised to hear from you so soon,” he said without preamble.”Disappointed?” came Kelly’s little-girl voice.”Not at all,” he laughed. “I should have said, ‘pleasantly surprised.’ I didn’t think I’d hear from you for a few weeks at least, that’s all.””Well, I have the night free, so I thought I’d give you a call.””Oh? And how did that happen?” Dan inquired, his hand moving to his cock to adjust it as it began to swell.”Mike’s away on business, and my mom and dad have Evelyn for the weekend. They thought I might need a break.””How interesting.””Mmm, and convenient. I guess I do need a break, but what I really need is your cock slamming into me.””Sir,” Dan said, addressing the Uber driver, “Change of plans. Take me to Armitage and Sheffield instead, please.” Returning his attention to Kelly, he said, “How’s five minutes?””See you soon,” she responded and then disconnected the call.Traffic delayed Dan’s arrival at the MacGuire residence. While he sat in the back of the Uber, he wondered what Kelly had in store for him tonight. He had only been with her a few times, but he was quickly becoming obsessed with her. Her lush body was intoxicating, he thought to himself, seeing in his mind’s eye her massive tits smashed into his face, her hairless cunt stroking up and down on his cock. Her face, so angelic and naturally beautiful, belied the slut that underlay her innocent exterior. Her filthy mouth, enhanced by the experiences she so willingly shared with Dan, never failed to thrill him.Dan was pulled from his reverie when the Uber pulled up to the curb and deposited him on the corner of Sheffield and Armitage. He walked the few blocks to Kelly and Mike’s walk-up and rang the doorbell. Before Kelly answered the door, Dan knew he would be greeted by one of two images: the typical Lincoln Park mother, or the slut wife. He didn’t really care which, for each would add a great deal of fuel to the fire already burning between his legs. On this night, however, when Kelly opened the door, he was faced with Lincoln Park mommy, which suited him just fine.Kelly stood there in the doorway, one hand on her hip, one leg bent at the knee and cocked out. Her tits were encased – braless, it appeared – in a mango-colored silk blouse, her ass and shapely legs in white denim jeans. She wore a pair of Mary Jane flats on her feet. A heart pendant hung from her neck, tasteful diamond studs glittered in her ears, and, of course, her engagement and wedding rings flashed on the hand at her hip. She was, in Dan’s estimation, the epitome of the urban professional mom, and exuded an innocent beauty that was unparalleled.The first words out her mouth, however, dispelled any notion of purity: “Ready to pound my cunt?” she asked with a dirty smile, taking Dan’s hand and pulling him into the home.”Not worried about the neighbors this time?” Dan inquired as he kicked the door shut and was led toward the back of the house.With a chuckle and a shrug, Kelly responded in the negative. “Nobody pays any attention to anyone else down here. If we lived in the suburbs, I’d be concerned, but not in the city.” As she led Dan through the first floor of the walk-up, she continued: “Only one neighbor has ever said anything to me, a guy who used to live across the street in one of the apartments. He conned me into fucking him a few times.” She paused for a few seconds. “Not that it really took any effort on his part,” she reflected. “I would have fucked him anyway if he’d asked. But he only lived there for another few months and moved away, and I never heard from him again.””You never cease to amaze me. What a slut,” Dan responded as Kelly pushed him back onto the couch in the television room and climbed up on his lap, her knees straddling his waist and her arms wrapping around his neck.”You don’t know the half of it,” she said, moving her pink-painted lips to nibble on his ear, and then slipping her warm, soft tongue in his mouth.Dan moaned a barely audible “mmm” with that, and Kelly reached beneath her to unbuckle his belt and unzipped the fly. She pulled away and stood up, pulling off his shoes and then his pants, taking his boxers with them. Her eyes shone brightly at the sight of his cock standing tall. Anxious to get it inside her, she quickly kicked her shoes off into the corner of the room and wiggled her own pants and thong down over her trim hips and off her legs. As she climbed back on Dan’s lap, he could see the slickness that had formed on her bare pussy lips, and then felt the heat from them as they made contact with his cock.She rocked her hips back and forth a few times, causing Dan’s engorged cock to course through the slick channel formed by her glistening cunt lips, ensuring that her wetness fully coated the shaft upon which she was about to impale herself. Their shirts were still on, but with Dan’s fingers pulling at her nipples through the silk blouse, Kelly rose up and let the cock penetrate her unfaithful pussy, whispering in Dan’s ear at the same time. “You know what’s really slutty, though?” she intoned, sliding down on the invading cock with a grunt. “Getting fucked by a stranger when you’re on your honeymoon.”***The Four Seasons on Bora Bora is incredible. Not an easy place to get to from Chicago, but fabulous nonetheless. Three days after their wedding, Kelly and Mike boarded an American Airlines flight first-class to Los Angeles and, after a few-hour stopover, on to Papeete, on the tropical island of Tahiti. Their layover there was a bit longer before they hopped a puddle jumper to Bora Bora. The resort had a water shuttle waiting for them, which transported them across the lagoon to the property. Upon arrival and check-in, they were taken by golf cart to their over-water bungalow with a mostly şişman gaziantep escort western view of the Pacific Ocean’s horizon.There was not a great deal to do at the Four Seasons, other than rest and relax, but that is precisely what the newlyweds wanted for the first part of their honeymoon. The months leading up to the wedding had been hectic and filled with wedding-related activities and tasks. Stress accompanied all of this, so Mike and Kelly decided that the first ten days of their honeymoon would be spent doing nothing. After this relaxation period, the couple was to move on to Australia for a week.Thus, they spent the first few days on the resort sleeping, eating, drinking, and tanning on their private terrace, only rarely venturing from the confines of the bungalow. After they adjusted to local time – and after they had fucked each other out – they visited the other parts of the resort, and spent time on the beach and at the resort pool. There, they met a German couple that was also on their honeymoon and an older Australian couple that was simply on vacation.Mike and Kelly really hit it off with the Australians, Ian and Stephanie, and even had dinner with them on the fifth night of their honeymoon. The following day, they saw Ian and Stephanie again at the pool and joined them for a few late afternoon cocktails before retiring to their bungalow for room service.After the fuck frenzy of the first few days of the honeymoon, Mike seemed less inclined towards sex, and Kelly often found herself, as they sat by the pool, observing other males – guests and employees alike – as they moved around them. She would see a waiter bringing a drink to someone across the pool from them and wonder if he was a good fuck. Was he adventurous? Did he possess a cunt-stretching cock? Would he spank her and call her names? Kelly’s pussy dampened at the idea.So on the seventh day, with Mike having not fucked her pussy for the last forty-eight hours and bringing his beautiful wife to orgasm only once in the last twenty-four hours, Kelly desperately needed to have her hole plugged. She and Mike awoke around 9:30 and went to the open-air restaurant for breakfast. She planned to drag him back to the bungalow for a quickie before they settled in on the beach for the day. However, as soon as they were seated, Ian and Stephanie entered and saw them sitting alone.”Mind if we join you?” Stephanie asked, in that Australian accent Kelly was beginning to find so annoying.She shot Mike a look that, if he had seen it, would have said, ‘Don’t you dare.’ Unfortunately for Mike, though, he didn’t catch it.”Not at all. Kelly and I just sat down. We haven’t even ordered yet.” With that, Ian and Stephanie sat down and poured themselves cups of coffee, while Kelly’s mind began to sulk.”We really don’t mean to intrude, you know. We know you’re on your honeymoon, but we just enjoy your company so much,” Stephanie explained.”No bother at all, Stephanie,” Kelly responded, hiding her true feelings on that matter. “Mike and I have the rest of our lives together. We’ve been having fun with you.”‘True,’ Kelly thought, but she didn’t want to have fun with them right now. ‘Right now, I want to get breakfast in my stomach, and then cock in my cunt.’”Well, what do you newlyweds have planned for today?” Ian asked.’No cock, apparently,’ Kelly thought wryly.”I wanted to go to Vaitape and check it out, maybe do a little shopping, get lunch, but Kelly would rather lie around again. So…we haven’t decided yet,” Mike said.”Me, too. We’ve been here a few times, but have never made it over to town. Ian never wants to go, so I always miss out.””Well, if you want, you can join us,” Mike offered to Stephanie.”No, no. I can’t do that; I won’t do that. You two need your time.””Nonsense,” Kelly cut in. “Why don’t the two of you go, and Ian and I will stay here and lounge. Since neither one of us apparently cares to visit town.” Mike and Ian both shrugged, and with that, it was settled. If Mike knew that his nonchalance had paved the way for his bride to transform herself into the slut she’d skillfully hidden from him, he may have thought twice before allowing her to stay at the resort alone with Ian. But alas, it was not to be, and Kelly felt butterflies in her stomach.After finishing their breakfast, Mike and Stephanie returned to their respective bungalows, changed, and gathered the things they needed for the day. They returned to the restaurant where Kelly and Ian were finishing their coffee and said their goodbyes. After they left, Kelly and Ian left the restaurant and set up two poolside lounges. Bathing suits on and lotion (or, in Kelly’s case, oil) applied, they lounged away the morning, alternately sleeping and reading books or magazines.Ian couldn’t help but occasionally stare at Kelly from behind his sunglasses. ‘What a body,’ he thought to himself. She was wearing an aqua-blue bikini made from some shiny material that glimmered when she moved. It barely covered her body, tanned as it was from six days of South Pacific sun, giving Ian a full view of her massive tits bulging out the sides. Her nipples were clearly defined by the material that hugged her chest, as was her bare pussy. Once, when Kelly swung around on the chaise lounge to adjust her position, her legs parted and Ian expected to see the telltale bulge of camel-toe. But it wasn’t there. He surmised – correctly it turns out – that Kelly’s pussy was free of pubic hair. The image of the young newlywed on all fours, him fucking her from behind, caused a stirring in his groin. Ian loved his wife, but he’d strayed a few times and would not miss the opportunity to enjoy Kelly’s obscene body if given the chance.At around 1:00, the pool waiter stopped by and asked if they wanted lunch served. After ordering, they struck up a casual conversation about the beauty of the Four Seasons gaziantep şişman escort and the South Pacific in general.”I agree,” said Ian. “I only wish we had booked earlier. It seems every time we fly over here, the bungalows out at the end of the piers are booked. We’ve never stayed in one; we always stay closer to the beach. It’s not bad, but I’d much rather stay way out there.””That’s where we are. I love it, waking up each morning to the sounds of the ocean splashing against the piers. Looking out the window and seeing nothing but ocean. It’s incredible and quiet. And the sunset? I mean…I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. You and Stephanie should come out one afternoon. We can have cocktails on the terrace and order a few appetizers through room service. It’s truly amazing.””Sounds like a good idea,” Ian said as their lunch arrived.After they finished their lunch, Kelly reached into her bag and pulled out her bottle of tanning oil, intending to re-apply. “Rats,” she muttered. Ian looked up from the book he had returned to. “I’m out of oil,” she said to his inquiring look. “I’ll be back in a few minutes. I have another bottle in the room.” Kelly got to her feet and started walking down the beach toward one of the piers that held the bungalows. After a few steps, she turned back to Ian. “Want to go with me? It’s not sunset of course, but the view is still pretty awesome,” she teased in a sing-song voice, tilting her head from side to side.Ian again looked up from his book and, staring at the flat, tanned stomach and bulging tits of the little blonde newlywed, quickly agreed. As he and Kelly padded along the pier toward Kelly and Mike’s bungalow, they were quiet. Ian was simply enjoying the sun and the breeze and the smells, but Kelly’s mind was in overdrive.In fact, she had not run out of tanning oil, but it was the easiest way, she thought, to get Ian back to her bungalow. That part had gone fine, but now her mind was trying to figure out how to get his cock in her quivering cunt. Should she give him a signal and let him run with it? Or should she seduce him? And when were their spouses going to be back? Did she even have time for subtle signals or seduction?These thoughts swirled through her mind as they walked along the pier. Before she could resolve any of the conundrums, they arrived at her and Mike’s bungalow. She keyed the door open and Ian followed her in. She left him standing in the living area, and went into the bedroom, and found a new bottle of tanning oil. When she returned to the living area, Ian was standing at the sliding doors to the terrace, staring out across the lagoon and over the vast Pacific Ocean, his back to her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” she asked. Ian murmured his assent without turning around.’Fuck it,’ Kelly thought. ‘This is how this is going to work.’ Walking toward the couch and coffee table, she pulled the small triangles of her bikini top to the side, causing her tits to pop out. They bulged up and out, forced together by the tight top, and created a deep cleavage. Her thick, pink nipples quickly hardened in the cool, conditioned air.As Ian continued to stare out at the ocean, Kelly sat atop the glass-topped coffee table and straddled it, placing her feet on opposite sides of the table, spreading her legs lewdly. After pulling the small, aqua-colored triangle aside, exposing her bald cunt, she quickly grabbed the bottle of oil and liberally squirted it against her exposed tits. The oil ran down her breasts and through her cleavage, covering her taut stomach and exposed pussy, and she spread it evenly over the front side of her body with her hands. All in all, Kelly looked like a porn star about to go on set, rather than a newlywed on her honeymoon.”Did I tell you about the glass-topped coffee table?” she said in a sultry voice that barely eclipsed a whisper.When Ian turned around, he was stunned at the vision before him. Her deeply tanned body glistening in the liberal amount of oil that covered it, Kelly sat there on the coffee table, leaning back on her outstretched arms. Her lightly muscled legs were spread wide, exposing her bald pussy. Her back was arched, causing her tan-lined, oily, bulging tits to point to the ceiling. “Jesus Christ,” he said in a whisper.When Kelly beckoned him closer with her manicured finger, Ian walked toward the coffee table, almost tripping over an ottoman that sat in front of an easy chair. As he approached the table, he made like he was going to crawl between Kelly’s legs and fasten his mouth to her cunt. “No, no. Up here,” Kelly said, crooking a manicured finger at him again. Ian walked around the side of the table so that he was standing at Kelly’s side. Her baby-blue eyes staring up at him, her left hand reached out to untie the string that held his bathing suit in place. Accomplishing that, she roughly pulled the suit down so that it fell to his feet. Kelly then let her eyes slowly drop from Ian’s face, down his muscular chest, to the cock she was about to swallow.The sight of the fat cock left the woman trembling and she chewed her lower lip. Her left hand encircling the cock, her pretty pink lips opening in anticipation, Kelly leaned to her right and took half of Ian’s eight-inch cock in her mouth. Moans escaping the seal formed between her soft lips and Ian’s turgid cock, Kelly began bobbing her head back and forth, up and down, eventually engulfing the entirety of the invading phallus. Occasionally, her tongue broke the seal and snuck out, and the underside of Ian’s cock ran along it as he thrust his hips at the beautiful bride’s face. The flickering tongue allowed Kelly’s saliva to escape her mouth, and it dripped from her lips and down her chin; it formed a little puddle on the floor of the bungalow.”My God,” Ian exclaimed. “That feels so fucking good. Keep sucking.” Kelly, for her part, had gaziantep şişman escort bayan no intention of stopping just yet, and continued bobbing her head on Ian’s cock, her left hand alternately squeezing then stroking the base of it. She stroked the thick shaft until she felt him about to cum, then squeezed its base to keep the cum from filling her adulterous mouth.After about five minutes of Kelly’s sloppy blowjob, Ian abruptly pulled his cock from between her glossy lips. A thick rope of saliva and pre-cum hung between the woman’s lips and Ian’s cock, which quickly snapped, falling across Kelly’s oil-slicked right breast and running down her body and between her legs. Her lips and chin were shining in saliva, and it dripped from the tip of Ian’s cock and his balls. “You don’t like?” Kelly whimpered in a deliberately subservient voice, her eyes looking shyly up at Ian.After catching his breath, Ian responded, “No, no, no, I definitely liked it. But I couldn’t take much more. I want to fuck you,” he said, pulling Kelly off the table and onto the couch. When her back hit the cushions of the couch, Kelly quickly raised her legs in the air and, reaching a hand between her legs, spread her slick pussy lips with two manicured fingers; a third rubbed at her engorged clit. Ian, well aware of the desperation in Kelly’s eyes, bent his knees so that his cock approached the opening of Kelly’s unfaithful pussy. “Slow or hard?” he asked.”I don’t care,” Kelly breathed, anxious to feel the penetration that was coming. “Just stick it in and fuck me!””Slow or hard?” Ian repeated, dragging the purple head across Kelly’s hairless cunt lips and up to her clitoris. When no answer came, only the slutty bride’s pleading look, Ian gripped the base of his cock and roughly beat the head of it against Kelly’s clit, causing her to whimper and jump in desperation. At the same time, she arched her back to get at the string behind her back. Finding it, she pulled hard and, feeling the knot release, pulled the bikini top from her giant tits.”Hard, then! Fuck me hard!” Without waiting a beat, his hand still grasping the base of his cock, Ian forcefully pushed into Kelly’s sopping cunt, sinking half the length of his cock into her overheated and dripping cunt. Kelly’s eyes bugged out some, and air rushed from her lungs, followed by a groan. “Oh my God. Jesus Christ. A little slower,” she managed to get out, placing her hand on her firm stomach, her slender fingers splayed out, as Ian began to withdraw and then penetrate her again.But Ian was having none of that. “You said ‘hard,’ sheila. You’ll get it hard,” he grunted as he continued splitting Kelly’s married pussy. By now, his shaft was fully lubricated by her cunt juices, and it slid smoothly and evenly in and out of the little wife’s cunt, hindered only slightly by the rubbing of the pulled-aside bikini bottom. Ian set a rhythm and began pounding Kelly’s cunt with swift but deep strokes, his hands gripped tightly to her trim waist.Ian looked down at the sight before him and groaned at his luck. His eight-inch cock was fucking in and out of Kelly’s tight, well-oiled, bald cunt. Her eyes were screwed shut, and her head was tossing back and forth, small moans escaping from her throat. She was muttering under her breath, but Ian couldn’t make out what she was saying. All the while, the force of his impact against her caused Kelly’s massive tits to wobble wildly atop her chest. This must have caused her some discomfort, because after a few minutes, she brought her manicured hands up and pushed her tits together, stabilizing them.Maintaining his pace, Ian leaned down to take a thick, hard nipple between his lips. He couldn’t resist the impulse. This little slut looked so fucking sexy with her oversized tits pushed together, shining with the tanning oil, capped with the thickest, longest nipples he had ever seen. Taking a nipple between his lips with light suction, he heard Kelly hiss, “Yesssss, suck it.”Moving to the unattended nipple after a minute or two of lashing at the first, Kelly pulled his face hard into her tit as soon as Ian’s lips had attached to it.”Harder, Ian, suck my nipple harder!”Ian complied, wallowing in the sensation of his cock burying itself in Kelly’s cunt and her thick nipple in his mouth, feeling the heat coming from the tanned, lithe body splayed beneath him.”Bite it, come on, Ian, keep going,” Kelly said in a hoarse whisper.Ian again complied, taking Kelly’s left nipple between his teeth and lightly nibbling.”Harder, bite my nipple harder,” she whimpered.Ian’s teeth gained purchase on the nipple, and he could feel the flesh of it compress between his teeth. In response, Kelly began fucking back at his invading shaft and a throaty growl emanated from her pretty, innocent-looking mouth. Her breathing increased, coming in short gasps, and Ian continued fucking that cock deep into her cunt. His teeth parted some to decrease the pressure on Kelly’s abused nipple, causing her to immediately freeze her return thrusts as her eyes snapped open.”Noooo!” she cried out. “Keep biting me, I fucking love that feeling,” she sobbed. “Come on, Ian; treat me like a fuckin’ whore. Keep fucking my little cunt, and bite my nipples…harder…harder…yessssss, that’s it,” she moaned as Ian’s teeth once again clamped down on her left nipple. Ian was afraid of drawing blood, but he maintained constant pressure on Kelly’s nipple, while at the same time increasing his penetration of her sloppy cunt.Prodding him along, Kelly used the heel of one of her feet to pull Ian deeper into her soaking-wet cunt, kicking him relatively hard in the ass. The kick caused Ian to inadvertently slam his cock in her waxed cunt to the hilt, but also to bite harder on the now-raw nipple that sat atop one of Kelly’s magnificent tits. The effect sent Kelly over the top. Letting out a loud moan, her hands went to the back of Ian’s head and pulled it tighter to her chest; there was no way that that nipple was escaping his mouth. At the same time, her thrusting at Ian’s cock increased, her narrow hips jerking against him, trying to swallow that cock. Soon, the orgasm ripped through her guts, her head lolling back and forth against the cushions of the couch. “Oh, fuckkkkkk,” she hissed. “I’m…I’m cummmminggg. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck.”

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