Killing Time

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I had wandered into the bookshop to kill time.

My appointment with Carol at the employment agency was for 11.30am and I had caught the eight o’clock train in from the lake. For once it arrived on time.

The employment agency was on the second floor of the building and I found the bookshop at street level. I had an hour to fill in before I had to go, up so I thought I’d look for a book I had been after for some time, The Mycenaeans by Lord William Taylour. It is an old book, but still the best one about the civilization of the ancient Greeks who live and die in Homers Iliad.

Inside the front door was a small counter with a tall, rather patrician looking man standing behind it. He smiled at me as I wandered in.

“Can I help you with anything in particular?” he asked, not pushily, just helpfully.

“Where would I find the history section?” I replied, and he told me to go through to the back of the shop.

The bookshop was long and narrow, but wide enough to have shelves running across its width as well as along the side walls. Whoever had put the shelving in though had apparently wanted people to have privacy to wander. They had not put a tidy straight corridor running from the front of the shop to the back.

Instead the cross shelves were broken up in different places, almost creating private rooms where you could browse and move on without being seen. I wound up in the rearmost room and began to go through the books on the shelves, finding the ancient history section and narrowing the area of my search down.

“Very nice,” a voice said, and I jumped.

I had been concentrating and hadn’t heard the man from the front counter arrive. He was standing in the entrance to that room looking me up and down in an odd way.

I acknowledged him with a, “Hi, I found it,” wondering if he thought I was trying to steal something.

“Good,” he replied, “Would you like me to suck your cock?”

I wasn’t sure I had heard right and looked at him in confusion. He moved closer to me, “I would really like to suck your cock. Can I see it?” He was next to me now and pushed me back against the shelves, Roman History I think it was.

“Umm.. I think I’d better go,” I stammered.

He wasn’t bad looking for a mature man, nice cared for body, streaks of steel grey though this dark hair which was tied back in a short ponytail. I tried to edge away.

He placed a hand on my chest pushing me back and I yelped as I felt his other hand land on my crotch. He had me unzipped, with his hand inside fondling me through my underpants before I realised what he’d done.

“Hey, Stop that,” I yelped, flailing my arms about and trying hard to push him off and wriggle away. “Get your hands off me.”

He was surprisingly strong and I was horrified to feel the hand he had on my cock getting a quick response.

“Very nice,” he said smiling, “get it out so I can see it and I’ll let you go.”

His voice was quite well educated and I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me.

“You’ll let me leave if I show you my cock?” I stammered, thinking that was better than risking messing up my clothes before the interview.

I really wanted the job I was going for and knew I was lucky to have made the first short list.

“That’s right,” he replied his hand inside my pants having got me hard by now. It was a while since anyone else had touched my cock and it liked the attention.

“Ok,” I said, wanting to escape.

I undid my waistband and opened my trousers out then pushed my underpants down. His fingers were still around my cock stroking it.

“You can let go now,” I said breathily. I was getting really hard which was not helping gorukle escort me to be firm with him about letting go.

“Very nice,” he said, looking at my dick. “So how long does it get?” he asked, looking at me.

“Eight inches,” I replied automatically, always pleased to be able to say that in certain situations. “Now will you let me go?” I protested weakly making flapping moves to get his hand off me.

I liked women, loved women, but a couple of guys had jerked me off before and one had even sucked me off, so I wasn’t completely averse to the bookshop mans attentions.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” he said, smiling broadly as his fingers swished drops of precum around my nob. I wasn’t far off eight inches by then.

Now I’d given up struggling his other hand moved in on my balls, his fingers slipping under them and teasing them in a very pleasant way.

I let out a moan, thinking vaguely that coming now would leave me relaxed for the interview ahead. I usually got really wound up and nervous and tongue-tied.

He bent down and brought his tongue to my tip touching it to my slit and tasting me there. Then he ran his tongue down around the shaft and traced it along the big vein before sliding his lips over the end and sucking on it. I groaned and leaned back, I knew I was there till the finish now.

He started to suck me in deeper and my hands were tangling in his long hair as my hips began to fuck me into his face. He held my butt in his hands now, my pants on the floor, my underpants half way down my thighs. He was doing a good job on me, better than the other guy had.

I was getting ready to come when he stopped, pulling his face off me even though I tried to hold him there. He was surprisingly strong.

“Turn around and bend over,” he said looking up, and I saw a trickle of saliva running out at the corner of his mouth.

“No,” I said, “finish me, god please finish me.” I moved my own hand to my shaft but he pulled it back roughly. “I want you bent over with your cute little arsehole in my face,” he growled and suddenly I wasn’t quite so keen anymore. Noone was going there, certainly not some guy who was just about raping me behind the bookshelves.

“No way,” I gasped angrily. “You said I could go if I showed you my cock. Well I have, so I want to go now.”

He laughed at me and stood up, he seemed to have got taller. I tried to pull up my pants but he forced his knee between my legs and I was trapped. My cock was softening and I was getting frightened.

“What’s going on here!” a voice suddenly cut in.

A wave of relief swept over me as my tormentor backed off and I looked up to find a guy in running gear standing in the entrance to the room. I struggled with my underwear in embarrassment.

“You’re fired Reg!” the stranger shouted.

“You can’t fire me, I run this dump,” Reg shouted back angrily, storming off past the stranger and out of that section of books.

“Thanks,” I said sheepishly, not quite sure what to say to explain my half undressed state. “I’ve got an interview upstairs at 11 .30,” I babbled. “With Carol. I just came in here to look around.”

I tucked my still slightly full, saliva coated cock into my underpants noticing a wet patch on them already and bent to pull up my trousers.

“Well it’s a quarter past now and you look a mess. I know Carol well, so how about I ring her up and we see if she can see you a bit later?” my rescuer said and I glanced at my watch and saw that he was right. My head was an even bigger mess than the rest of me right then.

“My names Dave by the way,” he added smiling.

“Paul,” I replied holding out my hand, and we altıparmak eskort bayan shook.

“So Paul, come upstairs and I’ll call Carol.”

He opened a door at the back of the room, which I hadn’t really noticed before. “You work here?” I asked

“Yes. It’s my bookshop,” he replied. “I should probably have sacked Reg ages ago, I have had a couple of complaints. But he knows the stock better than I do.” He smiled apologetically, he had a friendly smile.

Upstairs was a big sunny apartment, antique furniture, miles of polished floors. “You live here too?” I said surprised.

“I don’t like commuting,” he replied, smiling broadly.

He called Carol and said he needed a big favour, then after a few minutes chat, which I couldn’t really hear he passed the phone to me.

“Dave says you have had an accident,” Carol was saying.

“Yes, I’m really sorry.”

“Well don’t worry. Come at 12.30pm. I’ll take an early lunch. Hope you’re OK.”

I was relieved, now I was upstairs I was feeling a bit shaky. Reg had given me quite a fright.

“Why don’t you have a shower and get properly tidied up,” Dave suddenly said. “I can even lend you some clean underwear if you need it. It’s the least I can do in the circumstances.”

As I now had another hour to kill, and I was feeling sticky, I took him up on his offer.

I undressed in the bathroom and he came in with a clean towel for me just as I was about to get into the shower. I must have forgotten to lock the door I thought embarrassed.

“By the way,” he said, and I turned to him. He dropped to his knees and took my still slightly full cock into his mouth.

“Ummm, wha.., Ummm,” I sputtered briefly, but after the earlier work it felt so good and he had saved me after all.

He sucked me in and I was getting hard fast, swelling in his mouth as he stroked me with his magic tongue. I moaned and my hips were soon calling the tune again. I hardly noticed at first that he had a hand at my anus. And I was sighing and moaning too much to do more than note it as he pushed a finger up inside me. When he pushed two in I was fucking his mouth seriously. Suddenly his fingers moving in my arse were really doing something to me and I gasped and quivered and fucked his face harder.

I was as big and hard as I could get and he opened his throat to me and with what was happening inside my arse and his sucking, god it was wonderful. I moaned and gasped as I sunk myself in him, my cock quaking as I came, pumping my cum inside his throat over and over, more than I ever did. He swallowed all of it, licking me as I slowly let myself slip out, cleaning me up as I withdrew and slumped back against the outside of the shower stall weak at the knees.

“I think you enjoyed that,” he said looking up at me and smiling.

Then he was standing next to me, his shorts off and his own stiff rod pressed against my belly. He found my mouth with his and my rubbery lips let his tongue inside where he found mine.

I was too weak to do more than go along for the ride and my head swam aimlessly. He moved a hand back to my arsehole as we kissed and soon had his fingers back inside me. I wasn’t complaining, he had given me the greatest head job I’d ever had.

He left my mouth and turned me about ready to go into the shower I thought, but then I felt his hands on my arse cheeks, parting them, and something firm and wet was working at my hole.

I groaned as he did things to me there that felt way too good to make him stop. I eased my arse back opening it up instinctively for him. He worked his fingers in again and touched whatever it was he had touched before nilüfer eskort bayan making me groan. He emptied me for a moment then was back smearing something warm about my hole and taking it inside me when his fingers returned there. I moved my arse back further as my cock began to harden noticeably, never having gone completely soft.

I was moaning again and had moved one hand to fist my own cock as his fingers twisted and stroked about inside me opening me up. I felt a sharp pain as something bigger went in past my entry. Then it was making my arse feel incredibly full and I moved my legs back further and spread them wider to let it fill me deeper. I was half way bent over leaning my hand and face against the outside of the shower stall.

He emptied my arse for a moment and I groaned my displeasure to him, having got used to it and liking it.

But he was soon back, parting my cheeks again and pushing something sticky at my entrance.

“Ouch,” I cried out, startled, grunting loudly as with a sudden burning pain it penetrated inside me. I gasped it felt so big, and I couldn’t believe the way it felt going further inside me. I grunted and pushed back against it, pushing my arse to take it. It slid in further making me moan and spread my legs wider and I knew it was his cock. I had a cock up my arse. And god I loved it.

I was shocked at myself but past caring about anything but the full feeling of it and what it was doing inside me. He moved it back and forth gently stroking at the magic something he had found in there. His hand took over from mine on my own rod and I was glad to be able to use both hands to support my melting body.

“Ohhh,” I moaned, “God,” I gasped, “Fuck me,” I hissed at him, “deeper. God I want you deeper.”

He obliged me, working his cock deeper into me, filling places I hadn’t even known were empty. I writhed under his cock and his hand, as it worked my own cock. I felt his pubes stroke my arse as he bottomed inside me and his soft balls between us then he withdrew what seemed forever before he fucked in deep again. He began to fuck my arse seriously and I moaned for more.

“Oh god, that is so good” I cried out in a strangled voice. “Oh god, fuck, fuck me faster.” I cried, “faster,” as his hand on my cock hit the rim of my knob and I felt my gut begin to quiver on his fucking cock.

I felt it come from my balls, my arse going into spasms on him as he planted himself deep and stayed there and my cock jerked as the first cum let loose. The threads were thick and flying high, hitting my chest and belly then the glass of the shower cubicle. Another jerk and it hit my belly and the floor and again, the last of it falling on to the tiled floor.

My arse stopped quivering as he slowly withdrew his cock, leaving me feeling empty and shaky and hardly able to stand, resting all my weight on the glass before me.

Dave nuzzled and nibbled at my neck and stroked my back with firm hands.

“Thanks for the great fuck Paul,” he said gently. “Now you’d better get yourself cleaned up or you’ll be late.”

I grunted something to him and just hung there, sagging and mindless for some time, totally fucked.

Reg was nowhere to be seen and the front door of the shop was locked when I floated out, clean and fresh and smelling good. I was on time for my revised appointment and didn’t have the energy to be nervous. Getting fucked I thought vaguely seemed to be good for my employment prospects.


At the front counter Dave was feeling Reg’s arse up, liking teh hard smallness of it. “So next time I’m the bad guy and you get to be the good guy,” he said smiling.

Reg met his lips in a gentle kiss. Pulling away after a few moments he said, “I know its me next time. But god Paul was cute, you always get to play good guy with the really cute ones.”

“Well Carols emailed the photos of tomorrows appointments for you to check out, so you just have to hope it’s another cute one who comes in here to kill some time.”

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