Lace Club: Kayla Ch. 04

As I stood in my office naked, holding my equally naked boss in my arms I realized: this is the start of an amazing job.

I had just hooked up with my boss, Jessica Stern. She was still glowing from an amazing orgasm – all thanks to me. She handed me my white, silky, sundress. I slipped it over my head and shimmied it around the curves of my large, supple breasts. Then past my tiny waist. And finally over my full hips and perky ass. I had been wearing my stilettos during the entire hook up with Jessica – ahem – Miss Stern.

She went and sat at her desk just like she had been before… but this time she was still completely naked. She pressed a button on the phone on her desk and said, “Renee. Please come to my office.”

The door swung open. Renee, the stunning assistant from before, sauntered in. Her dark chocolate skin was glowing and her jet black hair bounced with every step. Without a beat she walked around the desk and got on her knees.

She buried her head between Miss Stern’s legs. Miss Stern bit her lip and tossed her head back with pleasure.

I stared in disbelief of how fucking hot this was. My pussy was getting wet and my nipples pressed against the fabric of my dress. For a second I thought about joining in. But right then I heard, “what are you waiting for? Go to Kayla’s.”

I stifled all my urges and walked out to the car that had been waiting for me. I began to get in the back seat but then the driver suddenly got out. She handed me the keys and said, “everything you need is in the car” she walked away without looking back.

I sat in the car and started the engine. My, already wet, pussy felt the vibrations under the seat and I felt a little shiver. A sultry female voice on the GPS system began directing me to Kayla’s mansion. It was kind of secluded, about 30 minutes away.

I rolled down the windows and cranked the radio. bursa escort As I increased my speed the vibrations got heavier. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy the song that was playing on the radio was. Wow, I was so fucking horny. I wasn’t sure what to do but as the bass blared and the wind whipped past my nipples. I needed to do something.

I pressed my foot to the gas and I grabbed the ice cold water bottle that was provided in the cup holder. I put that between my legs and felt a shiver as the cold bottle came in touch with my hard clit.

I moaned out loud. God it felt so good. I took the dripping, cold water bottle and grazed it against my nipples. Immediately I returned it to its position between my legs. I let out a deep moan and felt the car swerve. I swiveled my hips around against the bottle. I felt the cool metal against my wet pussy. The condensation from the bottle mixed with my hot nectar dripped down over my tight asshole. The sensation alone made me come. I wanted so baldy to roll my eyes back and ride it out, but I was driving! I kept my eyes on the road and shrieked as I went over a few bumps and my tits bounced, hard.

As I was catching my breath from that intense (albeit, practically public) orgasm, I heard the sultry voice on the GPS, “your destination is on the left”.

I pulled up slowly to a house… mansion at the top of a hill. I pulled up to the gate and was immediately buzzed in. I drove up the winding driveway, all the way to the top. I was so distracted by the sheer size and beauty of this property I completely forgot about the soaking wet stain on my white, silky sundress. I parked and knocked on the large door.

A stunning woman opened the door. She was petite, with chestnut hair, pale skin, and huge tits that were barely covered by the tiny French maid outfit she was wearing. I looked her up and down to her patent escort bursa black Louboutin’s… she was no regular maid.

She giggled, “Bonjour Mademoiselle! My name is Chloe.”

“Hi Chloe, I’m Colette.”

I tossed my blonde hair over my shoulder.

From afar I heard Kayla, “who was it?”

Chloe stepped out of the way to reveal Kayla, looking stunning as ever. Wearing just a tight bodycon, latex, nude colored dress.

I felt my nipples harden and my pussy twinge just at the sight of her curvy young body in that dress.

She sauntered over. “Colette! I am so happy to see you.”

The maid was now staring at my wet dress.

“Hi Kayla, I was wondering if we could chat for a few minutes? Jessica Stern sent me.”

Kayla purred, “Jessica Stern, huh?”

The maid pointed to the wet spot on my dress and said, “obviously Jessica Stern. Would you like me to set up your office?”

“Yes, please Chloe”

Kayla took me by the hand and guided me through her large mansion. It was lavish and modern, very mature for her age.

We sat down in a small parlor like area, two chairs next to each other like on a talk show. The maid came in holding a silver platter. It contained two glasses of champagne, and two small, smooth, oblong. silver objects.

Kayla picked hers up and giggled.

“Take yours!” She said. I looked at her puzzled and then she quickly moved it to between her legs. Her dress was so short and so tight, she just spread her legs and inserted the silver object into her pussy. She began to shutter.

It was a vibrator! I was thrilled, I slipped it right into my dripping pussy. I felt the vibrations run up my spine.

“So, you wanted to talk?” she asked.

“Yes, uh, you have a lot of…” I could barely think straight with this much pleasure coursing through my body. My tits bounced as I sat in the bursa escort bayan chair grinding my clit against it.

“You have a lot of social media… influence.” I finally got out.

I looked at her and she was bouncing on the chair, tits heaving in the latex dress.

“You’re not wrong” she said, very breathy.

“The Lace Club is so thrilled to have you as a…”

I was fixated on her body. The subtle moans, her own fingers tweaking her nipples through the latex dress, her pouty, wet lips. I couldn’t think. I lunged forward onto her lap. I was now straddling her.

“As a what?” she whispered in my ear.

“As a member… as one of our fucking sexy members.”

She grabbed both of my tits with her hands. She thrust her thigh between my legs for me to grind my hot pussy on. I slipped so much between my wetness and the latex dress and her smooth skin.

She kissed me with those big, puffy, pouty lips. Her tongue darted into my mouth. She retracted and then bit my lip. I let out a loud moan and thrust hard against her leg.

Suddenly the door swung open and I was reminded of the vibrator inside me. I could no longer control myself. I saw the maid standing in the doorway and I got up and strutted over to her. She met me with a passionate kiss and as our nipples touched we both let out a deep moan.

Kayla whined from the chair. We both looked at her ravenous and ran into her bedroom. Kayla tossed herself onto the California King bed. I dove head first between her tan legs. I folded up the latex dress so I could have better access to her pussy. The maid climbed on the bed next to her. They made out for a moment and then Kayla whined and the maid got up and began to straddle her face.

The three of us were moaning and dripping and coming and rubbing and it was all such a blur. I came so hard over, and over, and over, because those girls were insatiable (and the tiny vibrator inside me),

I awoke in the afternoon sun with the two delicious women in Kayla’s large bed. Kayla was gently, sleepily, grinding her ass into my pussy. Seems like my first meeting went well.

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