Lana’s Hard Work


Chapter I

Lana was 24 years old, single, petite at 5′ tall and barely 100 pounds, her perfectly shaped boobs looked bigger than they really were on her tiny body and she had a perfect ass. She loved to go to the gym to keep her body in shape, mainly because she loved the workout itself but also because she loved the attention she would get from the guys.

She lived a happy, yet, predictable, life for a young girl who lived in a city by herself. She spent her days either at work as a secretary for a law firm or at the gym. Her love life was rather boring compared to other women her age but she would occasionally, maybe one or two times a year, invite a guy home after a late night out. This wasn’t because Lana wasn’t a sexual person but more of a result of her being a bit shy and afraid of being mistaken for a slut if she dated different guys too often. She would usually take care of her needs herself, at home, using her rather large collection of sex toys.

“Lana, I need your help. We have a new client who is in trouble with a shark of a landlord. Would you please go over there and get the case files from him?” Mr. Lunde, Lana’s boss, asked, after calling her into his office.

“Sure thing, Mr. Lunde. Give me the address and I’ll get to it right away.”

This wasn’t the first time she was sent to deliver or pick-up something for her boss. Her boss gave her a piece of paper with a handwritten address on it. She saw, from the address, that it wasn’t one of the nicer places in the city. She became a bit skeptical but did not want to tell her boss she didn’t want to do it because there were plenty of people who wanted her job.

Chapter II

Lana took the subway toward the address Mr. Lunde had given her. The closer she came to the address, the more aware she became that it was in a different part of the city from what she was used to which frightened her but she also felt a bit excited in a strange way. She finally arrived at the address she had been given where an old and worn sign hung over the door read, `Hard Work’ along with a set of boxing gloves and some weights on it. What is this place, Lana wondered as she realized her boss hadn’t said anything about this place she had gone to nor what the case was about. She gently knocked on the tattered-looking door but nobody answered. After knocking a second time with no response, Lana wondered if she should leave and tell her boss nobody answered the door, this place was giving her the creeps. As she knocked one final time, the door was ripped open. Lana gasped as a giant, the biggest man she had ever seen, walked out…he had to have been 7 feet tall as he needed to crouch to get under the top of the door frame. He was black, bald and his arms were like tree trunks covered with, what Lana suspected to be, prison tattoos.

“Can I help you?” the giant asked in a deep voice. The sound of his voice was so incredibly deep, it was both frightening and calming at the same time.

“I’m here to pick up some papers,” Lana said, with a shiver in her voice.

“Papers? I don’t know anything about any papers. Maybe you should talk to Jeff, the boss.” The giant said as he passed her and walked down the stairs. “Follow the corridor, it’s the office on the left at the far end. Have a nice day, ma’am,” he said as he started to walk along the sidewalk. Lana couldn’t help herself as she continued to stare at the giant as he walked away and she noticed he frightened others as they met him on the sidewalk. Lana wasn’t sure what she should do, this was outside of her comfort zone, by far.

“Fuck it, I’ll go talk to this Jeff,” she said out loud, trying to convince herself.

She walked in and passed two doors with signs saying `Locker Room’ on them and at the end of the corridor she found a door with a sign saying `Manager’. Lana knocked on the door gently as if she was afraid that something dangerous was inside.

“Come in,” a voice sounded from inside.

Lana went into the office where she found an old, black man sitting behind a desk. He stood and shook her hand.

“Jeff,” he said with a mild and gentle voice.

“Lana,” she replied with relief in her voice.

“How may I help you?” the old man asked.

“Mr. Lunde sent me to pick-up some papers. I’m not sure what papers, he didn’t say.”

“Aha, so you’re from the lawyer’s office. Let me find what you need,” he said as he started to look through some papers. Lana couldn’t help herself anymore.

“What is this place?” she asked the old man. Jeff stopped, looked at her and replied with pride in his voice.

“This is `Hard Work’. A place where people released from prison can come to the gym and meet other former inmates who want to change their lives, also.”

“Change their lives?” Lana asked a little confused.

“Yes, my dear. You see, when a former inmate is released, he or she usually has problems breaking free from old, bad habits. Here, we offer a place to work out for free, be surrounded with others in the same situation, others who want to break free from old, bad habits, bad company and change their lives positively. If they keep themselves occupied, they have less chance of falling into their old, bad routines. We are something between a gym, therapy group, support group and friends looking after each other,” explained Jeff.

Now it made sense to Lana. Now she was sure that the tattoos on the giant actually were prison tattoos.

“So, everybody here are previous inmates?” Lana asked.

“Yes, myself included. When I was in prison, I promised myself I would change my life when I was released. After my release, in the mid 80’s, I quickly started to get drawn into bad company but saw an opportunity for a place like this, talked with the city council and they finance the gym. Our problem now is, the the owner of the building is trying to kick us out so he can make it into apartments, even though we have a leasing contract saying we can rent this place for 10 more years at a low rent. That’s why we need a lawyer,” Jeff explained.

“Here,” Jeff said, after he finally had found all the papers and put them in an envelope.

As Lana walked through the corridor to leave, she noticed one of the doors to the locker rooms was open. As she passed by, she glanced in and saw a muscular, naked man drying himself with a towel. Could she have seen correctly? Was that his cock? No, it couldn’t have been his cock, it was too big, or was it? As Lana took the subway back to her office, she couldn’t get the short glimpse of the naked man out of her head…was it really his cock? She had never thought of size as something important, she wasn’t what you might call a size-queen but what she thought she saw through the door had her head spinning and, after a while, her juices flowing.

Chapter III

“Lana!!” her boss called.

“Yes, Mr. Lunde.”

“We won the case for `Hard Work’!” he told her. Hard work? At first Lana didn’t understand what he meant, then she remembered the gym she had visited 6 months ago.


“Jeff, the manager, is so pleased with our services, he has invited us to a party tomorrow at the gym.” Now Lana was remembering what she thought she saw.

“Unfortunately, I have another appointment, so I can’t go. Are you willing to go on your own?” Mr. Lunde asked. Lana could feel the juices start to flow again.

“Yes, sure. No problem,” Lana replied and returned to her desk with a smile on her lips.

Chapter IV

Lana stood outside the same door she had 6 months ago, looking at the same sign with the same boxing gloves and weights but this time she was not afraid, instead, she had a tingling sensation in her belly. She walked in and saw Jeff in the room talking to another black guy.

“Congratulations!” Lana said, as she held out her hand to Jeff.

“Thank you. Without your office, it may not have been possible. Thank you for all of your assistance.”

Lana vaguely saw something moving in her side vision and turned her head, only to see the giant, he had to be 300 pounds, walking across the room toward them as the others in the room moved to make room for him. His face looked like a model’s, his body was like a Greek god and his size was incredible.

“This is Max,” Jeff said, introducing him to Lana. Max held out his hand and Lana took it, her whole hand and most of her wrist disappeared in his huge hands.

“I’m Lana,” she replied, not taking her eyes off of him and he also kept his eyes on her the whole time.

“Nice to see you, again,” he said with his deep voice. Oh my god, he remembers me, Lana thought to herself.

And so the party continued through the night with food, talking and drinking. Lana could feel her juices start to flow every time she looked at Max and she noticed that he also stared at her. Later in the evening, when Lana went to the bathroom, she saw Max in the corridor. As she passed him, they looked at each other and smiled, Lana lost her balance and fell toward Max. His huge hands caught her, one on her waist and the other across her entire chest to catch her, her boobs filling his hand. It was then Lana decided she needed him, badly! The alcohol had eliminated her shyness.

“My place or yours?” she blurted out. As the words came out, she could not believe how direct she had been.

“Mine. I live 5 minutes’ walk away,” Max answered, without taking his eyes off of her.

Chapter V

Max’s apartment was nothing like she had imagined it would be, it was really nice.

“I like your place,” she told him as he was putting on some music.

“Thank you,” he said as he picked her up like she was a small rag-doll. As he was holding her in his arms, he looked deeply into her eyes and gave her the best kiss she had in years.

“You like it rough or soft,” Max asked.

“You can do whatever you want, however you want,” she replied. The kiss Max had given her had gotten her juices flowing, she didn’t care.

“Are you sure?” Max asked. “It tends to get a bit rough and intense if I decide.”

“Rough sounds nice,” she replied.

“Take all your clothes off,” Max said.

Though she was proud of her sexy body, she felt a bit strange standing naked, in the middle of a living room, with a man she had only recently met. Max started to touch her body, his huge hands felt so good. She could feel both of her ass cheeks fit into Max’s hand while the other firmly covered both her boobs.

“When are you getting naked?” Lana asked.

“When I want to,” Max replied and took a firm grip around her neck.

Max turned her around, pushing her back against his crotch due to the height difference. Lana could feel something hard pressing against nearly the complete length of her back. What? Is that his cock? No way! Lana let out a small gasp as Max slid one of his giant fingers inside of her pussy, while the other hand was holding her firmly around the neck and his crotch grinding against her back. Max let her go and, as she was stood naked in the middle of the floor, he started to undress. Lana couldn’t wait until he was naked.

“Are you ready for this?” asked Max as he started to unbutton his pants slowly.


“Are you sure?” She could only nod.

With her eyes fixed on the last button being opened, Max slowly took off his jeans and boxers. What Lana saw was shocking, she was speechless…she had never imagined a cock could be that big. It had to be over 11 inches long, with thick veins going along the shaft and the head was the size of a small apple. Lana started to think she was in over her head.

“What do you think? You like it?” Max asked. Lana did not know how to answer.

“It’s so big, Max. I’ve never seen one this big before. I am not sure I can handle it.”

“Oh, you’ll handle it just fine,” Max said with a grin on his face.

Max lifted her up, threw her on the bed and lifted her hands above her head. Before she understood what was going on, Max, a man she hardly knew other than he had spent time in prison, was three times bigger than her, had a huge cock and he had her completely under his control, had put handcuffs on her. The feeling was both exciting and also very frightening.

“I told you I like it rough,” Max said.

He took hold of her ankles, forced her legs apart and put ankle cuffs on her. Max started to feel Lana’s petite body with his huge hands as he bent over, kissed her firmly on the mouth, continued to kiss her along the neck, over her breasts, and down her belly toward her pussy, causing Lana to moan. As she felt his tongue gently against her pussy, Lana wanted him to lick her hard as she had never felt so horny before. Max slowly slid one of his fingers inside Lana’s soaking pussy while his tongue worked her clit, as Lana had her first orgasm of the day. Max positioned himself over Lana and she saw his huge cock getting closer to her mouth, it looked bigger now than before and Lana couldn’t wait to taste it.

“How big is that thing?”

“Just over 12 inches”

Oh, my god Lana thought to herself. The biggest cock she had, until now, was maybe 7 ½ inches and that felt big in her tiny pussy. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, as Max pushed his giant cock against her lips.

“Open wide,” Max instructed. I’m trying, Lana thought to herself, but it’s so huge.

“Let’s see how much you can take,” Max said, as he pushed more and more of his cock into her mouth as Lana opened as much as she could.

Max pulled out of her mouth as Lana had problems breathing and tears started to run down her cheek as she gasped for air.

“See how much you took?” Max asked. His fingers were in the middle of his cock.

“You took half! Good girl, most girls can barely take the head.”

Max placed himself between her legs and put his giant monster on her stomach. She felt his huge balls hanging toward her pussy and she raised her head to take a look. How was this possible? Max’s cock was well past her belly button, almost up to her tits. The sight of Max’s monster against her pale stomach was incredibly hot and intimidating. Max placed his cock between Lana’s boobs and squeezed them around the thick shaft but the girth of his cock was too much for a proper titty fuck.

“I’m going to fuck you now, Lana.”

“Please, be gentle,” Lana replied with a shiver in her voice.

He guided his giant cock toward Lana’s swollen pussy and she felt the giant cock pushing against her lips.

“Slow, slow, please!”

“So tight. This has to be the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked,” Max grunted and pushed even harder to get in. Lana could feel a sting in her pussy as the monster started to ease into her.

“There you go. Good girl!”

Lana’s pussy started to ache badly. She had never experienced a feeling of being so stretched out before. She looked down between her legs and could barely believe her eyes when she saw she had only taken the head. This will never work Lana thought to herself, there is no way this monster will fit inside my tiny pussy.

“Max, please, this is not going to work. Your cock is too big for me.”

“It’ll fit,” Max said just as he pushed even harder. The pain was excruciating.

“AHRGH, stop!” Max stopped.

“Take it out. You’re hurting me. It feels like you’re ripping my pussy.”

“Naw, just wait until your pussy starts so accommodate my rod. I will just hold it still here for a while and it will get better. I promise.”

Max was right, slowly the pain started to go away and he started to move his cock slowly in and out.

“A little bit more,” said Max and pushed an inch or so into Lana’s already stretched pussy.

“Ah” Lana felt a sting of pain shoot thru her pussy.

“More?” Max asked.

Lana just nodded as she prepared for the next wave of pain. Max gave her an inch more but the pain did not come from the pussy this time, it came from the stomach.

“ARGH, pull out a bit, Max,” Lana shouted. But MAX did the opposite, he gave her another inch.


“Relax baby. Almost there. Only a couple of inches left”

What?! A couple of inches more?? Lana could already feel his cock in her tummy. The vision from when Max placed his cock on her belly and how far it reached, came to mind. Was it possible that Max’s monster could cause serious damage to her tiny body?

“I can’t take anymore, Max. Please, it’s too much.”

“Listen! You will take it all! And you will enjoy it,” Max said with confidence in his voice.

Max started to slowly move his cock in and out and, as he did, Lana started to enjoy it. Actually, it felt like nothing she ever had felt before. Lana started to moan as the giant shaft pumped into her tiny pussy and, suddenly, Max shoved all he had into her pussy causing Lana to scream in pain.

“You see. I told you it would fit.”

Lana raised her head, and sure enough, Max had managed to shove all 12 inches of his monster into her petite body. Max did not pull back but held his cock all the way in and the pain once again slowly started to go away and Lana started to relax.

“I can’t believe I took the whole thing!”

“No, they usually don’t. But you did good, baby. Now we can start the actual fucking.”

Max started to pound Lana’s pussy like no one had ever pounded her before. She had never had any experience close to what she felt when 7 feet, 300 pounds of muscle and a 12 inch cock were fucking her 5 foot, 100 pound petite body.

“Oh my god, Max, I have never had so many orgasms in one evening before.”

“And the night is still young,” Max said with a smile.

“No Max, I’m sorry, I can’t take it anymore. My pussy is so stretched and sore. Please let me suck you off. My pussy is worn out.” Max stopped and looked her in the eyes.

“Ever tried anal??”

“Yes, but I’m not sure how…”

“I’m joking, Lana. No one has ever been able to take me in the ass,” Max laughed.

Hmm…is that a challenge? Lana wondered. Maybe she would try to take on the monster anally, at a later time. Max pulled his cock out of Lana’s pussy and shoved it into her mouth, again so Lana started to suck it.

“Take the handcuffs off so I can do this properly.”

Max released her from the handcuffs and stood on the floor in front of the bed with his cock standing out from his giant, muscular body like a pole.

“I still can’t believe I took the whole thing! Come over here,” she said, looking at Max’s cock.

Max went over to her, she gripped his shaft, her fingers barely touched from the girth of it but there was room for two more hands on the shaft.

“So big!” Lana said as she put the cock along the length of her arm. “Oh my god. It’s goes from my elbow to, almost, my fingertips!” Lana said, impressed.

Lana pushed as much cock as she could down her throat but it was impossible to get more than half of it into her mouth. She could feel her teeth scratching against his cock.

“Sorry Max. I know guys hate when the teeth touch during a blowjob.”

“Don’t worry. Actually I am used to it,” he said as Lana continued to suck and jerk him off.

“I’m cumming!!” Max yelled.

A giant flood of cum filled Lana’s mouth as she swallowed as much as she could. Lana normally hated the taste of cum but with Max, it was different. Lana put her clothes back on and gave Max her business card.

“I hope to hear from you again, Max.”

“You know where I live,” Max said with his deep voice as Lana left.

“I do,” she said with a smile.

The sign on the door at the gym was correct, this was hard work she thought to herself as she walked outside to look for a taxi and felt the burning sensation from her sore, stretched and used pussy. Really, hard work!

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