Last Virgin


I first saw her across the yard and was attracted to her classic beauty and poise. She was tall and slim but shapely, with a pretty face, and displayed the demeanor of a true Southern Belle. Any lady having her stature and beauty would be widely pursued in LA. I assumed she was ‘taken’ because men seemed to be generally inattentive to her. I approached her, introduced myself and told her she was the prettiest lady at the bar-b-que.

Hearing me talk, she knew I was not a local lad, and asked where I was from. I told her and explained that I was there working on a one-year project. During the following month we went out a few times, to dinners and a concert. Although she seemed to have formed a comfortable nature with me, our evenings always ended with light kisses and she showed little interest in heavier necking.

One Saturday I worked all day and after working late l decided to go out for a brew. It was typical late evening summer weather for south Alabama: hot and humid; in the eighties at ten o’clock with drizzle and light rain. There is one local club that caters to the twenties set, so I go there. She is there with her younger sister and both are a bit tipsy. I sit with them and we chat and dance, and I buy a round of drinks.

The club closes at midnight (being in the south with ‘blue’ laws, everything closes early.) She is concerned that her parents would be angry if she took sis home in her semi-soused state. So we go to my apartment for some late coffee. My electric power is out, so we light some candles, and while I brew in the kitchen and chat with her, sis curls up on the sofa and dozes off.

We discuss the miserable weather and she says that she will find it hard to sleep–it being so hot and muggy. I tell her that I have a solution to that problem: “sleeping on a water bed is very refreshing. Wanna see?” I take her hand and lead the way to the bedroom.

During our few dates she had always seemed to go along with what I wanted, passively and without objection. I figure that this foray would be the same and it is. At the bed, I lie down and pull her down with me. I remove my shoes, then hers, explaining that waterbeds and shoes don’t mix well. While I fumble with her shoes she is completely passive, laying on her back with her hands on her tummy. Once her shoes are off she crosses her legs at her ankles.

I lie on my side, facing her and place my hand on her hands. I begin to lightly stroke her arm and kiss her cheek, then her mouth. She remains her normally passive self and shows no reaction. I rub her other arm across her body, and allow my forearm to brush her breast. No reaction. I kiss her mouth again and then lick across her lips. She grins a single giggle.

I tell her to “kiss me back, you’ll like it” and I kiss her lips again, yet she remains passive. I kiss her chin, down her neck, and along the top seam of her loose halter-top. I kiss the fabric that covers her breast and sense a hard nub there, so I move my hand to her breast and definitely feel a firm nipple. She passively fends me away. I say “your body says you like this, but I think your mind is denying it, relax and enjoy.”

I again kiss her lips to no effect, then her neck, and chest. I place my hand up under her top on her bare tummy and I rub lightly in a circular motion. I expand my circles until I am grazing the base of her bra.

My expanding circles make an astounding discovery. Because she is thin and laying on her back, her tummy has retracted back from the peaks of her hipbones. There is a loose gap between her jeans and her tummy. I explored this area by turning my hand over and rub her with the backs of my fingers. This maneuver allows me to easily delve into the jeans gap without being awkward.

Then I find out that the elastic waistband of her panty was also not touching her tummy. In no time I am massaging her pubic hair under her panty, and am surprised that she continues to be completely passive.

We have been in bed together almost half an hour and all this time I am wondering “what is going on?” All girls I had ever been with liked to neck, kiss, hug Escort Bayan Antep and pet, and enjoyed fooling around. Most went “all the way” at some level. Some would go so far and then erect a rigid barrier beyond which they would not venture. This lady would not get lovey and not fool around. But she didn’t object to anything either.

My mind is zooming. Here she is almost catatonic having been almost completely still while my hands roamed over her most intimate regions. I knew she was very passive and had just re-proven that to myself. But maybe in this instance she was actually drunker than I thought, like her sister. Or maybe she is setting me up for some rape claim with her sis as a witness. I didn’t know if sis remained dozing on the couch, or was she right now rifling my abode? I muse these concerns while kissing her neck and shoulders, and I decide to push forward until she stops me.

I stop my circling hand at the snap to her jeans while I move my head to kiss her tummy and belly button. While doing so I unbutton her pants, and slide her zipper down. She makes no reaction. I kiss and lick into her belly button and run a finger into the void between her legs inside her pants. She gives off a single shiver. I wonder again about a possible setup, so I tell her “Anytime you want me to stop, just say no.” But she remains passive.

She remains on her back, with one arm at her side and the other hand near its opposite shoulder in a modest semblance of protecting her chest. Her legs are crossed at her shins, her pant fly is open, and her panty waistband is pushed down below her dark golden pubic hair. I kiss her tummy, her pelvis, and her pubic hair; she is passive. At her pubes I sniff her strong, musky aroma. Her scent smells of fresh cut lawn mixed with something sweet and fruity, like baked apples. I lick across her panty band where the panty is bunched near the bottom of her fly. She gasps and flinches uncrossing her legs.

“Wow! Your body liked that,” I say as I turn and straddle her legs. Using my lips I make nibbling circles on her tummy, belly button, and pubic hair. I hook my fingers into the back pockets of her jeans. Then I dip my chin under her panty waistband and I lick as deeply as I can. Her body quakes and she hums a mewing sound. She spreads her thighs an inch or two but her legs are trapped by my legs. During this convulsion she had lifted her weight from her pant seat and I pulled her pants down 3 or 4 inches, giving my chin room to sink deeper between her soft thighs.

I lick again extending my tongue down enough to taste her essence. She yelps and squirms, her movement helping me pull her pants from under her bottom. I lift my head and ask, “Was that a ‘stop’?” looking up at her face. Her eyes show intense concentration but her face is alight with a big grin. She says nothing. With my torso off her legs I tug her jeans down to her knees while she modestly pulls her panty up and her halter down.

I arise on my knees and lean up and forward over her. I bring my lips to hers and kiss her. I lick across her lips, causing her to grin again. I kiss her hard over her smile forcing my tongue between her lips. She nudges me defensively like saying this invasion was too truly ‘close to home.’ I roll off of her and twist my body bringing my head to the gap between her halter and panty, where I again kiss, nibble and lick.

I set my fingertips along the crevice between her now bare thighs and begin rubbing gently back and forth. My light stroke starts as a short, slow tickle, that I steadily lengthen and strengthen it, pressing my fingertips between her thighs. I barely graze her panty and feel moisture which has seeped through. “God, you’re so wet” I remark. I watch her face as I push her jeans down to her ankles. Her pleasant expression does not change.

I drag my fingers up her leg and easily part her knees, now freed from the jean restraint. I place my open hand flat on her muff and rub lightly up and down. She moans quietly. I kiss and nibble across her panty to her thigh while I reach down to her cuff and pull off her jeans. My kissing excursion down her body reaches her knee just as her leg is freed, and I reverse direction back up her thigh. As I do so I twist and roll my torso between her legs, and proceed to kiss up her thigh and across her panty.

I settle between her legs and move my arms under and around them. This position allows me to lick and nibble inside her thighs rather than along the front. I kiss up one thigh, across her wet spot, and down the other thigh. Then backtrack the other way. After several passes I stop my roving head at the leg seam of her panty and lick up the skin next to it. I tongue across her panty to the other seam and lick there. I go back and forth licking each seam multiple times.

I feel her quiver on one up-lick and I look at her face which is set in concentration, eyes closed with heavy breath, and faint irregular moans. I can see the outline of her erect nipples thru her bra and halter.

While licking her seams, I have pulled down the waist of her panty. I gently bite the panty center and tug them loose so I can work the tip of my tongue under the seam and I lick up her fold. She trembles and ekes, and puts her hand over mouth to stifle the sound. Again and again I lick under seam and as she squeams I pull down the panty waistband to loosen it. Soon her panty is taught between her thighs and I am lapping up her nectar and tickling her nub with my tongue. Her moans have become a steady hum – she’s purring like a kitten.

A primal instinct inside her has begun directing her bodily responses. Her hips begin a gentle rhythm to assist my tongue’s task and enhance her stimulation. Its decision time for me. If I let her climax now I’m afraid she’ll just pull herself together and leave.

All sorts of thoughts spin in my mind while I’m licking her. She’s been almost completely passive so far and has not said “no” or otherwise stopped me. But neither has she offered any encouragement. And what about possibly being set up for legal action? But we’ve been at “it” almost an hour and I hadn’t forced anything. There’s been no struggle at all, no force, and no hurry or rush. Is she not resisting due to a fear of possible violence? I don’t know but I decide that I want her panties off before she climaxes.

I pull my knees beneath me while licking her and stay between her legs. I rise up and kiss and lick her pubic hair and belly button. Then kiss her mouth but she is still passive and makes no response. I twist to her side and place my hand on her panties. With me moving away she moves her knee bringing her legs together. As her legs close I push the panty down. This whole maneuver is so smooth, its too normal to be alarming to her. She does not object as I pull her jeans and panty free of her legs and I toss them away.

She is naked from her waist down and is looking utterly luscious. I’m admiring her curves as I undo my slacks. She sees me eyeing her and coyly bends one knee over the other to hide. I kiss her knee, and then lap up her thigh as I remove my pants. I again squeeze myself between her legs, and lap up her crack and nibble her clit. I lap again, nibble again then tongue her opening – the spot where her public lips recline and from where her moisture emanates. I concentrate there, moving the tip of my tongue quickly up and down, then back and forth, trying to simulate a feather, then a butterfly fluttering against her tender folds. She squeams and moans and I press my tongue deeply into her. I feel a tightness and behind it a small opening. Extending my tongue as far as I can I feel like I’m pushing its tip against a small rubber band. She is so tight!

Now I am confused. Could she be a virgin? No way. She couldn’t be – she is too passive. Being this sublime with other men, they would have quickly stripped her, fucked her, and dropped her. While musing this over I feather her nub and she moans deeply. Her breath is short and heavy, and she is noticeably hotter than before.

I nibble and feather her clit, still musing her tightness. With all the stimulation I’ve given, she should be opened up like a flower in bloom. If she were a virgin she would be very nervous which could explain her passivity. I realized that she is not just nervous, she is afraid. But now she is purring again and is making a slight rhythmatic gyration with her hips. Her moans sound like a rhythm of uh-hunh, uh-hunh, uh-hunh…

Suddenly she shudders and moves her legs up and apart opening herself. I lick down and reach her vagina just as her body contorts and she gasps and grunts. I tongue her tight little hole and feel her out flow cover my mouth. I lap and suck while her body shakes. She moves her hand to my head and runs her fingers through my hair. Her leg and hand motions are the first encouraging signal she has shown. I move to her clit but as I lick up she covers it with the tip of her fingers. I lick over and around the fingers and look at her face. She looks completely serene and contented. Her wide eyes stare at me intensely with love, lust and adoration.

She whispers something so softly I can’t hear it but I think she says “sorry,” or maybe “thank you” or “love you.” I say, “Want some more?” She responds with a huge grin. I move up and over her. She stares at me awestruck and licks her lips. I lift my head as she rakes my hair forward pulling me up and against her, cheek to cheek. She encircles my head and shoulders with her arms.

We lay still for a time while she embraces me and I wonder if maybe she has dozed off. My erection presses across her pubic hair near her proffered clit, my legs still being between her legs, but I am harnessed in my briefs. She definitely feels me because she starts lightly rubbing herself against my hardness. She is moving her hips up and down by bending her back and rotating her pelvis in a humping motion. We are both slick as gel and would be fully engorged but for my briefs.

Her strokes get longer and during her backstroke she reduces the pressure between us. On one such stoke I raise my hips and push my shorts below my erection. With bare skin to skin she moans a satisfied uh-hunh and strokes faster rubbing her clit against me. With her hand she presses my member down against herself. My fluid adds some lubrication and suddenly she discharges, rubbing us both quickly with her hand. We relax in embrace for several minutes.

I raise my hips up and push my briefs away. I return downward at a lower angle so as to place the tip of my erection against her vagina. I then straighten my arms to raise my chest so I can look at her face. She has the angelic look of someone who is pleasantly dreaming. She is moaning a slow, rhythmatic uh-hunh, uh-hunh, uh-hunh and is gyrating her hips up and down to the same slow beat. As she moves upward to increase pressure at her prime point I push forward and in. I slip into her folds and press forcefully and she gasps, tightens and pulls her hips away from my invasion. Together we advance back to where I am barely touching against her barrier. As I push, she tightens then relaxes but doesn’t retreat. We lay still for a moment. I am at her maidenhead but without force against it. I look at her. Her eyes are closed and she looks completely contented.

I kiss her on her lips and she smiles up at me. I thrust strongly. She screams but quickly covers her mouth with her hand stifling most of the noise. We lay still another moment with me imbedded inside her. Her eyes are closed and are tearing at their outside corners. I kiss her forehead then her lips. She moves her hips withdrawing slightly from me and her body quivers. I pull back slightly and thrust fully. She moans and shakes, but less intensely than before. I begin stroking in and out and she is again moaning uh-hunh. She lifts her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. Suddenly she makes four or five quick thrusts up, then just pushes and her vagina milks me. I kept stroking, feeling a pressure building in my loins. She returns to my rhythm which is increasing in pace, with shorter strokes. She pushes up and milks me again, and I let go, grunting and unloading into her. She gasps and shakes, and then we lay still.

When I recover my awareness, she is softly purring again, like she is happily humming a merry melody to herself. I withdraw from her, and roll over on my side. She turns and we curl up together and fall asleep.

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